Saturday, February 05, 2005


Whoa, after a week of toil and hard work...Finally, a time of refuge and serenity...Weekends! First week of school has just passed, and i think i've made good use of the time God gave me. haha, i was looking forward to a relaxing Saturday. But i didn't really get what i expected...

Woke up early in the morning and did my QT. Learnt that we should do good whenever possible.

"Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it." Proverbs 3:27 GNT

Haha, that was the verse-of-the-day for me.

Chinese school was re-opening and Jerusha and i were enrolled in a new school, Glen Waverley College. We were gonna be studying Year 11 VCE chinese. That meant that everyone there was at least 2 years older than us. haha, but it was not what i had expected. There were some Year 9s and 10s as well. haha, so Jerusha and i didn't feel so left out. However, the Chinese teacher we had was a extremely naggy. She figured that there was an attitude problem in the class. She asked the question "Who's here only because they were forced?". Guess what? Half the class raised their hands. haha! That was so disrespectful...And i could see that the teacher got very depressed. It got even more worse when she gave us a 1hour and 15 minute lecture. -.-"" It didn't even apply to me. Haiz...i just sat there and nodded my head continuously. haha! What a total waste of time. Hope it'll change next week.

My parents brought Sha and i out for lunch after Chinese school. I had Fried Chicken Rice. haha, my favourite! Whoa, thinking of it reminds me of Singapore...which makes me recall the times i spent in SG. haiz...

Went home, did 2 hours of homework - German and Maths. haha, The German work was funny because the topic was "body parts". And as you already know, Germans are very open and out-going people. So, there was a picture in the text book of a naked man and woman with arrows naming each of the body parts. haha! I had that page open for reference, when my mum walked into my room to check what i was doing. I'll let you guess what happened next...haha!

Oh yea, the verse i read in the morning applied to me here.

After i had done most of my homework, i wanted to take a break. My dad had promised me yesterday(Friday), that he would train me up for the table-tennis competition i was gonna enter next friday. But i saw that he was very busy doing i decided that i shouldn't bother him. Instead, i ran FIFA 2005 on my sis's comp. Before i could even start a proper game, my mum called for me "Isaac!" I was like....Not Again..

I was told to scrub the toilet floor of dried paint. Many spots of paint, and i mean MANY, dripped on the toilet floor while we were painting it two weeks ago. haha, i was so depressed because i had just done my work and i wanted some time to relax. And i thought to myself "There goes my Saturday..." Then, i recalled the verse a few paragraphs up. I got on my knees and started scrubing, without complains. It was a tough job, but i felt proud of myself when i saw the end-result. But you won't guess what happened next, my mum went, "Isaac, scrub the Laundry floor when you're done in the toilet." I was like "WTC!!!!" haha! but i did it anyways...

Well, the Lord never fails to reward. After scrubbing the Laundry floor, i wanted to have a game of table-tennis with my dad. But he was still busy. So i played by myself, practising my service. Surprisingly, after half an hour, my dad came out and played with me. Oh, you have no idea how happy i was. haha!

My dad and i hadn't played for a very long time and we were rusty. We had a game anyways...guess what? i won 3 sets to 0! haha! Never EVER done that before. Well, i just wanna thank God for being so faithful to me.

Always remember that God knows ever small act that you do, and that he WILL reward!

Measure your day, not by what you harvest, but by what you plant.
- Author Unknown

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