Monday, November 28, 2005

Alhpa Retreat

I'm blogging from school right now. We just had 4 tiring periods of singing and we're gonna get dismissed soon. Banh's beside me and he wants to say that Phan's gay. Anyway, Phan's here as well, and he admits that he's gay. Banh's humming the song "When you say nothing at all".

I haven't been blogging lately because i was on a one-day camp on Friday. It was supposed to be an Alpha Retreat, but most of them didn't turn up. So 13 of us: Quentin, Gabriel, Jerusha, Sarah, Grace, Nick, Chris, Shaun, Franny, Jasmine, Reuben, Alvin and i (Banh and Phan were there in spirit ofcourse) went on a 45 minute drive to Wonga Park up in the mountain ranges.

We had a few sessions on the Holy Spirit, played soccer, chatted, played soccer again, went spider-hunting, mosquito-bashing and had a barbeque. Yea, think that's funny? Chris, Grace, Sarah, Shaun, Gabriel and I started a game of Risk at 10:30pm which lasted for 4 hours!!!!! haha! It was about 2:50am the next day by the time we got to bed. As i rested my head on the pillow, two gigantic spiders crept outta nowhere! They were literally about 8cm by 4cm large! One was black and the other orange, and from that observation, i gathered that they were poisionous -.-""" I told the rest of the dudes about the spiders, and everyone started screaming their guts out! lol! It was hilarious! I quickly jumped off the top bunk and scrambled to safety.

After 10 minutes of turmoil, we managed to eradicate the spider threat - Nick smashed the orange one against the wall with Chris' shoe, and i smacked the black one with Chris' other shoe. haha! It was funny how Quentin freaked out when he saw the spiders!

Anyway, the camp was terrific. Sigh... i'll be back in Singapore in two days, but i don't wanna leave so soon! What an irony...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Relentless Anger

Today's events reminded me of the old days when i used to be unimaginably immature, full of pointless hate and anger at people. Whatever i did was right in my eyes, and whatever displeased me was either eradicated or neglected. I had trapped myself in this world of immature isolation which caused me to do stupid things that i'm still quite embarrassed about. I know it's all part of growing up, but will this immature sinful nature within us be annihilated completely, or will it just be diluted with the strong bonds to professionalism and to social norms.

I regret going to school today. Half the class wagged anyway. We spent the first period playing cards, the next two watching this hilarious show called "Anchorman". Then Joash, Jase and i spent the entire fourth period walking around the school trying to find our German class. haha! The fifth period was spent practicing for Speech Night, and we were dismissed at the start of the 6th period -.-""""

I guess the climax of the day was when Jase gave into his raging temper, almost gave Tommy the bashing of his life, and booted the ball at Banh. No, it's not funny. I actually got pretty pissed at the way Jase behaved. Here's what happened. Jase failed to "flick" the ball up into his grasp at Flinders this morning, so Tommy and Co. had to bag him about it all the way to school. At lunch, Jase wanted to play Soccer on the Oval, but Tommy and Co. prefered the Tennis courts. I wasn't there at the start of the argument, but when i got down there, Jase had the ball in his hands and was about to leave for the oval with Leo, Phan and Calvin. So i calmed Jase down, and told him that we should discuss this in a proper fashion, as men.

However, Tommy started criticising Jase (couldn't hear what he said) till he blew his top off and charged at Tommy. Whoa... trust me, he was PISSED AS! I had to hold him back, and i was surprised that no one came to my aid. Yea, i had to keep at it, talking some sense into him, for a few minutes before he could cool down. Sigh... i don't know why he had to react like that. It's exactly how some immature dude would react. I mean, i know he's smart, and he's better than that.

That wasn't it though. Halfway through our Soccer game on the Tennis courts, Jase made a powerful volley through an open goal. Well, the thing was, Banh was sitting on a ledge just behind the goals and he thought that Jase was trying to get him with the ball. So he made some sarcastic remark. Jase ignored him at first, but apparently Banh told him to "shoot the ball at me!" And that's what Jase did. He pick the ball up and booted it straight at Banh from a point blank range. Whoa... that was all i could take, i wasn't gonna protect him. Banh ran up to Jase and almost beat the living daylights outta him, but he was better than that. It was wise of him to step down.

I don't know what was going through Jase's mind, but i do know that he can't carry on like this. All i can do is to set a good example, pray and hope that he humbles himself to learn to be better than violence.

We're going to have four periods of sining through recess tomorrow, and i seriously don't wanna spend a second in school tmr, but my mum doesn't want me to wag -.-"""" Argh.. i guess it's kindda wrong to wag, and to dishonour my mum's opinion. So yea, i'm just gonna sit through hell anyway. My dad just left for Sydney yesterday, and i won't see him for two months. The next time i'll see him will be back in Singapore. God, please be with him =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Summer Flies

The days are starting to get warmer and Melbourne is being swarmed by a relentless plague of flies. Seriously, there are flies everywhere! They fly aimlessly around bumping into glass windows, landing on people's noses and on toilet bowl seats. Argh! I hate flies!!!! They seem to be tagging on to me all the time!

We played Baseball for P.E today, and there they were... the dreaded flies. They buzzed around my lips and nostrils, and i almost blew my head off whenever they came near my eyes and ears. haha! It was my first time playing Baseball. I didn't know the rules, but i was the third batsman up. I took a swing at Trent's first throw, which ended up with a "Strike One!" call by the umpire(Mr.Pritchard).

Oh, but i nailed it the second time, my first strike with a baseball bat. I ran quickly to the first base and continued for the second one. I was about 2 metres from the 2nd base when Gary started to charge in from the right and Anthony came in from the left! lol! So i made a desperate attempt to slide for the base. I was successful, but my arm (biceps) got caught on Gary's shin in the process -.-"" Whoa! The pain was excruciating! It hurts even now... sigh... i got decked by Gary -.-"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November's Chopin

I'm listening to Jay Chow's new album "November's Chopin" right now, and ive gotta say that it's awesome! I don't know why, but i used to think that he's gay. Well, not anymore! Remember how i was feeling really down last week because of my poor Science grade? Let's just say that things took a turn for the better today =)

I got two Maths papers and my Geography back today, and i did better than i had expected. I scored an A+ for my second Math paper, and only 87% for the first one -.-""" See, i carelessly transfered my answer from the Question sheet to the Answer sheet incorrectly!!!! That cost me four valuable marks that i totally deserve!! Sigh... i'm just gonna say that i had a double A+ for my Maths papers. haha!

The average for Geography was around 58 out of 80, and i thought that i flunked it. But i got 75/80!!!! Woohoo!!! I grinning from mouth to mouth when i realised how well i had done. I think i topped the whole year level in Geography. haha! After the lesson, Mr. McComb, my Geography teacher, spoke to me about the Unit 3,4 courses in Geography and persuaded me to take it up. Well, i've never had the knack for Geography, but i've gotta admit that i enjoyed this year's course work. I thank God for my fantastic results!

Harish, Allen, Jamie, Darren, Arpit and i went to Hungry Jacks after school today, and we had a pretty nice chat about random stuff - teachers, random jerks, SRCs, Soccer, Gaybos and Scabs. haha! I've been hooked on to a fad recently - Daytona. I'm just crazy about it. Marcus and i went to RMIT yesterday for a game, and i really loved it though i came last (",)

I'll be leaving for Singapore on the 1st of December. That's in exactly 9 days, and it feel really short. I've made so many good friends this year, and i'm starting to feel a little nostalgic right now. lol! I want to be able to do something with the dudes before i leave. Hmm... i won't be seeing Blee, Peter, James and Yvonne in ages.

Hey, if you guys are reading this. I just wanna thank you all for being such GREAT friends, from my most sincere part!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

5 - 3 Victory!

I spent the whole day out yesterday. School ended at about 11am, and i played soccer with Tommy, Jase, Marcus, Duc, Jin, Phan and Banh for while. Then Jase and i went to this small soccer shop called "The World Game" on Swan Street to check out the new Socceroo tops. However, the cashier told us that the tops were all sold out state-wide. haha! Jase wanted it really badly, so we made a trip to MSD in the city. Fortunately, there were two left. So Jase bought one for $134!!!! lol! I really wanted one, but the price made my eyes roll.

Australia's going crazy about Soccer ever since we won that thrilling game on Wednesday night. Jase was wearing an old Socceroo jersey in the city, and these random people just came up to him and went "Go Socceroos!" or "Hey man, all stoked for the Socceroos?" haha! It was hilarious. I also overheard plenty of conversations on the train about the Socceroos. I think it's becoming the hottest topic around. I guess this will be a great boost for the game.

Jase wanted to go back to his little hole early, so i met up with the rest of the dudes at RMIT. We played pool for about 2-3 hours, and i got persuaded into going on one of the Daytona machines. haha! It was really good actually. It's been a really long time since i've raced virtually.

After that, Lil Joe and i went to Jin's house to prepare for the much-awaited indoor soccer game that night. We had a nice pizza lunch, and played a little cricket before leaving for Greensborough.

The match started at 7.45pm, and it was extremely tough. The opposition didn't have enough players, and so they recruited 3 Super League players from another team to help them out -.-""" lol! Louis, one of our main defenders, was out for the whole season due to several semi-severe injuries, and i was called into replace him =) haha!

The entire match was extremely intense, with quite a lot of shoving at the back and exchange of abuses. But sheer class, good ball control and pin-point passing dominated the match which ended 5-3 in our favour! Yippee! We managed to pull through despite all the odds. I was pretty cut at the end because the two strikers that i was marking refused a handshake -.-" But other than that, it was a game to remember!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Australia VS Uruguay

Hey peeps! Guess most of you already know, but i've been feeling really down due to my poor results. But God has taught me a lot from this experience:
- Not to be proud
- Trust in the Lord
- Small upsets shouldn't hinder my walk along God's path for me

I didn't have classes today. The entire Year 10 have to go for a Transition Program that basically introduces you to the various Year 11 subjects that you have chosen. I had two free periods for the first part of the day, and played Soccer with Harish, Jin, Banh, Tommy, Jack, Jamie and some other soccer dudes. I managed to get two awesome diving headers on target, but i dirtied my white shirt during the process -.-"

Anyway, i went for the Chemistry transition program for the third and fourth periods. We conducted some experiments with Ammonia, Magnesium, Copper II Sulfate, Hydrochloride, Sodium Hydroxide and several other chemicals. I found it extremely interesting. I felt as though i've been given a brand new chance to shine, and i'm definately not gonna let it slip this time!

Jase, Turk, Harish, Marcus and i were going to watch the much awaited Australia vs Uruguay World Cup Qualifier match tonight initially, but it was called off because Harish had some other commitments -.-" while Marcus and i were afraid of a terrorist attack. I mean, the terrorists have been saying that the next bombing target was Melbourne, and i reckon tonight's the best time to strike. If all the soccer fanatics at Federation Square were bombed/killed, it would mean a big blow to Australian Soccer!

Jase was pretty pissed about it, but i told him that he'll owe me his life if there was an actual bombing at Federation Square tonight. haha!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sad Marks -.-"

Hey peeps! I'm feeling downcast right now because of my extremely poor exam results. I got four out of the eight exams that i sat for yesterday, and i was devastated to see:
English - A
German - D, C+
Science - B

I must say that the Science absolutely killed me. I studied my guts out for it, only to get this poor mark. It pisses me off so badly because my mistakes were of sheer carelessness. See, i was short of an A+ by 10 marks, i left out an easy 4 mark question on the last page because i didn't see it. Then, i read a 2 mark question wrongly although my answer was correct. Sigh... i dont' even want to think about it right now. I don't know what i'm gonna do, my mum got really pissed when i told her about my Science mark. I've never ever had anything lower than an A+ for a Science Exam. Argh... i've totally stuffed this one up.

This is probably the worst examination period i've had, and i'll just treat it with a pinch of salt =) Joanne slept over at my house last night, and we left for FGA at 8am this morning. OUr group project was to bless any ministry, and we decided to make some sandwiches for the women's ministry; who were having a meeting this morning.

It all turned out pretty well. Gabriel and Nick came late, but Jerusha and Joanne managed to pack about 60 sandwiches in less than an hour. I was planning to have a game of Soccer with Harish, Phan, Marcus, Nick, Jerusha, Shaun, Gabriel and myself, but almost everyone pulled out. So yea, Harish, Marcus and i had a kick at Wavereley park all by ourselves. It was really fun actually. I was quite amazed at the quality of our passing and all. I mean, our skills were almost on par with each other although we played in different roles, and we are all Singaporeans!!! haha!

The exams are over.. i'm not gonna brood over it. One slip up in one year won't take down the rest of my life. I'm gonna run this race with all my heart. I'll run it for God!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fungus Rocked....again!

Just had a kick with my sister, and i realised that i've lost most of my soccer skills -.-" I haven't been playing soccer for 3 weeks!!!! AHH!!!! I'm gonna go nuts soon if i don't have a proper game of Soccer! haha!

I'm currently learning how to play the song "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating on the guitar. So i've uploaded it on the blog, hope you like it! Tag!!!!

I woke up at 6am today just to catch the Australia VS Uruguay World Cup Qualifier match which ended in a 1-0 victory for the South Americans. Sigh... the whole of Australia was watching with a small glimmer of hope, that was shut out by a 30th minute header -.-" Argh... they MUST win the next game. I really want Australia to qualify for next year's World Cup.

Fungus was terrific today. Bryan led us in an awesome time of worship; one of the best i've had. Chris spoke about Faith, and what it was. I can't really remember his definition, but it meant to have faith in God in all of our choices. This really struck me because i've never seen Faith in that way.

I've always thought that Faith was a belief that something impossible can be made possible through the power of Christ. But it is more than that. Faith is putting God in control of ALL our choices and decisions, knowing that he loves us and that it'll turn out for the good.

Oh yea, this is the scripture verse for today =)

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."
- 1 John 3:16 NIV

Friday, November 11, 2005

Last Day of Work Experience!

Yep, today was the last day of work experience for me. I must say that i'm really happy to get that over and done with. Although it really was rewarding, i had to endure tireless hours of standing and walking around in the various wards and departments. haha! I just came back from work today feeling $30 richer! That's $6 bucks a day, which is really nothing at all. I got paid $50 dollars doing Community Service at Arpad Hostel for 18 hours! I reckon i should have had a better pay. But i guess the free lunches kindda levelled it off =)

I was at the Ambleside ward today, under the wonderful supervision of two young and beautiful nurses - Nicole and Megan. We did the same check ups as before - normal Observations and routine checks, changing of bedsheets, and medication. Yea, it was pretty straightforward, and it got a little boring when both Nicole and Megan had nothing to do! lol! They were slacking off!

Anyway, i spoke to this British patient for quite a bit, and we had a rather interesting conversation about his exploits as head of the British army back in 1941 in Eygpt! haha! i also tried to speak to this "confused" patient that suffers from Alzheimer's (is that how it's spelt?) Disease, and he refused to put on his oxygen mask the whole time!

We had kish (I know it's spelt with a "Q", but i just can't remember!!!!) for lunch, which was semi-terrific. After that, i went to the Emergency Deparment and was under this wonderful nurse by the name of Katrina. She was really friendly and nice. She even taught me how to operate a manual Blood Pressure machine, and she let me conduct several tests on patients - Pulse-taking, temperature, oxygen level and heart rate. I had a great time there.

After that, we headed of to meet Jackie for the last time. She gave Prashant and i the Evaluation forms and our salary =) haha! Prashant was about to burst because i had a much better comment from Jackie.

Alright, i've gotta go for Fungus really soon. BTW, i totally enjoyed my stay there, and i would strongly recommend that place for any of you looking for a Work Experience placing. You won't regret it! It least i didn't! =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

3rd/4th Day of Work

I was a too tired to blog yesterday, but i must tell you guys about what i did. I started off yesterday at the new Cardiac Ward called Chesterfield and i was supervised by two lovely nurses - Lynn and Kelie. I watched as Kelie was dressing this patient's chest wound. He had a infection in his Sternum not long after his surgery, and had to be hospitalised. His wound was about an inch deep, from the bottom of his neck right down through his chest. Yea, it was a little offputting, but i managed to get a hold on my nerves. Well, that was an experience.

Lynn's such a funny person. She's the type that's a little overweight, just a little talkative and a whole lot funny. You need people like that in the workplace. It just... brings life to a dull setting! Anyway, she brought me around, and taught me about her trade willingly. The jokes that she cracked were hilarious.

After a splendid lunch, i headed off to the Day Unit. Before i go there, i would love to mention the terrific lunches provided free of charge at the hospital. On Monday there was Roast Beef, on Tuesday: Fried Chicken and Rice, on Wednesday: Thai Curry Chicken and Rice, and Thursday(today) i had Turkey!

It was pretty boring at the Day Unit. I was doing some paper work; a lot actually. This wonderful nurse named Andrea had a nice chat with me. She shared her experience with me, and told me about her children, and what kind of education she went through. It was really rewarding. I continued to make beds and wash pillows till 3pm.

Today was a little more interesting, and a lot more tiring! haha! I was at Stamford Ward for the first shift, under the care of an awesome, and well-experienced, nurse named Lynn. Through the past 3 days, i reckon i got to know Lynn the most. We talked about everything from school, to her family, to patients and the different types of drugs used. She was really experience. She knew exactly what she was doing and all.

But i made a real fool of myself when i tripped over a dangling IV cord after she asked me to grab some gloves for her -.-""" lol! I was terrified as i saw the IV being yanked out of an old male patient's wrist! Whoa... i cannot explain how horrified i was, but i kept apologising profusely to the man. He had been on a drip for 3 hours, but i carelessly pulled the IV out 10 minutes to go -.-" So he has to sit through the 3 hours againt tomorrow. He was really nice about it though, i spoke with him quite a bit actually. I'm really amazed at how nice people can be. I got to know 3 patients actually - Ken, and two other patients whose names escape me at the moment.

The interesting bit came after lunch at the Pathology Dorevitch department where my blood was taken and put through test several tests. An Irish lady took quite a few millilitres of blood from my arm, but it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would have. I got to look at all the red and different kinds of white blood cells in my blood through a microscope. Yea, that was a wonderful experience. This British dude named Carl briefed me through a whole lot of extremely expensive machines, which was kindda boring. Furthermore, i felt dead tired at that point as i had been standing for about 3 hours at the Stamford Ward.

Anyway, it got more interesting when he showed me how to conduct a test for blood type. He told me about the A,B, AB and O blood types, and how they worked, including the positive or negative charge on the blood, as well as, the different anti-agents that a blood can have. It was all really confusing and i only got half the stuff he mentioned. In the end, i my blood resulted in an O positive, and had anti-A and anti-B agents in it. haha! I don't really know what the anti-agents do, but i sure am happy with the results! =)

I went to the Glen after work to buy a card for Jackie, the Work Exerperience Coordinator. Sigh... time flies by really quickly when you're enjoying yourself. I'll definately miss all these different people that have impacted relatively greatly on my life =) Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 2 of Work Experience

My second day at work was as great as the first, in fact, i got through it with a little more ease than i did yesterday. I was telling Prashant at work that time seems to drag on during work, and it seems to fly pass during school.

I spent 3 hours at the Supply department helping this 19 year old dude named Simon. He's such a humble and cool person, and everyone seems to like him. I had a taste of the top departments yesterday, and i was put in the lowest one today- Supply. Simon taught me how to sort out all the paper work, as hundred of boxes were delivered by the truckload at different times in the morning. There was no end to the work, boxes just kept flooding in. His job was to sort them out and deliver them to their respective departments.

It was really interesting because Heather, a nurse in the Theatre department, told me that she was gonna order something yesterday, and i saw it in the Supply room today. haha! It was then that i realised that all the different departments are dependent on each other to run a hospital, and that the Supply department was extremely important although it does require much expertise.

After that, i was sent to the Cardiology department. I watched a professional named Jenny, conduct a Echocardiography using a highly-advanced machine. She briefed me through the whole process as though i was a professional too, but i was pissing myself trying to keep up with all the sophisticed terminology and all. She was like "The bleeding valves may be caused by the pappilar muscles just behind the heart..." haha! But i actually understood most of it =)

Then another professional came to speak to me about the different kinds of testing used in Cardiology - Electricardiography (ECG) , Amulatory Monistoring, Exercise ECG Stress Testing, Echocardiography, Pacemaker implant, Cardiac Catheterisation, Electrophysiology Studies (EPS). haha! I only know what half of those procedures are. He brought me into their Radiology lab and showed me how Cardiac Catheterisation is carried out and all. I was extremely thrilled when he mentioned inserting this long tube into this *Thiemseine* vein in the leg and pulling it all the way behind the neck, down the throat and into the heart. lol!

I've been learning so much...but i don't know if i wanna go into Medicine. Everything sounds so interesting and fun, even the Supply job.

Monday, November 07, 2005

First Day at KPH

I was amazed at the tremendously high levels of organisation and management existent at Knox Private Hospital on the first day of work experience there. I must say that i had a great time there. I met so many skilled professionals in various departments of the health industry, and i've learnt so much stuff that i've never ever heard of in my entire life!

Prashant and i entered the Administration department at 9.30am, and met up with this fantastic lady named Jackie, our Work Experience Co-ordinator. She handed us a few legal forms that we had to fill in, and a full roster for the week. haha! I was so amazed when i saw that she had placed me in so many departments! In fact, i was to help out in two different departments a day - there was Surgical/Medical, Operational Theatres, Supply, Cardiology, Day Unit, Cardiac Ward, Dorevitch Pathology and Emergency.

My first departmental area was the Surgical/Medical ward named Ferndale. I was referred to three nurses; Bree, Nikki, and Jackie. haha! I had a semi-great time there. Bree's pregnant, and i helped her out most of the time. However, there was nothing much to do there, and all i could do was to observe what they were doing, and all the paperwork they had to fill out. I guess the most exciting bit was when Bree injected an IV into an old man's arm. lol! I was seriously freaking out. I never knew that i was afraid of blood or anything along those lines. But when i saw the old man whinging in pain when the needle was stuck into his arm, with blood streaming down. I felt sick in my stomach, and i really could have fainted right there and then. It was really funny because Nikki told me moments later that the previous Work Experience student fainted after witnessing the gory mess. Thank God that it didn't happen to me! =) And don't bag me!

I was also surprised that an awesome lunch was provided for all staff! haha! If i ever became a nurse at Knox Private Hospital, that would be the reason. Guess what i had? Roast Beef with Mass Potatoes!!!! lol! Prashant had sandwiches because he's supposed to be abstaining from beef. But he didn't refrain from sneaking a few pieces of my lunch down his throat!

After lunch, Jackie brought me to the Operating Theatre department. I was under two fabulous nurses; Emma and Heather. These wonderful nurses really made my day. There were renovations going on in that department for six new operating threatres, and there weren't many operations going on today because of that. Thus, these two fantastic nurses could stop their jobs and give me personal tours around the place!

Heather's in charge of sterilisation, and she showed me all the instruments and equipment needed for different operations. I even saw the pieces used for hip replacements. haha! The surgical sissors, stitches and huge-as surgical knives looked really intimidating. She took me to this room where they wash all the equipment, and where they sterilise them. The equipment was kept in seal, sterile boxes made of a special material and they would be dated, stamped and check for germs. Whoa... i was amazed at the efficiency of this department. Everything was kept in its place, the instruments were all kept sparkling clean and there was not a single speck of germ to be found! Heather was also really thrilled at all my questions, and so i just rampaged her with them.

Emma then took my for a tour around the surgical theatres and showed me the actual equipment used in a surgical theatre, and what has to be done before the patient is operated on. She told me about all the different anaethetics that one could take, about the surgeons' preferences for stitches. haha! I was surprised at the large variety of stitches one could choose from! She also told me about her past surgical experiences.

All in all, i did have some trouble understanding all the different medical terms that they were throwing at me. But i managed to understand most of it though, because my mum used to work in a hospital too, and she used to talk about her work at home. So yea, i had a great and engaging day. I've learnt so much about surgery, and all the tedious medical procedures that have to be carried out. Hmm... it's really broadened my view on the world, and made me appreciate nurses a little more.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Psychedelic Rally

I just came back from a picnic at a park somewhere hidden in the Dandenong Ranges. I feel like a lazy dog right now, cuz i stayed up late last night watching Liverpool triumph over Aston Villa 2-0!!!! Boo Yah!!!

The exams are all over, and this weekend has been fantastic! I had a party at Chinese school yesterday, and then i met up with Jin, Phan and Victor. I had invited them for the Youth Rally at 7pm that night but they decided to meet up with me 7 hours earlier! haha! Anyway, we made our way down to Box Hill for dance practice. Then we left for Crossway to get ready for the Youth Rally.

I just wanna thank Jin, Phan and Victor for being so patient. haha! They had to wait outside while i practiced for the dance, and they even helped to set up the chairs before the Rally. Thanks guys!

I had shitting myself minutes before the Rally started. Seriously... i almost pissed in my pants! We had only been practicing for two weeks, but never on a real stage. Furthermore, this stage had 2 levels, and we had to jump up and down to get into our various dance positions. But yea, i just had to trust God.

There were tons of teenagers that flocked into the hall, filling ALL the seats. I was glad that Harish, Marcus and Josh could come along too. I had rejected my invite Harish for the last two rallies, but he came last night after much persuasion!!!! Anthony pulled out at the last minute though. Josh brought a friend along, and Marcus brought along a whole group of people. Thanks for the support guys!

Some old ladies kicked off the session with line dancing. LOL! It was funny-as! I knew that the first thing up was line-dancing, but i didn't know that old women were gonna perform. Anyway, we were up next; the six of us - Ruth, Serene, Pete, Gabriel, Shaun and I. We were dressed in different colours. I was in Orange, Shuan was in Blue, Pete was in Yellow, Gabriel was in Red, Ruth was in Purple and Serene was in Green. We also had fancy designs painted on our faces.

My heat was beating at 200 miles per second during the first two minutes or so, but the crowd got behind us with their loud and incessant cheering. That made me calm down. Well, i did my worm across the stage successful, but i hurt myself in the process. haha! You don't wanna know where i hurt myself. Anyway, i had to bear with the pain till the end of the dance.

The rest of the rally was cool. Chris got his hair shaved by Quinton after losing to him by 400++ dollars in the donation contest. Some random girl won the i-pod mini and my song was released! haha! It was awesome-as! Tons of people came up to my after the rally and complimented me on the dance and the wonderful song. But i've gotta thank Bryan and Stanley for modifying it, and most of all, God; who made it perfect! The CDs were sold out by the time my friends left! haha!

Hmm... it's all over now. The Beat-Bouncers and all. I don't think i'll be seeing P.J, Mike, Serene and Ruth very much from now on. haha! It's weak-talk, i know... but i've been seeing them almost everyday for 2 weeks for dance practices, and this sudden stop brings back sweet memories. Fortunately Serene took some footage of our last practice session on Saturday. She's gonna compile it all into a CD. I reckon it'll bring tears to my eyes =..(
I hope this group won't die off, although i think it might.

Yesterday's rally and dance was a psychedelic dream come true... but what happens when the dream's over?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Exams Over!

I had a full day today, and i feel like a dead log right now. I reckon i could fall asleep while typing up this post. But i just had to announce that THE EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! BOO YAH! The day that i've been waiting for. All the stress and pressure for this year are finally over!

Many things happened today, and one was that i got my phone confiscated by Miss Kapon -.-" I was sitting for my Science exam, and Gabriel (who wagged school) called me up halfway through it. It was like O.0! haha! All my friends just turned and looked at my as i tried to hide me shame. Fortunately, the Co-Ordinator knew me pretty well and he returned it to me without a fuss. Oh...but he was pretty surprised, in fact, astonished to see me there. I was pretty hurt when he asked me "why?". There goes my rep. =(

After school, Jase, Banh, Turk, Harish, Marcus and i had lunch in the city, walked around and played some lan (I ended up paying $3 for an hour!!!!). Then i left for FGA in Box Hill. When i got there, Pastor Chris was telling me about the new single album that just came out. Germaine designed these fully-sick CD prints and CD case covers. It looks totally mad right now. I'm really pumped for it's release tomorrow! Stanley let me listen to the final version of the song, but i didn't like it as much as the rest did. They found it "awesome" and "unbelieveable", but i reckon it could have been better. But i still love it though, and i just wanna thank the people involved: Joanne, Adora, Avil, Stanley, Bryan, Chris, Germaine and Man Wai. I'll put it up some time soon =)

After that, we had dance practice from 8pm to 11pm -.-""" I just got back from that =) Anyway, i had a great time there with Shaun, Gabriel, P.J , Serene, Ruth and Pete. We finally got through the whole dance with minimum flaws, and we even had some time at the end to muck around. Serene took some awesome video clips with some random actions and some bloopers. haha! It's hilarious. She's gonna make a DVD on it. I can't wait!

God is Good!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Careless Pit

Pfft... i'm pretty cut with myself right now for making some stupid mistakes in my BM and Maths exams today. I reckon i did really badly for BM, and just all right for Maths. Sigh... i studied so hard for them both, and this is what i get in return. This is compelling me to deduce that hard work and study doesn't pay off. Or even if it does, the effect it minute. But no, i know that i've done my best, and whatever result i end up with will be according to the Lord's will =)

I've got Geography and CAD exams tomorrow, but i don't really know what to study for Geography. I'm just reading through the pages in the text book, but there all case studies of different countries. Sigh... i'm not gonna memorise all the economic and social problems, the solutions and causes of all the different countries. lol! I reckon i'll flunk Geo tomorrow. As for my CAD, i've always hated Art, and i haven't studied for it at all. haha! It'll put my "hypothesising" to the test.

After all that whining, i'm pretty happy actually because Liverpool beat Anderlecht 3-0 today! Yippee! Morientes, Cisse and Garcia got on the score sheet. It's really thrilling to know that none of these players were in the Liverpool squad last year. Hmm... anyway, Chelsea lost to Real Betis 1-0!!!!!!!!!! haha!

It's boiling hot right now and i don't know how i'm gonna go to sleep tonight. I woke up at 1am because of the heat and i only got back to sleep at 2am -.-" I felt so lethargic in school today. It wasn't funny....i found myself falling asleep midway through the exams and i couldn't understand what i was reading -.-" Anway, come for the Fungus Youth Rally this Sat! And tag!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hot As

It's really too hot to blog right now. I feel like i'm in an oven! Argh... we should install an air-conditioner some time soon. How quick time flies... Summer's approaching really soon. haha! I'm listening to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday right now. What a coincidence!

I've finally come to a point where all the pressure can finally be released. I'm supposed to be on the verge of exploding under the tremendous pressure i'm under right now. The Math and Business Management exams are tomorrow. I spent 6 hours straight preparing for it, and i feel pretty comfident. Hmm... maybe exams aren't too bad after all. I know i'll be delighted the moment that last paper's collected =)

I went for dance practice in the morning. Gabriel, Shaun, Ruth, Serene and P.J were there. We got most of the dance done, but there's still a small part that i'm not too confident with. Just a few more days and it'll all be over...

It's 10.25pm right now, but it's just too hot to go to sleep!!!!!