Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I just missed my bus after getting off the train at Glen Waverley station this arvo. The sun setting and the air was chilly. I had to wait another 15 minutes for the next bus, and i leaned against the side of a glass panel trying to catch a moment of rest from an exhausting day at school. Well, i was shocked and furious at what happened next. I'll try to describe it, but you'll never understand the hatred that pumped through my veins then.

This really old Asian lady dragging a heavy shopping cart behind were tried as hard as she could to get to the 888 Nunawading bus that was just about to leave. She managed to get to the door, but the bloody driver refused to let her in! BLOODY HELL! He looked at her, put his foot to the peddle slightly, jerking the bus away from her slowly before speeding off -.-" I felt terrible watching her hit the moving bus door in sheer desperation with her little walking stick, and yet i did nothing. I bloody hate myself!

When the bus stopped at the traffic lights about 60 metres away, i was so tempted to jump 2 fences, run up to the bus driver and yank his nuts out. But No. I was too shocked and disgusted at the bus driver's behaviour. What's this world coming to? Is he a bloody racist? Or did his mum abuse him so much that he's petrified of old women?

I've promised myself to act the next time i see such a bloody disgusting act! Trust me, i bloody will.

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