Friday, June 30, 2006

Gal Power!

A revelation was slapped right in my face yesterday when Angie and Vanessa scored 2 awesome goals in Futsal. It was the best game of Futsal i've ever had! The games i play with my friends are just so competitive, with everyone striving to perform, that the game just loses it's true meaning.

Well, i guess i've been too caught up with the high-flyers that i kindda forgot what it was like when i first started playing Soccer 4 years ago. Sigh.. when i saw the gals play yesterday... they were laughing, smiling, passing, missing and falling.. but it doesn't matter! they were having fun =) That dragged me out of my winning mentality, and enabled me to really enjoy the game! =)

To Yvonne, Sarah, Angie, Vanessa, Steph, Jas, Franny, Audrey and Jacilyn. Thanks for coming gals, just wanna say that i would never have experienced half the enjoyment if you gals hadn't rocked up. Oh.. just wanna congratulate Angie and Vanessa on their first goals!!! What did i tell ya?

The last game that we had was Fungus vs Young Adults. Nick, Shaun and i got on the scoreboard to end the game 3-0!!! =)) The YA got owned AGAIN! =P They were EXTREMELY rough though.. This dude named Adel attempted a sliding tackle on me but he caught my shins on the FULL -.-""" Man! He "swept me off my feet" if that makes it sound any less painful. Shucks! I had to limp off the court, and it hurts even now =(

Anyway, Qynn drove the gals back home after the game and the traffic was horrendous!!!! So Shaun and i "baconed" random people along the streets. haha! It was funny as! This hardcore looking up jumped up in shock when i "baconed" him. loL!

I was gonna get dropped off at Richmond, but Qynn managed to persuade me to join them for dinner at Box Hill. So i called home and my grandmum picked up. I told her that Box Hill was dangerous and i had to protect Jerusha. Thus, i was gonna have dinner there. And everyone at the back of the van started cracking up! lol! I never knew that they could all understand Mando -.-"""""

I had Chicken Maryland with Rice at The Booth. Aww... that's the best meal that you could have for 7.50. Shucks! I'm craving for it now!!!! -.-"" Alright, i've gotta get started on some work now.

Gal Power?!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Underdog Passion..

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that there is Hope. The very slight chance that the underdogs have in achieving triumph over the favourites.

This remarkable passion that a not-so-good-looking dude can have in winning the girl of his dreams because of a humble heart.

That Liverpool managed to come back from 3-0 down to become European Champions

That Australia, ranked 100++ in the world, could edge into the top 16 in the world cup.

That we can be saved by the blood of Christ despite all our sins.

Yesterday was a remarkable day as my friends and i ventured into the Foxtel Junior State Futsal Championships. I knew everyone on the team, and we were all friends, but we had not played together before. And i was suffering from aches and fatigue from the camp -.-"

There were 4 groups with 4 teams in each one - making 16 teams in all. They consisted of school teams, and even academies that trained every week! Even the state Futsal team was there! Considering these facts, our chances looked slim..

Despite all the odds, we managed to beat Glen Waverley Secondary College 4-1. Then we edged Yarra United 2-1, before finishing on the top of our group with an outstanding 3-1 demolition of Lalor North Secondary College. haha! We were through to the semi-finals!!!

We started off confidently, but our opposition, Vic Vipers (scary name huh?), were in a completely different league. All their players were unbelieveably nimble, they had terrific ball control, and a remarkable ability to hold possession and demonstrated quick and effective movement on and off the ball. Honestly, i've never SEEN Futsal being played at such a high standard, and i never KNEW that such a standard was achieveable -.-""

In desperation, we decided to apply our killer "soccer" tactics into the Futsal match - clean them up. lol! Obviously, it didn't work... and the two EXTREMELY biased referees only made the situation worse.. one ref rebuked our subs for spilling a few drops of water on the ground and demanded that we wipe it up with our clothes -.-" He also penalised us for minor errors in the taking of kick-ins and freekicks. Sigh... we were brushed away to a 4-1 defeat.

Well, congratulations guys! At least we came 3rd in the State. Not too bad afterall considering our standards... haha! =)

Jerusha and i spent the night at Sonja's with the rest of the dudes to watch the Australia vs Italy match. Well, it was an awesome game except for the penalty that Australia conceeded on the LAST SECOND of extra time. lol! I couldn't believe that the ref made such a stupid decision... my nightmare became a reality..

It's really heartbreaking to see such a worthy underdog filled with determination and passion literally kicked out of the World Cup by some dodgy ref.

Underdog Passion.. well admired.. never treasured.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

JIM - Jesus In Me!

I just got back from one of the BEST youth camps in my entire life. God's presence was so significant and so tangible whenever we came together to worship him! Everyone was SOOO filled with passion for Christ and our worship reached a TOTALLY new level! I love the song "From the Inside Out" by Hillsongs United... it expresses a true heart of worship, and enables me to sing my heart out to God.

There were a few altar calls for us to GET REAL with God... and to do away with all the superficiality and hypocrisy that we put on before leaving the front door every morning. Pastor Chris Field spoke about the Fear of Man, and how satan uses it to torment and enslave us. His words were clearly expressed, and they truely revealed what it meant to be living a pure and clean life.

We can constantly wary of how others will look at us, whether we look good in front of others, or if we're making the appropriate jokes, talking about the appropriate stuff and doing the appropraite things, even though it's just not in our nature to do so, just so that we can fit in with the crowd. By doing so, we're essentially acting in FEAR of the people around us. Pastor Chris related this to girls/guys and vainty - how they have to keep checking that they're looking perfect and all... it's such a chore... such a burden... to be under the Fear of Man.

God's really moved in my life through this camp. My granddad, back in Singapore, was recently diagnosed with cancer in it's advanced stages, and was given 3 more months to live. Well, i was resigned to the fact that he was going to heaven and that everyone had to die some day. But during a dinner last week, God spoke to me and said "What are you doing, isaac? Is this all you're gonna do your for granddad? Have Faith in Me."

So i decided to pray. To pray for his miraculous healing... and that through his healing many others may hear and know that the Lord God is real, and they he loves us and gave his Son to die for us! Well, when i was worshipping during the camp, i felt God telling me repeatedly, " have Faith in me... have Faith in me, my son."

It was during my Quiet Time with God this morning that He showed me the wonderful hills that he created all sloping down as though they were worshipping him. Pure white clouds floated all around these hills and made them look Perfect. I felt as though i just had a glimpse of Heaven. Then the passage that i was reading (Psalms 144) said:

"Bow down your heavens, O Lord, and come down. Touch the mountains and they shall smoke."

That was EXACTLY what i was looking at! God's wonderful creation just worshipping their creator! The passage continued to read:

"Lord, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? or the son of man, that you are so mindful of him? Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow."

At that point, he assured me that he created all things... and that he IS in FULL Control! So i prayed that he would make my life, despite its short length, a sweet breath and a passing shadow that impacts the people around me that they might have a feel of God's love. Now, i put my faith totally in the Lord my God, and no matter what happens to my granddad, whether he passes away or if he gets healed... i know that it'll all be according to God's will. The will of Him that loves me, and always does what is best for me. Thank you God!=)

That was the testimony that i shared with the campers this morning.

This camp has also provided me with the opportunity to develop many more friendships. There was this awesome JYM (Just Your Mate) letter system going on where every camper is assigned a person to write encouraging letters to throughout the camp in secret. Well, i wrote about 20 letters or so to different people... and i received about 20+ too! haha! It felt good writing to people that i didn't really know...

I was writing to Angela most of the time cuz she's my JYM. But i had a really difficult time trying to figure out who was writing to me! I made casual remarks to Sonja about my JYM, saying that she must be a really young gal who doesn't know how to write proper letters as her letters are all so short and vague; lacking any genuine meaning. lol! I only found out today that Sonja WAS my JYM! lOL! I had to apologise profusely to her =P

Though my team, Mustang, came last out of all the 6 groups, we had a really fun time making the car and working on that hilarious skit that went bad at the ending! x.x" haha! Germaine, Ron, Li Ming, Angie, Tim, Rodney, Keean, Franny, Hui Yi, Alvin, Darrell and i were part of that group.

All in all, i really enjoyed that camp. I've taken another step towards commiting to God, and i'm sure that he'll use me even more to impact the lives of the people around me. I'm motivated not to swear anymore, and to wipe off every speck of phoniness about me, and just to be the person that God created me to be! =)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleepy Sleepover

Australia vs Brazil. A David and Goliath match-up that ended in a rather dissapointing manner... Brazil totally outclassed Australia in every aspect of the game - movement on and off the ball, confidence in the first touch, shot power and accuracy, first touch passing and vision. In other words, we got owned big time. The 2-0 scoreline's a real let off... i mean, we did well with the quality that we had... but Brazil's in a totally different league of their own.

I slept over at Sonja's house yesterday to watch the game along with Gab, Shaun, Stella, her bro, Quentin and the entire Tan family. haha! I felt extremely tired, and i slept in and out of games. Apparently, i slept for 9 hours in total! loL! I watched the Japan game till the 75th min, half of the Aus and Brazil game and about 5 mins of the France match... they were kindda boring though.

I'm feeling dead tired right now after helping out at church for the entire afternoon. We were working on the stage decorations. Oh... and i helped Gab think about the theme of the games and suggested some activties for the camp this Thursday! Boo yah!! Yea, i spent the entire afternoon painting huge cardboards white and moving some random stuff..

I'm planning to watch the Czech game tmr morn, do most of my homework through the entire day and then help out at church on Wednesday. The camp's on Thursday! Yippee! i can't wait! =)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fungus Again

I just came back from Dance Practice after Fungus. It went pretty well, except for the fact that Serene and Ruth got kindda angry. haha! But they started to loosen up after i put in an extravagant, but vain, attempt to convince Nick to watch the Australia vs Brazil game at Fed Square tonight =) haha! Serene and Ruth started cracking up. Especially after i mentioned the words "Passion, Mass, Big, Fun, Suspense, and Sensational" haha!

I managed to learn the dance moves, but i'm still extremely uncoordinated =..( Everyone there was pro in comparison. lol! I was surprised that how good the gals were! =P The only problem was that they're a lil young, and some of them don't know when to shut up. haha! That was what got Serene pissed.

I'm really confused now.. i've got a whole mixture of emotions flowing through my sentimental heart. I've got no idea what to do... my heart tells me to do something, but my brain's urging me to act rationally. Sigh...

haha! I'm feeling glad, sad and confused at the moment. Joce just emailed me a few days ago! It's been such a LONG time since i had a chat with her... i guess we've just been too busy :( But she's my best friend, and she always will be! I'm gonna reply her email after this. Also, I can't wait for the Australia vs Brazil game tonight! All the prior talk before the game has set the stage for the actual game, i don't wanna go into any more arguments or analysing anymore probabilities... i just want to watch Football! =))

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Share the Passion

I must say that the World Cup 2006 has not failed to deliver a fair amount of surprises in the form of unexpected scorelines and sensational goals. Argentina just finished a 6-0 drubbing of Serbia and Montenegro last night and are deemed as favourites to win the World Cup this year. But Soccer's all about the belief that one has for a side, whether or not it is the underdog.

I placed a bet on Australia for the game against Brazil. The odds are about 50:1 that Australia will win the 5 time Champs, but i love the thrill and suspense that this beautiful game brings. You just sit there, praying most of the time, desperately hoping that there'll be an error in the defence, or a spectacular spark of skill from one of the star players to break the deadlock. haha! That's the beauty of the game... anyone can win... and it's the passion that the fans put into their teams that drive them on to produce the unexpected.

Liverpool's comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League Final last year, and their victory against West Ham in the FA Cup are perfect examples. Their fans got behind them despite all the odds... and a miracle happened. The Hope... The Passion that erupts when the decisive goal is scored! Oh... that sensation is to die for! Let's share this Passion!

I organised another Futsal mini-tournament yesterday consisting of three teams: Melbourne High, Donny High and Fungus! haha! My friends accused me of betraying them (yet again!) when i decided for play for Fungus. Anyway, the competition was fantastic! We played "First Goal Wins" and Winner stays Loser goes. All three teams were evenly matched and it took a spark of brillance, or an amazing move to break the deadlocks. Yea, thanks to everyone who turned up! Sportmanship was good, no one got into fights =)

haha! THe dudes reprimanded me for shouting at my sis on the Futsal court -.-""" Maybe i was a lil too harsh =x I think i scored 3 goals yesterday... oh yea... the most memorable goals were Jin's AWESOME volley that almost took the net off, and Pete's solid header into the bottom corner!!! It's a pity that Tommy and Jimmy couldn't join us as they had to go for a church camp. Daniel and his cousin, Shaun, managed to join us for the game though. haha! Darren and Josh were there too! =)

I'm going for dinner with Aunty Pauline and Uncle Tom tonight... we're going to the Jap Restaurant at MC. The food there's quite expensive, and i've been spending quite a bit on clothes recently... so i ate a whole bowl of rice just then so that i won't get tempted to order so much tonight.

Share the Passion people!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Love Lost

Don't you just hate the feeling of losing something? What makes it worse is not knowing how to get it back.

Well, three things happened to me in the last week or so, and i believe God's trying to tell me something. This is unbelieveable! Try to make it out yourself, it's really interesting... read on.

As i sat for my GAT last Wednesday, i opened my wallet and reached for my student card and realised it wasn't there! I started panicking, and i couldn't concentrate throughout the entire GAT paper. I didn't know where i'd lost it, or how i was gonna get it back... but i needed it desperately for my other VCE Exams. So i prayed... and i suddenly remembered that i had left it at the Whitehorse Aquatic Sports Centre when we went to play Futsal last Friday. They sent it back to my school, and i received it today. Thank God =)

Two days ago, i picked up the Danno's blazer by mistake after the Soccer match at lunch. So i looked for him after school, thankfully he had my blazer, so we exchanged blazers. But as i reached into my side pocket, i realised that my MP3 was missing! I asked Danno if he'd seen it, but he said no (I knew he didn't take it). I didn't want to waste any more money buying a new one, and i prayed in Hope. Subsequently, just yesterday a Year 12 friend of mine, Paul, timidly came up to me and confessed that he had taken it. lol! He was shitting himself!! But i didn't have my name on my blazer, and i couldn't blame him for stealing it... So he returned it to me today. Two items back on the same day... thank you, God! =))

As i headed off for sport today, i realised that my sports bag was missing! -.-""" How forgetful can i get?!?!?!?! Anyway, i thought i had left it on the train in the morning, so i called by Connex but they said that it wasn't handed in. I was so nervous cuz i had $260 worth of goods in that sports bag; including my $150 table tennis bat. Though all the odds were against me, i kept praying in Faith. I called my dad, mum and Andrew to gather some information... and i deduced that i must have left it on the tram on the way to school. So i rushed home after sport (4.30pm) and called Yarra Trams who referred me to a tram depot at Glen Huntley. I called them up, and guess what... My bag was there!!!! The third item that i had lost, and then found all in the same day!!!! Thank God again! =)))

Despite all the odds... my God's always been there for me. I prayed, God listened, and he answered. There's NO OTHER WAY that this could have happened except by God's Grace... not a coincidence... not a fluke. I really believe that God hears my prayers now... but i think he wants to tell me something even more than that.

When i lost something, i felt the anxiety, the need to have it back... it was tiresome and extremely worrying. I felt stranded by the fact that i would lost it, and all i could do was to think about it... but that only made it worse! Well, we're all lost; at least most of us are... But God's trying to find us because he loves us... but he never will unless we stop, turn around, and go looking for him too.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Heavy eyes, tired legs and a sore back are the results of a weekend at the State Youth Games (SYG). I was dumbfounded at the amount of churches that camped out at the Warrigal caravan park, around 50 in all!!! It was like a mini-community with kitchens, a moive arena, a concert hall, toilets, dirt tracks, and lots of other facilities.

It was FREEEEZING COLD when we got there at 8pm on Friday. I'm not joking... i NEVER expected it to be half that cold. The fog surrounding us was so dense that you couldn't see 5 metres ahead. My hands went numb almost immediately and i just didn't feel like moving. It was a natural freezer. Going to sleep was difficult last night; i woke up every hour because of the chills that penetrated my sleeping bag.

I played Soccer and Table Tennis on Saturday. Managed to get through to the semi-finals in Soccer after 2 draw and 2 wins in the group stage. Jin, Phan, Naan, Dieg and i formed the "leadership group" (Jin's idea) and lead by example on the field. It was CRAZY! I like a random rover running up in attack and defence; playing all three positions. Yea, the opposition were really rough though. Jin and Phan got corked in the thighs; Jin cramped up in both legs while Phan ended up limping at the end of the day.

I wasn't spared either -.-" I got shoved around and mocked at because of my size. This random dude attempted a full-blooded volley clearance, but his boot connected with my neck (just below the vocal cord) as i was through on goal -.-" The ref gave me a free-kick, which i converted, but that foul was horrendous! I didn't feel it then, and i just pretended to wince in agony, but i sure am feeling the effects right now. My throat feels all bruised, and i tend to cough for no reason x.-"
Well, we scored 3 goals and kept cleansheets for all our games in the group stage. However, we got thrashed 3-0 in the finals against Mitchem and their MASSIVE 20+ year old players -.-""" They were way outta our league, but Phan, Jin and i managed to tease them a little. lol! I got one of them so pissed with my stepovers and body shielding that he angrily shoved me over. Oh... i scuffed two one-on-one chances with the keeper... lol! THinking about it now... we wouldn't have lost if i had converted those chances =(

Table-tennis was rather boring. I won my first two matches with 2-0 scorelines, and i got knocked out in the quarter finals to a friend of mine, Shiwen. haha! He's a good bloke. Anyway... we had pasta for dinner along with delicious home-made Chicken and Corn soup! Boo yah!!! I was used to the extremely cold conditions by then, so that made sleeping easier. Oh... i love the times when a group of us would sit around that "bon fire" to have a lil chat. That warm feeling while dazzling at the dancing flames, along with the good company of friends, gave me a lil taste of heaven.

We set out at 8.30am for Indoor Soccer on Sunday. The rules were a lil dodgy, but we managed to get through the 3 group stage matches with 5 goals and straight clean sheets - 1 draw and 2 wins. That put us in the semi-finals against Sale. That's a game that i'll never forget. We dominated the entire match, but were unable to slot one past their AWESOME keeper. We had about 10 good shots on target, but all of them were saved. Anyway... here comes the AMAZING part..

The match turned into a fight for endurance as the ref blew for a Golden Goal Extra Time (meaning that the first team that scores wins). HOWEVER, we had to play with 3 players and NO KEEPER!!!! LOL! That made us fully exposed to counter-attacks; Jin, Naan and i were on. Naan stayed in goals while Jin and i continued to dominate the game. A random dude got so frustrated and tired that he took a full-blooded swipe at my calf. -.-"""" That really hurt...but i had to play on. Jin and i continued to pile on many shots on target, but the keeper stood resolute. Just as fatigue started to creep into my legs, the Naan chipped a long ball to Jin, who calmly took it down with one touch and volleyed it into the back of the net with the next!!!! LOL! HE ALMOST TOOK THE NET OFF!!!!! Jin you LEGEND!!!! =))))) We were through to the finals!!!!

Jin and i were dead tired and Phan was suffering from the injuries coped from Soccer the day before. Still, we held a tight defence against a formidable TLC side who had three skilful players on the move. It all happened so quickly, but i took the ball from our defence, took a touch round a defender and blasted the ball which swerved into the bottom right corner =))) LOL! Apparently, the keeper had no chance, but i don't remember a thing! The spectators burst out in amazement as the entire team gathered for a group huge. haha! That was an amazing experience... one that i'll NEVER forget. Jin, Phan, Dieg, Naan, Matt, James and Tony put in fantastic performances to finish the match off 1-0. =))) That crowned us Indoor Soccer Champions!!! BOO YAH!!! WELL DONE GUYS!!!

gtg for dinner now... Australia vs Japan at 11pm tonight!!! Don't miss it!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fillial Piety?

I just quarrelled with my mum over dinner... again. I know i have to honour my parents, but i just can't do it.

There's always been this on-going conflict between my mum and my grandmum that really saddens me whenever i think about it. My mum started asking my grandmum why she couldn't see the bowl of rice that was in the fridge over dinner. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that... but her tone and her facial expressions unnerved me. My mum said this is Chinese - and i quote - "Why didn't you see that bowl of rice? It's big, and its right in the middle!"

At that point, i said relatively loudly, "Mum! You should be blaming me instead cuz i was there too, and i didn't see the bowl of rice." I said that because i couldn't stand the oppression that my grandmum was going through... it infuriates me whenever someone does something to make my grandmum unhappy. I had to do something.

However, my mum grew furious and started saying that i'm "trying to be smart" and she concluded the argument with these words, "You better not interrupt me when i'm talking in the future!" -.-" I just kept quiet. There was no point arguing anymore. My grandmum didn't have to go through anymore "questioning" from my mum. That's good enough for me.

After dinner, my sis said that i was in the wrong. I couldn't believe my ears when she said that. On the contrary, i was utterly disappointed that she didn't stand up for my grandmum, she just kept quiet to save her own arse. Yet she still has the nerve to say that i was wrong.

God, i wanna honour my mum. But you know that i love them both just as much... please give me wisdom.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's the sixth day of the sixth month of the two thousand and sixth year today. In other words, 6/6/06. There's this horror movie released today called "The Omen". Sigh... i don't see why these people keep toying around with Bible truths. They invoke artificial fears and bug the minds of movie-goers to achieve a result similiar to that known as "brain-washing". Some of my friends believe the lies on the Davinci Code even though it's recognised as Fiction, backed up whole lot of facts that prove otherwise -.-"

By the way, the 666 is a real being... and i would be pretty freaked out if i was a non-Christian.

School was fantastic today, apart from the sub-zero temperature in the classrooms. haha! I got my Maths Genereal Paper 2 back today... i got 90/115!!!! =))) haha! i think that's an A+!!! Thank God for that... i really needed a good mark after doing poorly for the first paper.

I'll be going off for the State Youth Games this weekend, but i haven't started packing yet. haha! i'll start tmr.. it seems so far, yet i know that i'll find myself in a freezing-cold Warrigal in no time. I can't wait to play sport, but i don't wanna sleep in chilly tents!!! =S

Oh... i've got the GAT tmr. Hope i do well, but i don't feel confident. My mum's making do some practice GAT's, but i feel that there's no point in that -.-" I'll do them anyway, just to make her happy =)

Monday, June 05, 2006

One Freezing Cold Day...

It was unbelieveably cold today. My hands were stiff and i had some difficulty writing in class. haha! Hardly anyone turned up to school today because of the on going VCE Examinations. My GAT's scheduled on Wednesday, and i've got mixed feelings about it. Most people say that it doesn't matter at all and that i shouldn't care about it. Then again, my gut feeling's telling me that i should at least try my best. Hmm...

I've been slacking off so much in the past week, i guess it's the typical post-exam syndrome. I keep forgetting that there's still a whole lot of Business Management, Chinese and Chemistry homework to do -.-""" Sigh.. i'll be going for the State Youth Games for the whole of the long weekend and i won't be able to study for the BM SAC next week.

Anyway, i'm not looking forward to SYG. We're gonna be sleeping in the FREEZING COLD outdoors in small lil tents! haha! I sure hope that the tents are big enoughto fit all four of us - Anthony, Phan, Jin and myself. Then again, a small and cosy tent might be much warmer... and we can all do some bonding =P haha!

I put my new Predators to the test yesterday, and they didn't fail to impress. I could run much faster with them, had a whole lot more control on the ball and i could shoot harder and more accurately too! =) Yea, but the boots were a lil tight in the front and they several bruises on my feet -.-"" Hopefully they'll mould into shape soon enough.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fruitful Fruit

I just had a warm heart-to-heart conversation with my grandmum. There has been a lot of friction going on between my mum and my grandmum for the past few years, but they've been trying to cover it up by treating each other with respect and keeping communication to the minimum. Sigh... it really hurts me to see that these steorotypical "Daughter-in-law anti-mother-in-law" relationships. It cuts deep. I wish i could give up my life just to see them as friends, good friends that love each other... so that perhaps...maybe, just maybe my grandmum will get to know Christ.

I spent a bit more than an hour typing up some songs that i've composed this year; 7 in all. I'll present all of them to Stanley, and he'll choose the ones that'll be in the next Fungus Album. Boo yah! I can't wait for its release. I was glad with last year's album, but i reckon we can do much better than that.

Futsal was pretty good yesterday. I finally bought my new Predators from Box Hill! haha! Who would have thought, out of all places, that i would actually buy boots from Box Hill! They cost me $89, but it's $89 well spent. I'm gonna put them to the test tomorrow after Fungus. Oh, i miss the guys there... can't wait for tmr!!! =)

Oh Futsal... There was the MHS team which was competing fiercely with the Doncaster High team, while the Fungus team was on the sidelines most of the time. haha! That's quite a surprise, but Futsal was played at a really high level yesterday. I was amazed at some of the goals, runs, skills and tricks pulled off by some of the players. However, Tommy had a conflict with Charlie and Phan which reflected poor sportmanship. I mean, Phan's a lil rough. He actually decked me from behind as i was jumping for a header through on goal... i landed badly on my chest -.-" But i just went on with the game.

Well, honestly, Fungus were owned yesterday. We played first goal wins, winner stays and loser goes. Yea, that's the reason why we were on the sidelines most of the time. lol! Well, at least we didn't have to pay for the courts. They were doing some maintenance work when we got there, and we had to wait for 40 minutes or so... so i had a nice chat with the Manager, Miguel, and he offered to give us the two hours free of charge! haha! That's why social skills are important - BM!!!! haha!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I was sitting down on a ledge at Glen Waverley train station today at 5.20pm. It was getting dark and gusts of cold wind were sending shivers through my exposed skin. But as i sat there listening to music, i looked up in the sky and saw many cumulous clouds in a warm, radiant orangy glow that just brought a sensual warmth to my heart.

It was that moment when i started to appreciate life. Though it was cold, and i had a really disappointing day trying in vain to buy some boots with Harish and Tommy, i realised that God made the world beautful... but through all the hustle and bustle in life, we fail to see this extraordinary beauty. I also realised what good friends in Harish and Tommy God has given me =)

But as the sun set, the clouds started to turn grey. And as more time passed, the warm glow on its spectacular linings faded away, and all that was left behind were... black clouds. I wanted to think that they were white fluffy ones, but they were dark and gloomy.

Yea, i feel that a lot. Especially when i'm away from God. He's the one that lights up my world and makes me smile. He's the reason that i live. I wonder what people that don't believe in God are living for.... once your life's over... all that's left behind's that black and gloomy cloud. Only he can wash our sins away, and make us as white as snow.