Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Birthdays. Some might think of it as another day to celebrate without a real concrete reason to do so. Others just ignore it; thinking that it's a thing of the past - immature. Still some others regard it as a day of creation; the day that God decided to create you; the day you first experience life.

As my Birthday's coming up in two weeks, my sister suggested having a birthday party just two days ago. I don't know why, but i was really annoyed. Puzzles me when i think of it now, but i was really disturbed. I don't know if it was my mood, or if it was the suggestion.

I'm not one for throwing parties. In this world, there are Party Givers and Part Goers. Well, i'm more of the latter. It's been ages since i ever threw a birthday party. Really. I think the last time i had one was back in 2001. Anyway, since Jerusha's so keen to have a party, i thought i'll just have a joint party this Saturday. But apparently, almost everyone's busy this weekend, including me. haha! It's what you get for going to Melbourne High -.-" So i'm thinking of having it on the following Saturday, 15th of Oct. We'll see how it goes...

I don't know what's come over me the past few days, but i've been really tempermental. Sigh... i used to be really calm and all, but what's come over me?! Argh...i'm thinking about really REALLY dumb things. Some stupid Philosophies of Life for example. lol! Think i'm going nuts. I've been getting into quarrels with my sis, my mum and my dad. Sigh... It's deteriorated to such an extent that i feel uncomfortable talking to my sis!

I prayed to God just then, and He calmed me down a lot.
I need a heart of love, altruistic love... not hatred.

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