Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Careless Pit

Pfft... i'm pretty cut with myself right now for making some stupid mistakes in my BM and Maths exams today. I reckon i did really badly for BM, and just all right for Maths. Sigh... i studied so hard for them both, and this is what i get in return. This is compelling me to deduce that hard work and study doesn't pay off. Or even if it does, the effect it minute. But no, i know that i've done my best, and whatever result i end up with will be according to the Lord's will =)

I've got Geography and CAD exams tomorrow, but i don't really know what to study for Geography. I'm just reading through the pages in the text book, but there all case studies of different countries. Sigh... i'm not gonna memorise all the economic and social problems, the solutions and causes of all the different countries. lol! I reckon i'll flunk Geo tomorrow. As for my CAD, i've always hated Art, and i haven't studied for it at all. haha! It'll put my "hypothesising" to the test.

After all that whining, i'm pretty happy actually because Liverpool beat Anderlecht 3-0 today! Yippee! Morientes, Cisse and Garcia got on the score sheet. It's really thrilling to know that none of these players were in the Liverpool squad last year. Hmm... anyway, Chelsea lost to Real Betis 1-0!!!!!!!!!! haha!

It's boiling hot right now and i don't know how i'm gonna go to sleep tonight. I woke up at 1am because of the heat and i only got back to sleep at 2am -.-" I felt so lethargic in school today. It wasn't funny....i found myself falling asleep midway through the exams and i couldn't understand what i was reading -.-" Anway, come for the Fungus Youth Rally this Sat! And tag!!!!

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