Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Faithful God...

A Faith Promise Offering - something that the Lord would not normally give to you, unless you trusts you enough for you to pass it on.

When Stuart Robinson preached that at Crossway, God put the figure "$65" in my mind. I didn't know how i was gonna get the money or where i was gonna get it from, all i had was faith that he would provide. $65, not a small sum to me.

Months passed and the Lord hadn't provided me with the money. I had prayed for the money right till the last moment of collection, but i didn't get it. That drew a heavy blow to my faith, but i decided to keep my hope in God.

It was my birthday last week and my grand mum gave me a red packet =) I took to with a pinch of salt until it hit me that i should really take a look at the amount in it.. something prompted me that there was $60 in it... and SURE ENOUGH.. it WAS $60!!! lol! I was shocked! My grand mum had given me $30 in Singaporean dollars and $30 in Aussie dollars! Well, i knew it was from God.. and i decided to give it all to God.. the currency didn't matter. My faith was boosted.

This morning, i thought about it again and i realised that the figure was $65 and not $60. So i looked in my wallet and i THOUGHT i had $5 in coins... but as i was pulling all my coins out, i only had $4! Sigh.. then, a thrilling thought propped up in my mind. My mum had found a $1 Singaporean dollar lying in the backseat of the car and she had given it to me a few weeks back. LOL! I pulled it out immediately and slipped the $5 into the red packet.. i wrote:

"For your faithfulness to me - A Faith Promise Offering"

on the back of the red packet and i put it into the offering bucket in church today.

Praise the Lord! How Faithful is he?! If you still don't believe that God's real, i strongly urge you to seek Him for he LOVES and CARES for you =)

Jerusha and i threw a huge birthday party today =) Thanks to everyone that rocked up. There were about 30 of you! haha! Let's see, sorry if i leave your name out! Tim, Keith, Tony, Keean, Sarah, Jasmine, Franny, Nick, Danica, Angie, Yvon, Gab, Aviel, Janice, Sonja, Qynn, Pete, Josh, Audrey, Steph, Vanessa, Grace, Darren, Shaun, Jacilyn, Reygiel, Angeline and Ruth =)) Thank you all.. you really made me feel so special and appreciated. I'll remember this birthday!

We had a fun time chatting, playing the guitar and eating... then we went to the park for a game of soccer with some girls watched tv and the others sat on the roof of some shed... then we opened the presents.. i got a few awesome presents. Oh, Nick, Shaun, Pete, Grace and several others got me a PINK Barbie dress -.-" loL! and then signed all over it... i promised them that i'll wear it for the formal rally at the end of the year. haha! Right! Oh, i got a awesome-looking lamp from Gab, a funny poster, a photo frame, and some random stuff from everyone. haha! Then we cut the cake - Chocolate and Pandan =)

Well, i was reading the cards after everyone left... and i grew really sentimental. I wonder what i'd do without all these wonderful friends that God has so graciously blessed me with! I thank God for each and everyone one of you :) Danica wrote this in her card, and it left a huge impression on my heart:

"The smile on your face lets me know that you need me.
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever i fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all."

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