Monday, April 25, 2005

Fully Sick...

Fully Sick...yea, literally. I can't really recall falling sick since i came to Australia last year, possibly because of the clean, fresh air. I went to bed last night with a mild sore throat, didn't really take any medication although Blee told me that it would be worse the next morning. And i was asking for it -.-" True enough, i woke up with a terrible headache, an extremely dry throat and a clogged-up respiratory system. was unbearable. With every cough i made, a merciless painful itch overwhelmed my chest, my lungs felt as though it was on fire. Haiz...For brief moments, i felt the agony of the brink of death.

Despite my overwhelming headache, i tried as hard as i could throughout the entire day to lighten my workload. Started on a massive research thingo on Stem Cells. Argh...i wonder why there's so many arguments on that issue. I mean, i'm totally for it considering the fact that cures for fatal diseases such as cancer, could be obtained through the research of "doomed" embryos. Haha! that's just my point of view, don't crack up on me. =)

Oh, mum and i went shopping at Big W in Forrest Hill. There was supposed to be a FULLY-SICK jumper on sale, as stated on the catalogue. However, it was sold out. -.-" I don't believe it! Sigh...i really wanted that jumper. Instead, i bought two really nice long-sleeved T-Shirts. My mum was really pissed because it read 16 dollars at the clothes rack, but we were charged 25 bucks for each one. lol!

Had dinner at Aunt Lily's place. I saw the unexpected. Their house was fantastic! It was in a really good condition, nice carpets, windows with pretty patterns, etc. haha! The dinner was awesome! There was a real family atmosphere. However, it was all ruined thanks to my FULLY-SICK body. -.-" Apparently, i was allergic to something (Don't know what it is), and my eyes started to puff up. As though that was not enough, my head started spinning. -.-" I was having a really uncomfortable time and i didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just sat in a chair until it was time to go.

Argh, i just hope that i'll be betta tmr. I don't wanna miss out on school...not that i like it or anything, it's just that i don't wanna fall behind lessons. Oh, i composed a really nice song today =) Hope to get it on the computer soon. haha! i MAY put it on my blog so that all you peeps can enjoy my "Sweet" voice. loL!

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