Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sick Temptation

Sick Temptation. Sickening Temptation. Whatever it is, i conceeded.

I just couldn't bear standing along the sidelines while my friends played soccer. I managed to push the rising temptation yesterday, but it just overwhelmed me this time. haha! I felt really tired after that, i couldn't concentrate in class. Although my headaches died down, i picked up an irritating flu -.-"

Ok, this part of my post will have one sole purpose: To Bag Duc. Duc, i've always thought that he was cool, a true man of his word. Although he may be a mixture of ironic characteristics - weak but cocky, i've always regarded him as a good buddy....until today. Despite my constant refusal, he "borrowed" (i prefer to use the word "took") my thick black texter, the one given to me by a good friend. I needed it for my Psych SAC today, but he told me that he dropped it while playing soccer. Sigh, something bad ALWAYS happens when ppl borrow stuff from me. Ahh! I will NEVER lend ANYTHING out to ANYONE EVER again. But NO, it wasn't enough. Duc's a much more aggressive avenger than Jin is. During lunch, i passed the ball to Duc for him to take a shot. He wound up and booted the ball straight into my chest! On the volley! WTC! DUC! You knew that i had a chest inflamation. -.-"" What a friend :(

I'll be competing in the Interhouse Footy Tournament tomorrow. -.-" I've never touched a real footy prior to today. I had a kick around with a footy during P.E, and i realised that it actually took some skill. haha! I've always thought of AFL as a boring game, with just too many goals. Hmm, wonder if i'll stuff up tomorrow. I mean, i was forced into the Yarra team as they had really crappy players, and they needed fast runners. So...yea, i'm just doing my part for Yarra. Go Yarra!

The due dates of 2 important projects just popped outta no where. I just found out that my Science draft is due this friday, and that my History assignment's due the coming monday. -.-" I knew they were due soon, but not SO soon! Sigh, i haven't even made a start on my History yet. Argh! This sick body of mine's just not helping a bit, i can't seem to get much effectiveness into my work. sigh...

I was completely stuffed out when i got back to Glen Waverley Station. I could barely stand. When i got home, i flopped myself onto my bed and took a 5 minute power nap before getting back to work. Sigh...i need a break!

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