Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stuffed Out

Woke up at 7am this morning... ooh...i just fell into the temptation of my cosy bed. Went to church in the morning, sat through an interesting sermon on Spiritual Warfare, had lunch at box hill. was a really eventful day. Surprisingly, nothing spectacular happened.

I made it just in time for Pastor Chris' sermon on "Caring". It was a really touching sermon...esp the inspirational video clip about the Hoyyts family. The great love of Rick Hoyyts for his handicapped son, just overwhelmed the hearts of everyone present. I was moved right in my seat. This father went to extreme lengths just to make his son happy.

After that, i joined Quentin and his group of soccer fanatics for a soccer game. We played at the field directly opposite Wembley. I was reminded of the old days when i used to train with Box Hill Inter on that same field. Sigh...Although we had a terrible season last year, i really enjoyed it. I wish i was still playing for them this year, i wonder how my ex-coach, Leo, is doing.

Fatigue, aided strongly by the hot and dry conditions, got the better of everyone after 2 hours. I didn't really like the game. There was just too little quality, haha! No offence meant, but the passing, ball-control and shot-taking were just off the mark.

Quent took us down to the Seven-Eleven in Box Hill for a cup of Slurpee! haha! That was really refreshing! I love Slurpees! The flavours in Australia are really unique, they've got "Honeycomb", "Orange" and some other wierd flavour.

I've got lotsa guests over for dinner right now. lolz...i just sneaked away. I want you to come online! I've got no one to talk to!!!!!!!!

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