Sunday, October 29, 2006

42 Pages of BM Notes =.="

I've finally finished my 42-page compilation of BM notes and i'm all ready to start studying for BM. haha! It took me 3 whole days! Sigh.. i'm neglecting all the rest of my subjects.. i've only got one(tmr) to study for the rest of my subjects.. English and Methods on Monday... Methods 2 and Eco on Tues, Chem and General 1 on Weds and General 2 on Fri.. Can't wait for this week to end!

Here's a slide show.. i'm gonna take a break.. i'll blog again after this week's through! =) Cheers!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Unfailing Love..

Chris introduced this song to Fungus two Sundays ago. I didn't realise how beautiful it was until i listened to it carefully today. My heart goes soft, my hands feel weak and i get all emotional whenever i hear it. It sparks an unquenchable thrist in my heart for the Lord... just to say how much i love him.

I skipped school to spend the day studying at home.. but i felt compelled to blog when i heard this song. haha! I LOVE YOU GOD! I woke up this morning and i resolved to commit the day to him. My exams are up next week.. VCE BM in 2 weeks and VCE Chinese in 3 weeks. I'm really unprepared for it.. i'll probably fail Maths General, i know i'm in for a whole lot of study over the next 3 weeks. But i felt like giving him the earliest hours of my day, just after i wake up, before breakfast...

I've been feeling an urge to compose a song for God... it's a gift that he's given me, but i've been brushing it aside due to a "lack of time"... i decided to give God all the time he needed this morning.. and he composed an AWESOME song through me today.. I got my inspiration from Psalm 8.

The Works of Your Hands

Lord your glory,
Stretches out to the ends of the earth
Lord your greatness,
None can compare to you my God.

Look there's the sun,
It shines for You.
The mountains roar and the rivers sing,
So will my soul cry out.

How wondrous are the works of your hands!
You set the moon on its humble course.
You place the stars right where you want them.
Lord, i don't know.
I don't understand,
Why you would die for me.
O what do you see in me?

& isaac
*For the times when i didn't have time for you, you stuck with me and made me realise that you are more important than my exams and my friends. Lord what do you see in me? I adore you.

Lord, your love is unfailing.
It brings a smile to my face
When the sun sets and world seems dark.
You're a God of Grace and Power..
You hold the World in your hand..
Yet you make time for me?
How beautiful are the works of your hands!
I marvel at the horizon that depicts your smile.
And at the way you conduct the waves of the sea..
How the mountains bow before you
And how the birds of the air sing your praise.
But i'm caught up with earthly treasures,
I'm concerned about how i look,
And how others look at me.
May you turn my eyes to look at you,
For you are real..
You never change..
You'll always remain..
Your unfailing love.
Lord, what have i done to deserve your love?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Faithful God...

A Faith Promise Offering - something that the Lord would not normally give to you, unless you trusts you enough for you to pass it on.

When Stuart Robinson preached that at Crossway, God put the figure "$65" in my mind. I didn't know how i was gonna get the money or where i was gonna get it from, all i had was faith that he would provide. $65, not a small sum to me.

Months passed and the Lord hadn't provided me with the money. I had prayed for the money right till the last moment of collection, but i didn't get it. That drew a heavy blow to my faith, but i decided to keep my hope in God.

It was my birthday last week and my grand mum gave me a red packet =) I took to with a pinch of salt until it hit me that i should really take a look at the amount in it.. something prompted me that there was $60 in it... and SURE ENOUGH.. it WAS $60!!! lol! I was shocked! My grand mum had given me $30 in Singaporean dollars and $30 in Aussie dollars! Well, i knew it was from God.. and i decided to give it all to God.. the currency didn't matter. My faith was boosted.

This morning, i thought about it again and i realised that the figure was $65 and not $60. So i looked in my wallet and i THOUGHT i had $5 in coins... but as i was pulling all my coins out, i only had $4! Sigh.. then, a thrilling thought propped up in my mind. My mum had found a $1 Singaporean dollar lying in the backseat of the car and she had given it to me a few weeks back. LOL! I pulled it out immediately and slipped the $5 into the red packet.. i wrote:

"For your faithfulness to me - A Faith Promise Offering"

on the back of the red packet and i put it into the offering bucket in church today.

Praise the Lord! How Faithful is he?! If you still don't believe that God's real, i strongly urge you to seek Him for he LOVES and CARES for you =)

Jerusha and i threw a huge birthday party today =) Thanks to everyone that rocked up. There were about 30 of you! haha! Let's see, sorry if i leave your name out! Tim, Keith, Tony, Keean, Sarah, Jasmine, Franny, Nick, Danica, Angie, Yvon, Gab, Aviel, Janice, Sonja, Qynn, Pete, Josh, Audrey, Steph, Vanessa, Grace, Darren, Shaun, Jacilyn, Reygiel, Angeline and Ruth =)) Thank you all.. you really made me feel so special and appreciated. I'll remember this birthday!

We had a fun time chatting, playing the guitar and eating... then we went to the park for a game of soccer with some girls watched tv and the others sat on the roof of some shed... then we opened the presents.. i got a few awesome presents. Oh, Nick, Shaun, Pete, Grace and several others got me a PINK Barbie dress -.-" loL! and then signed all over it... i promised them that i'll wear it for the formal rally at the end of the year. haha! Right! Oh, i got a awesome-looking lamp from Gab, a funny poster, a photo frame, and some random stuff from everyone. haha! Then we cut the cake - Chocolate and Pandan =)

Well, i was reading the cards after everyone left... and i grew really sentimental. I wonder what i'd do without all these wonderful friends that God has so graciously blessed me with! I thank God for each and everyone one of you :) Danica wrote this in her card, and it left a huge impression on my heart:

"The smile on your face lets me know that you need me.
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever i fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 18th of Oct

I didn't think that my 16th would be memorable, but some of my friends made me feel appreciated. I started the day of rather anxious because of my VCE Chinese Oral exam. I took a train down to the assessment centre down at Camberwell and time really flew by.. i was in the exam room before i knew it! I did really well at the General Conversation, but i totally flunked the Detailed Study part. Sigh... i hope that doesn't stuff my study score up :(

Anyway, i spent the rest of the day in the city with Marcus and Charlie and then Marcus and i went to play Soccer with our friends after they finished school. I kindda promisedmyself that i wouldn't play Soccer on my birthday.. but there was nothing else to do :) haha! I ended up decking Jase as he was rushing out for the ball.

We went to Sofia's with the Phoon's and the Hoe's to celebrate our birthday(s?) last night. I had a really fun time there.. Charmaine walked into the restaurant carrying a boucy pink ball with a smiley face on it! lol! It was a "birthday ball" for my sis. She gave me a yellow rubber ducky and George the Penguin (Her husband)! loL! Have a look. Thanks Char! Shauna and Dan gave me a black and white Smiggle file set and some Schoko-Bons!!! haha! Yummy! Thanks Shauna and Dan! =) You guys should learnt to get along!

I received soooo many birthday smses yesterday. lol! Thanks to everyone who took the time and the effort to do so, i really appreciate it :) Thank God for you guys! Have a look at the awesome card my friends gave me today! Thanks for organising the card Banh! I really appreciate it =)

lol! I was amazed at the amouny of signatures on it! The dinner at Sofia's was fabulous! But we ordered WAY too much food. haha! Venetia, Valerie, Charmaine and Jerusha were making up "inside" jokes and they kept laughing at all the little things that i did, but i didn't know what they were laughing about! -.-" haha! Girls are hard to understand. I took quite a few pictures yesterday, but DANIEL just HAD TO DELETE most of them JUST because he didn't look good in them -.-"""""""" So these are just a few from my crappy phone camera. I'll get some off Daniel's camera later on.
Look at Valerie pose... she's SUCH a poser!!!

See this picture? She was telling me that she wasn't a poser.. but a grin immediately appeared on her face the moment i pointed the camera at her.

My dad was talking about what it was to be 16 years old.. and he jokely made the remark that we've gotta be responsible for our own laundry, food and room. And that last point struck me hard. My room is actually VERY messy.. and it's been killing me! I absolutely hate mess and untidiness, but i've been too busy to do anything about my messy room. So i committed to packing my room up today, and i fulfilled my plan in deeds as i spent one and a half hours sorting out my shelves and my closet. I ended up taking out more than 10 sets of clothes outta my closet and chucking away 4 FULL bags of paper and study material. I feel much better now.. there's more space to move about in my room now :)

Well, here are a few pictures from the VSSSA State Athletics competition a few days ago. There's our winning team: i'm on the left, Tim's beside me, then Matthias and then Chamith on the extreme right. Look at how huge our compeititors are! Bare in mind that we're standing on the highest platform. lol! The organisation that took these photos, WinkiPop Media, is a TOTAL rip-off! They're charging $15 PER PHOTO! loL! I'll probably buy one though =)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

God is Good

Have you ever felt so close to God that nothing can ever get in your way?

I felt sooo close to God today as i did my QT this morning. I committed my State Aths race, my VCE Chinese Oral exam and my Birthday to Him and i felt as if a whole load just lifted off my back.

I made it to Olympic Park at 5pm and i had a chat with the guys there. There were about 8 of us.. sigh, i was so nervous that i forgot to take any pictures!!! haha! Anyway, we were rather late for our 100 x 4 race. I was the last one to marshall and i was shocked at how BIG my opponents were. Some of them were two heads taller than i! -.-" I felt like David trying to take on an army of Goliaths. I shut my eyes and prayed as Adrenaline surged through my veins.

Then the umpire called us to our respective lanes. I was in lane 5, which is an average lane... not the best.. but not the worst either. Well, the atmosphere was soo intense and i couldn't hear anything but the strong beating of my heart.

"On your marks.."

"Get set"


I burst out of my blocks like a bullet and i had passed the baton on to Tim before i even had the time to comprehend what was going on. haha! I don't really know how well i did, but Tim gave us a pretty good lead in the 2nd run, then Chumith added gained more distance before Matthias finished it off at a BLISTERING pace! haha! He even ripped off the spikes on his shoes because he ran so quickly!

44.6 seconds.

Just 0.3 seconds off the record =(

It doesn't matter.. that was good enough to win us 1st place with about 15 metres to spare =)
I was intrigued at this:

we ran in the Under 16's 100 x 4 and we clocked a 44.6 seconds...
the Under 17's 100 x 4 clocked a 45.4 seconds..
the Opens (Over 18) 100 x4 clocked a 45.2 seconds.

haha! So theoretically, we could have ran in the either the U17's or in the Opens and won them both. Well , this is my first State level victory and i was so elated so that rushed up to Matthias at the finishing line and gave him a HUGE hug. loL! I just wanna give all glory to God!

I said a prayer with Matthias before the race, that God would sustain his injured hamstring for the race and to let us win. Well, that was what happened despite all the odds. See? Size doesn't matter when God's on your side! =)

It's my birthday tomorrow.. and i'm getting pretty excited. I can't wait to get my VCE Chinese Oral exam done and over with. Hmm... i don't know if anyone did anything for my birthday. But i know God sure did =)

Thank you Father for such elation and joy that you've given me.. for all that you've brought me through and for what you've made me to be. You answered when i asked and helped me find what was lost..

God is Good.

Monday, October 16, 2006

VSSA State Athletics Finals

It's my first time competing in a Athletics State Finals. We were unlucky not to have made it last year.. but i'm pretty confident that we'll win it tomorrow, if God's willing.

Sometimes we're more than able to, but something unexpected always comes in the way to prevent you from doing so; from unleashing your true potential.

I find this very consistent with my endeavours. I don't know. Do i crumble under pressure?

I enjoy running, playing soccer and composing music. I don't think i'm an awesome soccer player, but i'm not a dud. Still, i fail to perform whenever i'm concious that someone's watching me. I like to have FUN when i'm playing soccer.. i like to take pple on, do some nutmegs, have a good laugh over it... and playing competitively just robs the fun from the game. Well, i guess i'll have to LEARN to have fun while competing. Qynn told me that he's gonna enter us into a Church Futsal league sometime this November.. hopefully we'll do well =)

Well, this week's gonna be pretty full on for me. I've got that Aths comp at 6.45pm tmr. Pray for me if you're reading this. Thanks! Prayer works, i'm sure of that! It'll be my first state-level victory if we win it =) Then i've got the VCE Chinese Oral Exam, which i've been stressing excessively over, on Wednesday, which coincidentally happens to be my Birthday =( haha! I've never had such an important exam on my Birthday..

My sis has been busy organising some Birthday dinners and parties with various pple, and i'm thankful that she's taking all the burden off me... but come to think about it... i don't really care about my Birthday. I seem to care more about other people's birthdays.. like what presents i should get them, or how am i gonna surprise them and stuff like that... and i thought that i would be excited when my own birthday comes along..

Till i realised that i didn't really care. All i want to do on my 16th Birthday is to do well for my Chinese oral that morning.. and worship God for an hour or so... pray to Him and take the time to appreciate and thank Him for all He's done for me... and i'll probably compose a poem about my Birthday and what God has done for me... i'll be more than happy just to have God celebrate my birthday with me.. just like He did on my very first one =)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Lover's Hand

Lover's Hand

Love is like a box of Skittles,
A burst of sweetness with every pick.
The blissful freshness in every flavour,
Keeps the tongue from falling sick.

A box, is just but a box;
Every breath of love has its confinements.
An empty box has no value,
A raw diamond with no refinement.

All of Love's power,
And its undisputed might.
Truely and humbly depend,
In the palm of a Lover's hand.


Many say that Love has power, and that it can do anything and make anything possible. Well, i wrote this poem because i felt that Love on itself HAS NO POWER. All the power it has comes from the choices of the two lovers to preserve it...

Love can take you to cloud nine, but it also can hurt you in many ways. Still, i believe that Love's power to "Build" and to 'Crumble" can be manipulated (it may not be easy) by the hands of Lovers. In another words, We are able to control Love.

This weekend was rather bludgy. Harish, Jin and i went to one of the Medical lecture theatres of Melbourne Uni for the LAST TSFX class. The theatre was rather grand. It had awesome-looking built-in sounds blasters at the back and sound proof walls. Anyway, i rushed down to Box Hill station and caught a bus to Jasmine's birthday party!

Happy Birthday Jasmine! Wishing you a blessed Birthday! You've always been there to cheer me up. You would always pop a little "hi" when im feeling low. Thanks for that! =)

The food at her party was top notch.. man, i can't remember eating so much in one night for a long while. There were quite a few pple there.. well, some of us had a little game of Soccer. Oh, and i gave Elysia a piggy-back ride all the way to the Soccer pitch. lol! that was a real workout!

Anyway, i had a nice chat with Ruth and Gabriel about lotsa stuff in the future... i taught Darren how to play his FIRST SONG (Do Lord) on the guitar! Booyah! It was really funny because Daz REFUSED to sing along while he strummed and i had to counsel him for about half and hour before he agreed to sing -.-"""

Most of the older dudes were playing DOTA, some of the girls were watching TV, the older "grand-mas" were having a chat around the dinner table, some others were on the Game-Cube. Well, Alvin and i spent most of the night playing the guitar while some gals sang along with us. Some girls came for a little while and then they left.. probably because of our poor guitar-playing skills.. but Danica, Steph and Angie were there for most of the time.. Aww man, that was one of the best times of my life.. i just love to sit there, laze around and play the guitar with a good mate. Thanks Alv!


Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was about to go to sleep last night but i decided to flick the TV on just to see what kindda shows were on at 11 at night.. I reckon that was one of the best decisions in my life.. There was this AWESOME documentary on SBS about Ginga, which is a vibrant, intelligence, instinctive and unpredictable sort of movement embedded deep within the Brazilian culture that gives them an edge in dancing and soccer.

Brazilians have always been top-class in Soccer, but the idea of their success stemming down from something in their blood, or in their culture, really intrigued me and i decided to stay up for the entire documentary. There was some breath-taking footage of legendary players like Falcao and Robinho showing off their fantastic soccer skills and attributing it to "Ginga". Some of their skills were really UNBELIEVEABLE.

That documentary really boosted my passion for Soccer even more! I feel more confident about dribbling and all just by watching that! I used to be an awesome dribble when i was younger because i wasn't afraid of taking on defenders or falling to the ground and getting hurt, i found it pure joy to beat a marker! But now, my natural dribbling instinct has been supressed and i pass the ball off at every opportunity just to earn the label of being a solid "team player". Sigh.. i wanna be more vibrant like those Brazilians are! They weave in and out of defenders like flies dodging fly-swatters! It's just pure brilliance!

I'm gonna commit to practicing some soccer skills at least once a week for about an hour or so just to improve on my ball control and dribbling skills. You all know that i'm a drop dead soccer-crazy fanatic, but i really don't have a proper soccer ball. Sigh.. i've got some balls but they're either the small ones used only for display or they're damaged in some way or another. I don't have one that's suitable for proper use. Hopefully i'll get one for my birthday! =)

Ginga... if only i was Brazilian.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More pics from the Tulip Farm!

I just finished go through my entire Chinese Oral that i'm going to have to present to two examiners next Wednesday. I feel only half prepared.. i've got a lot to catch up on for the remaining 7 days. I went for Athletics training after school instead of Soccer, but only Stevie, Jamie and Burke turned up -.-" Sigh... we only did some sprint starts in the 30 degree weather -.-" was a wasted sports arvo.. We've got a State Final next Tuesday. It's gonna be my first Athletics state representation for my school and hopefully our team will win it. We're still unfit and underprepared though.

I got home early today and i plonked myself in front of the couch and turned on the TV. There was a movie playing called "The Laws of Attraction" and a quote made by Brosnan caught my attention. He said to the lady that he loved,

"Call me old fashioned, but i believe that if you love someone you would be unselfish enough to give her what she wants."

And he willingly gave her a divorce after saying that. Man, that's true love.. sure, we hear pple saying that all the time.. like "i'll die for you... i'll do anything for you... blah blah blah" but how do you ever prove that? Honestly, i don't think i've ever loved a girl so much that i would be unselfish enough to give her anything as much as a divorce.

I still can't come to terms that my VCE exams are all in a matter of weeks away! and i'm feeling really lost right now, i don't know what or when to study for... i've decided that i'm not even gonna study for my year 11 subjects, i'll just concentrate on my 3/4's. Cuz i'll be able to have a relatively relaxing year next year with only four subjects if i ace Chinese and BM this year.

I can't wait for Jasmine's birthday party this weekend. I desperately need to get my mind off work.. then again.. i shouldn't do that at this time of the year -.-" Stress.

These are some photos that i got from Valerie. Thanks Val! =)

That's Wesley, Valerie's bro, wearing a lion hair band. loL! He's dopey and funny.

Ryan and Cailin posing for the cam. She looks so much like Aunty Angie. Ryan's a hardcore gangst

Ryan was practicing martial arts in a puddle of rainwater. lol!

As usual, sha's TRYING hard to be a try hard.

Da trio.
That's the group of us.. i dunno who's taking the picture..
Jeremy and his sissy fits!
Caitlin's so adorable!