Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fungus Again

I just came back from Dance Practice after Fungus. It went pretty well, except for the fact that Serene and Ruth got kindda angry. haha! But they started to loosen up after i put in an extravagant, but vain, attempt to convince Nick to watch the Australia vs Brazil game at Fed Square tonight =) haha! Serene and Ruth started cracking up. Especially after i mentioned the words "Passion, Mass, Big, Fun, Suspense, and Sensational" haha!

I managed to learn the dance moves, but i'm still extremely uncoordinated =..( Everyone there was pro in comparison. lol! I was surprised that how good the gals were! =P The only problem was that they're a lil young, and some of them don't know when to shut up. haha! That was what got Serene pissed.

I'm really confused now.. i've got a whole mixture of emotions flowing through my sentimental heart. I've got no idea what to do... my heart tells me to do something, but my brain's urging me to act rationally. Sigh...

haha! I'm feeling glad, sad and confused at the moment. Joce just emailed me a few days ago! It's been such a LONG time since i had a chat with her... i guess we've just been too busy :( But she's my best friend, and she always will be! I'm gonna reply her email after this. Also, I can't wait for the Australia vs Brazil game tonight! All the prior talk before the game has set the stage for the actual game, i don't wanna go into any more arguments or analysing anymore probabilities... i just want to watch Football! =))

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