Thursday, July 07, 2005


Three days ago, i would have said "Freedom!" But after my last six-hour session of Community Service at Arpad Hostel, i'm beginning to miss the folks there. I miss playing chess with Mr.Bodo, having chats about random stuff with Patrick, talking to Ildeko, aiding Laszlo with his "ingenious" plans for his 5 by 5 metre square living area. haha!

I accompanied the folks on a two-hour excursion out to Jells Park. We sat down at a cafe for some scones and cappaccino. This wonderful old lady,(i can't remember what her hungarian name is so i'll just call her Sarah) tried to pair me up with a female waiteress at the cafe! -.-"""" What was i to do? Tell her to shut up in Hungarian?! LOL! She got the waiteress' attention, tugged at my T-shirt and said, "This is a wonderful gentleman." haha! I could only shake my head.

I had a chat with another awesome lady who spoke rather softly. I didn't know what she was on about most of the time, but i kept nodding my head in agreement. Well, i found out later that she was a little demented. haha! I was quite shocked, but it was an experience.

Well, i'm glad and relieved to have finally completed my Community Service. I still remember the flustered expression on my face just a week ago while i was searching desperately for a place that would take me in. I not only had a great experience at Arpad Hostel, i even received 50 bucks! haha! What can beat that?!

I'm sorry about not being able to upload the pictures yesterday, there was something wrong with Blogger. But i'm even more sorry now because i can't be stuffed doing it now :D Oh yea, for all of you people looking for a little tinge of punchy romance, visit Peter's blog. haha! You can find that link in the link box on the left :)

I saw the Kim Possible movie today. haha! Say whatever you like...but i just adore Kim! haha! I reckon she's one of the best cartoon characters every drawn! She's hot, cool, adorable, cute, amazing, quick, agile, nimble, kind, loving, beautiful and has a heart of gold. lolz...for all you peeps who don't have a clue who she is....... go buy a toothbrush!

A wagging tongue,
Is like a whip of flame.
Burning up trust,
And causing pain.

The king of deceit,
Holds many slaves.
Mystifies the weak minded,
With a lusty gaze.

Humble and Meek,
Through a crafty pen.
But all may change,
When it's man-to-man.

So beware!
For you know not what lies.
Look out!
The slightest fib never dies.

God & isaac

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