Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cheese Cakes and All...All but a dream..

Cheese Cakes, Coke, milk, lemonade, crispy-creams, chicken-curry, SOCCER, lanning, chattting and all... all but a mere dream that looks near... but it's really far in actual fact. Argh... i've got 5 more exams to go - Maths, Science, Business Management, CAD and Geography. Sigh... these are all important subjects, save for CAD :P

I'm so busy this weekend. I really want to get down to studying, but i've gotta go for breakdancing practice in about 10 minutes. ArGH!!!!!! I'm screaming my head off. Sigh... can you remember the last time you felt so pressured that you wanted to fly off to another country, shave your head, and drink some milk? I feel that way right now.

I'm in no mood to do anything except to study. I don't even feel like studying. I feel as though there's something EXTREMELY important that i have to attend to, but i'm too tired to "attend" to it, and i can't attend to it at the present moment. lol! Jase and Banh would call me a "whinger". But yea, i'm just so exhausted that i'm starting to talk about crap.

Anyway, there's gonna be a Youth Rally on the 5th of November (this coming Saturday). It's gonna be GREAT fun, and i'm gonna be break dancing. I've gone through tireless practices to prepare for this... so yea, please come if you can.

I'm off to burst some balloons.

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