Thursday, June 01, 2006


I was sitting down on a ledge at Glen Waverley train station today at 5.20pm. It was getting dark and gusts of cold wind were sending shivers through my exposed skin. But as i sat there listening to music, i looked up in the sky and saw many cumulous clouds in a warm, radiant orangy glow that just brought a sensual warmth to my heart.

It was that moment when i started to appreciate life. Though it was cold, and i had a really disappointing day trying in vain to buy some boots with Harish and Tommy, i realised that God made the world beautful... but through all the hustle and bustle in life, we fail to see this extraordinary beauty. I also realised what good friends in Harish and Tommy God has given me =)

But as the sun set, the clouds started to turn grey. And as more time passed, the warm glow on its spectacular linings faded away, and all that was left behind were... black clouds. I wanted to think that they were white fluffy ones, but they were dark and gloomy.

Yea, i feel that a lot. Especially when i'm away from God. He's the one that lights up my world and makes me smile. He's the reason that i live. I wonder what people that don't believe in God are living for.... once your life's over... all that's left behind's that black and gloomy cloud. Only he can wash our sins away, and make us as white as snow.

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