Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Stuffed Sick

My nose is "stuck" and i feel really sick right now. Sigh... I feel weak -.-" Started the day early because my sister had an school excursion to Ballarat and she had catch the 7.06am train -.-" I don't know why, but it's probably because i'm sick, but i've not been at my hundred percent in school these few days; all i can think about is the immense load of work currently pending.

Banh was suffering from his daily PMS, and he kept passing really nasty remarks to me and to random people. I remembered him telling Arpit that his favourite part of the bible was when the red sea parted. He even got into a heated argument with Turk; burning flames of fury burst from his head when Turk said that Turks come from Turkey. His condition deteriorated so badly that he spent the entire last two periods of English just moping around, trying to hold his two-tonne head up while trying to secretly slip a lead container into my sleeve -.-"

Sigh... i've gotta read The Catcher In The Rye by Friday -.-" I started reading it today and got totally bored by the 11th page. Argh...fortunately, Roger told me about this website with "Cheat Notes" on The Catcher. loL! I never knew that such sites existed! He said that most "intelligent" students from Melbourne High get a headstart using these "cheat" sites.

My dad came back from China this morning. I'm really glad to see him again after two long weeks; i thank God for keeping him safe! Yea, he brought back tonnes of stuff with him: Hair gel, a cool bag, new soccer boots, new sports shoes, shin guards, some music CDs, a Puma jersey and a NEW GUITAR!

I thank God for his blessings!

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