Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Incredible Speed

My eyes are like burning coal - instilling sheer agony into my optical nerves. lolz...today was the first of a four day Advanced Reading Programme. This programme is supposed to teach students how to read quickly and effectively. haha, and i must say that it really works! At the start of the lesson, i could only read at a speed of 310 words/ min. Currently, i'm on 420 words/min. haha! And all that improvement came about in just 2 hours!

We used these speed reading machines which had "arms" which were able to move, covering the words on the page at a set speed. This forces the readers to increase their speed of reading, it's kindda like racing against a bullet train. lolz...That's the reason why my eyes are literally killing me now >:(

Just returned home from a movie night at FGA. It was a kiddy show - The Incredibles. However, i reckon it was really good. lolz...espcially the animations.

Hmm...something i just have to blurt out. I've been really irritated lately. Simply because i'm constantly being late for appointments. And it's seriously not my fault, it always happens to be either one of my parents. Sigh...i was late yesterday for the ice-skating outing, was late today for the Advanced Reading Skills course and i was late for the movie! Haiz...i can't really blame my parents though. They try their best, what more can i ask?

Argh...i can't wait to drive!

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