Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Revival IIIVXX

"It's been suuuchh a long time since i last blogged" would be the cliche, but also the most appropriate way, to start off this blog revival post.

I've decided to blog regularly again after being inexplicably inspired by my blog archives. My historical entries put a seal on countless precious events of the past that i've so careless forgotten. But the sentimental emotions and feelings that prevailed at those very moments stretching back a couple of years would return just as though i was experiencing them all over again! It's a wonderful feeling to recall these precious memories, but it's an even more disappointing and regrettable to lose them.

27 posts in 2004
241 posts in 2005
137 posts in 2006
44 posts in 2007

I won't let this trend continue! :) I'm aiming for at least 100 posts for 2008!

I got back from an eventful holiday in Singapore and Vietnam two weeks ago. And I have a LOT to say about Vietnam. I should've blogged about my trip last week, but i was looking for ways to upload those 1000+ photos on this blog. Yes, i tried Megaupload, Filelodge, FileEx (i think), Photobucket, Zshare, etc... lol! It took my ages! And i still haven't got it on!! So i'll just have to work on a compromise. I'll blog about Singapore and Vietnam on two separate posts with heaps of photos so you won't get bored! =)

What've i been doing for the past two weeks?

Hmm.. Andrew Huang had a birthday lunch at some posh Chinese restaurant along South Bank last Friday. It was such a joy to see all my friends again! Nigel, James, Andrew, Meng, Orrin and Banh. Besides the amazingly delicious food, it was pleasing to see that they all got into good courses at good Uni's. Thanks for the lunch Andrew! =)

After lunch, we headed down to Strike for a game of bowling. I'm seriously TERRIBLE at bowling. I average about 50 a game if i'm lucky. 7 times outta 10, my ball would roll down the sides of the lane. However, the slick atmosphere at Strike changed all this. haha! The comfortable leather sofas, the U.V lights which made the pins stand out, and the massive screens at the end of the lanes made my bowling experience a much more pleasant and exciting one. I'm used to the dodgy bowling lanes in Singapore that NEVER fail to get jammed.. the balls have holes that are WAYY too small for your fingers.. and it would be sooo noisy because of the people in the 10 other lanes next to yours! Anyway, i managed to clock 93 points with 2 strikes! :D That made my day! haha! Orrin won the game with an impressive 100+ points, Andrew came 2nd with 96, and Nigel was last with 87 (correct me if i'm wrong! x.x") haha!

I organised a friendly game of Futsal at the Whitehorse Aquatic Centre yesterday. It was sorta a last minute thing and i only started inviting people on Sunday. Ideally, i wanted 15 people so that we can play with 3 teams of 5. I thought that we would struggle to even make 10 pple. However, there were a total of 26 people that rocked up! LOL! That totally wrecked the game.. sigh.. we ended up playing with 4 teams of 6 -.-"" The quality of the futsal was terrible yesterday and it was, honestly, a waste of time. I'm gonna take up stricter measures of control in the future... i'm gonna be Mr. Mean! :)

Yea, besides those events... i've been trying to compile all the poems i've written into a Black Book (all the pages at a solid black in colour), and all my songs into a White Book (all the pages are white in colour =) ). It was only when i started writing when i realised how many poems i've written 0.-""" I'm gonna have to allocate an entire week to do it instead of the 2 hours that i initally thought it would've taken.

At the start of the hols, i made a few commitments to do some productive things.. well, i can't remember what they are (i'll check later), but i remember committing to read 10 Christian books. Well, i've haven't even finished ONE!!! LOL! Also, my "learning to cook" label has been unbearably unsuccessful. I've only learnt how to cook three dishes - Japanese style fried asparagus wrapped in beef, Fish porridge and Soy Sauce Chicken. haha! It actually doesn't sound too bad! x.x"

Well, it's hard to keep commitments. But I've still got 20 days to read my books! =)