Monday, October 31, 2005

Pressurised Gold

Four days to go... four more days to freedom. I spent the whole day studying for Business Management today, and i just found out that someone leaked out the exam questions for that paper -.-" Sigh... there's just so much cheating going on in the world today. As the saying goes "There is no fairness in the real world." Why are people so afraid of losing out? And even if they were afraid, why don't they resort to some "legal" means to ease their terror instead of cheating the rest of the world of their integrity?

There's just so much to do, and so little time. I did hardly any work on the weekend because of Fungus, Chinese school and Dance practices. My mum got quite pissed with me yesterday because i was pushing myself too hard, and i was kindda neglecting my studies for dancing. Argh... i can't get my priorities right!!!!! My exams are extremely important to me, but i have to practice my dance moves for this coming Saturday's Fungus Youth Rally. Sigh... i guess i have to perservere through the pressure.

"He knows the way that i take, when he has tested me, i will come forth as gold."
- Job 23:10 NIV

That verse was on my scripture card this morning. I didn't understand what it really meant at first...but now i do. There've been so many things, so many incidents going on, and i gather that God's been trying to tell me to push on through all the hardship. Seriously... the people i speak to try to encourage me, emails that tell me of happiness in life, and the scripture verses i read.

Anyway, i've been trying to get as many people as possible to come for the Youth Rally. It's gonna be awesome! I'm gonna be dancing, and my song's gonna be released with an album. haha! I can't wait for it. Stanley and Bryan have been modifying it so much that i don't even know how it sounds right now.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cheese Cakes and All...All but a dream..

Cheese Cakes, Coke, milk, lemonade, crispy-creams, chicken-curry, SOCCER, lanning, chattting and all... all but a mere dream that looks near... but it's really far in actual fact. Argh... i've got 5 more exams to go - Maths, Science, Business Management, CAD and Geography. Sigh... these are all important subjects, save for CAD :P

I'm so busy this weekend. I really want to get down to studying, but i've gotta go for breakdancing practice in about 10 minutes. ArGH!!!!!! I'm screaming my head off. Sigh... can you remember the last time you felt so pressured that you wanted to fly off to another country, shave your head, and drink some milk? I feel that way right now.

I'm in no mood to do anything except to study. I don't even feel like studying. I feel as though there's something EXTREMELY important that i have to attend to, but i'm too tired to "attend" to it, and i can't attend to it at the present moment. lol! Jase and Banh would call me a "whinger". But yea, i'm just so exhausted that i'm starting to talk about crap.

Anyway, there's gonna be a Youth Rally on the 5th of November (this coming Saturday). It's gonna be GREAT fun, and i'm gonna be break dancing. I've gone through tireless practices to prepare for this... so yea, please come if you can.

I'm off to burst some balloons.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Phoney Tunes

Whoa! It's been a week since i last posted, it feels like a month's passed by. I hope i haven't lost any viewers. So much has happened in the last few days, and you'll be pretty surprised to read about these two "major" happenings.

I've been extremely stressed up about the exams in the past few days, haven't been able to get a good nights rest. Well, they're half over. Or should i say, i've got 5 outta 8 more papers to sit for next week! I even wagged school on Tuesday to study for my Maths and English exams yesterday. I spent about 10 hours trying to memorise quotes from the Catcher in the Rye and all the Maths formulas.

Anyway, i sat for the Maths Paper 1 yesterday morning, and everyone was really nervous and anxious. Needless to say, i was feeling the same way. I had studied so much for this, but i couldn't get this small shadow of a doubt outta my math-formula-filled mind. Anyway, one of my best friends, Jason, asked if he could sit next to me; to cheat, obviously. But i told him that i don't cheat during exams. So yea, he said "Fuck you!" Well, i was taken aback. Seriously, i didn't expect such an aggressive response from such a good friend. He's really strong headed and he doesn't like to study, and i don't mind helping him out in class tests and all, but it just won't do him any good if i just feed him the answers. He'll only get the flak in Year 12. So yea, i stood strong on my belief, and obviously, he got pissed... dead pissed.

I was pretty hurt by it, i've gotta say. And he kept making really mean remarks right in front of my face. Then i began to wonder if he was a True friend. I don't know anymore, maybe he's just half of that. He wasn't as aggressive as he was yesterday, but i can tell that he's still holding a grudge. It's not that i didn't want to help him. I don't mind losing a friend, if that's what it takes for him to change. I really hope he sees that.

The second "major" incident that happened was today's Science paper that totally pissed me off. It was pretty tough, i have to say, but i reckon i would have gotten a marginal A+. However, 20 minutes after all the Year 10s were released, some people came up to me and told me that the Science Paper that we just sat for was almost exactly the same as the one in 2002, save for a few questions! O.O" I couldn't believe my eyes when Eugene pulled out the answer sheet! Seriously. But the thing is, about half the Year 10s somehow knew about this "loop hole", and memorised all the answers to the paper. Some of them even keyed in the MCQ answers in their graphic calculators and all. Sigh... it's really hard for them not to get above 95%. And if the papers get standardised... i'll be screwed. I studied my guts out for it, and the people that took the easy route get the better grades -.-"I was dejected.

Nothing in this world is fair. But i was thrilled, yet angry at the same time when this annoucement sounded, " Attention all Year 10 students! There has been a security breech in the Science Examination, and there will be a re-examination next Friday, on the 4th of November." haha! Thank God! I'm delighted that we get a fair test this time, but i'm extremely disappointed with the teachers for their utterly stupid laziness for using exactly the same copy of the 2002 paper. The exams were supposed to be over next thursday, but it's now extended to Friday -.-"

Sigh... i really want the Science faculty to apologise. Maybe, "The Science Faculty would like to apologise for our stupid and idiotic decision to use the 2002 Science paper for this year's examination due to our incompetence. Please forgive us for our utter laziness."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Too Serious?

I had a splendid day today. School whizzed past in the blink of an eye. It was supposed to be "muck-up" day today, and the Year 12s did lotsa immature stuff. Really, i found it really puzzling why Year 12s, the most senior in the entire high school, would choose to embarrass themselves in acts of pure immaturity, only to end up losing all their respect! Triggering $5000-per-call fire alarms, "egging" random people, firing water guns and blockading the front entrance.Hmm... i don't know if i'll be doing the same things in two years...

The dude and i had a great time of Futsal today, as usual. Mr.Ganella, our Soccer coach, rocked up today. We got into 4 teams, and played in a mini-tournament. Peter, Michael Duong, Pramok, Eric and i formed a team. We didn't have much quality, but we managed to stick together as a team to win the first game 3-1, and beat the second team 5-0. I scored three goals! haha!

Then came the finals against Turk, Duc, Darren, Welson and Paul -.-" An All-Star team. Anyway, we managed to pull away with a fluke goal when Pramok took a shot from the kick-off which deflected off Darryn into the top corner. Then Darryn got his revenge when his shot was deflected by Pramok into our top corner -.-"""" After that, the game was held in a balance until Turk made this spectacular dummy that got my completely fooled, and slotted the ball calmly into the bottom corner -.-" We were 2-1 down. At that point in time, i really thought that there was no hope, but i managed to get our noses level with through a corner-kick that deflected off the keeper. IN the end, we lost 1-0 on penalties. Turk converted his, and mine was saved -.-"

I've gotta rush off now! Cya peeps! Keep tagging!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

True Friends

I don't know... and i don't know when i'll ever know who my true friends are. Some of my friends are just "friends", many are "good friends", few are "best mates", but who are my "true friends?" I don't have the answer to that now, it's just a thought that was just lingering in my mind. Maybe, you're asking yourself the same question. I'll comment on it once i gain more experience =)

My first day of my 15th year was a pretty good day, besides the ever increasing workload being weighed upon me. Tommy's starting to bag me a little more lately. I don't know why he's doing so, cuz i haven't done anything to aggrevate him. Some of his remarks are just plain-insulting and some are just immature. But i guess, we've gotta except friends for who they are. I'm trying my best not to retaliate in hope that he'll grow outta that phase. Well, Jase couldn't cope with it, and he started bagging Tommy back, and there's so much rivalry between them now. Sigh...

I just had a sushi-dinner, and i'm about to type up my English Essay on Flowers for Algernon. Hey, i just wanna thank all of you for tagging! There've been SOOO many tags in the past two days. It's a comforting realisation that so many people actually remembered my birthday, and made some effort to wish me a happy one. Thanks peeps!

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."
- 1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Day of Smiles

Every smile i had today was a smile worth having.

I'm smiling even now! Just wanna thank you guys for making my birthday such a memorable day! Seriously... i'll never forget this day, there weren't any celebrations or extravagant banners, but there sure was tons of smiles and laughter. Thank you all!

Kevin, the black dude in my class, made a goal for the class this morning. It was to sing me a birthday song once every lesson. haha! This has happened before, and some of the tighter teachers even reprimanded the boys and told them to stop, but i was hoping they'd give me a little more respect. Surprisingly, Miss Petrie, Miss Poletti, and Miss Pilkington sang along, and all three of them asked me the same question: "How old are ya now?" haha! And most of them were surprised to know that i was only 15 -.-""" Miss Petrie even made a comment that she was old enough to be my mum! =)

Anyway, i felt extremely happy whenever they sang the birthday song, to the extent of embarrassment. But it felt really good to be greeted with tons of "Happy Birthday, Isaac!" from so many people along the corridors. haha! I think 3/4 of the Year 10s know that it's my birthday today. I thank God for all my friends, really... they've made my day.

After lunch, Banh and Tommy presented me with this sick-as present: A Liverpool Scarf!!!! Yeehaa!!! That's what i was planning to get! haha! Only my dearest friends would know how to get me such a present, thanks Banh and all the rest who chipped in! Thanks a lot! =)

If only this day could repeat itself over and over and over again. But as the cliche goes, all happiness must come to an end, and i think i'll have to get back to work soon. But i feel more light-hearted and at eased. Hmm... here's the scripture for today:

"The Lord is good and his love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations."
- Psalm 100:5 NIV

I thank the Lord for all my friends, for making me who i am, and for giving me such joy!

Oh, i almost forgot. The gang on the later train had a "mini-party" too. Thanks!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Smile! It's My Birthday Tommorrow.

It's my Birthday tomorrow! So leave a tag to wish me Happy Birthday. And remember the 18th of October is my birthday! Break your leg tomorrow, or do something drastic so that you can remember it! haha!

When i was born, all i wanted was to see a smile. Now, i really want to be a pro guitarist, a good student and to grow closer to God. About 50 years from now, i think i'll be craving for a smile again. The exams are in two weeks, and i can hardly afford the time to smile. There's just so much work to finish off being going into a full-on study mode.

I really need a haircut soon, but there's no time! I envy my friends back in Singapore. Their exams were long over. I can't wait for my exams to be over. I was handing out the Fungus Rally cards today in school, and i got a whole lot of flak from my friends, especiallly Jase. He says that the location's too far from his house, and he refuses to sleep over at my place -.-" Sigh... i'm not one to be all temperamental and all, but i'm becoming like one. I've been sacrificing my time even though my exams are soon approaching to learn how to break dance and all; for the sole purpose of "incensing" my friends to come for the Rally. Well, it means a lot to me that my friends turn up.

Many people have asked me what i wanted for my birthday, and i said to all of them,

"All I want is a Smile." =)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shagged Weekend

Hey, the hit counter's going up consistently, but no one's tagging! Please add a little tag whenever you drop by. I feel sad whenever i don't see new tags. Anway, i expected this weekend to be an extremely tiring one, and it sure proved to be so. My eyelids are weighing down on my right now, and i feel like sleeping....but i can't..yet.

Yesterday was a fine day starting off with Chinese school. Crystal and i delivered this awesome oral presentation which sent the class bursting off in laughter. Blee and Simon did an hilarious impromptu job too! haha! The teacher was really impressed with us...that got my rather happy.

Well, that was followed by Jasmine's and Sarah's birthday party at Ruffy Lake Park. There were tons of people there, both young and old. I didn't know half the people there. Oh yea, before going there, i made a last minute, yet successful, attempt to get 4 cute little soft toys and a card for each of them for a bargain of $14!! haha! Don't ask me where i bought the presents. Anyway, there was this huge playground with lots of obstacles and all, but we had a challenging game of soccer on a sloped high instead.

I got home at 4.30pm, and started working on my Business Management assignment and finished it off at 12am, before catching the Liverpool VS Blackburn match. haha! Djibril Cisse finally shined for Liverpool, scoring the winning goal of a thrilling match which ended 1-0! I'm delighted, but fatigue's crawling into my bones and up my spine. Sigh... i spent about 7 hours yesterday on that stupid BM assignment, and another 4 hours completing it today.

There are four of us in a group - Tommy, Steven Tran, Harish and myself. I volunteered to compile all our work together and prepare the final copy for submission tomorrow. When Jase heard that Tommy was in my group, he made a $20 bet with me that we won't get an A+ for it -.-" haha! Jase, get ready to lose your $20! I wouldn't spend 11hours for anything less than an A+!

Steven Tran did an awesome job, and Harish did a semi-sloppy job -.-" I had to redo more than half of his work for him -.-" I did two awesome advertisement flyers and a membership card sample. His work looks so much better than mine now -.-" Argh... i'd crack if he got a higher mark than me. Anyway, Tommy's still working on his assignment. Sigh... he's been giving me heaps of trouble, and i'm really getting frustrated. I hope he'll get a good job done by tonight.

The exams are coming up in two weeks, and i'm already feeling the pressure mounting on. I slept at 2am last night...and i'm feeling the effects of it now. Sigh... I'm supposed to be doing this break dancing thing for the Youth Rally coming up on the 5th of November. I'm really pumped up for it, and i've already invited tons of friends...but i've got no time to go for the break-dancing practices. Argh...

God, please help me.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Owen rocks da house again!

Owen shoots, and he scores!!!! With that amazing win against Poland, English will finish at the top of their groupm ensuring them a place in next year's thrilling World Cup Competition. Yippee! Owen never fails to impress, he's scored 5 goals in the last 5 games. What a sensation. It really made my day when i read the amazing news this morning.

Anyway, today's scripture is:

"Be devoted to one another... Honour one another above yourselves."
- Romans 12:10 NIV

Do you find it hard to regard others higher than yourself? Well, i do sometimes... or maybe... most of the times. But i'll strive hard to remain humble, and to put others ahead of me. Then again, i was just reminded of some suckers that practice "self-sacrifice" in order to gain the attention of "cool" people. Nah, that's different. I'm talking about sacrificial love here...

My body feels stoned from Futsal. I didn't come away with all three wins today, Turk stole one from me -.-""" haha! He was all smiles as he left the futsal arena, proclaiming, "haha! I beat isaac today!" Well done Turk, you deserved it. See? It doesn't matter who you've got on your team, all it takes is a good captain to manage it.

I hate losing stuff. Have you ever had one of those feelings when you think you've forgotten to bring something along, and you can't be stuffed thinking about what you think you've forgotten only to realise a few hours later that you've actually forgotten something really important. haha! That happened to me today. Jase was kind enough to get me a Pro Evo CD today, and i can't seem to find it now. Sigh... i hope it's in my locker.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The hit counter's finally hit 2000! Whoa.. this is great. Thank you all for coming here frequently! Anyway, today's inspirational scripture verse is:

"'I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.'"
- John 8:12 NIV

Yea, take a moment to dwell on that. Are you looking for the light? A solution to all your problems? Well, Jesus is the way!

I just got back from a jog with Joyce. Jerusha couldn't come as she had Soccer training, and Tim just got back from some Tennis thingo. Well, i was quite reluctant to go jogging, but i decided to give my eyes a break. haha! And i'll never regret that!

I managed to clear up this minor-made-major misunderstanding with Joyce, and then we jogged to this awesome place in a park just behind her house. I knew that a park existed there, but i'd never had the time to go exploring. I kindda imagined that it was be like a dump, a hole. And i was shocked when Joyce told me that she'd seen cows grazing around there pretty often.

Anyway, we went up this raised wooden platform which had a spectacular sight over a vast area of Glen Waverley. It was an awesome sight! We could even see the rain falling in the distance.

Taking breaks isn't such a bad idea after all. Anyway, i've got tons of work to catch up on right now. Sigh... the exams are coming up in two weeks. Whoa, i can't wait till they're all over!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Birthday Bash

I'm feeling dead tired now. We just came back from a long, and simply fantastic, dinner at FoodStar. Oh... the food there's sensational. But that's not the point. The point was, or is that it's my mum's birthday today! Happy Birthday mum! I love ya!

If you think about it. Parents are actually a blessing, a precious gift from God. You can't decide who you want as a parent, and they can't choose who they want for a child. However, there's just this unexplainable loving relationship that few can comprehend. Still, i can remember getting into tons of quarrels and disputes with my parents, thinking that they're always unfair and all. But when i start to think back now, i was simply immature.

I had my birthday party yesterday. There were quite a few people at my house. haha! It was so packed that i was getting a little worried. Thanks to all that made the party as fantastic as it was! We talked, ate and all... Quinton, Gabriel, Shaun, Jerusha, Nick, Alvin and i had our dinner out on the cold pergola. Anyway, i think the highlight was when Joyce and Vicky suggested watching Jerusha's and my childhood videos -.-" And i was utterly embarrassed. haha! I picked my nose, rubbed the contents on the wall, scratched my head with the same finger, and then gave it a wet suck -.-" All on tape...argh... i've gotta burn it someday. haha! Childhood Innocence. I love that.

Later on in the night, i unwrapped all my presents. Hey, thank you- Shaun, Tim, Joyce, Nick, Vivian, Aviel, Danica, Grace, Reuben - for the wonderful presents! I got a Christian novel called "Bad Ground", some table-tennis bats x.x, a beautiful photo frame, an AWESOME bookmark with the "footprints" story on it, and a bundle of cards. Best of all, i got a really nice looking stand thingo with 60 scripture cards. So, i'll include a short and inspirational passage of scripture in every post =) Hopefully i'll memorise some of them.

It really made my day when everyone sang the birthday song. It's been a really long time since so many people celebrated my birthday with me =) Thank you!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spiteful Traps...

Why do i keep falling? It's plain wrong! I can see them as clear as day, but these spiteful traps always get the better of me. I'm quite confused now. I strive to be honest, to be perfect and least...that was in the past. But what have i become? I don't know anymore... right now... the bad doesn't seem as bad as it used to be. Or rather... jokes aren't JUST jokes anymore... things are starting to get serious. The world around me is moving on, and i feel like i'm trapped in this tender bubble of innocence... the trouble only comes when it pops.

I know you're angry... i'm sorry.

I went to Chinese school this morning and had a pretty good time there. Managed to catch up with Blee a little. I haven't been talking to her much lately because of school work. Sigh... in this world, you'll only get a handful of genuine friends; she's one of them.

After school Jerusha and i met up with Nick, Shuan, Joyce and BIG Tim (I'm gonna call Tim that from now on cuz i've sorta realised that he's my age xP). I was pretty lost then. No one tells me anything these days...haha! that really sounds like a cliche. But i had absolutely no clue why we were meeting up with them for, so i just brought them to the food court at The Glen for lunch. Sadly, Shaun, Nick and i ended up having oriental meals -.-" I would have brought them to Bob's Kitchen if i knew that they wanted Chinese food!

Anyway, Nick had to buy a present for Quint, Shuan had to get something for grace, and Joyce and Tim were shopping for something. As for me, i went home at 3pm and spent the next 4 hours or so working on my Geography assignment -.-""

I was really happy when i saw lyd, joce and dawn post. haha! Glad you gals haven't forgotten me! I wonder how much longer i would be able to keep in touch with my Singaporean friends for... time to move on? Yea, i think so...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling moodless right now...haha! Probably because i'm too tired to think. We had Futsal for sport just then, and this time Duc, Turk, Paul, Eric and Michael were on my team. And we emerged with three straight wins: 4-0, 2-1 and 3-1. Apparently, this was Turk's and Duc's first time winning all three games, and they seemed exceedingly happy as they boarded the train at Spencer Street. It's good to know that your friends are happy.

Well, the reason for the title of my post is based on my own personal theory that everyone has a tonne of thoughts passing in and out of their brain rapidly, and sometimes, the random thoughts push your cranium into overload. However, if i vent them all out on my blog, perhaps they'd get out of my brain.

Hmm... this is gonna be totally random, but i'm thinking of Soccer matches during lunch. They sure make my day. They give a brief spark of hope and joy through a tough and tiring day of school. A hope that i would score a wonder goal. I don't know why, but i've been missing a bundle of good chances to knock in awesome goals in the past two days. Sigh... I perform spectacularly in the build-up only to scuff the chance away due to a slight lack of concentration on the finish!

Anyway, the debate of knowledge is also on my mind. We are currently studying this marvellous English text "Flowers for Algernon". It's about how this mentally impaired dude named Charlie Gordon goes through a neuro surgery and gets extremely smart over time. However, he starts to feel more negative emotions as he gets smarter and smarter. Personally, i have this huge desire to gain more and more knowledge. I mean, reaslistically, everyone has that. But... is that really good for us? The saying "Ignorance is Bliss" is really wise. Would you rather live in bliss, and be ignorant? Or would you rather have all the knowledge in the world and yet live in remorse? Answer in a tag!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Repeated Misses

Hey peeps! The hitcounter's finally hit 1900! haha! I just wanna thank you all for dropping by to read about my "awesome" and "interestingly-soccerish" life. Hey, please continue to leave a tag! I know tons of you read my blog, but can't be stuffed tagging... but PLEASE DO!

Anyway, nothing much happened today. But i very much hate the fact that the work load's increasing. THe exams are coming up real soon; in about 3 and a half weeks, but i'm not confident about them AT ALL! Seriously, i can barely remember the stuff that i learnt last term; that is, if i had actually learnt anything. I feel that it's about time to plop myself down on a chair and bury my head in some textbooks for a few hours. Sigh... Exam Pressure... what a platitude.

Hey, answer this question through a tag:
There's a good friend of yours that often likes to slacks off. One dreadful day, he remembers that his Science experiment's due the next day, and he/she asks you to send him your assignment so that he can use it as a "reference".
Would you let him have your assignment?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Birthdays. Some might think of it as another day to celebrate without a real concrete reason to do so. Others just ignore it; thinking that it's a thing of the past - immature. Still some others regard it as a day of creation; the day that God decided to create you; the day you first experience life.

As my Birthday's coming up in two weeks, my sister suggested having a birthday party just two days ago. I don't know why, but i was really annoyed. Puzzles me when i think of it now, but i was really disturbed. I don't know if it was my mood, or if it was the suggestion.

I'm not one for throwing parties. In this world, there are Party Givers and Part Goers. Well, i'm more of the latter. It's been ages since i ever threw a birthday party. Really. I think the last time i had one was back in 2001. Anyway, since Jerusha's so keen to have a party, i thought i'll just have a joint party this Saturday. But apparently, almost everyone's busy this weekend, including me. haha! It's what you get for going to Melbourne High -.-" So i'm thinking of having it on the following Saturday, 15th of Oct. We'll see how it goes...

I don't know what's come over me the past few days, but i've been really tempermental. Sigh... i used to be really calm and all, but what's come over me?! Argh...i'm thinking about really REALLY dumb things. Some stupid Philosophies of Life for example. lol! Think i'm going nuts. I've been getting into quarrels with my sis, my mum and my dad. Sigh... It's deteriorated to such an extent that i feel uncomfortable talking to my sis!

I prayed to God just then, and He calmed me down a lot.
I need a heart of love, altruistic love... not hatred.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dead Legs

I feel as tired as Hitler's shaved legs. I've been actively exercising non-stop for the past few days. It was a 3km jog by myself four days ago, then a futsal tournament and a 3km jog with my sister two days ago. Then i spent 3 whole hours under the scorching sun playing soccer with the Fungus dudes. What a day!

I've gotta get ready for school really soon, my science experiment isn't fully complete yet. The holidays have passed by in such a jiffy. Seriously, this may sound like a cliche, and it's becoming more and more like a known phenomenon. Sigh... when will i ever cherish the value of time?

Jerusha, Nick, Gabriel, Danica, Avil, Shuan, Reuben, Quinton, Sonja and i went to the Jumpstart concert in the city. The quality of the skits, items and poetry was top-class, but it was a pity that the coordination and professionalism was non-existent. They experienced long and frequent periods of techinical difficulties between items. haha! Nick was rambling on about how efficient it would have been if he were the one in charge of the technical stuff. The event went from 6.30pm till 10.30pm -.-"

Oh yea, just a reminder... my birthday's on the 18th of October! So yea, don't forget!!!