Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Day of Smiles

Every smile i had today was a smile worth having.

I'm smiling even now! Just wanna thank you guys for making my birthday such a memorable day! Seriously... i'll never forget this day, there weren't any celebrations or extravagant banners, but there sure was tons of smiles and laughter. Thank you all!

Kevin, the black dude in my class, made a goal for the class this morning. It was to sing me a birthday song once every lesson. haha! This has happened before, and some of the tighter teachers even reprimanded the boys and told them to stop, but i was hoping they'd give me a little more respect. Surprisingly, Miss Petrie, Miss Poletti, and Miss Pilkington sang along, and all three of them asked me the same question: "How old are ya now?" haha! And most of them were surprised to know that i was only 15 -.-""" Miss Petrie even made a comment that she was old enough to be my mum! =)

Anyway, i felt extremely happy whenever they sang the birthday song, to the extent of embarrassment. But it felt really good to be greeted with tons of "Happy Birthday, Isaac!" from so many people along the corridors. haha! I think 3/4 of the Year 10s know that it's my birthday today. I thank God for all my friends, really... they've made my day.

After lunch, Banh and Tommy presented me with this sick-as present: A Liverpool Scarf!!!! Yeehaa!!! That's what i was planning to get! haha! Only my dearest friends would know how to get me such a present, thanks Banh and all the rest who chipped in! Thanks a lot! =)

If only this day could repeat itself over and over and over again. But as the cliche goes, all happiness must come to an end, and i think i'll have to get back to work soon. But i feel more light-hearted and at eased. Hmm... here's the scripture for today:

"The Lord is good and his love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations."
- Psalm 100:5 NIV

I thank the Lord for all my friends, for making me who i am, and for giving me such joy!

Oh, i almost forgot. The gang on the later train had a "mini-party" too. Thanks!

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