Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When the Apple met Resistance...

Haha, i guess all of your know what happened when the Apple met resistance... Yes, the result was the same, he got squashed into tiny bits of pulp. lol...i had resistance training today, aka weights training. I decided to push myself to the extreme extent today, due to the excessive motivation from yesterday's incident. I literally doubled the weights on all the machines and pushed myself until i was dead beat for every station. lolz! i think i was asking for it...but at the end of the weights session, i was literally stuffed out. I was yawning incessantly throughout the day. haha! I hope this pays off! It betta!

Oh yea, i think i completely flunked my Science test today. Argh....this science test on Electronics was supposed to be on the last week of Term 1. But it got dragged on to the first week of term 2(Today). Sigh...i was seriously unprepared. loL! i thought that i knew it all, but i thought wrong -.-" I made really stupid mistakes....REALLY REALLY stupid mistakes. haha! Not gonna tell ya what they are. Cuz i'll be charged with several murders if i do.

Something's wrong with Blogger today. I can't upload the two pictures i was talking about yesterday. haha, i still will. But i'm not too keen on doing it....i look SOOO gay in the photo. haha! My hair was in a complete mess caused by the headers i made in a soccer game prior to the photo-taking session. -.-"

My grandmum just came back yesterday. But i don't know why she's not talking to me as much as she used to. I am, well as least i think i am, her favourite grandchild. lolz...not boasting. But yea...i don't know why. I guess she's worried about something, or maybe even angry. Hmm...she's got a real personality, and a really strong character. She won't really reveal her anger, something like a stoic. Sigh...

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