Saturday, April 30, 2005

Life Sucker...

My whole day was ruined thanks to you. You life sucker. I hate you. Haven't you got anything else better to do rather than sucking the life outta innocent youths? You made me put your disgusting name on my MSN for hours and hours...and now people think i'm a nerd. -.-" Life's betta off without you!

Sigh...what a life sucker homework is. I literally spent 6 hours straight doing my History assignment. Stupid History! It's about the immigrants that came to Australia in the 1950s-1960s and their contributions. I had to get three extremely thick books from the library. I mean, borrow them wasn't hard...My brain was given a complete soak in detergent as i sat down today to read through them. Argh...that's 6 hours of my life! -.-"

Argh, i just came home from dinner at Uncle Steven's house. I'm extremely exhausted now. Can't think straight, and i'm typing really fast as the words come into my head. Sigh... that's what 6 hours of work does to your poor brains. It's seriously the Number 1 killer of brain cells. They should seriously think of banning homework instead of ciggarettes. precious puffs.

Went for Chinese school in the morning, met Blee, Yvn, James, Jin, Peter and Tat. haha! I love Chinese School...i've got so many good friends there. I don't really like the teacher though, she's so...naggy. Sigh...we spent an hour or so reading this Chinese essay - 20 minutes was spent on the actual reading, while the remainding 40 was her blabbing on about Chinese culture. It's not that i don't like's just that... it won't really help us for our VCE.

Hmm...i remember bagging the people that couldn't be stuffed going for tommorow's Open Day Soccer Tryouts. Haha! The ironic thing is that...i won't be able to make it too! lol! 2 reasons. The first is that i've got church in the morning. And if you're a friend of mine, you'll know that i put God above EVERYTHING else. so...yea, that's reason enough. But secondly, it's because of my extreme workload. I've got 3 major projects to do this weekend, and i've only completed 3/4 of my History assignment. Yea... looks like i won't be in the school soccer team this year. -.-" jking!

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