Friday, April 15, 2005

Guilt - Ridden

The evils of my heart can be supressed no longer, what have i done?
I knew thought, never even dreamt of doing what i did.
Could it be wrong?
I don't know...God tell me!
If it is, please forgive me...
This stir in my heart,
Causes me unrest.
I don't want to anger you,
Only to make you glad.
My life is yours,
No mistake about that.
I need your guidiance,
For fear i go bad.


A sense of guilt,
Grips my heavy heart.
Cutting it up,
Tearing it apart.

My soul is weary,
From the arduous test.

I failed it badly,
And i need some rest.

Hidden extreme evils,
That had been banished.
Have now risen,
They have been unleashed.

Oh God, save me!
From my desperate plight.
Make me wings like eagles,
And give me flight!

*Deperately seeking you, Lord.

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