Friday, October 22, 2004

Big Game

Hey peeps! How're ya going? I've been pretty busy lately, i told you why. Ok, it's Friday morning. I'll tell you about today's "Big Game. As you already know, i am in the school's soccer team. But we are rather crappy. lolz... Our captain, Johnny, organised a game for us. Against the Year 10 soccer team. -.-" Argh, i'm so nervous because i really want to shine. All the players on the field have good standards and i am pressured to perform. lolz... I reckon we'll get our butts kicked to the moon! And.... I'll tell you more about it after i get back from the moon =)

Oh yea, as i've already told ya, my dad bought FIFA 2005 for my sis and i. Whoa, my sis has become a full-on pro at it! She has never lost a single game -.-""""" This is the first time that she has beaten me in a computer game. Guess my record. Played 12, Won 6 Drawn 4 Lost 1. Is that miserable or what?!?!??! lol! Oh yea, talk about the game. It's an awesome game. For all those soccer fans out there, GO GET IT! It's not really fun if you don't like losing. However, it is extremely realistic. It's as realistic as it can get. The opponent's defence is as hard as a iron rock, there's no way you're gonna trash them. It was possible in FIFA 2003, but not anymore! Troy, Daryl and Justin get it ASAP! Buy the original copy so that i can play online with you dudes.

Alright, i gtg for school now. Cyas!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Goodbye Nai!

Hey peeps! I'm feeling a little down today. lolz...sounds kindda wierd eh? Isaac? Feeling down? Well, there are many reasons. The first is that my grandmum left for Singapore this afternoon and i am already beginning to miss her. She's so old, i can't stop worrying about her welfare. Haiz..Hope she has a good time back in SG. I have 52 days to go before i will be able to see her again. I will be missing her fabulous cooking. Mum and i will be taking over her cooking duties. Looks like i won't be having good meals for a fairly long time.

The second reason is because of work, work and MORE work. Guess how many assignments i received today? 6 PROJECTS!!!!!!! I don't believe it. And when i say projects, i mean the full-on assessments that take days to do. Haiz... Geography, History, English, Software Design, Art, German. I don't even know where to start.

The third reason is because, i've got a soccer competition coming up. Guess you already know about it, because i posted it last week. I am the captain of my team. And i simply have to win the competition. The winning team will be stated in front of the ENTIRE school! COOL! and the captain of the team gets to go up on stage to collect the cup! Is that awesome or what? That's my dream though. Praying that i will.

There was an incident in school that totally freaked me out. Ya know, Aussies are a little insane. There is a event every year for the Year 12 students(JC2) to celebrate after their General Papers and Exams. This event is called the "Milk Run". It totally disgusted me. What happens is, the participants will have to bottom 1 litre of milk and lemon juice and they will run for 80metres. That is considered as 1 lap. They will have to drink another litre of milk and lemon before running the next 80 metres. Well, that's nothing much. BUT, if you are a chemistry pro, you will know that there is some funny chemical reaction between milk and lemon juice which causes much irritating in the stomach before forcing it's way out. In other words, every participant in the run will eventually puke. In addition to that, they drank milk that was dyed either red,green,blue or yellow (Depending on their house colours). It really digusted me when i saw the students with horrid faces and streams of leftover milk drooling down the sides of their mouths. Then, once in a while, a student will stop in his tracks, look around, go "****" and puke
"Coloured" vomit.

Lolz...i gtg now. Cyas!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Hi peeps! Or should i say, hi Char. I think my blog is hitting an all time high of 1 hit a day. Please congratulate me by TAGGING! lol.. Alright, i'll do a quick post just before i go to school. I'm extremely glad that Bryan, Char, Joce and Tab(esp. my sis) remembered my B-day! Thanks! You guys rock!

I think it's the first time i'm having a B-day that's on a school day. And, my dad was coming home on that same day, at 4.30 am. So, i decided to accompany my mum in picking my dad up. I woke up at 3am and i couldn't go back to sleep. Don't know why. I just killed time by lying on my bed and thinking about stuff. When it was 4.45 am, we left for the airport. My dad was in "great shape", i was so glad to be able see him after a whole month! We rushed back home because i still had a full day ahead. I went to school in the morning, did lots of work, came back home.

My dad had brought back LOTS of stuff. A MP3 player, Delicious snacks, Dried food, some letters(We received so few this time =( ) AND FIFA 2005!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that game. He had bought it back in SG for about 50 bucks. I was so excited that i really couldn't wait to play it. However, the computer was down.

My dad was repairing the computer because it had some problems starting up. He opened the CPU box and made sure everything was alright. However, the CPU still couldn't start up. I was like, Oh No! I remembered something. I told my dad where the prob could have been(Because i was the one that tempered with the CPU before it got spoiled. loL!) he shifted a comuter chip, AND WHALA! Awesome! the computer started up perfectly! That was so cool!

Ok, then, we went out for dinner to celebrate our B-days(Sis and I). We decided to have pizza. So, we went to a place called "La Porchetta". Sounds kindda posh don't ya think? lolz..We ordered lots of stuff, i had Chicken BBQ pizza. Oh, it was delicious! One of the best i've had. Guess i ate too much though, cuz i'm currently having a sore throat. Then, we headed back home. To my surprise, my dad and mum bought a B-day cake without my knowing! It was fantasic! Though the cake wasn't a Grand one, probably one which cost 5bucks, i really enjoyed it. We had a normal celebration, with the B-day song and such. Finally, we ate the cake WITH ice-cream. Well, one of my 14 B-days to remember.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Passion for The Lost

Hey peeps! How are ya? I had a pretty good day today. I went to church in the morning, had a good Soccer Presentation Lunch, had a little soccer training and watched a Soccer match (Manchester United vs Birmingham City). And for all the Man Utd fans, don't be discouraged, at least you peeps got 1 precious point from the fixture. Be grateful!

Something really Cool happened today. I went to church and the service was awesome. The message was fantastic too! The title of the sermon was "Missions exist because Worship does not". It was about missions and worship, obviously. lolz...won't elaborate much on it. But what touched me most was the closing song. Have any of you ever heard "You Said" by Don Moen? Well, i reckon that's one of the most meaningful songs ever. I was so inspired by the song that i composed a poem similar to it(Not Breaking Copyright Laws). lolz!

During my QT, i prayed to God. I asked God to speak to me and to reveal his plan for my life. Prior to this, i've tried asking God but i didn't get a clear response. However, this time i opened my bible and i was literally stunned by the first paragraph. It read:
"In the course of time, David inquired of the Lord.
'Shall i go up to one of the towns of Judah?' he asked.
The Lord said, 'Go up.'
David asked,' Where shall i go?'
'To Hebron," the Lord answered.

Is that cool or what? Well, it said "In the course of time" so, i'll just wait for the Lord to give me a clear sign. Don't wanna jump to conclusions. OK, i'll share this poem with ya. It's one of my best. Enjoy! God Bless! ~8)

God's Promises
My God is great!
His praises i sing.
His promises,
Are true and everlasting.
If you have a big family,
With a thousand mouths to feed.
He said ask and you will receive,
Whatever you need.
If your life,
Is in sixes and sevens.
He said pray,
And he'll hear from heaven.
Do you have a passion for the lost?
He is a God of love and patience.
He said ask,
And he will give the nations.
So won't you pray,
In desperate faith.
For those lost souls,
Who aren't yet saved?
God & Isaac

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Recalled Skills

Hey peeps! How are ya? I just wanna congratulate everyone who have got their exams over and done with. Another year passed so quickly, in just a twinkling of an eye. Though there are many things that have happened since the day i came to Australia, it still feels like a short time. And... There's 47 more days to go before my flight back to SG! lolz..i'll be counting everyday.

Oh, my mum and i had a fright today when my sis said she had a pain in her abdomen Apparently, she had had the pain since yesterday. The pain is situated just below her stomach, which lead my mum to the conclusion that it was appendicitis. For those ppl who don't have a clue about what it means, it is a kindda useless organ in the body which is malfunctioning, thus, an operation has to be conducted to remove it. There is no disadvantage not having a appendicitis, but the operation would hurt a great deal. My mum decided to take my sis to the hospital for a check up this afternoon. We prayed before they left, the 3 of us.

Fortunately, the problem wasn't as dire as we thought it was. It wasn't appendicitis. It was some kind of muscle soreness. My sis has been doing lots of sit ups recently, and that may be the problem. lolz...Praise the Lord! That was a close shave. I wouldn't want my sis to undergo a operation.

I better get to the thrilling part, before i make the title of this post irrelevant. Alright, i had a pretty good day today. I went for Chinese tuition in the morning, did 2 hours of work, and chilled for the rest of the day. What i wanted to talk about was how i "regained" my soccer skills during Chinese Tuition. lol! During our 30 minute reccess, i played soccer with some older Asian dudes. Normally, i play in a defensive position, but this time i played both- defending and attacking. Sort of like, a midfielder. Well, i don't know what happened, but i seemed to be able to do the things i used to do back in SG! lol! Seems funny yea? But these things happen. Goes the same for other sports such as Tennis, Running, Basketball, etc.

Alright, time for the poem i composed today. It's pretty good, and i'm proud of it.

Mending Relationships

Like a string and a pin-hole,
That never seem to meet.
Like two hungry lions,
Fighting for some meat.
I try hard,
My my shoe just won't fit.
I hate it,
I don't like it a bit.
In the same way,
Broken friendships are hard to mend,
And arch enemies,
Are hard to fend.
But with perserverance,
And some assurance in the soul.
The irritating string,
Will fir perfectly into the hole.
God & Isaac

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Soccer Ca-pi-tan!

Hey peeps, i'm on a high note today. Guess what? I got selected by my class, to be their captian for an Inter-Class Indoor Soccer Competition! Awesome! I can't believe it! I get to pick a team of 10 out of 26 people. I must be careful not to offend some of them though. And it's hard not to do so, in Australia, almost everyone wants to take part in Sports. I picked the team yesterday and i invented a clever method which enables everyone to play. Thank God for helping me. It's quite complex and i don't wanna bore you with the facts.

Well, you gotta wish me all the best because we will be up against 8 strong opposition teams. I feel a lot of pressure as the captian of the team. I mean, if we lose, the class would blame me (Even if they don't mean it, they just wanna make you feel bad). lolz.. Feel anxious now. The competition will be starting on the first day of November.

I learnt to cook another dish today! Nice-looking, Sweet-tasting, Fragrant-smelling Fried Butter Prawns! lolz...I never knew it was so easy to cook prawns. They cook so fast! But the secret is in the ingredients. It's kindda hard and tedious, but i really like cooking. AND, i'm not gay. lolz... it's also good because you can cook something up if there's nothing to eat. Aww, i can smell the fragrance of the prawns now. I feel like dashing to the kitchen and pour the whole plate of butter prawns down my throat. Seriously, the end result's awesome!

I had to write another essay for English again. This is one of my best. I used a bit of the prophecies in Revelations to blend in with it. Yep, you guessed right, i'm gonna post it. lol.. The essay is actually a continuation to another story called "The Pedestrian". Ok, the intro:
This dude named Leonard Mead is living in the 21st century. He's kindda different from the rest of the people. During this period, everyone seems addicted to the television. They go to work in the morning, so the streets would be all busy and noisy. However, they would be resting on the couch, watching T.V for the rest of the night. Leonard takes a stroll one night, it's all quiet because everyone else is watching T.V in their houses. After walking for a while, he meets a police car. The police car is computer-controlled, there was no diver. He gets arrested for being a phycotic simply because he doesn't like to watch T.V, and gets transported to a centre called " Phyciatric Research Centre For Regressive Tendencies". The story ends here.

This is my continuation(It's pretty long, but enjoy!):
The Pedestrian Continued...
Shops and houses whizzed past. The police car was travelling extremely fast. Leonard could only catch glimmers of the names of various buildings: "Global Bank", "United Groceries", "Fuel Co-operation", and "United Sex". The car came to an abrupt halt. There was a gigantic complex that looked like a durian. It had odd-looking windows, which stuck out from the sides of the rounded building. It was approximately the size of ten football fields.

The car was positioned just in front of a huge metallic door. I looked up as red lasers shot out from nowhere and started to scan the entire police car.
A robotic voice called out "Do you have any passengers on board?"
"Scan your mark here" The police car called instructed.
A mark-scanning device popped up from a black box. Leonard picked it up and scanned the mark on his forehead.
"Authorization accepted. Welcome Mr. Leonard Mead, please enter."
The metallic door twisted and turned and finally opened. The police car rolled in. The scanning procedure was recently introduce. Every living person had to have a mark, a set of numbers, on his or her forehead. They would be able to buy and sell using the mark. The mark had to be scanned before a person would be able to operate any electrical equipment.

Leonard was astonished when he saw what was in the building. He wondered where the "psychotics" were as there were no prison cells. Instead, the place looked more like a high-tech laboratory. There were endless rows of computers. The car drove further into the building. It came to a halt. The back door jerked open and Leonard hopped out. He twisted his waist and cracked his knuckles. He noticed that they were at the end of the rows of computers and was surprised to find a cafeteria, an entertainment room and even a swimming pool. Just then, the police car started its engine and drove away.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Leonard shouted.
"I’ll be waiting to collect you after he’s done with you." The police car answered.

There was a long flight of stairs, with golden railings, leading up to the next level. He could not see what was up there. There was something strange about the stairs, he was somewhat, attracted by it. "Climb up. Climb!" the voice rang through his mind repeatedly. He could not resist it and climbed up. When he was nearly near the top, he could see a metallic door with a tag, which read "U.N Secretary General – Nicolae Carmathia". He could hear someone speaking in a loud, evil voice.

"Yes! Yes! That is what I want…it’s what I need! Oh yes, you have the power to give it all to me. That is why I worship you. Oh god, may your power be known throughout the earth! I will…" The voice softened and it started to sound muffled. Thousands of thoughts flashed through Leonard’s mind, he freaked out at what he heard. However, as though as he had been hypnotised, his hand took a firm hold of the metallic doorknob. He tried to remove his hand from the doorknob, but it was beyond his control. He turned the doorknob and the door swung open without a sound. He could not hear the voice anymore. There was deadly silence.

The room had a green-carpeted floor and walls painted red. It was well decorated with nude paintings. There was a large desk in the middle of the room. There was a man sitting on a throne-like chair, behind the desk. He was staring directly into Leonard’s eyes. Leonard felt a cool chill tingling down his spine. The man was charming. He had neatly combed blond hair and a good posture. However, there was something particularly strange about his eyes. They seemed to have absorbed all of Leonard’s attention. All Leonard could do was to stare aimlessly into his deep blue eyes.

"Mr. Mead, it’s a great pleasure to meet you! Please, take a seat." He said humbly. Leonard knew he was in hot soup. He could hear the sarcasm behind the man’s flattery. Leonard walked up to the desk and took a seat.
"My name is Nicolae Camarthia. You think you know why you’re here, but in actual fact you don’t even have a clue. You are one of those rebellious ones that simply refuse to comply with the television law." He said.
Leonard felt offended. He rebutted, "How could it be illegal not to watch television for eight hours a day? There’s something fishy about this and you know it!"

Nicolae gave a evil smirk and said, "Let me indulge you in a little secret since you’re not gonna live through tonight. Think about a New World Order. Think about a totally new and improved world!" The enthusiasm in his voice grew as he continued. "With one currency, one religion, one goal, one market, one community, one dream! And most importantly," he spoke in an soft, evil tone "One leader. A dictator. A potentate!" Leonard immediately knew whom he was referring to.
Nicolae continued, "Brain-washing the world with the use of television, putting my ideas and thoughts into their weak minds was a fantastic idea. But there always seems to be a few imbeciles that stand in my way every now and then. Unfortunately, my only choice is to do away with them. Mr. Mead, you know that your death will be for a good cause, for the sake of the world."

He pulled out a high-powered handgun, scanned his number, loaded it and pointed it at Leonard. Leonard knew exactly what was happening, he was engulfed with fiery panic.
"Anything to say before I pulled the trigger?" Nicolae asked.
" Who are you?" Leonard asked.
Nicolae burst out in an evil laughter. He strutted proudly towards Leonard and pushed his fringe up, revealing his forehead. Leonard shut his eyes in disgust.

The numbers "666" were the last things he saw.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sweet Memories...

Hey peeps! Look at my post title and you'll think that i'm a retard. "Sweet Memories". Seriously, do any of you actually think of your old friends and the "cool" things that happened in the past. Well, i didn't do it as much as i'm doing it now when i in Singapore. I really feel so previlledged and honoured to have friends like you peeps. Seriously, you don't treasure someone until you "lose" or lose contact with the person. I was just staring at the mirror in my room and i saw the old church photograph. Though it's pretty old and everyone's looks have pretty much changed, it reminded me of the "old times". lolz...It was touching. Felt like something was "throbbing" my heart.

Oh yea, hope ya still remember the post i had last week. The one on the table-tennis match i had with the teacher-in-charge. lolz.. His name is Doctor.G, Dr.G. Alright, today was the last day i would be playing table-tennis for sport. I made 2 very good friends there, including the Dr.G. It was kindda sad when i knew it would be a VERY long time till i would be able to play table-tennis with them again. So i really treasured the final games i had with both of them. However, guess what?, i didn't bring my table-tennis bat. lol! I had to use the crappy ones provided by the school.

Despite that, i had a extremely tense game with Dr.G, yet again. We played best of 5 sets. He won the 1st set, i won the 2nd, he won the 3rd, i won the 4th and 5th. lol! So the final result the 2-3, my victory. ~8) I feel like i'm on cloud 9. lolz..It was really hard to play with those crappy bats. You would have peed in your pants if you were watching the match, seriously. There was one set when i was 8-10 down. All Dr.G needed was 1 more point to seal the set. My heart was beating intensely, i could feel the strong surges of blood pumping through my veins. 9-10,10-10,11-10,12-10! LOL! i won 4 points straight and claimed the set! What a comeback. lolz..guess you wouldn't have a clue aobut what i'm talking about.

And, another thing to congratulate me on. I learnt to cook another dish today! We'll be having it for dinner tonight (Yummy!). It's a mixture of potatoes, carrots, chicken, onions and mushrooms. It's like a combination dish. It seriously tastes awesome. I'll cook it for some of you if i get a chance to when i'm in SG. Hmm...I wonder how much i should

Oh yea, It's been quite a long time since i composed a poem. I've actually been improving some songs that i've composed. I composed 2 songs. They sound pretty terrific. And i was wondering, just wondering, if just one of them could be used for the item during the church camp. I know it's a little bit like wishful thinking. Won't post them here though, i'm only gonna post one poem. Enjoy!

Better Life

Are you in your prime?
The strongest you'll ever be.
The best years of your life.
Seen all there is to see.

It goes around and around,
Like a never-ending wheel.
Doing the same things over,
Till you fulfill your will.

Is that the life you want?
Such a predictable tale.
Will you be happy?
No! You'll only stand to fail.

God has better for you,
Many mission for you to do.
But are you willing,
To carry them through.

Have faith in God,
To blossom your life.
To take care of you,
And lead you through every strife.

God & Isaac

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Mum's B-day

Hey peeps, haven't posted for yesterday. I have a very valid reason. That i don't like. Simply because it's horid, gay, destestable and disgusting. The reason is because i was doing work 7/8 of yesterday. Let me guide you through the events i went through yesterday. First up, 9.00am Chinese Tuition at a nearby high school, lasted till 12.20pm. I had my lunch and rested(Thank God!). Started work again at 2.40pm and worked until 6.30pm. I was working on a Geography project and some Maths. That was like hell, studying for so many hours straight, but that's not the end of it. I had my dinner quickly and left for a cell group meeting which started at 7.30pm and ended at 10.00pm. I arrived home at 11.00pm, walked into my room and dropped dead on my bed. lolz...What a day don't ya think? Well, at least i did a extremely good job on my Geography project. Aiming for another A+. lolz..

It's my mum's birthday today. Guess what? I was so busy the day before that i didn't have time to do a B-day card for her! Shh... lolz...i knew that Sunday was her B-day but i left the "Card-Making" till Saturday. Haiz... So, i had to wake up early today, at about 6am. I was exhausted from yesterday's activities, but i pushed myself on to do a B-day card for my mum. I plonked myself on the dining table, got some coloured pens and a piece of coloured paper. I thought for a moment and started on it. Well, it turned out to be a fantastic card! lolz...can't really describe it. But it's one of the best, i mean probably the best card i've done. I'm proud of it. ~8)

Oh yea, something very wierd happened today. I had received a inspiring email from my sis, and i believe i've forwarded it to most of ya peeps. The email had a very touching story about a mother who was having some trouble coping with the recent death of her son. It was amazing, it told about why God doesn't really stop bad or drastic things from happening. Just after i forwarded the email to everyone, I went online on MSN. A good old friend named, Gilchrist, came online a few minutes later and I chatted with him. He told me that his Granddad was diagnosed with luekaemia(I think that's the right spelling) and had a few months more to live. I was like "Oh God, you are marvellous!" I told him about the email i had just read and i sent it to him. Wow, God encourages people in different and unique ways. I feel so good that God actually used me to encourage such a good friend. Well, that's just half the point. There's something EXTREMELY important to be done. See, Gilchrist and his family are Christians. However, his granddad hasn't accepted Christ yet and he has a timebomb counting down on his remaining days. What i want YOU to do is to pray RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE for him. Even though you don't know who in the world Gilchrist is, just pray because God will know. Well, do you have the FAITH that God hears and listens to every single prayer and that YOUR prayer will have a GREAT impact on a dying soul on this planet. Jesus said "Ask and you will receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened unto you." he also said "Pray and I'll hear from Heaven." But do you have Faith?

Friday, October 08, 2004


Hey peeps, you wouldn't believe what happened today. I'll explain it later, but you'll get the idea by looking at the title of the post. one tagged me since yesterday. No Worries! Guess you peeps are having some hard times with your exams. Well, i guess you would be in the middle of them right now. I just wanna cheer you peeps on. All the best! Finish the race!

Alright, what happened was this. Every student in my school has an personal account. We have our own account number and password. We are given a few megabytes of space in our account and a school email. During my Software Design class today, i tried to log in. I typed in my account number and password, only to receive this message "Your account has been disabled." lolz... i thought it was nothing serious. Just a glitch of some sort maybe. My friend had the same situation too. However, it was just the two of us. lolz...Subsequently, we told the teacher-in-charge. Guess what, a few minutes later, the teacher called us up for a "little chat". Beside the teacher-in-charge was the head computer technician. I was kindda intimidated because the situation had blown up to become something very serious. The technician said that both my friend and i have been found hacking into the school server, deleting and manipulating certain files and documents. He said that we could change our test scores and stuff like that. I was shell-shocked and so was my friend. There was no way that i could do such a thing! I was being wrongly accused!

We were questioned. Fortunately, the Teacher-in-charge was my Geography teacher and he said that there was no way that my friend and i would do such a thing, but he didn't know if we could do such a thing. Thus, we got our accounts back for the time being, however, we were on the technician's "BLACK BOOK". lolz..but whatever, i didn't do it. It must have been some hacker that hacked into my account and used it to manipulate the school's server. What a retard! I'm kindda chessed off now.

Oh yea, and that's not the most amazing thing. Just the night before this incident, i had a wierd dream. I dreamt that that "Teacher-in-charge" was scolding me for some reason. And i woke up wondering "What in the world??!?!?!?!" lolz...guess it was kindda a revelation of the future. Kindda wierd eh? well, i felt that way. It's getting late now. I've gotta go sleep. Cya peeps! All the best for your exams!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Internet Up, Comp Down

Hey peeps! Fewer and fewer people seem to be reading my blog nowadays, only Lyd's doing so. Sorry that i was not able to post yesterday because...MY ISP(Internet Service Provider) was down. lolz..can u believe that?! That just cheeses me off. And what's worse is that my computer's down today. Fortunately, i can still use my mum's laptop to do my posting. I really REALLY can't wait to meet ALL of you peeps when i get back to Singapore. I've gotta plan my schedule well lol! So many people to see in such a limited time. Hope to have a fun time then. I feel really wierd when all you peeps are having exams and i'm merrily enjoying myself over here. No Worries, you'll get your chance to tease me when i'm having my exams. Well, there's no poem for today. I just wanna share with you what i did today.

Had a pretty good day today. Went to school. I had a different time table today. We had a "Life Skills" Seminar. Sounds pretty wierd eh? It's kindda like inspirational, as well as informative. There were two guest speakers that spoke. They spoke about different things. One of them spoke wasn't too facinating, he spoke about not giving up. He used to be a extremely fit person. He even won 2 triathalons. Cool eh? Well, he met with a stroke 8 years ago, a major stroke. He couldn't use his right side of his body and he couldn't speak properly. But he struggled hard to improve his condition. And now, he's able to walk properly and move his right arm. However, he can't his right hand, much less his fingers.

The other speaker however, was much more interesting. And what enthrilled me more, was that he was a Christian! He used to be those people along the dark streets, taking relief jabs and going for the "Hot Stuff". And what facinated me was that he was a ROBBER! lolz! he told us that he started off by stealing cuz he didn't have sufficient finances. And as he grew older, he started to rob banks. There was one situation when the police arrived while he was conducting a robbery. He never had a real gun, he only used a fake one. But in that incident, he was met head on with a police officer. He grabbed the officer's gun and held him at gunpoint. lolz...the suspense was awesome. He told us that he could have just killed the police officer, but he didn't. He got apprehended and served a jail sentence of 8 years or something like that. He was a completely changed person when he came out. He told us that he had gained a lot of experience when he was in prison. He also received a bible and started reading it. Then, he started realising that he had wasted a huge chunk of his life. He accepted the Christian faith, and he has been working as an inspirational speaker ever since.

The whole "Life Skills" seminar was kindda fun, but it made me realise something. It made me realise how fortunate i was to be born in Singapore and have such good and wonderful parents. Seriously, over here in Australia, 3 out of 5 marriages have ended in divorces. Saddening eh? That means that there's a very high chance that your friends over here would have parents that are separated. Well, now i apprieciate my parents more than i've ever had.

God Bless You!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

First Day Last Term

Hey peeps, wassupz? Yesterday was the first day of school. I wasn't used to waking up so early as i got accustomed to waking up late during the holidays. I'm sure you peeps have had the same feeling. Going back to school to meet old friends feels pretty good. But when i went to school yesterday, i was met with a pleasant surprise. One of my good friends had grown about 8-10 cm. No joke! lolz.. at the start of the school year, he was about my height or slightly shorter than me. But now, lol! he's starting to look down on me already. And another dude, by the name of Philip, got dumped by his GF. lolz! it's a really humourous story all in all. But both of them were just playing one another.(This is quite usual in this Aussie society).

Ok, talk about today. Went to school early in the morning. Chatted with friends, did some work, paid attention in class and played Table-Tennis. lolz..Find it funny that the words "paid attention in class" are in itallics? Well, try emphasis instead of sarcasm. I had sport for the last two periods of the day, Table-Tennis. Haven't really put as much effort into training like i used to do back in SG. Back in SG, it was breathe, drink and sleep table-tennis. During the holidays, it was 4 out of 5 weekdays of training. Phew...But i really enjoyed it though. Well, as i was saying, i played table tennis today and i was a little "OUT-OF-TOUCH". But i finally recovered some old tricks and skills :P lolz... There were about 5 people in my table-tennis group and a teacher-in-charge. I played 3 games. I won all 3 of them! ~8)

The only highlight was when the teacher offered me a challenge when he saw how 'badly' i was playing. We played best out of 5 sets. That means that the first player to win 3 sets, wins the game. The teacher turned out to be a prO! lolz.. he almost trashed me in the first set. I won the second one. He won the third one. And at that time, i had almost lost all hope. Fortunately, i won the 3rd set with some difficulty. It was the last and final set. It would decide the winner and the loser. The hero and the villian. The teacher and the student. Think i got it wrong there. lolz! Alright, both of us played very well, we were tied up like a dead knot at 9-9. My heart was beating like a boiling teapot. It was my service, and i could beat him if i produced 2 top-class serves. "Stomp!" My foot hit the wooden ground. 10-9 in my favour. Match point for me. I served again, but he returned it this time. I did a top-spin and he tried to smash it straight at me. I shut my eyes.

It was out of the table! lolz! i won the teacher. Cool eh? lolz...i was making a mountain outta a mole hill. but that really happened, just not was spectacular. lolz..alright, it's time for my poems. Enjoy! =)

Ever came across,
A daunting hill?
ever stopped in your tracks,
By an enormous bill?

When troubles show,
And problems arise.
I try to remember,
God's gracious sacrifice.

If the Lord God Almighty,
Is always by your side.
All challenges and fears,
Will all subside.

God & Isaac

Helpless Soul
Pinned down by a heavy yoke,
Feet in stocks.
On all fours,
Surrounded by piercing rocks.

Blackness all around,
Not a single ray of light.
Who can save me,
from this dreadful plight?

Like a small boat,
In an endless sea.
Like dissolving sugar,
In a cup of tea.

Trapped in a cruel ditch,
As destitute as one can be.
I wonder who,
Who will hear my plea?

God & Isaac

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Fermented Breath

Hey peeps, received very few tags. And no one answered my question about what you peeps see on the top of the page(Above the picture of the cross), except Char and Tab! -.-" My questions are falling on deaf ears =...(

Oh yea, something really funny, or rather disgusting happened yesterday. I was doing some work on the computer, my Science Presentation Project. When i had finished with it, i walked out into the dining room to do some reading. Just then, my mum walked in and offered me a drink. I said "Sure". She handed me the red and white Liverpool mug which Tab gave me. I peered into it. It was some orangy yellow substance, i took a sip. It tasted kindda zesty, sweet and a tinge of sour. I thought my mum had come up with some special fruit punch or something like that. It actually tasted kindda nice though.

I tilited the cup to make sure there wasn't any more juice in it. After a few hours, i met my mum agian and i asked her what was the drink that she gave me. I thought it was apple juice. And she said "Opps!". I was like "Uh huh...". And the moment she said "Fermented Apple Juice", i was "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i said, it tasted kindda nice though. Well, that was wierd. Hope i don't get a constipated stomach today.

Here's my poem for today =) Enjoy!

God's Plan
God's mind cannot be fathomed,
It can never be read.
His thoughts can only be described,
With words that can't be said.

His plans are flawless,
His works are great.
But many people claim,

That it's only fate.

Sometimes God's plan,
Makes him look as black as soot.
But take a look at the big picture,
You'll find it'd turn out good!

So when you're in trouble,
You must always say.
God is working,
Even till this day!

God & Isaac

Friday, October 01, 2004


Hey peeps, no one tagged me yesterday. =( *sobs* Alright, there's nothing much to talk about today. But i wrote a pretty good poem, it's one of my favourites. I was just pondering over something, wondering why God made man, why God made each one of us. I think it's kindda like, each one of us has a purpose to fulfill for God. We have a choice, whether to follow it, or not. To me, the Will of God may not actually be his plan. Enjoy the poem!

I wonder why,
Why i was meant to be.
Why on earth,
Did God make me?

He knew very well,
That i'd make him sad.
Though i started good,
I'd turn out bad.

There must be a meaning,
A Purpose for my life.
And i God wants me to,
I would take the dive.

When i meet God,
In the heaven's eternal bless.
I will adore the wonderful plan,
He had and has.