Friday, November 04, 2005

Exams Over!

I had a full day today, and i feel like a dead log right now. I reckon i could fall asleep while typing up this post. But i just had to announce that THE EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! BOO YAH! The day that i've been waiting for. All the stress and pressure for this year are finally over!

Many things happened today, and one was that i got my phone confiscated by Miss Kapon -.-" I was sitting for my Science exam, and Gabriel (who wagged school) called me up halfway through it. It was like O.0! haha! All my friends just turned and looked at my as i tried to hide me shame. Fortunately, the Co-Ordinator knew me pretty well and he returned it to me without a fuss. Oh...but he was pretty surprised, in fact, astonished to see me there. I was pretty hurt when he asked me "why?". There goes my rep. =(

After school, Jase, Banh, Turk, Harish, Marcus and i had lunch in the city, walked around and played some lan (I ended up paying $3 for an hour!!!!). Then i left for FGA in Box Hill. When i got there, Pastor Chris was telling me about the new single album that just came out. Germaine designed these fully-sick CD prints and CD case covers. It looks totally mad right now. I'm really pumped for it's release tomorrow! Stanley let me listen to the final version of the song, but i didn't like it as much as the rest did. They found it "awesome" and "unbelieveable", but i reckon it could have been better. But i still love it though, and i just wanna thank the people involved: Joanne, Adora, Avil, Stanley, Bryan, Chris, Germaine and Man Wai. I'll put it up some time soon =)

After that, we had dance practice from 8pm to 11pm -.-""" I just got back from that =) Anyway, i had a great time there with Shaun, Gabriel, P.J , Serene, Ruth and Pete. We finally got through the whole dance with minimum flaws, and we even had some time at the end to muck around. Serene took some awesome video clips with some random actions and some bloopers. haha! It's hilarious. She's gonna make a DVD on it. I can't wait!

God is Good!

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