Saturday, April 30, 2005

Life Sucker...

My whole day was ruined thanks to you. You life sucker. I hate you. Haven't you got anything else better to do rather than sucking the life outta innocent youths? You made me put your disgusting name on my MSN for hours and hours...and now people think i'm a nerd. -.-" Life's betta off without you!

Sigh...what a life sucker homework is. I literally spent 6 hours straight doing my History assignment. Stupid History! It's about the immigrants that came to Australia in the 1950s-1960s and their contributions. I had to get three extremely thick books from the library. I mean, borrow them wasn't hard...My brain was given a complete soak in detergent as i sat down today to read through them. Argh...that's 6 hours of my life! -.-"

Argh, i just came home from dinner at Uncle Steven's house. I'm extremely exhausted now. Can't think straight, and i'm typing really fast as the words come into my head. Sigh... that's what 6 hours of work does to your poor brains. It's seriously the Number 1 killer of brain cells. They should seriously think of banning homework instead of ciggarettes. precious puffs.

Went for Chinese school in the morning, met Blee, Yvn, James, Jin, Peter and Tat. haha! I love Chinese School...i've got so many good friends there. I don't really like the teacher though, she's so...naggy. Sigh...we spent an hour or so reading this Chinese essay - 20 minutes was spent on the actual reading, while the remainding 40 was her blabbing on about Chinese culture. It's not that i don't like's just that... it won't really help us for our VCE.

Hmm...i remember bagging the people that couldn't be stuffed going for tommorow's Open Day Soccer Tryouts. Haha! The ironic thing is that...i won't be able to make it too! lol! 2 reasons. The first is that i've got church in the morning. And if you're a friend of mine, you'll know that i put God above EVERYTHING else. so...yea, that's reason enough. But secondly, it's because of my extreme workload. I've got 3 major projects to do this weekend, and i've only completed 3/4 of my History assignment. Yea... looks like i won't be in the school soccer team this year. -.-" jking!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Once Upon A Mattress

There was a preview of the much-critised play, Once Upon A Mattress, during today's assembly. It was shocking. The female lead was talented (In making croaking noises, that would benefit simulated frog-farms), and so were the rest of the cast. But the songs were just dissapointing. The stage setting was just too girly - purple, pink and light blue -.-" The mere sight of the stage made my stomach emit nauseating substances. Then again, it's not the poor workmanship of the decorations, they were pretty well done actually, it was just the colours.

I was actually considering if i should go for the play... but after that horrific preview, the answer was obvious. I pity the Mac Rob gals who have to do an assignment on it =P haha! I remember tons of Melbourne High dudes taking notes during the "Les Miserables" play. Sigh... we looked like total nerds. -.-"

Oh yes...for the commitment of the Melbourne High Intermediate Soccer Team. Prtichard announced that there would be a trial match going on this Sunday at 11.15am in school. This is a real test, considering the fact that many people would have to go through some trouble getting themselves down to school on a Sunday. Well, the first two on the honour boards would be"Full-Committed" Harish and Jason who won't coming. They think they're just "Too-Good-For-Trials" -.-" Dissapointing.. *shakes head*
I may not be able to make it either. =X

Hmm.. two days ahead of me. 48 hours to complete 3 major projects - Science website, History Essay and Visual Communication Model. -.-" It's like a huge mountain that i'll have to climb slowly. Step-by-step. Argh... i really should get started now.

*I need you Lord!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sporty Footy..

Unfortunately in some ways. Fortunate in many. I was put on the bench of the Yarra Footy Team for most of the game. I had played lots of soccer during lunch, and i was in no shape to continue playing Footy. All i could do was to sit back and watch my passion for the, once magnificent, Yarra fall into the Homozygous hands of Como. Judging by the way the dudes played today, we've got absolutely no chance. Except for my good buddy, Matt. He's a real Footy fanatic. Despite his "amateurity" in Soccer, he's a gun when it comes to Footy.

In my opinion, Footy's a pointless game. Sure, it's pleasant to watch, but only for a short period of time. And yes, there is skill involved. But the skills are not as spectacular as those seen in Soccer matches. I wonder why people would prefer Footy to Soccer... I'm gonna get raped in school tomorrow if anyone sees this. haha!

Alright, i was really bored today, waiting on the bench with Joe and Duc. But i learnt something. Humility. It is what defines a true character. It purifies the motives of anyone, and appeals to most. It's a pity that most people lack it. I've not seen many humble chaps from MHS, most of them are all stuck up. Filled up to the nostrils.

Some Year 12, manager of Yarra's Footy Team, wanted one of the subs to assume the well-respected duties of the waterboy. Everyone started backing off. I wondered what it was like to be among the lowest, and then i volunteered to do it. It was kindda humiliating carrying a 10- bottle rack past lots of my friends. I filled up bottle, after bottle, after bottle. And when they were filled up, i carried the extremely heavy rack back to the bench area. Along the way, 2 retards walked up to me and took 2 water bottles. -.-" Consider it fortunate that their two-front teeth are still intact, for the fact i had both hands occupied.

Well, i learnt what being humble was all about. It was humiliating at first, but neccessary. When you humble yourself in front of others, no one's gonna get mad at you (Unless he's a retard of course). People may try to take advantage (Low-life scums), but you end up satisfied with your accomplishments. Who's the man with the better character? The one who humbles his heart.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sick Temptation

Sick Temptation. Sickening Temptation. Whatever it is, i conceeded.

I just couldn't bear standing along the sidelines while my friends played soccer. I managed to push the rising temptation yesterday, but it just overwhelmed me this time. haha! I felt really tired after that, i couldn't concentrate in class. Although my headaches died down, i picked up an irritating flu -.-"

Ok, this part of my post will have one sole purpose: To Bag Duc. Duc, i've always thought that he was cool, a true man of his word. Although he may be a mixture of ironic characteristics - weak but cocky, i've always regarded him as a good buddy....until today. Despite my constant refusal, he "borrowed" (i prefer to use the word "took") my thick black texter, the one given to me by a good friend. I needed it for my Psych SAC today, but he told me that he dropped it while playing soccer. Sigh, something bad ALWAYS happens when ppl borrow stuff from me. Ahh! I will NEVER lend ANYTHING out to ANYONE EVER again. But NO, it wasn't enough. Duc's a much more aggressive avenger than Jin is. During lunch, i passed the ball to Duc for him to take a shot. He wound up and booted the ball straight into my chest! On the volley! WTC! DUC! You knew that i had a chest inflamation. -.-"" What a friend :(

I'll be competing in the Interhouse Footy Tournament tomorrow. -.-" I've never touched a real footy prior to today. I had a kick around with a footy during P.E, and i realised that it actually took some skill. haha! I've always thought of AFL as a boring game, with just too many goals. Hmm, wonder if i'll stuff up tomorrow. I mean, i was forced into the Yarra team as they had really crappy players, and they needed fast runners. So...yea, i'm just doing my part for Yarra. Go Yarra!

The due dates of 2 important projects just popped outta no where. I just found out that my Science draft is due this friday, and that my History assignment's due the coming monday. -.-" I knew they were due soon, but not SO soon! Sigh, i haven't even made a start on my History yet. Argh! This sick body of mine's just not helping a bit, i can't seem to get much effectiveness into my work. sigh...

I was completely stuffed out when i got back to Glen Waverley Station. I could barely stand. When i got home, i flopped myself onto my bed and took a 5 minute power nap before getting back to work. Sigh...i need a break!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One Life...One Love

One Life... One Love
I just love that song by Tension. It's a pity that it only exists as a ideal dream that will never come true. Some people thrive on it, hoping that others fall outta love. Some seek it, wanting to be faithful and loyal. While the playful majority live a life of complete irony. Do you believe in that? Just say "yes" or "no" on my tagboard.

Hoped that i would awake up this morning completely healed, but it was not to be. -.-" I woke up with a clogged throat, as though millions of wooden splinters were forcefully shoved into it. I started coughing a lot this morning, and i managed to get rid of a lot of phlegm. But i still felt really terrible. I didn't want to go to school, but i also didn't want to miss out on any lessons. haha! You can call me a nerd. ~8)

My head started spinning at the start of the 2nd period, i felt extremely exhausted for some reason. Maybe it's because of the internal "World War" in my body. Sigh...Mr.Pritchard is SOOO tight. I mean, every teacher would trust such a good student such as i! :) But him, NO! I had Sport for 2 periods, and i told him that i was feeling unwell because of a chest inflamation. Guess what he did. -.-" He sent me to the nurse for a check-up. I don't believe it! It's the first time a teacher hasn't trusted me. Sigh... well, the nurse said that i had a slight chest infection, but that wasn't a good enough excuse to exempt me from PE totally. However, she was kind enough to use extremely profound language to completely baffle the sport-orientated Pritchard.

Josh has always been a little...erm....deperate. He received a real bagging on the train back home on that issue. haha! Brenden, Mel, Sophie and their azn group of friends were on our carriage. The infamous playboy, Harish Siva, started asking me what were the names of the gals sitting arnd Brenden, but i refused to tell him in fear that he would hurt another gal's heart. haha! Josh started asking me who Melanie was... and that wasn't the first time, Anthony and I hypothesised that Josh had the hots for her. lolz! What else could be derived from constant checking-outs and several inquires? So i smsed Brenden, telling him that Josh had the hots for his girlfriend, Mel. And i also told him to walk over and give Josh a bashing. lol! The entire group started cracking up when we saw Brenden's reaction to the sms. (He didn't know it was from me) haha!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Fully Sick...

Fully Sick...yea, literally. I can't really recall falling sick since i came to Australia last year, possibly because of the clean, fresh air. I went to bed last night with a mild sore throat, didn't really take any medication although Blee told me that it would be worse the next morning. And i was asking for it -.-" True enough, i woke up with a terrible headache, an extremely dry throat and a clogged-up respiratory system. was unbearable. With every cough i made, a merciless painful itch overwhelmed my chest, my lungs felt as though it was on fire. Haiz...For brief moments, i felt the agony of the brink of death.

Despite my overwhelming headache, i tried as hard as i could throughout the entire day to lighten my workload. Started on a massive research thingo on Stem Cells. Argh...i wonder why there's so many arguments on that issue. I mean, i'm totally for it considering the fact that cures for fatal diseases such as cancer, could be obtained through the research of "doomed" embryos. Haha! that's just my point of view, don't crack up on me. =)

Oh, mum and i went shopping at Big W in Forrest Hill. There was supposed to be a FULLY-SICK jumper on sale, as stated on the catalogue. However, it was sold out. -.-" I don't believe it! Sigh...i really wanted that jumper. Instead, i bought two really nice long-sleeved T-Shirts. My mum was really pissed because it read 16 dollars at the clothes rack, but we were charged 25 bucks for each one. lol!

Had dinner at Aunt Lily's place. I saw the unexpected. Their house was fantastic! It was in a really good condition, nice carpets, windows with pretty patterns, etc. haha! The dinner was awesome! There was a real family atmosphere. However, it was all ruined thanks to my FULLY-SICK body. -.-" Apparently, i was allergic to something (Don't know what it is), and my eyes started to puff up. As though that was not enough, my head started spinning. -.-" I was having a really uncomfortable time and i didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just sat in a chair until it was time to go.

Argh, i just hope that i'll be betta tmr. I don't wanna miss out on school...not that i like it or anything, it's just that i don't wanna fall behind lessons. Oh, i composed a really nice song today =) Hope to get it on the computer soon. haha! i MAY put it on my blog so that all you peeps can enjoy my "Sweet" voice. loL!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stuffed Out

Woke up at 7am this morning... ooh...i just fell into the temptation of my cosy bed. Went to church in the morning, sat through an interesting sermon on Spiritual Warfare, had lunch at box hill. was a really eventful day. Surprisingly, nothing spectacular happened.

I made it just in time for Pastor Chris' sermon on "Caring". It was a really touching sermon...esp the inspirational video clip about the Hoyyts family. The great love of Rick Hoyyts for his handicapped son, just overwhelmed the hearts of everyone present. I was moved right in my seat. This father went to extreme lengths just to make his son happy.

After that, i joined Quentin and his group of soccer fanatics for a soccer game. We played at the field directly opposite Wembley. I was reminded of the old days when i used to train with Box Hill Inter on that same field. Sigh...Although we had a terrible season last year, i really enjoyed it. I wish i was still playing for them this year, i wonder how my ex-coach, Leo, is doing.

Fatigue, aided strongly by the hot and dry conditions, got the better of everyone after 2 hours. I didn't really like the game. There was just too little quality, haha! No offence meant, but the passing, ball-control and shot-taking were just off the mark.

Quent took us down to the Seven-Eleven in Box Hill for a cup of Slurpee! haha! That was really refreshing! I love Slurpees! The flavours in Australia are really unique, they've got "Honeycomb", "Orange" and some other wierd flavour.

I've got lotsa guests over for dinner right now. lolz...i just sneaked away. I want you to come online! I've got no one to talk to!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fungus Youth Rally!

The sun beat me to it today. I slept really late last night, and it glued me to my bed til 9 in the morning. -.-" haha! i've never liked to sleep in, it's.... kindd like a waste of time. Anyways, i just wanna share something. For those of you that don't know me well, i've gotta gift from God. It's the special gift of words; God has really helped me to compose about 90+ poems and 2 songs throughout the past 3 years. Well, i used to write a poem for God every week. However, i got discouraged by some of the low-quality poems that were growing in number. Thus, my rate of composing poems dropped.

Recently, i felt an urge. I thanked God for giving me this precious gift, and that i would really love to use it for his glory. Well, i asked him to inspire me with new ideas, with new concepts for more poems. I asked, and he answered! I was just strumming on my guitar yesterday, when i just thought of a new tune. I started playing that tune...and then words just came into my head. Words that were meaningful...words that were powerful! haha! I started to compose a song...well, i really like it. It's entitled "Jesus, i love you". Again, God inspired me to write an even better song today! Another tune just popped up in my head, and i started to think of the lyrics. But i was stopped at a point, when i couldn't think of a word to finish off a sentence. So i asked God to give me that word while i sang the incomplete song. He did! The word "Spot" just came outta my mouth when i was singing the song! it was just the word that i was looking for! God is sooo real!
All it takes is faith to see him.

We picked Blee up from the Glen Waverely Train Station at 5pm, after an awesome hour-long soccer game. lol! I'm feeling really guilty now cuz she had been waiting for more than an hour! -.-" Blee! you should have just called me! Poor you..
Jerusha and i showed her our rooms, and we asked her to judge which was the better one. haha! The answer was obvious although she refused to give any comments.

The Fungus Youth Rally didn't really meet my expectations, but it was fun. We had a standard time of worship. haha! Blee was so lost, esp when we were asked to raise our hands. lol! It was sooo funny...well, i felt pretty bad. Oh yea, Blee kept asking Jerusha and i to jump and dance with the music. -.-" lolz! Almost everyone else was jumping....but in my opinion, praising God has to be done in a repectful and devoted manner.

After that, we played a "simulation game". It's really complicated, and i don't wanna go into details. But basically, we were divided into groups of five. Each group represented a family in rural India. We had to decided what crops we would plant in the fields that were given to us, and we were reap our harvest according to the weather. Yep... it was pretty interesting, but the fun soon died out after the first 30 minutes. We had some sausage rolls after the game...and then left for home.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Lest we forget...

Lest we forget...

The brink of an extremely eventful day started off slowly. Despite the temptation of a much needed and relaxing sleep-in, I met up with Meng, Peter, Blee and Belinda at 8am in the city. We were supposed to go for breakfast. However, due to the highly respected intellectual standard of comprehension of Melbourne High and Mac Rob students, all of us, save Blee, expected to have breakfast on a full-stomach.

We wandered the busy streets of Melbourne while deciding on a location. After several attempts at Maccas, KFC, and 7-11, we ended up at a food court in Melbourne Central. -.-" I had a cup of hot chocolate which cost me $2.80! But it was really good though, just the right amount of froth =) After the "meal", we continued with the aimless wandering of the city - around the State Library, past the front porch twice. Yep, the students loitering along the Library's front porch were laughing at the aimless 5.

We dropped to gals off at Mac Rob, got lost somewhere south of Melbourne. Walked 3kms in utter stupidity, looking in hope that the Shrine of Rememberance would be in sight. Meng started to bag Peter about his weight. Peter got pissed and ditched us. Anyway, we got to the Shrine really early - 10.10AM, only to get baked in the merciless sun for 50 blistering minutes. The sun was blazing directly upon our delicate faces throughout the 90 minute ceremony. -.-" i've got red hues on my cheeks at the moment. There were more than 10 schools present at the prestigious ceremony. The traditional interludes played by the tadem band, the bag pipe's irritating pitch and the solo horn performance were excellent. The ceremony was going smoothly until it was our turn, we were under tremendous pressure, and i had a strong feeling that we were gonna stuff it up. Amazingly, the dudes pulled off a slightly below remarkable performace, to ensure another year of Azn Pride in Australia!

Jin, Turk, Duc, Harish, Marcus, Darren, Jason, Jamie, Leo, Bahn Victor, Lil Joe and i made up a small portion of the huge Melbourne High community that literally flocked into the upper level of Hungry Jacks. After lunch, we headed straight to a nearby field in the city for soccer! We had a really enjoyable time there. However, i left the field with a limp -.-"

I never knew Jin would be the type that bears grudges, waiting patiently and carefully for the perfect opportunity to strike and take his much desired revenge. So... i only kicked his ball over a building, knocked into him a few times, bagged him about his hair, kicked his bag, chucked dirt into his blazer, burnt his house down, bagged his homeland, tried to get on with his sister, and merely made a small crack on his shin. I wasn't really expecting him to seek revenge on me in a soccer match.

Turk crossed a ball in from the left flank, it flew nicely into the path of the goal-hungry Jin. But i was determined to stop it. Jin winded his left foot up, all ready to unleash a thunder of a shot. I stretched my right left out, and cleared the danger. Only to be seen whining and groaning in utter pain, on the prickly grass seconds later. I never knew Jin had such a precise accuracy, esp when the target is a dude's manhood. I was literally in intense agony, i could feel different body fluids rushing through my body in confusion. Unfortunately for Jin, i didn't die. Fortunately for me, i'm still a man.

These precious memories are recorded down, just as the names of the brave ANZAC soldiers are engraved on the Shrine of Rememberance. Why?

Lest we forget...
(Jin! I'll remember that!)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Okay, okay, pls don't bag me. And don't scroll to the bottom of the post until you read everything! haha! This isn't reverse psychology! lol! I couldn't get a proper scan on the class photo, so it's a little slanted. And... I don't like my individual picture. haha! For all of you who don't know me.... i don't look like that! -.-" Honestly...i mean, my face is almost the same...but my hair's totally different. loL!

School was pretty fun today, it was a real bludge. The Mac Rob gals came during periods 4 and 5 for a chorale rehearsal. It was really embarrassing. sigh...the dudes were making all sorts of noises. But they weren't the only ones to blame....the gals started making noises too. -.-" haha, when i say "noises", i'm referring to the screams that a Beckham fan would make when she/he sees David Beckham in reality. I mean... Mac Rob and Melb High, two of Melbourne's most prestigious schools mucking around in front of their teachers - a total lack of discipline.

The whole reshearsal was ruined when we advanced to the Hockey field. We practised all three songs - Australian National Anthem, Waltzing Matilda and I vow to thee my country. And we basically screwed them all up -.-" Only a minority of the dudes were singing. I was singing my guts out to produce some volume, while the dudes beside me were mucking around. Sigh... i screamed at some of them. loL! Mr.Balis was extremely pissed, and gave us a 10min lecture under the blazing sun -.-"

I met Blee and her two best freinds, Florence and Lily, on the way to the Oval. haha! Using my psychological analysis, which is only 1% accurate =P, Lily was a little shy. But i seriously don't know why. They were about to leave for lunch in the city.

I got full-on BAGGED by my soccer buddies when i got to the Oval. -.-" sigh...everyone thought that i was going out with a Mac Rob chick. loL! I knew that this would happen. If i had known betta, i would have wagged school to go to the city with them.

Oh yea...i can't imagine what it'll be like tomorrow in front of the Shrine. Sigh...i'm thinking that it'll be EXTREMELY embarrassing considering the fact that it'll be in public, and that we're not even half ready for it. We need a miracle!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When the Apple met Resistance...

Haha, i guess all of your know what happened when the Apple met resistance... Yes, the result was the same, he got squashed into tiny bits of pulp. lol...i had resistance training today, aka weights training. I decided to push myself to the extreme extent today, due to the excessive motivation from yesterday's incident. I literally doubled the weights on all the machines and pushed myself until i was dead beat for every station. lolz! i think i was asking for it...but at the end of the weights session, i was literally stuffed out. I was yawning incessantly throughout the day. haha! I hope this pays off! It betta!

Oh yea, i think i completely flunked my Science test today. Argh....this science test on Electronics was supposed to be on the last week of Term 1. But it got dragged on to the first week of term 2(Today). Sigh...i was seriously unprepared. loL! i thought that i knew it all, but i thought wrong -.-" I made really stupid mistakes....REALLY REALLY stupid mistakes. haha! Not gonna tell ya what they are. Cuz i'll be charged with several murders if i do.

Something's wrong with Blogger today. I can't upload the two pictures i was talking about yesterday. haha, i still will. But i'm not too keen on doing it....i look SOOO gay in the photo. haha! My hair was in a complete mess caused by the headers i made in a soccer game prior to the photo-taking session. -.-"

My grandmum just came back yesterday. But i don't know why she's not talking to me as much as she used to. I am, well as least i think i am, her favourite grandchild. lolz...not boasting. But yea...i don't know why. I guess she's worried about something, or maybe even angry. Hmm...she's got a real personality, and a really strong character. She won't really reveal her anger, something like a stoic. Sigh...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Love Retards again?

Hi yall! Please leave a tag if you're reading my blog! haha, it's a fee! =P

I'm raelly excited that my grandmum's coming back tonight! Yee Ha! lolz...she's always been a great inspiration to me =) I love my grandmum. I really miss her cooking too, she's a splendid chef. haha! i reckon she could start a brilliant restaurant if she wanted to.

Yea! I was really surprised to see Shawn Chang's tag this morning! That's really cooL! I don't believe such a long lost friend just popped out of the blue. haha! How're ya Shawn? I really hope you're doing good! It's a pity i couldn't meet up with ya the last time i went back to SG. I heard that you're currently captaining your school soccer team =) I still remember the times when we used to play soccer together, haha! Sam's team vs your team, and you would always try to recruit me. loL! Those were the days....hope you're doing well :)

I went to school early in the morn to have a little kick around. Duc's been asking me for "professional" advice on how to improve his performance. lolz...but he just can't except them. Sigh...especially the one where i told him that he has to grow a little bigger to be able to shield the ball with his body. Haha! He's puny. =P

Oh yea, i received my school pictures today. Several pictures of me in my school uniform, and one of the whole class. lolz! I'm not gonna post the pictures up today cuz i've gotta go pick my grandmum up from the airport right now. I'll do it tomorrow! Don't forget to come check them out! lolz...i'm not too happy with my picture, cuz i didn't know we were taking photos on that day, so i played soccer in the morning. haha! That totally messed my hair up -.-"" Trent told me to post his picture on my blog, and start complimenting him about his "good looks". haha! but i figured that it'll just chase my dear readers away =)

I got really pissed with some dude after school today, wanted to give him a real bashing. There were tons of students at the tram stop, all waiting eagerly for their turn to push into the crowded tram. While i was boarding the tram, this immature dude behind me said something really rude, racist and utterly immature. He was talking to his friend : "Dude, why aren't you pushing? It's only fun when you push! Look, there's just a small Asian in front of you." I was really tempted to turn around, and start beating the living daylights outta him. lol! But i kept my cool, didn't even take a good look at him. Don't know what stopped me, but whatever it was, i thank God for it. Hmm....he was probably a Year 11 or 12. haha! It would be hilarious if he got his butt kicked by someone 3 years younger. Hmm...i told myself that i've gotta buff myself up even more, just to make sure that such immature ppl are humbled. haha, that's mean.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Got into the train today with a newly cut head. lol! My mum offered to cut my hair LATE last night. Recently, i made up my mind to do away with my "Often Bagged, Seldom Praised" center-parting and replace it with anything else. lolz...i could see that my mum was taken aback even though she didn't react much when i told her that i may spike my hair. sigh..i'm such a dissapointing son. She didn't give me a totally new look though, she just cut it shorter. Argh...i hate having long hair, it just gets too messy after doing some sport. I'll go get a hair makeover some time soon. ~8)

First day of school was pretty good. I missed four periods of school due to a history excursion to the Holocaust Museum. I've never really been in one of those...i think it's because i was too young >:( haha! Don't even think about it! The museum was run by some Jewish survivors, we heard some of their heart-touching testimonies. The amount of pain and sheer agony that these people went through is just amazing. I've really gotta take my hat off to them. If i were in their shoes, i'd be rather off dead. Imagine your entire family being massacred by one German officer in just moments.... saddening. I had a pretty long chat with one of the survivors. I asked her if she still felt any hatred toward the Germans. And i was really astonished about what she told me. She said that she didn't mind young Germans, because they were trying their best to make up to what their forefathers (The Nazis) did. However, she would feel a little troubled when she sees an elderly German. But she would try to be nice. How remarkable is that? I doubt i'd be able to do that!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wierd Dream, Meaningful?

*All i could remember was that i had left by bag on one of the benches. It contained 70 dollars, and i was in a huge debt of some sort. I was extremely worried. I was running speedily the next morning, a great desire pushing me on. I came to the train station, no one around that early in the morn. I was sprinting really quickly, i took a glance to my right. Seeing that no official was present, i pressed my hand down on both sides of the validation booth and took a huge leap across the barrier. Just then, somemone yelled out in a deep voice "Stop!"

I got caught red-handed, weighed down with a heavy fine. I was intensely perplexed because of my financial situation. I started to comb through the station, looking for my bag. Just then, i found it lying on the ground. My worst fears were brought to reality. It had been opened, with its contents scattered all around. I spent hours into the night rumaging the station floor for items that had some worth. I felt like i was in the deepest and most deperate point of my life. Though it was not reality, my heart was heavy-laiden and my soul was perturbed.*

Just then, i woke up. And almost in an instant, my breathing was at ease and i felt peace. Hmm...that's a pretty good feeling to obtain from a horrid dream, don't ya think? lolz! What a nightmare...i mean, it wasn't scary or anything...but it was...a bad dream. haha! That's kindda true though...i'm currently experiencing financial troubles. I guess you all know that it all started because of the "kicking-ball-on-top-of-roof" business. loL! Yea...i'm going broke now, and i've still gotta get some stuff. sigh...
God will make a way, when there seems to be none.

I just got home from a wonderful church service. The message was fabulous! It was about Hearing from God. haha, my favourite part was when the preacher said that we should ask God specific questions. Eg. Lord, is this job suitable for me? Yea...that's really cool!

However, things started tumbling down when i suggested something to my mum out of sheer good will. I had no intent of harm, only wanted to suggest something to her. Furthermore, it was a small thing. However, my dad just made a big deal out of it. We almost got into a enormous quarrel when the root of the problem was just a small suggestion. -.-" i can't believe it. He says it's the tone in which i speak that instills a negative feeling in others. sigh..
God, please help me to change.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thanks for Understanding..

Hmm...looks like there are not many ppl reading my blog. Doesn't matter...

Thanks for understanding. yea, i'm talking to you. Hope i didn't hurt ya, cuz you know that i'd be better off dead than to do that. Thanks for being such a Great friend to'll always be precious!

Today's gonna be a pretty boring day, i've still gotta complete a German project about German culture and a Psycho SAC -.-" haha! I was doing research on Martin Luther yesterday, and i was looking for a picture of him on Google Images. I started cracking up when i the results showed a plump white dude, as well as a funny-looking black dude! LOL! I never knew that there were 2 Martin Luthers. haha! One from America and one from Germany.

Oh yes...I've got a nickname now! It sounds pretty gay... it's like one of those "Cute" pet names. LOL! Blee put the label "Apple" on my forehead today. -.-" i was like "apple?" haha! But i accepted the nick because of her valid reason - Newton's Apple. I was literally laughing my guts out! Call me apple on the net from now on! But don't EVER use that in real life! It's embarrassing! lol!

God's been with me through ALL i've been through. He's my provider and my redeemer. This poem is dedicated to him, for all he's made me and for all he's given me.

Thank you Lord!

You are my help,
When i'm in need.
When i'm lost,
You always lead.

You hold me tight,
Lest i fall.
You sustain me,
And give me all.

When i'm down,
You lend a hand.
When my heart's broken,
You carefully lead.

I need you, Lord.
You're the one i seek.
Mould my heart,
And make me meek.

* Thank you Lord!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Guilt - Ridden

The evils of my heart can be supressed no longer, what have i done?
I knew thought, never even dreamt of doing what i did.
Could it be wrong?
I don't know...God tell me!
If it is, please forgive me...
This stir in my heart,
Causes me unrest.
I don't want to anger you,
Only to make you glad.
My life is yours,
No mistake about that.
I need your guidiance,
For fear i go bad.


A sense of guilt,
Grips my heavy heart.
Cutting it up,
Tearing it apart.

My soul is weary,
From the arduous test.

I failed it badly,
And i need some rest.

Hidden extreme evils,
That had been banished.
Have now risen,
They have been unleashed.

Oh God, save me!
From my desperate plight.
Make me wings like eagles,
And give me flight!

*Deperately seeking you, Lord.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

1 more 2 go!

Phew....what a day! This advanced reading course is really sucking the life outta me, taking up most the of my holidays. haha! Fortuntately, my mood was given a much needed boost today. I woke up at 6.30am today to catch the Liverpool vs Juventus match. lolz...i was frowning throughout the whole game. The atmosphere was extremely tense, a goal by either team would be enough to send them into the semi-finals. It was nail-biting, haha, literally. Fortunately, Liverpool managed to survive countless attempts on goal by a skilfull Juvetus side. haha, one down, two to go!

At 10am, i met up with Marcus and his cell group for a game of indoor soccer. I never knew there was such a indoor soccer complex in Knox, and it took me some time to get there. I was kindda astonished when marcus told me that we were having a 3-on-3 game. lol! A normal indoor soccer game would have 5 players a side. Still, we had an Excellent time there, well, at least i did. Marcus and i paired up against the rest in a 2-on-4 match, and we won! haha! We were COMPLETELY snuffed out after that, i couldn't even walk straight. lolz! I had an awesome time, well worth the 10 bucks. Oh yea, thanks for inviting me Marc!

Hmm...Guess my reading speed now. You'll be shocked when you hear it. It's 825 words/min. I mean...i can only read that fast when i'm forced to by the machines. Subsequently, my reading rate without the machine, is 495 words / min. This reading course really rox! It's shockingly effective. However, it really requires a lot of perserverance, time and hard work. =)

Oh yes, please tag me if you're reading this. If you don't know what to say, just post your current reading speed. lol! I composed this poem today. It's about how grudges can make a person really bitter. Sigh...if only a grudge can be put off easily. Can it?


The shades of memory,
Of bitterness and shame.
A heart of hatred,
Caused by needless blame.

Anger builds up,
From the very start.
Gripping and wrenching,
Forming a tenacious heart.

Spouts of rivalry,
From his mouth leaks.
For out of his heart's overflow,
His daringly speaks.

*For the hated. To the hater.
God & Isaac

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

710 words/min!

haha! My reading speed has increased to 710 words/per min! This course is really miraculous...i encourage everyone who reads my blog to take it up! haha...i mean...i can't go on reading at such a fast pace for more than 10 mins, but it'll do for mid-length essays.

Although the course is producing excellent results, i'm feel dead beat on the second day. My vision goes blurry at the end of the course. Sigh... and this course literally takes up the whole of my afternoon, leaving me with no time to go out with friends. =( I was rushing to make it on time today. The course is held at MLC, which is about 2 km from the Glen Ferrie train station. I caught a train from box hill at 1.32 (It was delayed), and got to Glen Ferrie at 1.48pm. Panic engulfed me at the thought that i was gonna be late AGAIN. So i started toward MLC at an extremely fast pace. Have you ever felt the strain in your legs after trying to walk as fast as you can for as long as you can? Yea...i really felt that...but i still had to continue. Sigh...i managed to make it 2 mins before 2pm. Phew! I could seriously feel the fat in my thighs burning away for the first part of the lesson.

After the lesson, i caught the 4.40pm train to Nunawading. Mum brought me back to Glen Waverley train station, where i met up with Harish for soccer practice. loL! Initally, Harish said that he knew a park 10 mins away from the station. But i didn't know he meant the one along Springvale road! I was! lolz...we took 20 mins to walk there, and we weren't walking slowly. haha! Stupid Harish!

Well, we had a good soccer session. Though it would have been perfect if Harish would HEADER the ball. He claimed that it was too HARD to header. -.-" What a sissy! lolz! Oh yea...i almost lost my ball again: I made a sensational touch, flicked the ball up, and made a perfect connection with hard volley. The ball went screaming through the goals, up a small hill, and started to roll down toward an extremely busy road. I was like "No! Please Don't!", and starting sprinting to it's rescue. haha! And Harish was dumbfounded...he could only watch. As i was racing, i saw my precious ball slowly edging...closer...and closer towards it's woeful destiny. haha!
Fortunately, i grabbed hold of it, JUST when it was about to meet it's doom. Phew...another close shave. -.-"""""

haha...ok, Harish wanted me to include this in my post. We played a one-on-one soccer game within a 3 by 3 metre box. It required pure skill, pin-point shots and a long-lasting stamina. lolz... SURPRISINGLY, and also SADLY....Harish beat me 3-2. -.-" haha! Happy now Harish? I'll get'cha next time!

For all the Liverpool fans out there: Remember to watch Liverpool thrash Juventus tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Incredible Speed

My eyes are like burning coal - instilling sheer agony into my optical nerves. was the first of a four day Advanced Reading Programme. This programme is supposed to teach students how to read quickly and effectively. haha, and i must say that it really works! At the start of the lesson, i could only read at a speed of 310 words/ min. Currently, i'm on 420 words/min. haha! And all that improvement came about in just 2 hours!

We used these speed reading machines which had "arms" which were able to move, covering the words on the page at a set speed. This forces the readers to increase their speed of reading, it's kindda like racing against a bullet train. lolz...That's the reason why my eyes are literally killing me now >:(

Just returned home from a movie night at FGA. It was a kiddy show - The Incredibles. However, i reckon it was really good. lolz...espcially the animations.

Hmm...something i just have to blurt out. I've been really irritated lately. Simply because i'm constantly being late for appointments. And it's seriously not my fault, it always happens to be either one of my parents. Sigh...i was late yesterday for the ice-skating outing, was late today for the Advanced Reading Skills course and i was late for the movie! Haiz...i can't really blame my parents though. They try their best, what more can i ask?

Argh...i can't wait to drive!

Monday, April 11, 2005

What a L-O-N-G Day!

I slept at 1AM this morning, and i woke up at 6AM this morning.
lolz...i just had to get that out. It just sounds cool. Ohh..i'm exhausted right now. Pff..
I've not been sleeping well for the past few days...i never fail to wake up at 6am no matter how late i sleep in the night before. And the worst part is that i can't go back to sleep! -.-" It's like a curse on my weary body.

Anyways, i woke up after sleeping for a mere 5 hours. My tired body only had 5 hours to recharge for what turned out to be an action-filled day. haha, one of the longest days since i came to Melbourne. lolz.. my sis and i rushed out of the house to be at Mount Waverely train station at 12:30pm. Met up with Blee, Yvn, Meng and Linda. haha.. we were supposed to catch a bus down to the ice-skating rink in Oakleigh. Unfortunately, we narrowly missed it. -.-"

We walked to yvn's house, and waited there till it was about 2pm. During that time, yvn invited Ye, Jonathan and Lisa. While Meng and i were playing Gunbound with James. lol! It's been such a long time since i last played that stupid game, but my account still existed! haha!

We took a long bus ride down to the ice-skating rink, only to find out that it was closed. -.-" That retarded Meng had got the timings wrong! sigh... we had already wasted 2 and a half hours, from 12:30 to 3:00pm. All of us were shell-shocked, and we couldn't really decide where to go next. Caught a few buses, went to a few wrong places, got into some trouble. loL! you name it! We mucked around for 2 hours before finally deciding to catch a movie at Chadstone. haha! We took a bus to Clayton and a train down to Homesglen and watched to Chadstone.

That stupid Meng almost got killed along the way! loL! We were on the wrong side of an extremely busy road. The rest had all crossed the road, just in time for the bus. haha, i didn't wanna be left behind. I made a desperate run pass the cars zooming by and got to the other side alive! haha! and then i heard lots of honking behind me. loL! Meng had followed after me, and literally stopped the traffic on the road. lol! I was laughing my guts out, he could have been run over!

Anyways, we saw "Pacifier" at 5:30pm. It's an AWESOME show. It's really funny, yet action-packed. One of the best movie's i've seen. It has a splendid storyline, and a pretty good surprise twist. Oh..the show ended at 7:20pm. And by then all the buses had already stopped running. Yvn, Jonathan, Lisa, Ye and Lindah caught trains home from Homesglen. Fortunately, my parents were kind enough to pick us up. We dropped Blee and Meng off at Clayton station before heading home.

*Thank God for making a good day out of a bad situation.


When Jesus saw their faith, he said, "Friend, your sins are forgiven."
Luke 5:20

When i read this verse yesterday. Something hit me really hard.
It's by Grace that people are forgiven, but it is Faith that brings Grace to people.
However, it'll be a great pity if someone knew Christ, and chose not to have faith.


Scorned by death,
Grieved by sin.
There's no pardon,
To where i've been.

My heart is heavy,
And my legs weary.
My body's weak,
And my eyes teary.

Here i lie,
With a sin-plagued mind.
Seeking for forgiveness,
That i'll never find.

If only i knew,
That God above.
Who gave his life,
For nothing but love,

God & Isaac
* For the lost

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Power of Prayer

Hi peeps! Like the final version of the new skin? lolz.. yea yea can bag my soccer skills the next time you meet me. I spent a total of 7 hours creating this skin, and i'm really happy with the results. haha...a sacred Sense of Satisfaction =)
Tag me if you like it!

I went to church in the morning. Tim Piesse spoke about the power of prayer, he's a really funny bloke. I was really touched, espcially when he testified about a lady who had been barren for years. She prayed for healing a few years ago, and now...she's awaiting the arrival of her third child. Sometimes... fulfillment of prayer takes a long time. But God Always listens... So keep praying! Pray in desperate faith!

Travelled to Doncaster after church to watch my sister's soccer game. lolz...both teams were short of players, so they had 8 a side on a field meant for 11. It was really funny watching gals play soccer. haha! I won't bag anyone or any gender It's just funny.

After that, i went for the Fungus Youth Meeting. As usual, it was awesome. Chris never fails to surprise. haha, the highlight of this week's meeting was the Indoor Soccer footage! It's been two weeks since the soccer tournament, and i've been dying to view it. There were two gals who were doing the filming, and they did a terrible job. They failed to shoot any of the 4 goals that were scored, and they missed my penalty scenario completely! >:( haha! However,Chris managed to edit the film, extracting all the highlights, and i was really surprised at how well he did it. He literally made something outta nothing! lolz..the footage was extremely humourous. Can't stop laughing at the thought of it! =)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Soccer Madness!

Like the new look?

lolz...i had lots of time today, and i decided to do a refurbishment of my blog. haha! For all the anti-Owen people out there... eat that! lolz...i spent a little more than 4 hours creating this skin. I reckon it's pretty good for my second attempt. I the least, it's betta than the previous one. Blee's the first one to view my skin, and she likes it (I think). lolz...Hope you peeps like it!

BTW, it's not done yet! There'll be something X-tra - The X-Factor that'll make you LOVE my blogskin. lolz...not gonna let the cat outta the bag. You can figure it out for yourself tomorrow =P
I just wanna thank God for helping me with this, spent much of the time wrecking my mind, but perseverance was the key =)

I played soccer with some friends at 4pm. Whoa...the weather was extremely hot! I invited Marcus and Harish. Alright, i've gotta bag Harish here. Man...i don't believe that one's strong passion for soccer could be quenched so easily by mere hot weather -.-" Thankfully, Marcus tagged along. We had a really fun time...the adults took on the "Under 20s". lolz...our team was full of small children who couldn't really play. By the end of the first half, everyone was dying of the heat. My chest was panting heavily, taking in heaps of hot air. Argh...i hate the feeling of burning lungs. Haha, i'm exegerrating. i managed to pull of a sweet goal with my left foot *kisses right foot*. We won in the end by a narrow score of 5-4.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Fawkner Park....pff

Went to the city today, accompanied by Shane, Harish and Marcus. haha...there was a really funny atmosphere on the train because Shane was surrounded by Singaporeans. lolz! And he was actually bagging us by saying that we're "Drug Lords". lolz..he got stared down.

We met up with a our friends at Flinders - Jin, Turk, Duc, Tommy, Darryn, Jamie, lil Joe, Jase, Victor and Bahn. On the tram to Fawkner, we were laughing our guts out because the driver looked like a man from the back, but a lady from the front. haha! We got to Fawkner park at about 1.30pm. Just when we were about to begin, an official told us that we had to book the soccer fields there. -.-" However, he was pretty kind. He redirected us to a nearby field which had only one goal set up -> Double -.-"

The match was pretty good. Duc, Tommy, Jase, Darryn, Bahn, Marcus and Shane took on Turk, Jin, Harish, Victor, lil Joe, and myself. haha...i didn't really enjoy myself cuz i felt that there was not enough class on the pitch. haha...i mean, there were pretty good players...but most of them are hogs -> like Turk =P

Ok, i set aside this portion for the official bagging of Jason. haha! Firstly, he thinks he's a good keeper when he's only ordinary. I mean....even Turk's a better goal keeper than he is. lolz! Jase, i hope you're reading this. He always has an excuse for his mistakes, usually blaming his defenders. Prior to this game, he's never failed to taunt me, saying "it's been a really long time since you've scored against me, Isaac!" lolz.. This time... the game ended 3-3, resulting in a penalty shoot out. (I'm in a rush now, so i'll just skip the action). lolz.. it was my turn to step up to the spot. I've had many bad experiences with penalties, and i knew that if i missed this one, i would get bagged by Jase for the rest of my life. lolz...i booted it real hard, accurately at the bottom right corner, "Bang!" it came off the inside of the post and rolled over the line. lolz! leaving the HELPLESS keeper with no chance. haha! Hope you liked that Jase!

Gotta rush off to a Youth Orientation Meeting tonight. haha, i've gotta shower and have dinner in 30 minutes. See ya peeps!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bad Weeds!

For all the Inter Milan fans out there - Betta luck next time.
For all the AC Milan fans - You'll lose to Liverpool in the next tie =P

haha...i woke up early today to watch AC vs Inter in the Champions League. It's such a pleasure to see so many star players playing together, taking the name of Soccer to it's highest level. I really enjoyed the game.

I never knew weeding could be such hard work. I've had always wanted a garden when i was in Singapore. But now that i'm in Australia, i'm having second thoughts. front lawn is just plagued with weeds at the moment. And my parents assigned me the task of getting rid of them -.-" haha...i mean, i'd gladly do it. It's just's extremely hard work.
Well, i had to bend down for 2 hours, digging the stupid weeds out of the ground, while trying not to harm the grass. Sigh..i've got a backache at the moment. =(

I managed to do 3 major things today.
- Write an article for the Indoor Soccer Competition
- Composed a poem
- Studied Psychology theories about anti and pro social behaviour

Haha, Quentin asked if i could write up an article, summarising the soccer competition last Saturday. It's gonna be published in the church magazine! haha...i'm really excited. I did the first half and Jerusha finished it off. The readers are gonna find it really funny cuz there are two very different styles of writing.

Ok, have a look at my poem.

My Hope

Why should I live,
In this world of Agony.
Weak in the flesh,
With nothing left for me.

Living each day,
In simple repetition.
Searching aimlessly,
For a humble consolation.

But i put my Hope,
In your unfailing love.
You are the bright light,
That shines from above.

All my dreams,
Have rolled down the slope.
But in your love,
I will have Hope.

*Dedicated to my Saviour

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've never been able to comprehend its complexity.

Who believes in that?

Complete Selflessness?
Have you ever experienced that?

When all was lost, and i had got nothing...

One thing i prayed for, only one thing i needed...


As you all know, the new F-50 ball, that costed me $30 threw me into a huge debt, got 'cut' yesterday. I'm going to try to get it exchanged, except that it says "No refunds or exchanges" on the receipt. Sigh.. i've gotta start saving up for another ball.

I prayed to God.

I asked him to provide for me. I gave him all i had, and all i am a long time ago in faith. And in the same faith i asked him to provide for me.

That night, i was chatting to some friends on MSN when my dad walked into my room and started playing the guitar. I had a chat with him, and he gave me $40 dollars to get a new ball. I was like "What's this for, dad? I didn't do anything."

He replied, "It's called Grace."

Only now do i realise the real meaning of this quote:
"Only by Grace can we enter. Only by Grace can we stand."

I know God has shown me his Love and Grace through my dad.
This Grace will definately be passed on through me..

Thank You, Lord!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Cut to my Heart...

I don't believe it.

A cut to my precious soccer ball.

A cut to my dear heart.

Argh... my sister was too tired to have a kick with me, so i went training on my own. Took some shots at the cricket nets. They were pretty hard shots. After 40 shots or so, i noticed something wrong about the shape of the ball. I bent down and picked it up. Rotated it with both of my hands. I was astonished, and grieved when i found a deep cut through the skin of the ball about 3 cm across. I was like...-.-"

Sigh...i don't believe this is happening to me. The ball's just 2 weeks old and this happens. I'm gonna try to get a replacement from the sports shop. The only problem is that, a friend of mine has the receipt! argh!

Nevermind...i'll put my faith in God.

Spent 2 hours reading a chapter of my Pschology textbook. haha, i know...i'm a nerd. I found out that some characteristics of temperment are inherited, and determined at birth. haha, it means that some people are more aggressive and destructive by nature. Hmm... something to ponder about.

Had a LONG chat with Blee and her EF (LOL!) Yvonne in the afternoon. Then, i did weeding(YES WEEDING!) for an hour. My mum and i came to a deal - she would erase my debt of 10 dollars if i helped to get rid of ALL the weeds in our front lawn. haha! It was the worst deal i've ever made. Weeding is really much harder than it've gotta used tons of strength to dig up the roots of just ONE weed out of many hundreds.

*the waves of troubles never cease...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Measure of a Man

First day of the holidays.

One thing good about Australia is that they have a better understanding of English and it's vocabulary. Especially the word - Holiday. A holiday means, a holiday. It doesn't mean a period of time when students study 24 hours at home instead of in school. haha...that's the definition of 'holiday' in Singapore, not in Australia.

However, i've got four projects piled on me this time. Sigh... Singapore's really gotta huge influence on it's neighbouring countries. lol! I started off the day by reading the Sentinel. haha, it's a really funny(and when i say really, i mean REALLY) magazine produced by pupils of MHS. Then, i read half a chapter of my Psychology textbook on Pro-social behaviour. haha, Psychology's an interesting subject...but it can get into too much detail at times. It's goes into in-depth explanations and theories of commonsense concepts such as - Audience Inhibition, Diffusion of Responsibility, Cost-Benefit Anaylsis, Bystander Effect and the many social norms. haha, don't ask me what they mean cuz you'll laugh at the "profoundness" of my explanation.

I played soccer with my sister in the afternoon - first training session for my left-foot. lolz! I used my left foot most of the time, and i sprained it twice in the process. haha! As the saying goes - When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! I can see some signs of improvement in my left foot now. Thank God!

Haha, i just grew 1 cm in the last one week. I'm reminded of my good friend, Matt, who shot up 7-10 cm during a 2 week holiday. I wish that would happen to me! haha! Hopefully.

I'm in a HUGE debt right now. After paying Jin for his ball and buying my own ball, i owed my mum a total of 45 dollars. After much suffering, i managed to save up 35 dollars in the last two weeks, leaving me in a 10 dollar debt. In addition to that, i owe my sis 1 dollar, and Harish $1.45. lolz!

Fortunately, my mum managed to secure a work-experience job for me at a hospital. I'll get paid hourly for that, and i just can't wait to get our there to experience real work-life! haha! I really envy Charlene, she gets to work everyday. lolz..

I'm gonna ask you, yea YOU, to tag me. Answer this question - How do you measure a man?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lost in Space

Have you ever aspired to achieve?
And when you've finally done so, parade the streets and make your name well-known?
Has He ever slipped your mind?
The every person that helped you get up there.

I almost got my head stuck up in space after winning the Indoor Soccer Tournament yesterday. Fortunately, I was reminded that it was God that helped me. He made me what i am, and gave me all i've got. And i thank Him for that. He has given me so much, more than i could ever dream of. Should i steal his glory?

I was watching the Liverpool vs Bolton match LIVE today. haha! It was so intense....the game was a crucial decision towards which club would make the fourth place - Would it be the mighty Liverpool? OR the uprising Bolton? haha, as always, i went for Liverpool. The game was a stale-mate for 80 minutes, but it was really entertaining. There were some nail-biting moments when the ball was cleared off the goal lines at both sides. haha...Liverpool managed to pull out a goal in the 83th minute, and i was screaming my head off! haha! there are not many things better than watching your team win LIVE! I thank God for letting Liverpool win as well.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fungus Are the Champs!

I don't believe that we defied all the odds, astounded every spectator and silenced every critic by winning the highly-regarded indoor soccer match between Fungus Youth Group and the Young Adults. lolz.. The Young Adults had experienced men in their 20s, while Fungus only had miniature high-schoolers.

Haha, it's all thanks to God that we could win. I really enjoyed the entire game. It was played in 3 periods, with 20 minutes in each period - making a 60 minute game. haha.. Nick and i were put in defence, and we played for most of the game. I was surprised that Nick could defend so well despite his size! haha! Well done mate! He was drenched with his own sweat by the time the second period was over. I dare say that our defence was rock-solid, crushing anything that tested out toughness. lolz..

John scored two goals, Aaron and another asian dude scored the other two. haha, they were pretty good goals that came later in the game when the opposition were starting to get tired. I was busy making slide tackles in defence, and two parts of my knee was burnt by the artificial grass. Whoa, it really canes!

I reckon i should have scored a goal. There was an extremely controversal decision in the game. Before that, there had been talks about the referee being a little biased but i chose not to believe it. The score was 2-0 in the second period, and we were awarded a free-kick at the halfway line. I took it and made an awesome through ball to Aaron, however, he was fouled inside the penalty box. We were awarded a penalty 7 metres from goal. For my hard work in defence, i was given the opportunity. But i was feeling half-hearted because i have had many bad experiences with penalties.

I took a deep breath, the players cleared out the path for me to take a run up. I took a few small steps, accelerated and took a powerful and accurate shot into the bottom left hand corner, giving the keeper no choice. The keeper was stunned, and everyone was in applause. However, the dodgy referee disallowed the goal because he said that i took it before he blew the whistle. -.-" In a real game, the penalty-kick would be re-taken. In this case, it was just forfeited. wtc... i don't believe it. It was quite some time since the referee blew the whistle for a penalty-kick, and i took some time to get ready for the shot. I reckon the ref's biased. Sigh...anyways, we won.

There were about 18 high-schoolers that came, and everyone was given a chance to play (Mass Participation). I was amazed that my sister could last the whole 60 minutes! The rules stated that each team could have one extra female player, and Jerusha was supposed to be our secret weapon. lolz... Some group photo's were taken, and Fungus was given a huge trophy. haha...well played Fungus! We couldn't have done it without every single person's help! haha!

I just came back from Uncle Amos' farewell party. We had a splendid barbeque dinner, Uncle Amos' gave his trademark "Chinese Character Sermon", and we went home. I'm extremely tired after today's intense soccer game. Thank God we won!

Soccer Time ~8)

I've no idea why i woke up so early today - 5am. haha, and i couldn't get back to sleep. I think it's because i'm too nervous about the soccer tournament this afternoon. I lay in my bed from 5.00am till 5.40am thinking about soccer tactics and what would happen to my tooth if it gets knocked again. haha...i'm really paranoid aren't i?

Oh yea, this good friend of mine Bahn always talks about me on his blog - haha, he's extremely funny. Pop on down to have a look if you're got spare time. He'll make you cry laughing! Everyone calls him Bahny, which sounds like Barny. And it suits him since he looks like Barny. loL! He's an awesome cricket player, despite the fact that he plays with himself for hours. haha! What a funny dude.


Dragged down hard,
By a regular desire.
Being pulled towards,
An ever-raging fire.

Fueled by selfishness,
Powered by personal gain
Entices with pleasure,
Results in eternal pain.

Though it may be hard,
To escape from Temptation's grip.
My Heavenly Father,
Will never let me slip!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Finally...the Hols!

At long last, the holidays have come. haha, right at the most appropriate time. I'm really in need of a well-deserved two week break. Argh... but i can never evade the tightness of my school, i was issued 4 projects due for completion during the holidays, plus 16 hours of community service. Sigh... looks like i'm gonna have a rather rough holiday afterall. main goal for the 2-week holiday is to train my left foot, and make it as good as my right. haha, sounds like a big task, but i'll try my best and God will do the rest!

School ended at 12.30pm today, and i went out with some friends. haha, Duc asked me if i wanted to play soccer in the city. I asked him where in the city, and he answered "Flinders Street Station". lol! I was totally cracking up...i thought he was joking... but he was dead serious. haha, Harish and i were deciding if we should play soccer at flinders, or have "Fur" for lunch at Richmond. Our desire for soccer attracted us to the former choice. lolz..

Duc, Turk, Harish, Victor, Jin, Michael, Johnny, Tommy, Darren and i took a train down to Flinders. I was really reluctant to play soccer there because there were glass walls, and many people walking around. haha! But the main reason was because i saw some Connex staff nearby. Sure enough, we got chased out of the station. lol!

We decided to have a quick lunch at Maccas and head down to a nearby field. I had a bacon deluxe, and it tasted awesome! Alright, we took a tram down to the field. The sun was blazing, and the heat was really unbearable. haha, we still played under those conditions. I had a great time.

Oh yea, my tooth still hurts a little. But it's getting better. I sure hope it heals completely before tomorrow's important soccer game. The Fungus Youth Group has organised an official indoor soccer match against the Youth Adults tomorrow. haha, and i'm extremely nervous because i'm supposed to be their star player. lolz... we're up against 20 year old dudes who are in their primes, and the odds are - We'll lose.