Saturday, July 16, 2005


I don't believe i'm doing this, but i think i have to. Most of you have never seen an angry Isaac, and you must know me very well if you have. Yea, i must confess that i've been habouring this subtle grudge against this dude from my school, i won't reveal his real name, but i'll just call him Big-Z.

My grandmum left for Singapore today. I'll miss her tons...hope to see her again in December...but a thought keeps coming into my mind as i picture the last sight of her walking through the departure gates. I remember watching my grandfather walking past a duty-free shop in the airport on a trip to China many years ago. Yea, that was the last memory i have of him. I miss him dearly, but i thank God that he's in heaven right now =)

Back to Big-Z. On the drive back from the airport, I was telling my mum about Zannon. I regret doing so. I was complaining like a little spoiled girl about all his faults! -.-" How immature can i get?! Sigh...all i should say now is that i don't get angry with people, and i don't hold grudges.

Well, i'm gonna make an attempt to love him. Looking at him makes me think of how Christ might have looked at me long ago. But he didn't scorn as me, instead, he bore tremendous pain went through humiliating shame for me and gave his life for me in hope that i would be saved. He's set such a perfect example for me. He's loved me so much, and i know that he loves Big-Z just as much. Why shouldn't i show that same love too?

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