Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One Life...One Love

One Life... One Love
I just love that song by Tension. It's a pity that it only exists as a ideal dream that will never come true. Some people thrive on it, hoping that others fall outta love. Some seek it, wanting to be faithful and loyal. While the playful majority live a life of complete irony. Do you believe in that? Just say "yes" or "no" on my tagboard.

Hoped that i would awake up this morning completely healed, but it was not to be. -.-" I woke up with a clogged throat, as though millions of wooden splinters were forcefully shoved into it. I started coughing a lot this morning, and i managed to get rid of a lot of phlegm. But i still felt really terrible. I didn't want to go to school, but i also didn't want to miss out on any lessons. haha! You can call me a nerd. ~8)

My head started spinning at the start of the 2nd period, i felt extremely exhausted for some reason. Maybe it's because of the internal "World War" in my body. Sigh...Mr.Pritchard is SOOO tight. I mean, every teacher would trust such a good student such as i! :) But him, NO! I had Sport for 2 periods, and i told him that i was feeling unwell because of a chest inflamation. Guess what he did. -.-" He sent me to the nurse for a check-up. I don't believe it! It's the first time a teacher hasn't trusted me. Sigh... well, the nurse said that i had a slight chest infection, but that wasn't a good enough excuse to exempt me from PE totally. However, she was kind enough to use extremely profound language to completely baffle the sport-orientated Pritchard.

Josh has always been a little...erm....deperate. He received a real bagging on the train back home on that issue. haha! Brenden, Mel, Sophie and their azn group of friends were on our carriage. The infamous playboy, Harish Siva, started asking me what were the names of the gals sitting arnd Brenden, but i refused to tell him in fear that he would hurt another gal's heart. haha! Josh started asking me who Melanie was... and that wasn't the first time, Anthony and I hypothesised that Josh had the hots for her. lolz! What else could be derived from constant checking-outs and several inquires? So i smsed Brenden, telling him that Josh had the hots for his girlfriend, Mel. And i also told him to walk over and give Josh a bashing. lol! The entire group started cracking up when we saw Brenden's reaction to the sms. (He didn't know it was from me) haha!

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