Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Finish Line

I stared at the hurdles in front of me, i counted all 10 of them, each 10m apart. I knew all i had to do was to jump over all 10 of them, but it was my first time doing hurdles. I could feel shots of blood pulsing into my head as the start went "On your Marks". All i could do was to stare forward and say a pray, as he said "Set"...

Glad it's all over now. I was leading in the hurdle race, but i was over taken on the last hurdle. haha, it's only the heats, so i'll get another chance to win it on Friday. I'm pretty happy with 2nd place for my first time hurdling. My next event was a big one. 100m individual. It was only the heats, and I needed to get into the top 3 to get into the finals. My trial run for 100m was 13.15secs. Just before the game, i asked a few other competitors what their time for a 100m was... i was astonished when 2 replied 12.35 sec. haha! I was competing with full-on pros here, had it set in my mind that i would get trashed.

At the blocks, i looked up to the heavens - sought help. I heard the gunshot, i blasted off with a good start...could hear all my friends, my whole house shouting me on. haha! Came in 3rd. lolz, lost to the first-placed by 1 sec. Well, at least i'm in the finals, thank God! God seriously helped me a great deal. After the race, many friends of mine ran to me and told me that i ran a 12.50! haha! I've never been able to run so fast in my life, lolz...that's my personal record. Well, it's not good enough. Hope i do better on Friday.

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