Monday, February 28, 2005

+ Red Cross +

I'm extremely tired now. For my Year 10 program, all students have to do 20 hours of community service in the year. Meaning that we had to do at least 20 hours of volunteer work throughout the year. Today, the school organised a Red Cross Appeal event for all Year 10 students which would cover 4 hours of the 20 required.

We were supposed to go in groups of three, and i went with Trent and Josh. We were given Red Cross T-shirts, a tin can and a badge proving our legitimacy. haha..I didn't really like the T-shirt but i had to wear it anyways. The whole contingent of year 10 students were stationed at various hot spots, covering the entire Melbourne City. haha, i was kindda impressed. There were Melbourne High students at every major road intersection.

Trent, Josh and i walked around our designated area, shaking our tin cans while asking for donations. it was really funny when we started to create our own slogans. haha, it started with "Please donate to Red Cross" and "Please donate". Then Josh went "Donate to the Asian Society" and he started feigning a fobbish accent. haha! it was hilarious. And it got even more funny when Trent went "Save the crippled orphans!" lol! i didn't want to disgrace the name of our school, so i only used appropriate phrases like "Every cent counts", "Red Cross needs your help." Stuff like that. However, many passers-by were so tight, some just walked passed us , pretending not to see us. But some people were really generous, a few donors actually emptied their wallets of all the spare change. haha!

This went on for a whole 2 hours, and we were all extremely tired of walking around asking for donations. haha...our legs were seriously aching. So, when it was time, we walked back to the Red Cross meeting place to hand in our tin cans. They gave us a complimentary bottle of mineral water and 2 bars of Dove chocolate. Haha, the chocolate tasted awesome! i really loved it.

I never knew community service would be so tiring. It was a real experience though. Well, that's 4 hours down...16 more to go!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tanned -.-"

I can't believe how i got myself into such a tanned state. haha, i look like i've just come out from a bath tub full of chocolate. I've been playing lots of socccer. Practically everyday, baking in the blistering Australian sun.

Had a pretty good day today. I went for the FGA church service today instead of Crossway's because Ming and Jina were going for their first service at FGA. Ming and Jina are new migrants from Singapore in their early 30s. My parents, knowing the Ming isn't a Christian, wanted to make him feel for welcome in the FGA church. So, they decided to accompany them this morning. Haiz...i don't know why, but i just don't like the worship in FGA. It's just not my type. haha!

Samuel and Chloe had their birthday parties today. haha, i could only attend Chloe's b-day party because i had a soccer game on at 2 in the afternoon. Sorry Sam. haha, Quentin invited me for a soccer game with the Church Youth at Surrey park. We had a splendid time there, i had great fun. Made some new friends...scored a goal as well. haha!

Oh yea, i just started studying Julius Caesar in school and i just wanna quote something:

" Set honour in one eye and death i' th' other,
And i will look on both indifferently;
For let the gods so speed me as i love
The name of honour more than i fear death."
- Brutus

And i came across an interesting quote from the show "First Knight" yesterday.

" He who fears nothing, loves nothing."
- King Arthur

Well, these two quotes really struck me. I mean, when someone asks you about your fears, most people would answer, i fear nothing. However, as long as a person loves something, he will have fear. haha... I think some of you peeps will think i'm crazy.

Fear God. Love his people.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Trapped in a human tank. Water seeping in slowly. The water level reaches your nose. No escape, but to bear the unbearable.

Tied down on a train track. You hear the on-coming train. A huge 32-tonner, puffing huge chunks of black smoke as it staggers in your direction. No way out, Death.

I felt that. After an extremely tiring day yesterday, i had to go for a dinner with Uncle Tony's family. It was to celebrate Aunty Angie's mum's birthday. I was dead tired after the dinner, got back home and plopped myself on the bed. I expected to sleep soundly through the night.

My eyes stared at blackness. I pressed the light button on my watch and peeped at the time, 4 am. I felt my whole body aching. haha, just then, i felt a mild sensation on my leg. I knew what it was, i was like "Oh No!". My calve (The muscle behind the shin) started cramping really badly. I wriggled vigorously on my bed, i wanted to scream but i didn't want to wake up parents up. I was like "Oh God, please help me!". haha, all i could do was to wait for the pain to go away. Sigh..i just hate getting cramps in the middle of the night.

I just came back from Chinese school. Had a great time there, but i was really tired though. I made a new friend, Beelee. She's from Mac Rob, and she's Malaysian. haha, we had a lot in common.

My legs are aching right now. I'm considering if i should go for a soccer game later with some of my friends. haha, what's there to consider? Alright, i've gotta get back to work now. Cya!

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
But those who hope in the Lord will renew thier strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint."

- Isaiah 40:29-31

Friday, February 25, 2005

Thank God! =)

Thank God, for he answers prayer. I can testify to that. This morning i prayed and asked God to help me with my events in atheletics and to let me win. haha, my faith wasn't that strong. I'll tell the tale.

I was given 3 hot events - 100m individual, 100m hurdles and 100m x 4. I was at the marshalling area, getting all ready to start the 100m individual. I knew i was racing the top runners in Year 9, there were 7 competitors in all. 4 of which were from Como(a House). haha, i knew that 3 of the four were faster than me. But i gave it my best shot, with my mind all set to get third spot. haha, thanks to God, i did. I didn't get first, but i was happy with third. haha!

Just before the 100m hurdles, i was just hanging around when this teacher called out to me. She asked me if i was in the Under-15 division and if i was able to run in the 4 x 400m event as a dude pulled out on the last minute. I knew i had two more events ahead, but i agreed because she was looking rather deperate. haha, didn't expect much from this cuz i've never run 400m before. I was the third leg, i was second to receive the baton. Gave it my best shot. haha, there was a dude 5 metres in front of me. I wondered if i could sprint the whole 400m, and i was like, what the heck, i'll just give it a go. lolz! Out-sprinted the leader, didn't look back, just kept running like a mad dog. I was praying along the way because i could feel fatigue creeping into my tired legs, but i just kept sprinting. Passed the baton to the final runner, with a 15 metre lead. haha! We came first. I was elated when he crossed the finishing line. God actually answered my prayer, he let me win a race which i wasn't even supposed to be in! Haha, the whole Yarra crowd was cheering me on when i walked back to the stands. haha, i was wondering why, and i looked towards the scoreboard. I couldn't believe my eyes, we made a new record at 4.16mins! haha! That was awesome! I got praised by my teachers and friends.
But most of all, I Thank God!

On to the 100m hurdles. There was some mistake with the competitor list. Apparently, i ran in the wrong lane in the heats. Thus, i was running in someone else's name, and he was running in my name. lolz! So he was in the 100m hurdles Final instead of me. I was kindda pissed, but the dude was extremely nice. He said that he didn't deserve the spot at the Finals and he said he would gladly give it up. But i told him not to. After the teachers had a discussion, they allowed both of us to run in the Finals. haha, i came third in that race, while he came 6th. Well, i'm pretty pleased.

My last event, 100m x 4. I knew that it was kindda impossible to win this draw because Como had an excellent team, and the other 3 members in my team weren't that good. I was the third runner again, i picked up the baton third this time, ran as fast as i could, and i could felt signs of a cramp on my right thigh, i said "God Help me". The pain subsided, i picked up speed, overtook one person and passed the baton to the last runner. Anyways, all 4 of us did our best and came 2nd to Como. lolz..I really enjoyed the whole Athletics event. Thank God again!

Always remember that God hears your prayers!
I thank God for helping me run.

I asked and i received,
I sought and i found,
I knocked and the door was opened to me.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pain - Literally

Tomorrow's the day. The Day of Humiliation. The Day when i will lose to Year 9s. Haha, doesn't matter, as long as i try my best. Hey, have any of your guys tried to pray to God concerning performace? haha, i mean Physical performance. Hmm..I think i should give it a go. But that'll be cheating. haha! I'm talking nonsense.

I just added the finishing touches to a TOUGH architectural project. I'm extremely contented. haha, now to explain the title. I played soccer in school today, and i played extremely well. haha, flashes of brilliance. Alright, no more boasting. lolz..Half way through the game, my keeper booted the ball towards me, it rose high up into the sky, and i was trying to anticipate the position of its fall. Misjudged. I mean i headed it, but i headed it wrong. Somehow, the impact was focused on my jaw. It feels kindda fractured now. haha, it hurts everytime i open my mouth. Had a hard time shallowing my dinner. lolz..

Hmm...School was pretty good today, despite the Jaw incident. We got dismissed early because there was no sport. Erm...had a good talk with my good friend, Josh. Oh yea..there's something that's always getting on my nerves. haha, no offence to all my friends.'s simply when dudes rate gals aloud. I mean, it's alright if you think a gal's pretty, but you don't have to go "There's a Hot Chick". lolz..
Firstly, it's disrespecting the gal.
Secondly, you'll be tempted to draw up dirty thoughts.

Awaiting Humiliation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Finish Line

I stared at the hurdles in front of me, i counted all 10 of them, each 10m apart. I knew all i had to do was to jump over all 10 of them, but it was my first time doing hurdles. I could feel shots of blood pulsing into my head as the start went "On your Marks". All i could do was to stare forward and say a pray, as he said "Set"...

Glad it's all over now. I was leading in the hurdle race, but i was over taken on the last hurdle. haha, it's only the heats, so i'll get another chance to win it on Friday. I'm pretty happy with 2nd place for my first time hurdling. My next event was a big one. 100m individual. It was only the heats, and I needed to get into the top 3 to get into the finals. My trial run for 100m was 13.15secs. Just before the game, i asked a few other competitors what their time for a 100m was... i was astonished when 2 replied 12.35 sec. haha! I was competing with full-on pros here, had it set in my mind that i would get trashed.

At the blocks, i looked up to the heavens - sought help. I heard the gunshot, i blasted off with a good start...could hear all my friends, my whole house shouting me on. haha! Came in 3rd. lolz, lost to the first-placed by 1 sec. Well, at least i'm in the finals, thank God! God seriously helped me a great deal. After the race, many friends of mine ran to me and told me that i ran a 12.50! haha! I've never been able to run so fast in my life, lolz...that's my personal record. Well, it's not good enough. Hope i do better on Friday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sentimental. Many things you don't even know you still had still exists. These things aren't essential, nor do they serve a definate purpose. I came across a peculiar feeling while i was tidying my room. I picked up an old notebook, there was writing on the first 10 pages or so, and i thought of just ripping them off. Well, when i was about to do so, i started reading the writing. I had used the notebook when i was still in Primary school, and some sentimental feelings shot through my heart. Haha, i just lost all sense of hurry, hatred, and disgust. I was only thinking of the past, nothing else. I proceeded to rip the paper out...through experience, i found that somethings are sweet to keep, but sentimental items keep piling the extent that some of it just has to go. Then i went through some old photos...and yea..pretty amazing stuff. haha..

Started sticking posters on the walls of my room, right now, i've got 2 posters of soccer players, a calender and photo of my soccer team. haha, i'm gonna collect more. If any of you have spare posters of Liverpool players, and you don't want them, save them for me! haha!

I had a pretty bad day today. It was casual clothes day today, and the day started off pretty well. Everyone was in high-moods, checking out what their friends wore to school and stuff like that. haha, however, there was one thing on my mind - To get my soccer ball back. The Year 12 dude who kicked my ball onto the roof of some building said he was gonna give me a new ball on Monday(yesterday). But he never showed up, so i went to speak to him today. I was pretty intimidated, cuz he had 5 friends with him. And i had none. I walked up to him and asked him if he had bought the ball. He answered "No". I wanted to beat him up, he sounded so arrogant, as though he had done nothing wrong. Just then a good mate of mine, Jin, came to support me. Thanks Dude! We engaged in a kindda fierce arguement, but one thing i couldn't stand was his swearing. I was so tempted to swear back. I didn't. I couldn't be stuffed arguing with such a jerk. Went to the Co-ordinator and told him what happen, and he said that he try to help. Hmm...hope i get my ball. haha!

House Atheletics day is starting tomorrow. There will be two days of competition, Wednesday(tomorrow) and Friday. And i'll be running for my House, in the Under-15 division. Humiliation. Can't believe i have to run with boys one year level below me. haha, i know i'm their age..but..i just don't like it. lolz.. It feels kindda good to be the best runner in your house though. haha, it's like an honorary position. Thank God for giving me quick feet! haha!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Made It!

"...say to those who are fearful hearted, 'Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.'"
- Isaiah 35:4

This verse came across my daily QT, and i just wanna do what i was commanded to do. For all who are worried about something. Be it ANYTHING, relationship problems, friendship mess ups, family disputes, late assignments, impending Exams. God wants You to be strong and have Faith in him, for he will come and save you. =)

I attended the Under- 16s house meeting in school today when they announced the selected atheletics for the Atheletics carnival coming up this Wednesday. I was kindda puzzled because my name wasn't called out for any of the events. I clocked in a 13.15secs for the 100m sprint, and i thought that would have won me, at least a relay. After thinking about it for some time, i realised why.

haha, i kindda forgot that i was one year younger than the other Year 10s, i was in the Under - 15s division, with the Year 9s. I rushed to the Under- 15 meeting, and spoke with the teacher-in-charge. And Guess what? i found out that i was the fastest runner in my house, the second fastest was 13.90 secs, 0.75 secs slower than i. haha, i was delighted when i heard about it. Well, i was given the 100m, 200m individual, and 100m x 4 events immediately. haha, i hope i do well in all three.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


I can't believe myself. Why? Why do you have to be so immature, Isaac? Sigh... Just wanna apologise to my sis. I've gotten into so many quarrels with ya, even over small things. And i know that God doesn't like us to quarrel. So i'm gonna try not to quarrel with ya ever again. haha, i'll make a commitment in front of all the people reading this. See if you i'm a man of my word =)

Finally got some time to myself. I've really been caught up the whole day. Went to church in the morning and had a great time of worship there. The message was pretty good as well. It was about giving to God. I've made a new commitment to God, but i prefer not to divulge it. haha! My parents bought a worship CD which had some of my favourite songs in it. haha, i'm very glad. Then i went for the Fungus Youth Meeting in the afternoon, had an excellent time there as well. Good worship, and i learnt quite a lot.

I had a hard time shaking the young kids off my back. My parents invited some of their cell-group friends over for dinner, and they brought their children along. 2 young kids, Sarah and Samuel, who are extremely energetic. haha, they're so effective at sucking the life outta me. haiz..i feel so tired now after entertaining them for some time. Fortuantely, my sis's is taking over the responsibility now. Phew =) Thanks Sha!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Virus Nazis!

Argh...I hate those virus makers out there. Haven't you geniuses got any thing else better to do? Look, you peeps are so intelligent, the world will benefit tons with your contributions. I wonder why you peeps chose the virus-making path. Trying to start a new revolution where all the whiz kids gang up against the world, slowing computers down and removing essential databases? haiz.. irony.

My computer got infected by viruses yesterday, and after several hours of mutiple attempts to get rid of them, i decided to reformat my computer. Well, it's all done now. haiz...i really regret not getting my firewall up soon enough. Sigh..But i'm kindda happy, cuz my computer's so fast now, thanks to the reformatting process. haha!

Just got back from a gathering. There were so many Singaporeans there! haha! about 10 families in all. Met Uncle Albert's daughter, Andrea. haha, it's been such a long time since i last saw her. And she looks so different now with her hair all done up.

Went to Chinese School in the morning. I got trasfered to a 2nd Language Advanced class. When i walked in, i was really intimidated cuz all the students were hard-core asians and i thought that they would be superb at Chinese. However, as the class progressed, i really liked the teacher, and i found that the level of difficulty suited me well. haha, i really enjoyed it.

Oh yea, about my table-game last night. I played 3 singles games. Lost the first one BADLY. haha! i literally got trashed. Not because my opponent was good, simply because i was crap. haiz...i was laughing at how crappy i was. However, my game picked up a little and i beat this cocky indian dude 3 sets to 1. haha, the indian dude was all smiles at the start of the game because he thought that he was gonna have an easy time, proved him wrong. haha! Well, my third game was a real cock-fight. Really really tight game, well, i lost 3 sets to 2. haha, i'm still satisfied that i got some of my ball-sense back. haha! Thank God!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Table - Pressure

Hi peeps! Good day! haha, I had a usual day in school today. Haha, something really cool, strange or funny seemed to have happened to me in the last 3 days. However, nothing much today.

I'm going for the Table-Tennis competition tonight at Dandenong Community Club. Hope i perform better than i did last week. haha, i was a complete laughing-stock then. Well, i'll just put my Hope in the Lord. haha! Tell you the results in my next post. =)

I had two fantastic concepts/inspirations last Saturday when i was doing my quiet time. If you don't already know, i compose a poem every week. I just tend to get inspirations from almost nothing, but it only happens on the weekends. haha, well, i didn't have much time last Saturday, so i wrote my ideas down. I happened to have extra time today(Couldn't be stuffed doing work on a Friday), so i composed two poems. There'll not really good, but i hope you enjoy them!

You thought of me
I've often heard,
Christ died for all.
For everyone in the world,
He took the fall.
Now, My eyes are open,
You've given me sight.
And i see your love,
Which fills me with delight.
You love billions,
And you've set them free.
You care for zillions,
But what about me?
You've opened my eyes,
And now i see.
With the nails in your hands and feet,
You thought of me.
& Isaac
God's Day
Problems and Difficulties,
My plague my path.
Heartaches and pain,
Never tend to get enough.
Though my heart is torn,
And my yoke heavy-laden.
I will praise the Lord,
And say "Get behind me satan!"
I arise to find in front of me,
A bright new day.
Promise and heart-breaks,
Or come what may.
Though troubles await me,
With a deathly poise.
"This is the day the Lord has made,"
"This is the day I will rejoice!"
& Isaac

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Caught Up

Have you even been caught in a situation when you were paying for something at the cashier, with 20 people queing behind ya. And pressure builds up and you scream in your head, "C'mon mate! Get moving!" Just then, the cashier asks you if you've got 5 cents so that she can give you a whole change. You open your wallet and dig through the coin section, looking for a 5 cent coin. Finally you found it, but it slipped through your butter fingers, it rolls under a counter. The 20 people in the queue pressure you to hurry up. Your heart is pumping profusely and you can hear the shots of blood on the sides of your head.

Haha, a similiar thing happened to me today. Just take away the cashier, and add a driver. Add 1980 more people to the original 20, and chuck in a huge machine. haha! The train that i took home had only 3 Carriages, and each carriage was tightly packed up to the doors, literally. I was closest to the door, i was carrying my school bag, my sports bag and my blazer. At a certain station, this old lady wanted get off. I took a step out of the train so that she could get off. Just then she went, " Opps, you dropped your blazer!" I was like "What the!" My $100 blazer had slipped off my grip and fell in between the train and the platform, onto the train tracks. I ran to the driver's cabin and told him what happened. haha, ya know, trains have schedules and stuff, and this train was already behind schedule. Just then, some idiots on the train, aged about 20-23 shouted "F***'in hurry up! You can buy a new blazer on another day!". I was tempted to shout "STFU" back, fortunately, i didn't. I was relieved that he came out to help me. Another dude took at long stick and hooked my blazer up, i grabbed it quickly and got onto the train. -.-"

Thank God. My new mp3 was in the blazer as well. haha! if i had lost it, i would have jumped off a cliff. Oh yea, i had sports trials in school today, clocked in at 3 mins flat, 2 secs slower than me previous run, for the 800m run. haha, that's an alright score, glad with it. Oh, i made the school table-tennis team for the sports exchange competition coming up soon. However, i had to house my opponent, who'll be coming from Sydney, for 4 days. I was like...-.-"" I mean, i would if i was living alone. But, with my parents and esp my sis living with me, it was an immediate N-O! haha! Well, i can sacrifiace a little, doesn't matter.

Alrighty, time to get back to homework. God Bless you guys! And...if you have the time, please write a testimonial for me in Friendster. haha, if you don't just leave a TAG! Cya!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What is Love?

Love, a word used often, and often used incorrectly. I've always wondered what it really is. Some say it's being lost in a paradise of enlightenment, not caring about the physical world or anything around. To me, that's fine, but how long does the mirage of a paradise last for?

Love, do you put into it? Or do you get out of it? Seen people putting their index finger into a gals heart, give it a little yank, hoping to fish something out of it for their enjoyment. Seen some others giving their heart, soul and mind because of... Love.

Love, does it last forever? Most say they'll love forever. Seldom does it happen. 3 months? 4 perhaps? You had your fun, i've had mine. But what they fail to see, is the mark of a giant dent in the soft delicate heart.

Love, the one and only reason i live. Sacrificial love, i believe, will last forever. It is the reason why i exist. Nothing else overides Sacrificial Love. It can stirr hearts and shift mountains. But most of all, it kept Christ on the cross.

Thank you Lord, for your Sacrificial Love.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New MP3!

Today was a total mix of feelings for me, both good and bad. Haha.. Here goes..

At lunch time today, i had to tidy my locker up. So i gave my soccer ball to a good friend of mine, Jason. I told him to go ahead and start the soccer game without me. I went to the field to meet up with the dudes 5 minutes later, and they were having a kick, the game had not started yet. Besides 20 of my soccer buddies, there were 2 other Year 12(JC2) dudes joining us. I wasn't took keen on letting them join us, but i decided not to make trouble. The goals weren't in place, so i got some of my buddies to help me with them while the rest were playing with the ball.

At that moment, i heard a "Ohh!!". I turned to look at my friends who were playing with the soccer ball. Guess what? One of the Year 12 dudes booted my soccer ball up onto the roof of a nearby building. -.-" i was like, wtc. The game hadn't even started yet. haiz..and he started walking away with his other Year 12 friend. haha, my friends were all too timid to call them back. So i walked up to both of them and confronted them(They looked pretty cranky, looked like gangsters, and moreover, they were 3 heads taller than me), after a some negotiations he agreed to bring a new ball next week. haha, some of my friends said that he wouldn't bring it, and other said he would bring some crappy ball. Well, i'll just do what God wants me to do.

Well, that was the down part of the day. The good part was, as you would have guessed by the look of the entry title, my parents bought a new mp3 for my sis and i! haha! One each! Well, it was on offer for 96 bucks each. Whoa, i was so delighted! Had a long time reading through the manual just then. haha, the mp3's silver in colour, about 7cm by 2 cm. And it has totally cool functions!

Thank God for it!

*Thinking of you

Monday, February 14, 2005

Work over....load's coming up again. what? Let me tell ya... WORK OVERLOAD. Sigh.. i can feel the amount of assignments creeping up the nape of my neck getting ready to take a huge bite outta my neck. haha! I'm serious..I'm starting to get lotsa assignments, not that i'm a slacker or anything. It's just the datelines that put the extra pressure on me. Haiz...I feel like a pressure cooker that's gonna start up!

Today was a pretty good day in School, we had a Centenary Photo. That's like a photo to commerate 100 years of high school education in Victoria, haha, and it involved the ENTIRE school, all students from year levels 9 to 12. haha! Including the teachers, there were approxiamately 1400 people in the photo shoot. haha! The whole process took more than an hour! All the students had to be lined up properly on the stage, year level by year level, class by class. And that took ages! In addition to that, we had to take 8 shoots in total, just incase 7 went bad. haha! look at the extent of cautiousness! 8 shoots meant that we had to smile for 8 times. And the instructor was like...1......2.........3........Smile!
haha! It was tedious and tiring, and i was delighted when it was all over. It was a real experience though, to be in a photo with 1400 other people.

The technician came today to extend the existing phone line. I was so tired when i got back from School, i just plonked myself on the bed. And the next thing i knew, i rubbed my tired eyes and took a peek at my watch 6.09pm! haha...i slept for about an hour, and i hadn't done my work. Fortuantely for me, it's completed now. Haha, have you ever had that experience before? When you wake up, you don't have a clue what's going on or what time it is? haha! It totally freaks me out.

"I know the plans i have for you," Declares the Lord.
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you Hope and a Future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, February 13, 2005

FGA Sunday

Alright, this is gonna be real quick cuz Uncle Tony and Aunty Angie are here for dinner tonight. We had an awesome dinner, good old steamboat! It's been a fairly long time since i've last had that. Ah! Traditional Chinese flavour...i feel so bloated now. haha! But i've gotta look after Ryan and Caitlin later.

If you wanna know who Ryan and Caitlin are, they're two Wonderful and Adorable children. you can view them in my Friendster photo album. haha, they're really cute! My family attended the FGA church service today instead of the usual Crossway. We didn't like the worship that much, but i felt that the last few songs were seriously meaningful. And they really touched my heart, i mean, i think God reached down from heaven and touched my heart. I was just so sad when i thought about God's promises, and all the "lost" people in the world today, that tears just streamed down my eyes. I couldn't stop them from coming out, they just did. Praise God for his promises, and his Mercies!

Fungus Meeting was as good as usual today. Like i said, Paster Chris never fails to surprise. haha! Next week, there'll be an exclusive video where Quinton will be put to the bungee jump test! haha! it'll be really cool. In our discussion groups, we discussed about how open we are, to our closest friend. We had to do a small test to see how open we were. i was kindda shocked to see that my sis was 100% transparent! haha! That means that she tells Lyd and Tab ALL her secrets and ALL her troubles. Whoa, that's cool. I had a 90% for my test. lolz...Don't ask.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Hi peeps, i just started using Friendster, using it to keep track of all my friends. haha, i finally got persuaded to use it after many attempts by MANY people. Well, if you have a Friendster account, please add me. And write a testimonial for me! haha!

This morning, my legs were sore from yesterday's table-tennis and i had a hard time getting outta bed. Sha and i had to get ready for Chinese school, when i realised that i hadn't completed my homework! haha! i was like...oh crap! it was pretty easy to do though, a 100-word essay about my family and i, just that i had 10 mins left to write it. haha! i was putting my 8 years of Chinese to the test...

Got to Chinese class 5 minutes late. Fortunately, i finished the essay off in the car. haha! That was a close shave. Chinese class was boring, didn't really do much. I'll be moving to another class next week, a better one, much better. haha, i'll be looking forward to actually learning some Chinese on Saturdays!

I had a ton of homework piled up high on my study desk, and i had 4hours to complete it. Haha, i rushed through my maths exercises, English essay and i did half of my Visual Communications homework and started blogging. lolz...i'll just finish it tomorrow.

Sha and i are going to Uncle Amos's house tonight to celebrate the Chinese New Year with MANY people, about 30 people in all. haha! it's gonna be REALLY crowded! Ok, i've off to the party now! Cya Peeps! God Bless!

*Tired and stuffed out... thank God that's so.*

Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank God! 1-1!

Okay, let's make a pact... you have to leave a tag on my tagboard after you've read my posts ok? haha, i seriously want to know who's reading and who's not. I wanted to get a hit-counter, but i couldn't be stuffed. pls tag. If you don't know what to say, just say "God Bless You!". haha!

My legs very sore when i woke up today. It's probably because of my atheletics trials yesterday. But i didn't care much for my sore legs, i still played soccer during lunch. haha! It wasn't hurting that much then, but NOW, it full-on canes!!!!!!!! ahh!!!

I just came back from a table-tennis competition, and i couldn't believe how badly i faired. haha, just last week, i was laughing at most of the players there. Well, this week, i laughed at myself. lolz...i played really badly, i lost my first match 3 sets to 0! That was utter humiliation. But thank God, i still had a second match to make amends. haha, my opponent wasn't too good, and i got a little cocky. I won the first set pretty easily, lost the second, won the third after a struggle, lost the fourth. and the score was 2-2. The next set was a decisive one, i was so nervous. Never expected my opponent to get two sets off me. haiz...i'm really disappointed with myself. However, i won the third set after a deuce. You have no idea how humliating that was, that i had to go through 5 sets to beat such a poor opponent. My dad was kindda disappointed as well, he didn't say it, but i could sense it. haiz... Well, thank God that i won one match! haha!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Atheletics Trial

I had my atheletics trials today. It consisted of three events - 3 step jump, 100m sprint and Javelin. Everyone had to do these three events, and the best would get chosen to represent their houses in the atheletics competition coming soon. haha, i didn't know how to do the 3-step jump properly, so i kinda stuffed it up. lolz...i wasn't interested in it anyways. Stuffed up my javelin throw as well. I had my eyes focused purely on that 100m sprint, had only one chance to prove myself, and i took it pretty well. haha, i clocked in at 13.15secs. haha, that's alright, not too good. But i think it'll get me into a relay at least, i wanna represent my house. haha..Yarra Pride!

I'll be participating in a Table-Tennis competition tomorrow, and i'm really nervous. I've been to the club to check out the skill level of the players there...I would say, they're not that good. But i haven't been playing for such a long time..haha, i'll probably stuff up. But whatever, i'm just going there to enjoy myself. haha!

My thoughts:
1. Should i join a soccer club with Harish?
2. Psychology is a good subject, but my teacher is crap.
3. Looking forward to my table-tennis competition.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Trapped In Sin

Trapped in Sin... Never thought i was in a trap. In fact, a rather big one. Just found out that i've been sinning against God. I've been doing something really bad. I didn't really know i was wrong, but that's not an excuse. I'm repentant.

God, I'm sorry for sinning against you. Thank you for leading me on the right path.

I feel like i've been fooled by the evil one. haiz...been walking on the wrong path all the long. Well, i'm glad that i'm the right track now. Hope that God will forgive me.

Wanna wish all my readers a Happy New Year! haha, you peeps in Singapore must be having loads of fun collecting Red Packets(Hong Baos). haha! Poor me, i can't go visitation here in Australia. That means no red packets, which means, no money! haha! I'm here posting while all my friends in Singapore are getting 400bucks richer. -.-""""

School was good today. Last year, all my teachers commented that i didn't involve myself in class discussions and that i really ought to this year. Surprisingly, thank God, i did participate in the English class. haha! I used to be shy because i wasn't as articulate and fluent as the rest of the students. Thank God that he helped me overcome that today.

Had the first rehersal for house chorals today. It was pretty good, never knew i could sing so well. haha! House Chorals is a school competition involving all the four houses. All the students will meet up in their respective houses to practice a song item for a number of weeks. The House Choral competition will be held on the 9th of March. haha, my house, Yarra, won last year. This event is belongs to Yarra, and i hope we'll win it again this year!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 more Work

Today was pretty boring...nothing much happened. Got bagged because Yarra lost the swimming carnival yesterday, bagged because i didn't swim for my house. haha...doesn't matter. I received tons and tons of work today. Don't even wanna mention it.

Oh yea, the elections for form captain and SRC representative were held today. And i was nominated for form captain by Trent. -.-" i was like...NO!!!!! haha, and someone else doubled it. the teacher wrote my name up the nominee's list. Then she told all the nominees to give a short speech of why they want to be Form Captain and what they're gonna do. I was like...What the crap! haha, and i was first up. I simply said "I'm not going for Form Captain, so please don't vote for me. Thank you!" haha! The whole class burst out in laughter. haha, me too. It was hilarious. And a friend of mine told me that i would have won it easily because i was pretty well-known. But i didn't want to be Form Captain, simply because the job was tedious and tiresome. lolz..

Rushed back home to get some homework done. Uncle Steven and Aunty Alicia came over to my house for dinner. And my mum cooked baked rice. Haha, my favourite dish is the Swenson's baked rice. That's awesome! However, my mum's was...rather inferior. haha, "Different" is a better word to use.

The children flooded to my room to play Pinball on my computer. haha, i really regretted showing them the game on my comp. My laptop doesn't have many games cuz i wanna use it for studies only. Don't want Viruses and bugs to start creeping in.

It's been a long time since i last composed a Poem, this is my latest one. Enjoy!

Thank God!
Have you felt disappointed,
When you got a photo fram?
When all you wanted,
Was a computer game.
People fail to treasure,
They fail to see,
What they have,
And how blessed they can be.
Good friends are treasures,
That are hard to keep.
So hold on to yours,
Don't let them leap!
My parents, my friends,
And the things i got for free.
I thank God,
For all he's given me!
God & Isaac

Monday, February 07, 2005

Swimming Carnival

It was my school's swimming carnival today, a competition involving four houses : Yarra,Waterloo, Forrest and Como. haha, I'm from Yarra of course.. Yarra was the champion house last year, but after today's event, i doubt that's gonna be the case for this year.

We had to walk from the school,South Yarra, all the way to MSAC, St.Kilda, a total of approxiamately 2-3km. was a really though journey because we had to carry our bags as well. But it was alright for me, cuz i had a lot of time to catch up with my good friend, Matt. We chatted about lotsa things, including my fabulous visit to Singapore. haha! The actual Swimming carnival was drop-dead boring though. I had to sit there with Matt for 3 whole hours doing nothing but cheering the house representatives on. haiz..

I knew that the Swimming carnival was sometime soon, but i didn't know it was TODAY. haha, i only knew when i got to school. Fortunately, i wasn't competing. What happened was this, i was actually selected to swim for my house. However, i was very reluctant..2 reasons:
1. I swam for my house last year, and i almost blacked out becausei swam too hard.
2. I didn't want to wear those swimming trunks in front of the whole school. haha!

So, i when to the teacher-in-charge and told him that he got my timing wrong. I told him i clocked in at 51secs instead of my real timing of 36secs. Yea, i was lying, but i seriously didn't wanna swim.

Well, i feel kindda guilty now cuz Yarra came in LAST in the Swimming carnival. An outcome that NO ONE expected..haha, Yarra's supposed to be a kick arse house. However, we dissapointed big-time today. =(

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fungus Groove..

Hey peeps, how're you people doing? Still very few people reading my posts. haiz..

Had a pretty fantastic day today, the worship service in Church was Awesome! Spelt with a capital A. haha, every was was meaningful and touching. I really felt like i was connected to God in worship. Tears streamed down my face as i was worshipping, when i thought of why God would love a wretch like me. Why he would leave his majastic throne in heaven, take up a human form, and suffer death on the cross for Me and You...

After church, i went for Fungus youth fellowship. haha! Chris never fails to impress, i was thrilled with how he managed the youth group. Today's session was good...we learnt about the loyalty of good friends. That some friends may put you down, but a good friend would stay loyal. haha, thank God for giving me many loyal friends!

Uncle Steven, Aunty Alicia, Aunty Macy, Uncle Amos, Uncle David and Aunty Susy came were at my house when i came back from Fungus. haha! *Takes a deep breath* They dropped by to take a look at our new house. Good to see all of them after such a long time, approxiamately 3 months.

Aunty Po Eng, her family, and a Singaporean family are coming for dinner tonight. The Singaporean family just migrated to Australia not too long ago. There are four children ranging from 13-20. haha, i'm quite excited about meeting them tonight. Hope they're good people.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Whoa, after a week of toil and hard work...Finally, a time of refuge and serenity...Weekends! First week of school has just passed, and i think i've made good use of the time God gave me. haha, i was looking forward to a relaxing Saturday. But i didn't really get what i expected...

Woke up early in the morning and did my QT. Learnt that we should do good whenever possible.

"Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it." Proverbs 3:27 GNT

Haha, that was the verse-of-the-day for me.

Chinese school was re-opening and Jerusha and i were enrolled in a new school, Glen Waverley College. We were gonna be studying Year 11 VCE chinese. That meant that everyone there was at least 2 years older than us. haha, but it was not what i had expected. There were some Year 9s and 10s as well. haha, so Jerusha and i didn't feel so left out. However, the Chinese teacher we had was a extremely naggy. She figured that there was an attitude problem in the class. She asked the question "Who's here only because they were forced?". Guess what? Half the class raised their hands. haha! That was so disrespectful...And i could see that the teacher got very depressed. It got even more worse when she gave us a 1hour and 15 minute lecture. -.-"" It didn't even apply to me. Haiz...i just sat there and nodded my head continuously. haha! What a total waste of time. Hope it'll change next week.

My parents brought Sha and i out for lunch after Chinese school. I had Fried Chicken Rice. haha, my favourite! Whoa, thinking of it reminds me of Singapore...which makes me recall the times i spent in SG. haiz...

Went home, did 2 hours of homework - German and Maths. haha, The German work was funny because the topic was "body parts". And as you already know, Germans are very open and out-going people. So, there was a picture in the text book of a naked man and woman with arrows naming each of the body parts. haha! I had that page open for reference, when my mum walked into my room to check what i was doing. I'll let you guess what happened next...haha!

Oh yea, the verse i read in the morning applied to me here.

After i had done most of my homework, i wanted to take a break. My dad had promised me yesterday(Friday), that he would train me up for the table-tennis competition i was gonna enter next friday. But i saw that he was very busy doing i decided that i shouldn't bother him. Instead, i ran FIFA 2005 on my sis's comp. Before i could even start a proper game, my mum called for me "Isaac!" I was like....Not Again..

I was told to scrub the toilet floor of dried paint. Many spots of paint, and i mean MANY, dripped on the toilet floor while we were painting it two weeks ago. haha, i was so depressed because i had just done my work and i wanted some time to relax. And i thought to myself "There goes my Saturday..." Then, i recalled the verse a few paragraphs up. I got on my knees and started scrubing, without complains. It was a tough job, but i felt proud of myself when i saw the end-result. But you won't guess what happened next, my mum went, "Isaac, scrub the Laundry floor when you're done in the toilet." I was like "WTC!!!!" haha! but i did it anyways...

Well, the Lord never fails to reward. After scrubbing the Laundry floor, i wanted to have a game of table-tennis with my dad. But he was still busy. So i played by myself, practising my service. Surprisingly, after half an hour, my dad came out and played with me. Oh, you have no idea how happy i was. haha!

My dad and i hadn't played for a very long time and we were rusty. We had a game anyways...guess what? i won 3 sets to 0! haha! Never EVER done that before. Well, i just wanna thank God for being so faithful to me.

Always remember that God knows ever small act that you do, and that he WILL reward!

Measure your day, not by what you harvest, but by what you plant.
- Author Unknown

Friday, February 04, 2005

Starry Night

Hi peeps, i didn't get any tags yesterday =(
Please continue to tag k? i seriously wanna know who's reading.

I bought a new tie today. It's a Centenary tie which commerate Victoria's 100th year of secondary school education. haha, It's black, with yellow/white diagonal strips. It looks pretty cool. But i cost me 20 bucks! Haiz...burned a hole in my wallet. Well, i had to get it cuz the tie i had was stolen.

I had assembly today. It was cool because i was in Year 10 now, one grade higher than the Yaer 9s. Thus, we get to sit on the upper balcony while the year 9s got the ground floor. haha, i can still remember the first assembly i had, sitting on the ground floor, with the Year 10s right above us. haha, felt really cool sitting on the upper balcony.

I wasn't wearing a tie though, cuz my tie was stolen, and i was gonna buy a new one after assembly. Rightfully, EVERY student is supposed be wearing their proper uniform and it was considered a very serious offence to have a sloppy uniform on during assembly. haha, sorta like for tradition's sake. Well, i found a back seat so that the teachers couldn't see that i was "Tie-less" haha! Halfway through the assembly, something caught my attention. The Year 10 co-ordinator(Discipline Master) had his eyes fixed on me. I was like "Oh Crap!" haha! i was in panick, but i didn't dare to look at him. I just sat there through the whole assembly, with the constant probe in my mind "He's looking at you, Isaac!" Argh, i was so uncomfortable. Fortunately, he wasn't looking at me, he was actually staring at some dudes behind me. He singled them out at the end of assembly and gave them a scolding. haha! Thank God!

My dad took me to Dandedong community club at night, just to check out a table-tennis competition. The players there was mostly low-standard. However, there were 3-4 exceptional players. I met a friend of mine there, Michael. haha, we had a chat and i decided to join the table-tennis competition next week. I haven't touch a table-tennis bat in such a long time and i'm pretty rusty now, gotta start brushing the old cob-webs away. Hope i'll do well in the competition.

My dad and i got home at about 10.30pm. We rang the doorbell, but my mum was in the toilet and my sis was too obsessed talking to Tab that she didn't hear the doorbell. haha! So, my dad and i were kindda like stranded outside. But there was a good side to it. We took a moment to gaze at the countless stars in the sky, some outstandingly bright and some dying off. My dad showed me Orien and the Southern Cross formations. haha, it was pretty interesting. There was even a red star! haha, well, we were still trapped outside, so i walked into the bushes outside my sister's window and banged on it hard. haha! bet it gave her a real shock. We got in, in the end. haha!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Havoc in Melbourne

Havoc, the most suitable word to suit what happened in Melbourne this morning. I never really understood the true meaning of havoc till this morning. It was like a state-wide blackout. The rain was incessant last night, keep pouring through the night. This lead to the flooding of many suburban areas in Melbourne. Strong gales uprooted many trees, which fell on major roads, railways and power lines. haha, that's what i call major chaos. The whole of Melbourne was slowed down this morning. People took up to 4 hours trying to get to work. All modes of transports were affected: train, bus, car and tram. haha... Some trees fell on the power lines, this cut off the power supply to many trains. Thus, many trains had to be cancelled this morning, forcing thousands of people to find another mode of transport to get to their destinations. Many trees fell on major and minor roads, thus, some buses and trams were heavily delayed. In addition to that, all the thousands of train commuters had to take buses and trams instead of trains, so all the buses and trams were fully packed. And i really mean FULLY-PACKED. Literally like a can of sardines. As for cars, major roads were blocked by huge tree trunks, and much of the traffic was directed on one or two other roads that weren't affected. haha, so there was serious traffic jams. One of my friends, Matthew, was stuck in a jam for 3 hours.

I was fortunate. Thank God! When Jerusha and i got to the station, we saw shocked faces on many commuters at the train station. We panicked even more when we realised that the train service was cancelled and that we would be extremely late for school. My mum brought us to another station on another line which wasn't affected. And i really couldn't believe it, i got to school right on time, 8.30am. haha, the school bell rang the moment i got to my class. However, there were only 5 students there, the rest were all caught up with transportation problems. haha! That's was i call havoc. Never experienced anything like that before. This would never EVER happen in the high-tech, and extremely efficient transportation system in Singapore. Really miss SG. haha!

Getting home was much worse, but i don't want to recount'll only take too long. haha, anyways, i was at Nunawading train station. My mum picked me up and brought me to Westfield, a big shopping complex. Guess why? To get presents for two of her best friends...haha, i got some presents for the both of them as well. Not gonna divulge any secrets right now...don't wanna spoil the suspense. haha!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hor zu!

"Where is that wretched finger?" Prince asked himself. He was getting extremely frustrated. It was not in the box, not on the table, nor on the floor. There was only one other place left. He walked hurriedly back into the cellar.

As he was walking down the spiraling stone steps, he noticed something rather peculiar about the surrounding. But he could not make out what it was – the smell? Temperature?
"Oh, it’s nothing strange. I’ve been down here hundreds of times already," he comforted himself. When he got to the cellar floor, he could smell a horrid stench hovering in the air. It made the hair on his skin stand. "Must be Joan." He thought.

Prince thrust the key into the huge bolt in the gate and twisted it. He hoped that Oguko had not swallowed the finger while picking on Joan’s fresh flesh. He reached for the light switch and flicked it on. The lights came on for two seconds, and then, they started flickering.

"Argh! Those blasted batteries!" Prince roared, trying to vent his frustration. He got down on his knees and started to feel for the finger. The flickering light was blurring his vision. One moment, he saw a flash, and the next, total darkness. As his knees touched the icy cold floor, he felt five sharp nails scraping the back of his neck. Panic engulfed him, as he fell to the ground and turned back to see what was there.

In the next flash, produced by the flickering lights, he saw a pale face with long messy hair. He felt something razor sharp plunge deep into his chest. He felt a large mass of blood gush out from his body, followed by such intense pain that he could not breathe. He put his hands to his chest, as he lay helpless on the ground. He felt something long buried directly into his heart, something cold and rather slimy with the contours of – a finger.

Haha, you peep's won't really get the story. I had a pretty good day today, nothing exceptionally exciting though. My English teacher, Ms Bryan, read us a fantastic short story today, entitled "Fingers". It's a very good story, full of suspense and thrill. haha, and we had to come up with the ending paragrapghs for out homework. Took me about an hour to complete it.

It was freezing cold today...been raining through the whole day. Hope the weather doesn't repeat itself tomorrow. I hate the chilling wind, makes my hands shiver. haha, well, i've gotta learn to take such conditions if i wanna live in Aus. However, i prefer the weather back in SG. It's warm and comfortable. Those back in SG will be disagreeing with me, i know, i used to love countries with cool weather. However, you'll get sick of it after a while, and you'd want warm weather again. haha...alright, i'm talking crap.

I'm gonna have athletics trials tomorrow, and i'm kindda nervous. There are a few reasons. I've always been a good sportsman by nature....haha, but the thing is, i don't train, i'm just pretty good at some things. Such as running, long-jump and some other stuff. I'm good, but not professional. Thus, i have the mentality that i'm not as good as the rest, and i usually stuff up during competitions. haha, i've stuffed up countless times in the past. Well, for tomorrow's trials, i wanna do well, on the other hand, i hope i don't do too well cuz i don't want to be selected for too many events. haiz..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I don't believe my luck today. Imagine your dignity, your pride and your chasity? taken away from you. Well, that happened to me today. haha, i'm just joking... i'm going a little over the top. It's nothing that serious, but my school tie got nicked by some retard. haiz...why are there such people in this world? Can't understand. I had P.E for the last two periods of school today, i went to the change room, got changed, left my tie and shirt on the hangers and left for P.E. When i came back, to my disbelief, my tie was gone, only my shirt was left behind. haha, what luck...I've had many friends who had their ties stolen before, but i never thought that i would suffer the same fate. haha, looks like I've gotta get a new tie much inconvenience caused.

I had a terrific Psychology class today. haha, fortunately, i wasn't dissapointed. We studied signatures. It's called graphology or something like that, haha, it's the study of people's signatures to tell their personality. I would be able to try it out on some of you guys in the future. haha, I love Psychology.

Oh yea, i tried to take a new route home today. But it was all stuffed up...haha, i arranged to meet a good friend of mine, Darren, at the school gate after school. However, he went straight to the tram stop and i was waiting at the gate for him. haha! what a coincidence. he caught the tram, and i missed it. I only realised that he was on the tram after i gave him a ring on his mobile. haha! We were supposed to take a tram to the train station about 1.5km down the road It was 3.05pm and the train was due at the station at 3.17pm. I really wanted to make the same train as Darren, so i rushed down to the train station on foot. haha, i had to run most of the way, with my heavy and bulky school bag swinging around my back. haha, surprisingly, i made it to the station at 3.16 and 30secs. haha! and i couldn't believe it, the train was delayed by 10 minutes! HAHA! what luck! we had a chat....took the train home.

Well, that was most of my day. haiz...not a really good day to remember, but it's certainly one to thank God for!