Monday, February 28, 2005

+ Red Cross +

I'm extremely tired now. For my Year 10 program, all students have to do 20 hours of community service in the year. Meaning that we had to do at least 20 hours of volunteer work throughout the year. Today, the school organised a Red Cross Appeal event for all Year 10 students which would cover 4 hours of the 20 required.

We were supposed to go in groups of three, and i went with Trent and Josh. We were given Red Cross T-shirts, a tin can and a badge proving our legitimacy. haha..I didn't really like the T-shirt but i had to wear it anyways. The whole contingent of year 10 students were stationed at various hot spots, covering the entire Melbourne City. haha, i was kindda impressed. There were Melbourne High students at every major road intersection.

Trent, Josh and i walked around our designated area, shaking our tin cans while asking for donations. it was really funny when we started to create our own slogans. haha, it started with "Please donate to Red Cross" and "Please donate". Then Josh went "Donate to the Asian Society" and he started feigning a fobbish accent. haha! it was hilarious. And it got even more funny when Trent went "Save the crippled orphans!" lol! i didn't want to disgrace the name of our school, so i only used appropriate phrases like "Every cent counts", "Red Cross needs your help." Stuff like that. However, many passers-by were so tight, some just walked passed us , pretending not to see us. But some people were really generous, a few donors actually emptied their wallets of all the spare change. haha!

This went on for a whole 2 hours, and we were all extremely tired of walking around asking for donations. haha...our legs were seriously aching. So, when it was time, we walked back to the Red Cross meeting place to hand in our tin cans. They gave us a complimentary bottle of mineral water and 2 bars of Dove chocolate. Haha, the chocolate tasted awesome! i really loved it.

I never knew community service would be so tiring. It was a real experience though. Well, that's 4 hours down...16 more to go!

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