Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dead Legs

I feel as tired as Hitler's shaved legs. I've been actively exercising non-stop for the past few days. It was a 3km jog by myself four days ago, then a futsal tournament and a 3km jog with my sister two days ago. Then i spent 3 whole hours under the scorching sun playing soccer with the Fungus dudes. What a day!

I've gotta get ready for school really soon, my science experiment isn't fully complete yet. The holidays have passed by in such a jiffy. Seriously, this may sound like a cliche, and it's becoming more and more like a known phenomenon. Sigh... when will i ever cherish the value of time?

Jerusha, Nick, Gabriel, Danica, Avil, Shuan, Reuben, Quinton, Sonja and i went to the Jumpstart concert in the city. The quality of the skits, items and poetry was top-class, but it was a pity that the coordination and professionalism was non-existent. They experienced long and frequent periods of techinical difficulties between items. haha! Nick was rambling on about how efficient it would have been if he were the one in charge of the technical stuff. The event went from 6.30pm till 10.30pm -.-"

Oh yea, just a reminder... my birthday's on the 18th of October! So yea, don't forget!!!

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