Thursday, November 10, 2005

3rd/4th Day of Work

I was a too tired to blog yesterday, but i must tell you guys about what i did. I started off yesterday at the new Cardiac Ward called Chesterfield and i was supervised by two lovely nurses - Lynn and Kelie. I watched as Kelie was dressing this patient's chest wound. He had a infection in his Sternum not long after his surgery, and had to be hospitalised. His wound was about an inch deep, from the bottom of his neck right down through his chest. Yea, it was a little offputting, but i managed to get a hold on my nerves. Well, that was an experience.

Lynn's such a funny person. She's the type that's a little overweight, just a little talkative and a whole lot funny. You need people like that in the workplace. It just... brings life to a dull setting! Anyway, she brought me around, and taught me about her trade willingly. The jokes that she cracked were hilarious.

After a splendid lunch, i headed off to the Day Unit. Before i go there, i would love to mention the terrific lunches provided free of charge at the hospital. On Monday there was Roast Beef, on Tuesday: Fried Chicken and Rice, on Wednesday: Thai Curry Chicken and Rice, and Thursday(today) i had Turkey!

It was pretty boring at the Day Unit. I was doing some paper work; a lot actually. This wonderful nurse named Andrea had a nice chat with me. She shared her experience with me, and told me about her children, and what kind of education she went through. It was really rewarding. I continued to make beds and wash pillows till 3pm.

Today was a little more interesting, and a lot more tiring! haha! I was at Stamford Ward for the first shift, under the care of an awesome, and well-experienced, nurse named Lynn. Through the past 3 days, i reckon i got to know Lynn the most. We talked about everything from school, to her family, to patients and the different types of drugs used. She was really experience. She knew exactly what she was doing and all.

But i made a real fool of myself when i tripped over a dangling IV cord after she asked me to grab some gloves for her -.-""" lol! I was terrified as i saw the IV being yanked out of an old male patient's wrist! Whoa... i cannot explain how horrified i was, but i kept apologising profusely to the man. He had been on a drip for 3 hours, but i carelessly pulled the IV out 10 minutes to go -.-" So he has to sit through the 3 hours againt tomorrow. He was really nice about it though, i spoke with him quite a bit actually. I'm really amazed at how nice people can be. I got to know 3 patients actually - Ken, and two other patients whose names escape me at the moment.

The interesting bit came after lunch at the Pathology Dorevitch department where my blood was taken and put through test several tests. An Irish lady took quite a few millilitres of blood from my arm, but it didn't hurt as much as i thought it would have. I got to look at all the red and different kinds of white blood cells in my blood through a microscope. Yea, that was a wonderful experience. This British dude named Carl briefed me through a whole lot of extremely expensive machines, which was kindda boring. Furthermore, i felt dead tired at that point as i had been standing for about 3 hours at the Stamford Ward.

Anyway, it got more interesting when he showed me how to conduct a test for blood type. He told me about the A,B, AB and O blood types, and how they worked, including the positive or negative charge on the blood, as well as, the different anti-agents that a blood can have. It was all really confusing and i only got half the stuff he mentioned. In the end, i my blood resulted in an O positive, and had anti-A and anti-B agents in it. haha! I don't really know what the anti-agents do, but i sure am happy with the results! =)

I went to the Glen after work to buy a card for Jackie, the Work Exerperience Coordinator. Sigh... time flies by really quickly when you're enjoying yourself. I'll definately miss all these different people that have impacted relatively greatly on my life =) Thanks guys!

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