Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleepy Sleepover

Australia vs Brazil. A David and Goliath match-up that ended in a rather dissapointing manner... Brazil totally outclassed Australia in every aspect of the game - movement on and off the ball, confidence in the first touch, shot power and accuracy, first touch passing and vision. In other words, we got owned big time. The 2-0 scoreline's a real let off... i mean, we did well with the quality that we had... but Brazil's in a totally different league of their own.

I slept over at Sonja's house yesterday to watch the game along with Gab, Shaun, Stella, her bro, Quentin and the entire Tan family. haha! I felt extremely tired, and i slept in and out of games. Apparently, i slept for 9 hours in total! loL! I watched the Japan game till the 75th min, half of the Aus and Brazil game and about 5 mins of the France match... they were kindda boring though.

I'm feeling dead tired right now after helping out at church for the entire afternoon. We were working on the stage decorations. Oh... and i helped Gab think about the theme of the games and suggested some activties for the camp this Thursday! Boo yah!! Yea, i spent the entire afternoon painting huge cardboards white and moving some random stuff..

I'm planning to watch the Czech game tmr morn, do most of my homework through the entire day and then help out at church on Wednesday. The camp's on Thursday! Yippee! i can't wait! =)

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