Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fungus Youth Rally - Makeover!

Hi peeps! i haven't posted since Thursday. It seems like a really long time... but this blog's still alive and kicking! haha! No one's been adding to the tag board though, save for mousey! Hey! Please tag! Comment on the new song!

I've been really busy the past few days, doing work and other stuff. Yesterday was a eventful day. I had Chinese school in the morning... haha! James was training for the X-Country bet that we made last week. Sigh... my ankle's still hurting a little. I'm gonna run 3 km a day once it recovers fully.

After Chinese School, we headed straight to FGA for a table-tennis competition. I was supposed to be the "captain" of the Fungus team. haha! I played for my cell-group last year in this same competition, and we won it. This year, i kindda "defected". haha!

Anyway, my first game was against the same person i played in the finals last year! It was a really tense game, but thanks to the loud and encouraging cheers from Nick, Shaun, Quinton, Gabriel, Jerusha, Alicia and tons of other people, i managed to come back from 1 set down to beat him 2 sets to 1. Thank God too!

I'm gonna save you from a lengthy narration of the table-tennis comp. After all the games were played, the Pastoral Team came out on top, and Fungus was 3rd. -.-" Doesn't matter...we'll try again next year.

Later on that night was the Fungus Youth Rally! I tried to invite Jase, Trent and Turk but they all live in holes that took way too long to crawl out of. Josh is up in the mountains right as i'm typing, Marcus was busy with his band, and Harish had "too much" work to do. -.-"

Anyway, the theme of the Rally was Makeover. All the youths had to dress up in a way that they normally would not. Yea, i went as a nerd ~8) I know what's on your mind at the moment....well, I'M NOT A NERD! haha! It started off with an sensational time of worship, the songs were awesome! The expected turnout for the night was 80 youths...but guess what? The entire hall was packed out from wall to wall with 250 youngsters!

The atmosphere was terrific. The music deafening. Harish!!! You should have been there! After worship, there was a short skit, followed by a fashion show. The contestants strutted out onto the catwalk two by two as they struck their poses. There were four judges that would grade them. In my opinion, all of them looked disgusting, save for Peter, he was cool. I don't really like fashion shows, they're really...phony, and a little gay. haha! i'm being influenced by the book, Catcher in the Rye.

After the fashion show, the guest speaker, Richard Bruce, gave a message. It was short and precise, an awesome message. He spoke about of how the world looks at the outside, but God looks at the inside. He appealed to the audience to seek for an internal change, over an external one. He shared a few verses, but out of them all, these spoke to me most:

“And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them…For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
- Luke 12:29, 30, 34

My heart was touched at its realness, it was…true. After his awe-inspiring message, he got everyone to shut their eyes as he prayed a prayer of acceptance for those who wanted to receive Christ. According to Pastor Chris, there were “quite a few” youths who raised their hands. Praise the Lord!

The Rally ended at about 9pm, and i got home at about 10.30pm after mingling with some friends. I slept like a rock last night.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Colour Boredom

School was pretty much a buldge today. Had four periods of studying, one period of singing and two periods of sport. I didn't participate in sport, Soccer, because of my sprained ankle. It's getting much better now, i can run a little, but i don't wanna aggrevate it too much.

I got home one and a half hours earlier, and i spent the extra time working on my Colour Board for CAD. Sigh...i really regret chosing CAD as my art elective when i had Media as an option -.-" Anyway, i reckon i did a pretty neat job.

The Mac Rob carnival's tomorrow. Blee and Peter have been begging me to tag along. haha! But the sheer load of my countless homework tasks have dragged me down into a never-ending pit of nerdity. So yea, i'll be giving it a miss. Enjoy yourselves folks!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nerd Pressure

With each passing year, the work load increases. I know i've got many more years of hardcore studying ahead of me, but i can't help but to think that almost half a person's life would be taken up by education! Education seems, or rather is, really important in the modern world, but are we taking things a little too far? A little too complicated? A little to luxurious? then it really needs to be? I don't know...just a point to ponder about.

School was alright today, despite the fact that i had three more homework tasks added to my already unbearable workload. I'm being pressured to be a nerd. I didn't play soccer today because of my sprained ankle. It's much better now, but it still hurts a little when i put weight on it. Yea, i spent the entire lunch time doing some homework -.-"

haha! The "Nerd" theme always seems to be previlant in this post. There's gonna be a Fungus Youth Rally this Saturday at Crossway, from 7pm to 9pm. It's gonna be awesome! There'll be an Ipod Giveaway, songs and games. But the most interesting part is the theme - Makeover. Everyone's gonna be dressed up differently from their usual look... and i'm thinking about wearing a shirt, a tie, pants and glasses. Yes.. a nerd look. haha! Josh and Jase said that i didn't have to dress up for that look -.-"

My dad just came back from Sydney. I'm really happy to see him. My sis and mum are ill. Everyone has been falling sick recently. Don't know why. I felt really weak in school today. i just hate that feeling... i just felt....weak.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

God Is Good

Hey Peeps! You will NEVER believe what just happened! But i sure hope you do. I don't tell lies. I just got outta the shower... and i'm dying to tell you what just happened 5 Minutes ago!!! But you'll have to read the previous post to understand the entire context! Please do. You won't regret it =)

It was 9.40pm. My entire body started to feel weak, i don't know why, but i deduced that i was falling sick. Perhaps it had something to do with my badly sprained ankle. Yea, my right ankle would hurt whenever i put weight on it. So i limped into the bathroom for a shower.

As the warm water splashed all over my face and ran down my body, i felt extremely lethargic. I could have slept right there and then. I started singing "Tong Hua", but i soon stopped. Something inside me wanted to sing "God is Good" by Don Moen. It's a really old song, but it's really meaningful. Anyway, i started off with a lag, singing it as though it was some funeral song.

As i got outta the shower, i remebered someone, in fact quite a few people, saying that people worship God easily when things go their way, but they start swearing at God when a catastrophe comes. I didn't care about the pain in my racking ankle, i didn't care about my giddiness and my heavy workload. I just put them aside and sang "God is God" with all my heart, worshipping God with all i had, believing that i had Hope in Christ.

I sang:
"God is Good,
All the Time,
Through the darkest night,
His light will shine..."

I had some trouble yesterday putting my track pants on because i had to rest my entire body weight on my right ankle in order to get my left leg into the pants.

I shut my eyes as i sang "shine", and i saw this flash of bright light. I was putting my pants on then, and i looked down at my right ankle. It felt a little different, i tried putting more weight on it. It didn't hurt! I was moved, God was there, listening to my worship! I knelt down and started thanking Him.

I could walk without limping like a madman! My ankle still hurts a little, but it's considerably less now. I've gotta say this, God is Real. God Created You. He Died for You. He Loves You for who you are and not what you've done. He wants to give you a special gift, the gift of eternal life.
I don't really remember exactly how i prayed to accept Christ, but this is what you have to say to become a Child of God. But remember, you've gotta shut your eyes and mean every word you say. God hears.

"Dear God, i thank you for dying on the cross for me. I know that i am a sinner. But would you please forgive me, and come into my life. Jesus, I open my heart to You. Amen."

Praise The Lord!

Hey peeps! How're you guys and girls doing? I've been extremely busy so far, i've got eight homework projects to work on at the moment -.-" Anyway, don't forget to leave a tag! And please read to the end of this post! Please do.

I remember someone saying this, i think it was from a video i saw a few days ago. Anyway, this lady said that she had breast cancer, and one of her caring friends would always drop her a funny get-well card, and send her a funny sms everyday, giving her tips like "Do Not Add Aluminium in your water!" and "Don't take an umbrella out with you unless it's raining!" And that really cheered her up. Well, i'm inspired by that...i mean... if ONE sms can make someone's day, why not?

Sigh... Just when things couldn't get much worse, guess what? I sprained my right ankle stupidly while playing soccer yesterday. I jumped high for a header and i landed awkwardly flat on my ankle. I could hear a "snap!" before i limped to the side in agony.

My ankle's sprained all around, not just on side. And that just makes it practically impossible to walk.Things turned catastrophic last night. I watched Initial D with my sister, rubbed some medicated oil on my ankle and put an ankle guard over it before turning in at 11pm.

I woke up thinking that it was in the wee hours of the day. I didn't know why i had woken up, but i just did. It took me a while to realise that my ankle was BURNING in EXCRUCITING pain! Seriously, it felt as though zillions of micro organisms were consuming my ankle. It was like a torture room with two jap soldiers stabbing visciously all around my ankle.

I turned on the light on my watch, hoping for a 6am reading. 12.30AM -.-"""" I couldn't believe it. I had another 5 and a half hours of constant sharp, racking punishment!!!! I started to pray desperately. I asked God to take away the pain, but nothing happened.

I rolled around on my bed agonisingly for a while more. Then i got up, outta my bed, and pulled off the ankle guard because i thought that it was causing all the pain. But it was to no avail, the pain still persisted in the same intensity. Then, i knelt down and started praying. I prayed for about a minute or so, i was praying....Desperately... calling to God with all my heart.

Almost immediately, the pain started to subside, but my ankle was still searing. I don't know what came over me, but i pulled my bolster, pillow and blanket off my bed and lay down on the soft carpet. Just then, the pain was eradicated. It just... vanished. I lay there fatigued, thanking God for hearing my prayer.

My ankle still hurts whenever i walk on it. I was forced, against my wishes, to take the day off school today. Sigh... i hope i don't miss much, but i intend to clear up the insurmountable pile of work using the time.

I read this passage in the morning from 2 Timothy, and i felt that God was really speaking to me. I must confess that i have, or rather "had", a problem with the "evil desires of youth", and that i argue foolishly. That i am resentful and jealous at times. But i've surrendered it all to God, seeking that He will mould me into a better servant.

"Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will."
- 2 Timothy 2:22-26

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I ran Internet Explorer and the MSN home page loaded. There were many ads, texts, and icons. But what drew my attention was the amount of ads which gave "dating tips", especially the one with a flirty connotation and the text: "Get Dating Trends & Advice".

Imagine you were a 22 year old, in your "prime, spending 20 hours a day searching for a perfect soul-mate. Would you want a life-partner that you can talk easily to? Someone that understands and truely loves you? In my opinion, dating is perfectly fine, in fact, it's vital. However, there is no need for trends of advice regarding dating. How can someone that would click on one of those "Learn-How-To-Be-Mr.Perfect" advertisements, be looking for a intimate relationship?

I just read the book Catcher In The Rye, and i must say that it's one of the best books i've ever read. One of the themes in the book is the hypocrisy in the adult world; how people pretend to smile at you while hiding a dagger behind their backs. The main character, Holden, calls it "Phoniness". Well, i reckon a date should be free of all phoniness. I just hate it when people act all phony and all. I really do. But i must confess that i myself am a little phony.

Peter's sending me repeated "nudges" on MSN right now. Joyce's dad's coming to pick me up in half an hour. Hmm... I betta get back to my research on China's population. Sigh... tons of work to do!!!!

Feel free to tag me if you disagree! Or if you have any more Cliques to add to the collection! =)

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I just came back from Chinese school. Mel and Yvon were asking me really dumb questions like: "If someone were to hit on your sister, would you bash him?" I said "Yea, why?" And they burst into giggles and walked away hurriedly -.-" During recess, James did 15 laps, at least he "wanted to", around the school oval to train for our 20-dolar X-Country bet.

Class was really boring. I stayed up really late last night watching "Sahara" with my parents. I couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was saying. haha! i just nodded and gave random comments when she asked me a question. Hmm...i don't know why, but the teacher kept picking on Blee (She wants to be a teacher!) for some reason.

I was having a chat with my family over dinner last night. Somewhere in the conversation, my mum said that girls tend to think too much. And my sister added that boys aren't sensative. haha! I was begging to differ, but i couldn't be stuffed. Talking to the wall would be better off than arguing with these two gals in the family, especially my sister.

Speaking about "thinking too much", have you ever read something, or heard someone speaking and felt that they were implying something about you? Well, i've had that experience several times already, and they all ended up with in embarrassment. all the pretty girls reading this, try not to think so much! Don't read too deeply into words or actions!

These few days have been a "nerdy" period for me. But i kindda sensed that something fishy, something really unpleasant, was going on. I'm not gonna reveal it, but let's just say that i suspected something. Something that i've always dreaded that would eventually happen.

When a problem arises, the next thing any sane human being would do is to solve it. Right... but things aren't that simple this time. Let me describe its complexities:

- This problem isn't really big at the moment, but it WILL get bigger as time passes.
- Solving it the "isaac" way would cause major injuries, and more drastically, would jeopardise my friendship
- Solving it the "easy" way would prove extremely risky.

Sigh... i'm grateful that i've still got someone to help me. I'll just put my faith in Him who cares.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Hey people! I just wanna start off by apologising. I really am sorry. I really am. I know that i usually blog everyday, but i've failed to do so for the past two days. I also know how it feels like to go to someone's blog expecting to read something really cool, or something really hilarious. So i'm sorry.

I had to read this awesome book entitled "Catcher In The Rye". I think i mentioned that it was extremely boring a few posts back, but i take that back! lol! I reckon it's the best book i've ever read. Yea, so if you're looking for a book to read, or if you wanna have a mind-boggling philosophy to debate on, go all out for it!

I put up the hitcounter thing a week ago, and i'm really amazed that it's currently at 289! Yeehaa! I just wanna thank all you folks for visiting my stupid, egoistic blog. Please continue to tag me! Try to put as many cliques as you can on the tagboard! haha!

Oh yea, just before i forget... we had soccer for sport yesterday. I played as a solo defender despite feeling sick. Anyway, it was the A-team take on. I'll spare you the details...and i didn't score, if you were wondering. haha! I think Tommy and Jamie scored. But that's not the point.... wait...wait...i'm getting there! The point is Jason! haha! On the way there he was bragging his guts out. He wanted to be a striker instead of a keeper for once. Yea... we granted him his wish. lol! But he made a total FOOL outta himself! The rest of the team were slogged our guts out to supply him with at least 5 golden chances, and 10 half chances. But he failed to convert ALL of them! haha! It was really funny how he was diving around the penalty box trying to get his head to the ball in vain. He hit the post twice and shot straight at the keeper at three point-blank ranged opportunities.

Hey! Check out Banh's blog by clicking here. He's got all the Milgrove Camp photos on it. Go take a look. He's a really sneaky photographer... i didn't even realise that he had taken some really wierd shots of me! -.-""""" Argh....Banh!!!!
I've made two bets recently that are worth 25 bucks in all. I made one for five bucks with Harish that Manchester United will not finish in any of the top three spots this season. haha! Stupid Man Utd! The other was a 20 buck bet with James Chen, not banh, that i'll beat him in the X-Country race a few weeks from now. haha! I'm really nervous....i don't think James' really fit, but i saw him jogging on the treadmill today. haiz...i've gotta start running!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Stuffed Sick

My nose is "stuck" and i feel really sick right now. Sigh... I feel weak -.-" Started the day early because my sister had an school excursion to Ballarat and she had catch the 7.06am train -.-" I don't know why, but it's probably because i'm sick, but i've not been at my hundred percent in school these few days; all i can think about is the immense load of work currently pending.

Banh was suffering from his daily PMS, and he kept passing really nasty remarks to me and to random people. I remembered him telling Arpit that his favourite part of the bible was when the red sea parted. He even got into a heated argument with Turk; burning flames of fury burst from his head when Turk said that Turks come from Turkey. His condition deteriorated so badly that he spent the entire last two periods of English just moping around, trying to hold his two-tonne head up while trying to secretly slip a lead container into my sleeve -.-"

Sigh... i've gotta read The Catcher In The Rye by Friday -.-" I started reading it today and got totally bored by the 11th page. Argh...fortunately, Roger told me about this website with "Cheat Notes" on The Catcher. loL! I never knew that such sites existed! He said that most "intelligent" students from Melbourne High get a headstart using these "cheat" sites.

My dad came back from China this morning. I'm really glad to see him again after two long weeks; i thank God for keeping him safe! Yea, he brought back tonnes of stuff with him: Hair gel, a cool bag, new soccer boots, new sports shoes, shin guards, some music CDs, a Puma jersey and a NEW GUITAR!

I thank God for his blessings!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Desirable Fruits

I was praying to God the day before. I told him about the hatred i had against Big-Z (The guy i was talking about 2 posts before), and he told me to love Big-Z, as he carries out his work in him. I was shocked yet confident, shocked because God spoke, but full of faith because i know my God can do all things.

I was doing my QT today and i came across some of my favourite verses. They spoke about how you can overcome addictions to sinful acts, and i feel it's very true. These verses have inspired me to live by the Spirit so that i can overcome the hatred i have for Big-Z and to love him instead.

"The acts of sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery, idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as i did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God."
- Galatians 5:19-21

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."
- Galatians 5:22-23

It was really cool to see all my friends again after such a long period of time. Unfortunately, i was flooded with two assignments for English and Geography which add on to my CAD presentation. -.-" We had a new English teacher today. She's from New York, and her name's Ms. Mejia. haha! It's pronounced Ma-he-ah. Yep...she said that her ancestors were from Spain.

Alright, i can't think of anything more to write about, and i've got tons of work to catch up on. Keep the tags up! God Bless!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Eco Influence

These two days, yesterday and today, have been really hectic for me. I've been working on my CAD assignment for really long hours. Well, when i think about it... there's nothing for me to work for. So what if i get to become the Dux of Melbourne High, so what if i were to get into the best University overseas, so what if i were to get my ideal dream job and earn a fortune, so what?

The only thing pushing me on is God's Love. I really thank God for giving me a second chance; for giving me a home, a family, for such great friends such as you. I went to church today, and the message was about giving whatever you have to God; especially influence. Well, i'm not a man of great influence, but i do have this blog. All i want to say is that... there's someone BIG out there that loves you. Somone worth living for. Someone for died for you.

I just wanna thank all you peeps for patronising my tiny blog; reading about my hopeful life. The hitcounter has hit 200 in just a week! haha! I'm really glad. Hope that you've at least learnt something, or got a little laugh out of it =) Please leave a tag!!

I've got nothing much to write about today, except that tomorrow's my first day back to school. haha! I've had a really long 3-week holiday and i feel all wierd having to go back to school all of a sudden. I'm gonna end this post now. But before that, i've gotta say that FUNGUS ROCKS!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I don't believe i'm doing this, but i think i have to. Most of you have never seen an angry Isaac, and you must know me very well if you have. Yea, i must confess that i've been habouring this subtle grudge against this dude from my school, i won't reveal his real name, but i'll just call him Big-Z.

My grandmum left for Singapore today. I'll miss her tons...hope to see her again in December...but a thought keeps coming into my mind as i picture the last sight of her walking through the departure gates. I remember watching my grandfather walking past a duty-free shop in the airport on a trip to China many years ago. Yea, that was the last memory i have of him. I miss him dearly, but i thank God that he's in heaven right now =)

Back to Big-Z. On the drive back from the airport, I was telling my mum about Zannon. I regret doing so. I was complaining like a little spoiled girl about all his faults! -.-" How immature can i get?! Sigh...all i should say now is that i don't get angry with people, and i don't hold grudges.

Well, i'm gonna make an attempt to love him. Looking at him makes me think of how Christ might have looked at me long ago. But he didn't scorn as me, instead, he bore tremendous pain went through humiliating shame for me and gave his life for me in hope that i would be saved. He's set such a perfect example for me. He's loved me so much, and i know that he loves Big-Z just as much. Why shouldn't i show that same love too?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Milgrove Camp

I just camp back from an AWESOME camp out in Milgrove, and my eyelids feel as though they've got weights attached to them. I wanna get all the precious memories down before they slip outta my mind, so please read on despite it's length =)

Milgrove was a great opportunity to gain some leadership skills, confidence, and to get to know more people. Well, i pretty much did all those things, especially the last one. I got to know so many friends so much more! I think part of the reason was because my good friend Jase was "sick" *coughs!* and couldn't go for the camp. haha! It all seems to come together as i remember him telling me that he hates camps food, is anti-social, likes to be pampered by his mum, has to kiss his sister goodnight every night, and doesn't like to be out in the cold, oh....and ofcourse, his worst fear - breaking sweat.

Monday was just an orientation around the camp, learning how to belay and to get into the habit of bagging Gary about Maria. Megan took the group out into the temperate rainforrest. I never knew such forrests existed! They're as dense as tropical rainforrests, but much cooler. Yea, i can still remember the cool freshness of the air that was just so distinct as it brushed gently on my face. Adding to that was the tranquility in the surrounding; all i could hear was the singing of the birds and the gentle rustling of the leaves. Every breath that i took then, was a moment to treasure. I could feel oxygen-rich air pumping into my lungs....oh yea, i just love that feeling, which is non-existant in the city.

On Tuesday, my group, which consisted of Ronald, Banh, Trent, Anthony, Arpit, Sam, Chris, Nick, Carl, Elwin, Sid, Kong and myself, went Cross-Country skiing at Cold Lake Mountain(I think that's the right name). It was my first time skiing, and i stacked a couple of times on the way up, but i managed to keep my balance the whole way down =) haha! It was really funny when Gary and Ronald kept falling on top of each other repeatedly. Arpit and Nick were pros, they did all these fully-sick tricks, at least i tried to do the same, but Trent was just being a coward :P
Oh yea, i can still remember the bus ride. Trent started bagging me because i said "Hi-larious" instead of "Hilarious" -.-" And Kong was making up really corny but funny jokes, Ronald was scratching his head, Banh was digging his nose while he was unconcious, and Trent was screaming away because of the intense heat from the heater just below his feet.

The food at the camp was really good for the first few days, but the quality dropped as the week dragged on. The desserts, however, we first-class - Apple Danish with ice cream, Chocolate Mousse, and more ice cream. haha! But there was never enough for seconds. I didn't like the beds at all. On Wednesday, I somehow slept with my entire body resting on my wrists and ended up having to bear with the excruciating pain throughout the day. On Thursday, I woke up with a sprained neck. Sigh...i can still feel the pain right now -.-"

Everyone had rings around their eyes by Wednesday. Despite that, we set out with confident spirits on a mountain biking expedition that we planned all by ourselves. Going up hill was HELL! Seriously... my calves and quads were crying out due to the intense pressure - I had to walk my bike up a few times. Anyway, coming down wasn't as tiring, but it sure was treacherous! I had to take up the responsibility as the group navigator for that section of the route, and that also meant i had to cycle right up the front.

I can still remember this particular slope that was about 70 degrees, literally. I didn't believe that we could actually make it down as there were many rocks in the way too; someone could have gotten severely hurt if a rock were to knock him off balance. Well, i clamped on to my breaks with all of my might the force of gravity dragged my bike down the steep slope, many rocks clashed hard against my front tyre, causing my handles to wabble, and all i could do was to hope and pray. haha! Thank God i made it in the end, we all did. I was quite surprised that that were absolutely no injuries! About 100 metres from camp, both my quads started to cramp up. I threw my bike to the ground and jumped off, but my quads contracted so much that i couldn't stand on both feet; i landed awkwardly on my hips. lol! I was forced to walk all the way back -.-"

I must say that this camp was much more challenging and way more interesting than the one i had in Year 9. We had the same instructors as before, Megan and Matt, but we got to choose the activities. Yea, before i go on, i have to commend Megan and Matt. They're just splendid role models, and they have really inspired me to think more about the environment and to keep persisting under difficult circumstances.

We did three really interesting initiative activities on thursday which enabled me to get to know how the others more. Yea, i got quite disappointed with this particular person at times, but i asked God to help me love him. After the initiatives, we headed on to the high-ropes course. haha! Trent, myself, Elwin, Josh and Tian were put in a group, and we had to take turns attempting the high-ropes course. The course was really high and so was the risk involved. Trent and i did the belaying for each other as we had no faith in the others. loL! I mean, the belayer literally "held" the life of the person attempting the course in his hands. Yea, i managed to complete all the obstacles, but i couldn't do the last one as my arms were too short -.-""""" We watched a really retarded horror/comedy movie before going to bed that night. There was a really sudden scene at the end of the movie which caused Trent's bum muscles to spring him metres into the air. LoL! I'll keep it a secret ;)

Then came the last day of camp, today. 4 days of full-blooded activities really sucked the life outta me, but i had something in me that didn't want to leave that secular place in Milgrove. I gave Chris ( TheYear 11 student volunteer) the shock of his life this morning. He was going around the cabins waking everyone up for breakfast. When i heard him approaching, i jumped straight outta bed and stood right in front of the door. I said "Hi!"as he opened the door .

We did the Leap of Faith today. It's this 10 metre high tower with a really small wooden box at the top of it; just enough for one person to stand on. I climbed up the tower really quickly, got on to the wobbly wooden box, jumped off and reached for the metal bar. I caught it, but it slipped outta my hands, but i was held up by the safety ropes. haha! During the camp, i got to know Sam, Venables, Gary, Josh, Trent, Anthony, Chris, Banh and Arpit so much more. I'm really glad to have such great friends. I thank God for all of you.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stuck Slow

Have you ever been in a situation when you're stuck? Maybe not totally stuck; you're moving, but really really slowly and you begin to think that a task is impossible and that you're not gonna get to the finish line. Well, that's how i feel right now. I've been working on my CAD project for more than 2 hours, and i've not even started putting the powerpoint slides together! Argh...i've been reading, reading and reading, and reading to get information - but that's all i have....information. Sigh...i know i'm better than this. haha! I can do it!

I can still remember this scene from the lion king where the old monkey hits Simba on the head with his staff. I wanna be able to do the same with my stupid CAD project!

Simba: Ouch! Why did you hit me?
Monkey: It doesn't matter (In a funny accent)
Simba: What do you mean "it doesn't matter"?! It realy hurt!
Monkey: Ahh! But that was in the past.

I sure hope Banh's doing alright with his part of the project. Now for some bagging. Peter!!!! I told you NOT to do it! Man! Do you know that i've been trying to discourage you from doing it? But you just had to do it! And you didn't even have the courtesy to tell me beforehand! -.-" I'm disappointed. In case you're wondering, that's the reason why i don't like the idea of "going out" at such a young age. We've all got better things to do, our time could be spent in a more productive way, instead of getting hurt.

While i was burying my head in books this afternoon, my eyes felt really sore and tired. Then, I remembered that i had spectacles! loL! I took them out from my school bag and put them on. Everything looked sharp and clear all of a sudden. haha! I'm still wearing them right now. They look cool! But i sure hope my eye sight doesn't deteriorate anymore!

Hmm...besides doing lots of work today, i composed a song too! It's entitled "Your Grace". I read this really encouraging verse in during my QT today.

"My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in my weakness." ...... That is why, for Christ's sake, i delight in weakness, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when i am weak, then i am strong."
- 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Your Grace

Verse 1
You took on flesh for me,

You gave your life and now i'm free.
Oh how could this be?

Your Grace abounds,
Like water the seas.
I once was down,
But you picked me up,
And showed me the way.
Your Grace is sufficient for me.

Verse 2
Though i am weak, i'll be strong.
Though troubles may come, i won't fear.
Cuz i know you're here!

God & Isaac

Friday, July 08, 2005

Ecological Awareness

Hey guys, how are ya? If you're reading this, please spend a moment or two to add a tag to the tagboard on the right. Thanks!

I had a really boring day today. I woke up really late today; i think it was 9am. I watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe last night and it ended at 12.30am. Don't bag it! It's an awesome show! IF you haven't seen it, go get it AsAp!

Spent 4 hours or so doing some research on ecological/sustainable house designs for my CAD project due on the first day back to school.'s the last day of the holidays. How time flies! But yea, i'm beginning to miss bagging Jase, riding on Turk's camel, talking about Bei and finding a remedy for Banh's PMS (Political Management Schizophrenia).

Sigh...i really hate to do research on Art subjects. There's just so much information to read, and some of the terminology used are too complex for me. I'm fortunate to have Banh as a partner, he actually DOES do some work. I remember doing a project with Tat, Phillip and Jack last year. Sigh...Matt, Paul and i had to do most of their work for them.

Although i may not like it, Eco Houses are actually really facinating. They are houses that are specially designed to be extremely friendly to the environment; some designs are even totally biodegradable. They save tremendous amounts of electricity and power, maximise indoor air quality and are built with renewable materials. There was this one special feature - A moving staircase that could be transformed into a dining table with several chairs!

The Milgrove camp's coming up next week and i've not started packing yet. I'll get down to doing that tomorrow. Hmm...what's there to talk about....erm. Yea, hope for a more exciting day tomorrow.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Three days ago, i would have said "Freedom!" But after my last six-hour session of Community Service at Arpad Hostel, i'm beginning to miss the folks there. I miss playing chess with Mr.Bodo, having chats about random stuff with Patrick, talking to Ildeko, aiding Laszlo with his "ingenious" plans for his 5 by 5 metre square living area. haha!

I accompanied the folks on a two-hour excursion out to Jells Park. We sat down at a cafe for some scones and cappaccino. This wonderful old lady,(i can't remember what her hungarian name is so i'll just call her Sarah) tried to pair me up with a female waiteress at the cafe! -.-"""" What was i to do? Tell her to shut up in Hungarian?! LOL! She got the waiteress' attention, tugged at my T-shirt and said, "This is a wonderful gentleman." haha! I could only shake my head.

I had a chat with another awesome lady who spoke rather softly. I didn't know what she was on about most of the time, but i kept nodding my head in agreement. Well, i found out later that she was a little demented. haha! I was quite shocked, but it was an experience.

Well, i'm glad and relieved to have finally completed my Community Service. I still remember the flustered expression on my face just a week ago while i was searching desperately for a place that would take me in. I not only had a great experience at Arpad Hostel, i even received 50 bucks! haha! What can beat that?!

I'm sorry about not being able to upload the pictures yesterday, there was something wrong with Blogger. But i'm even more sorry now because i can't be stuffed doing it now :D Oh yea, for all of you people looking for a little tinge of punchy romance, visit Peter's blog. haha! You can find that link in the link box on the left :)

I saw the Kim Possible movie today. haha! Say whatever you like...but i just adore Kim! haha! I reckon she's one of the best cartoon characters every drawn! She's hot, cool, adorable, cute, amazing, quick, agile, nimble, kind, loving, beautiful and has a heart of gold. lolz...for all you peeps who don't have a clue who she is....... go buy a toothbrush!

A wagging tongue,
Is like a whip of flame.
Burning up trust,
And causing pain.

The king of deceit,
Holds many slaves.
Mystifies the weak minded,
With a lusty gaze.

Humble and Meek,
Through a crafty pen.
But all may change,
When it's man-to-man.

So beware!
For you know not what lies.
Look out!
The slightest fib never dies.

God & isaac

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I guess the question on your mind right now is whether the 8 men in the room will sign the deal. There has been tremendous support for it, but why is the "no" factor still lingering? Think about it, is it even possible for them to reject the agreement? lol! I reckon World War 3 will start if they actually did so. I like what Nelson Mendela said at the Live8 concert:
"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice."
Click here to read more about it.

I spent another six hours doing community service at Arpad Hostel again. It was not as boring as my first time, and i actually had "stuff" to do, besides chatting with the old folks. lol! I did two hours of data entry, which is "cheating" because it doesn't involve direct interaction. God is sooo real. Seriously.

I had a chat with this cool Irish-born-Aussie named Patrick, who works at the Hostel as a finance manager. I had a really long chat with him about random stuff - politics, food, asians, marriage, business, Singapore, etc. haha! Helped me pass my time. During our conversation, he asked,"So when do you want your cheque?"
I was shocked, and i told him that i was doing community service and didn't expect any pay. But he insisted, " I've already signed it." I continued to resist, but he told me to invest it. haha! He put his hand to his chin and began to think, then exclaimed "Quantas!". lol! That's a bonus 50 bucks for me! I don't believe that 3 days of talking to old folks, data entry, shopping and moving furniture would earn my 50 solid bucks! But that's not it.

About three weeks ago, i put in a faith offering on a Sunday church service. I put in everything i had in my wallet. I think it was around 40 bucks. Yea, i gave it all to God and trusted him to provide for me. I read this verse during my QT today:
" You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God." - 2 Corinthians 8:9
How true is that? I gave 40, and got 50 in return! Don't get more wrong, i'm not giving to God so that i can receive more. I'm just testifying that He's just SOooooo real!

The 18 hours of Community Service has just sucked the "holi" out of "holiday". Seriously... Banh just reminded me that we had a CAD project due on the first day back! lol! It's an oral presentation of sustainable house designs -.-" I haven't started yet! (Sorry Banh!)

Hmm...Banh, don't read on :P
Seriously, stop at this point =D
I played Soccer with my sis at 4.30pm. She wanted to! Not Me! XD Well, we had a great time. It was the first time i actually kicked a real soccer ball in about a week. Almost a record, i mean, i think it is. My knee was perfectly fine for the first 50 minutes, but it started to act up again soon after -.-" I hope it's not permanant...sigh.
Enjoy these pictures of the World's best juggler, asia's best attacking midfielder in Greenland, the stubbiest person in America, the palest person in Africa sister and the warmest person in Antarctica - My Babysitter! I mean...My Sister!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War Of The Worlds

Pull out from the database of your mind the imagery of the word "Universe". Think of it, what do you see? Stars? Planets? Comets? Asteriods? Meteorites? Yea, all that. Also, include the Sun. Imagine how huge these objects are by themselves. Then combine some of them together into something called a solar system, and then take about a thousand solar systems, join them together to form something that is known as a "Universe".

Now look at yourself. Then look at an elephant, a tower, a rocket ship and compare these things to the planet we live on, Earth. How small are we compared to the universe, and only God knows how many hundreds of universes there are out there! You couldn't travel around "everything" even if you were at the speed of light and if you spent your entire life in persuit.

That's not it. There are literally billions, probably zillions, of micro-organisms that exist on the palm of your hand. Each with their own idea of a "Universe". Imagine that. If you like the idea, go watch "War of the Worlds". Everything in existence is huge and imaginable! There MUST surely be a God! A God that loves. A God that created everything with a twitch of His fingers. Seriously, do you think that in all the uncountable masses of land out there just happened to "be there" from the beginning? I believe that there is more to life then just living it.

Jerusha and i met up with Blee, Meng, Peter, Yvonne, Lindah, Mel and Kingsley at Century Walk in Glen Waverley after an extremely HEAVY lunch at Bob's Kitchen. haha! I had a scrumptous plate of shanghai noodles. Oh yea, back to the movie. I found the plot really interesting, but the show was more of a platitude, a common clique.

Seriously, how many "Aliens-are-taking-over-the-world" shows are there already? This is just another one of them. Besides the amazing graphics, sheer suspense and never-ending action, War of the Worlds is just like any other Alien-takeover movie.

Mel and Kingsley are such a loving couple. But only to each other, they left straight after the movie -.-" Well, the rest of us were bagging Yvonne and Peter. And i think Peter got really pissed with me. Especially when we made him sit next to Yvonne during the movie. lol! But i regret sitting next to Pete. He's a great friend and all, but he was gonna tell me what was about to happen! -.-" He had read the book "War of the Worlds" before.

Hmm...i've gotta start working on a CAD project now. Sigh...Banh! Do all the work! haha! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, wait...actually, i am. I can't wait to get the community service over and done with. But i really wanna take something outta it. I guess i'll have a great tolerence level towards the demented elderly :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Crazy Care

I'm feeling the after effects of the eye lids are as heavy as a tonne of bricks and my legs can barely support my slouched back -.-" I woke up at 7.30, found that my left calf was extremely sore, actually, my entire body was aching. haha! I felt like Hitler after a shave.

My mum drove me to Arpad Hostel for my first day of Community Service. It was somewhat boring, tiresome, yet interesting. All the residents there were really friendly and hospitable. The only problem is that all of them are Hungarian, and only a handfull understand English. I started off with a game of chess with this old man named Laslo, who supposedly is an ex-champion of some prestigous competition. Yea, i'm seriously crap at chess, and i didn't want to make an old man lose :D Actually, the first reason is more valid XD. Well yea, pretty obviously, i lost both games.

I met another interesting dude. I can't remember his name, but i think it is "Les". haha! i'm pretty sure it's not his name, but i was calling him that anyway. He's REALLY REALLY old, he's even got great-grand children. Despite his old age, and the dreaded parkinson's disease that has plagued his body for over 15 years, he's still booming with energy! I was shocked when i heard that he didn't like to waste time; he thought that "Time is too precious to be wasted just sitting around". All the Hungarians there had outstandingly interesting accents, but i had to strain my ears to make sense of what they were saying.

I spent most of my time with Les. I don't really know what he used to do for a living, but he said something about deep freshwater diving and mechanism. loL! They don't mix at all, and i was really confused, but it didn't matter. I was told that most of the old folks there suffer from varying severities of dementia. Les told me about his "plan" to revamp his room; he wanted to shift this extremely heavy oak desk. haha! I looked at his frail body, and back at the intimidating desk. All i could do was to pray.

Despite his eccentrism, he's really smart. He even made some wheels so to help move the oak desk. The problem then was how to get the wheels under the heavy desk. He said to me," Ahh! I'm gonna tell you a's a secret...we're too smart for this.." and he yanks out this long plank of wood. lol! he used it as a lever, well, he's smart but not really. We got the wheels under the table using his "plank-lever technique" which was fully dependent on my "lift-desk-with-sheer-brute-force" philosophy.

Well, the next step was to "roll" the oak desk to his favoured position. But honestly, they didn't work although he thought they did. I mean, i could have moved the desk if i tried with all my might. Seriously...but i had to play along..we slotted the wheels under the desk and "moved" it. haha! In actual fact, I was using brute strength. At least he thought that his "wheels method" was working.

It was an experience i'll never forget, but i sure wouldn't want to be doing it any longer. Well, i've got 2 more six-hour days to endure. Hope that i'll find a greener patch of grass the next time around.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Camp Howqua

I just came back from the Fungus and Young Adults camp at Mount Howqua, and i'm just overflowing with passion for God. I wanted to try to describe the atmosphere, fellowship and activities at the camp, but i've just realised that that is virtually impossible. I mean, what would the words: sensational, fantastic, terrific, splendid, awesome, marvellous, superb, unreal extraordinary, outstanding, phenomenal, primo, incredible and exceptional mean to you even if i used them?

Please read to the end of this lengthy, but excitement-garanteed post. Before i start, i want you to fill in this form by clicking here. It'll only take you a minute to do so, the details are all there. It's mainly about the 8 most powerful nations in the world coming together to resolve the massive debts that Africa has. If this is successful, millions of Africans could be saved.
Be a part of it!

I'm exhausted right now, but i just have to get this out before going to bed and preparing for tomorrow's unfathomable 6 hour session with demented elderly residents at Arpad Hostel. I went to this camp not expecting much. I used to think that jumping during worship was totally unccessary, that it was too outwardly.

Well, on the first night there. This amazing speaker, Matt Fielder, prophecied over me. He said that i wasn't meant to be sitting on the sidelines, i was meant to be right smack in the middle of all the action. He said that God is going to do some shifting in my life so that i can serve him better. He also said that i was a "great man". This sounded partly true to me, but what motivated me most was Matt's passion for God.

He inspired me, he even brought me to tears when made me realise that God loves me for who i am, not what i've done or what i'll do; Jesus loves me even though i may sin against him. I know that. I know he loves me, but what was i doing for him? I realised that i was really self-conscious of myself when i was worshipping...but WHY?! Jesus went through public humiliation and death of the cross for me! Why shouldn't i worship him with all of my soul, heart, mind, spirit, body and strength?! I starting screaming my guts out, jumping my calves flat and raising my hands till they for sore. Why? Because Jesus loves me.

On the second night, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible in the main hall. The place was full of Him, it was on fire! Matt had told everyone who wanted to surrender all that they had to Christ to respond to the altar call. Well, i looked at myself, and i didn't have much to offer, but i wanted to give to God all that i had, so i walked up to the front, raised my hands and prayed.

While i was praying, i felt a hand touch my forehead. It felt as though the hand was pushing my backwards, and my knees gave way. My eyes were shut and i didn't know who it was that was praying for me with his/her hand on my forehead. I lay on the ground, hands spread apart, eyes shut. All i could see was a white light, and i felt a warm, sensational was awesome, it was a wonderful was pure...pure peace. I was somewhat "nailed" to the ground, i couldn't, and i didn't want to get up. I knew it was the power of the Holy Spirit, i was with God, feeling the presence of God. Why would i wanna run away from it?

God has never been so real in my life. He is simply awesome, and He loves me so much. For anyone who still doubts that there IS a God who loves, hear this.

The food at the camp was poor. By the second day, tons of people felt sick, some because of the cold, but most of them were down because of a gastric bug; food poisoning. A dude called Yang was hospitalised and was put on a drip; he was in a dire situation. Another dude, Matthew, was also feeling really really sick. But Chris, the youth pastor, gathered everyone together for a powerful prayer that went on for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I couldn't believe it. The next morning, Yang walked in through the entrance TOTALLY healed! It was UNBELIEVEABLE! God answered our prayers! And that wasn't it, Matthew joined us a few minutes later feeling at a hundred percent! God is so real, and he answers prayer!

I felt and knew that God was going to make a radical change in my life. I've not really shared God's word "full-on" with any of my friends. But when i think about it, God loves me soooo much, and i can just marvel and rest in his loving arms, why shouldn't i share His great love with ALL my friends? Well, from today onwards, i'm gonna make sure that all my friends know that i'm a Christian, that they know that i'm always ready for them whenever they're ready to hear more about Christ.

During the testimonial/sharing time today, i felt the sense of urgency, as well as, responsibility to walk up there. I did. I usually wouldn't, but i guess this is God's why of "shifting some stuff in my life". I never liked public speaking, never would i have dreamed of making a testimony in front of a hundred people, but i did today. I walked up to the front, said what you just read in the above paragraphs...and guess what? Just when i said, "Jesus loves me..." something tripped in my heart, and tears filled my eyes in an instant. I don't believe i cried in front of so many gals...loL! But yea! i did! Why? Because He loves me...