Monday, October 10, 2005

Birthday Bash

I'm feeling dead tired now. We just came back from a long, and simply fantastic, dinner at FoodStar. Oh... the food there's sensational. But that's not the point. The point was, or is that it's my mum's birthday today! Happy Birthday mum! I love ya!

If you think about it. Parents are actually a blessing, a precious gift from God. You can't decide who you want as a parent, and they can't choose who they want for a child. However, there's just this unexplainable loving relationship that few can comprehend. Still, i can remember getting into tons of quarrels and disputes with my parents, thinking that they're always unfair and all. But when i start to think back now, i was simply immature.

I had my birthday party yesterday. There were quite a few people at my house. haha! It was so packed that i was getting a little worried. Thanks to all that made the party as fantastic as it was! We talked, ate and all... Quinton, Gabriel, Shaun, Jerusha, Nick, Alvin and i had our dinner out on the cold pergola. Anyway, i think the highlight was when Joyce and Vicky suggested watching Jerusha's and my childhood videos -.-" And i was utterly embarrassed. haha! I picked my nose, rubbed the contents on the wall, scratched my head with the same finger, and then gave it a wet suck -.-" All on tape...argh... i've gotta burn it someday. haha! Childhood Innocence. I love that.

Later on in the night, i unwrapped all my presents. Hey, thank you- Shaun, Tim, Joyce, Nick, Vivian, Aviel, Danica, Grace, Reuben - for the wonderful presents! I got a Christian novel called "Bad Ground", some table-tennis bats x.x, a beautiful photo frame, an AWESOME bookmark with the "footprints" story on it, and a bundle of cards. Best of all, i got a really nice looking stand thingo with 60 scripture cards. So, i'll include a short and inspirational passage of scripture in every post =) Hopefully i'll memorise some of them.

It really made my day when everyone sang the birthday song. It's been a really long time since so many people celebrated my birthday with me =) Thank you!

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