Friday, February 04, 2005

Starry Night

Hi peeps, i didn't get any tags yesterday =(
Please continue to tag k? i seriously wanna know who's reading.

I bought a new tie today. It's a Centenary tie which commerate Victoria's 100th year of secondary school education. haha, It's black, with yellow/white diagonal strips. It looks pretty cool. But i cost me 20 bucks! Haiz...burned a hole in my wallet. Well, i had to get it cuz the tie i had was stolen.

I had assembly today. It was cool because i was in Year 10 now, one grade higher than the Yaer 9s. Thus, we get to sit on the upper balcony while the year 9s got the ground floor. haha, i can still remember the first assembly i had, sitting on the ground floor, with the Year 10s right above us. haha, felt really cool sitting on the upper balcony.

I wasn't wearing a tie though, cuz my tie was stolen, and i was gonna buy a new one after assembly. Rightfully, EVERY student is supposed be wearing their proper uniform and it was considered a very serious offence to have a sloppy uniform on during assembly. haha, sorta like for tradition's sake. Well, i found a back seat so that the teachers couldn't see that i was "Tie-less" haha! Halfway through the assembly, something caught my attention. The Year 10 co-ordinator(Discipline Master) had his eyes fixed on me. I was like "Oh Crap!" haha! i was in panick, but i didn't dare to look at him. I just sat there through the whole assembly, with the constant probe in my mind "He's looking at you, Isaac!" Argh, i was so uncomfortable. Fortunately, he wasn't looking at me, he was actually staring at some dudes behind me. He singled them out at the end of assembly and gave them a scolding. haha! Thank God!

My dad took me to Dandedong community club at night, just to check out a table-tennis competition. The players there was mostly low-standard. However, there were 3-4 exceptional players. I met a friend of mine there, Michael. haha, we had a chat and i decided to join the table-tennis competition next week. I haven't touch a table-tennis bat in such a long time and i'm pretty rusty now, gotta start brushing the old cob-webs away. Hope i'll do well in the competition.

My dad and i got home at about 10.30pm. We rang the doorbell, but my mum was in the toilet and my sis was too obsessed talking to Tab that she didn't hear the doorbell. haha! So, my dad and i were kindda like stranded outside. But there was a good side to it. We took a moment to gaze at the countless stars in the sky, some outstandingly bright and some dying off. My dad showed me Orien and the Southern Cross formations. haha, it was pretty interesting. There was even a red star! haha, well, we were still trapped outside, so i walked into the bushes outside my sister's window and banged on it hard. haha! bet it gave her a real shock. We got in, in the end. haha!

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