Friday, April 29, 2005

Once Upon A Mattress

There was a preview of the much-critised play, Once Upon A Mattress, during today's assembly. It was shocking. The female lead was talented (In making croaking noises, that would benefit simulated frog-farms), and so were the rest of the cast. But the songs were just dissapointing. The stage setting was just too girly - purple, pink and light blue -.-" The mere sight of the stage made my stomach emit nauseating substances. Then again, it's not the poor workmanship of the decorations, they were pretty well done actually, it was just the colours.

I was actually considering if i should go for the play... but after that horrific preview, the answer was obvious. I pity the Mac Rob gals who have to do an assignment on it =P haha! I remember tons of Melbourne High dudes taking notes during the "Les Miserables" play. Sigh... we looked like total nerds. -.-"

Oh yes...for the commitment of the Melbourne High Intermediate Soccer Team. Prtichard announced that there would be a trial match going on this Sunday at 11.15am in school. This is a real test, considering the fact that many people would have to go through some trouble getting themselves down to school on a Sunday. Well, the first two on the honour boards would be"Full-Committed" Harish and Jason who won't coming. They think they're just "Too-Good-For-Trials" -.-" Dissapointing.. *shakes head*
I may not be able to make it either. =X

Hmm.. two days ahead of me. 48 hours to complete 3 major projects - Science website, History Essay and Visual Communication Model. -.-" It's like a huge mountain that i'll have to climb slowly. Step-by-step. Argh... i really should get started now.

*I need you Lord!

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