Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Repeated Misses

Hey peeps! The hitcounter's finally hit 1900! haha! I just wanna thank you all for dropping by to read about my "awesome" and "interestingly-soccerish" life. Hey, please continue to leave a tag! I know tons of you read my blog, but can't be stuffed tagging... but PLEASE DO!

Anyway, nothing much happened today. But i very much hate the fact that the work load's increasing. THe exams are coming up real soon; in about 3 and a half weeks, but i'm not confident about them AT ALL! Seriously, i can barely remember the stuff that i learnt last term; that is, if i had actually learnt anything. I feel that it's about time to plop myself down on a chair and bury my head in some textbooks for a few hours. Sigh... Exam Pressure... what a platitude.

Hey, answer this question through a tag:
There's a good friend of yours that often likes to slacks off. One dreadful day, he remembers that his Science experiment's due the next day, and he/she asks you to send him your assignment so that he can use it as a "reference".
Would you let him have your assignment?

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