Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Summer Flies

The days are starting to get warmer and Melbourne is being swarmed by a relentless plague of flies. Seriously, there are flies everywhere! They fly aimlessly around bumping into glass windows, landing on people's noses and on toilet bowl seats. Argh! I hate flies!!!! They seem to be tagging on to me all the time!

We played Baseball for P.E today, and there they were... the dreaded flies. They buzzed around my lips and nostrils, and i almost blew my head off whenever they came near my eyes and ears. haha! It was my first time playing Baseball. I didn't know the rules, but i was the third batsman up. I took a swing at Trent's first throw, which ended up with a "Strike One!" call by the umpire(Mr.Pritchard).

Oh, but i nailed it the second time, my first strike with a baseball bat. I ran quickly to the first base and continued for the second one. I was about 2 metres from the 2nd base when Gary started to charge in from the right and Anthony came in from the left! lol! So i made a desperate attempt to slide for the base. I was successful, but my arm (biceps) got caught on Gary's shin in the process -.-"" Whoa! The pain was excruciating! It hurts even now... sigh... i got decked by Gary -.-"

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