Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dark Side...

Exams are finally over! Yippee! I found the Maths exam pretty hard, but i can't be stuffed worrying about it anymore. Oh, i've just found out that Banh's a real Maths Wiz, he's a genius. Seriously, don't let his massive look deceive you.

Jason, Harish, Prashan, Marcus, Joash, Meng, Narayan, and many other MHS dudes went to watch Star Wars 3 at Crown Casino after school. We got ditched by Jin and the other soccer dudes *shakes head at Tommy and Turk*. They were gonna go to Jamie's house for some FIFA Tournament. LOL! Turk said something about placing bets on the winner. -.-""" It's only a console game!

I really enjoyed the movie although Turk and Marcus were driving me nuts at school today by shouting out loud what happened in the show. -.-""" I've seen many sequels and trilogies, but most of them have been dissapointing. Eg. Matrix. However, there have only been two exceptional ones - Star Wars, and Lords of The Rings. They are just awesome! I won't spoilt for those of you who haven't seen the show. But i must say that something really struck me - Anger, Fear and Greed can actually corrupt a good person's mind. These urges may seem small, but after some time, they can have nasty effects.

There are 37 Giggs on my hard disk, 17 Giggs of neccessary accessory programs and about 2 giggs of musics and 15 giggs of movies -.-" lol! I shocked when the computer gave me an alert about insufficient disk space on the hard disk. I'm gonna start burning the movies onto discs. Stupid movies. One movie can take up 750mbs.

The Interform Soccer Finals are tomorrow and i'm really nervous. This time, i've got all the right to be anxious. We're up against, or rather, i'm up against the best Year 10 player, Nathan Laios. He's a friend of mine, but he's even more of a gun. Well known for "taking-out" players and, trust me, he has better tricks up his sleeve than the "accidental-foot-to-face" technique i used on Tommy. One day after the exams and i'm facing a imminent threat of permanant face disfiguration!

Monday, May 30, 2005

German? Funny?

Hey, please add a tag on the right--------> whenever you visit my blog. Don't tell me that you've got nothing to say! Just say "hi!". No, actually, don't do that, that's really lame. Erm... comment on the song! Thanks!

I've never really liked German. Picked it up because a second language was neccessary, and i didn't like the Japs. haha! No offence, that was because of their cruelty a long time ago. I really should forgive them. Well, to my amazement, today's German exams was pretty easy, and "fun". There was this particular section where we were required to add captions to pictures of our family, friends, holidays, pets, etc. We can add captions on anything, using as much vocabulary as possible. There were about 10 pictures, there weren't any actual pictures, they were imaginary. haha! Don't Worry. I was running out of crazy random ideas by the last question. I ended up writing this: "Das ist meine Freund. Er heisst Denholm. Er hat eine sehr schoen freundin!" LOL! Go translate it here.

Kevin and Shervin had a really vigorous "dogfight" on the train back to Glen Waverley. haha! Harish was caught up in the middle of the scramble. Brenden was licking his eyes, and Anthony was picking his nose. If only Marcus was there, it could have been topped off with a shower of dandruff.

Got home at about 1.30pm, watched Star Wars 1 The Phentom Menace. I just loooove watching the Jedi Knights wave their fully-sick light sabres around. Got down to studying at 3pm, but somehow, i ended up taking a 2 hour nap nestled in my comfy bed. lol! I've got one more exam tomorrow - Maths. I can't wait for it to pass. Then come the parties, soccer games and the last nights. The dudes are probably gonna play soccer in the city after the exam tomorrow. Hope they watch Star Wars 3 instead. I'm dying to see it...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memory Clog

I'm gonna keep this post short, nothing much happened today. I went to church in the morning, and i didn't really understand or enjoy the sermon. The preacher was the American missionary that preached last week. I don't know why, but i just don't...er..."get into the flow" during her sermons. It just doesn't make much sense to me. She started by quoting a verse in 1 John, then she went to 2 different parts of John, and then to Acts, and back to 1 John; she spoke about a different aspect each time. Maybe i wasn't listening...-.-"

When you pray for something and you don't get it, it doesn't mean that God isn't listening, or there's no God. Instead, think of it this way: God said "No" to your request because he has something better in store for you. Remember me mentioning that i was praying to God for a $250 faith-promise offering? Yea, i didn't quite get it. But i did something about it (secret). Alright, this won't make sense to you. But this is MY blog! MY world! You're just visiting! :P

Uncle Arthur and his family are coming over for dinner tonight. I haven't seen them for quite a while. I don't really know what's gonna happen tonight, there's just so much conflict going on. Well, something bad always seems to happen. loL!

Have you ever had a memory gap? This is my hypothesis on a psychological phenomenon - If you forget to do something (slip of mind) really important, it lingers in the unconcious part of your mind, hindering your performance(don't think dity!) and your ability to think, hypothesise, and memorise. It's something like a splinter that's hurting, but can't be found, and thus, can't be removed. Consequently, the pain remains forever...and ever...and ever...and ever. This was the case with me. I just discovered something really HUGE. I had a real shock when i found out. I've always been a BIG fan of Star Wars, i've seen episodes 4,5,6,1 and 2. At least i thought i had -.-" I thought i had seen the second episode...but i couldn't remember a single thing about it! LOL! It was like an inaccessable part of my mind. Until i watched the movie today, and i realised that i've never really seen it -.-" It's been out for about a year and i've not seen it!!!! I couldn't believe it -.-""""""" Stupid memory clogs!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red Hair

2 more exams to go, German and Maths. I couldn't be stuffed studying today, just spent an hour on German. Went on MSN for the first time in about 2 weeks! oh how much i miss it. haha! I used to think that MSN was a waste of time...i mean, i still kindda do...but it helps to maintain contact with lots of friends. I just got the old song back up; won't continue the unbearable torture of my precious readers with my horrible singing.

My personal statement of mockery to all the sad anti-liverpool beings around, and the Man Utd fans, has just been carried out. The sight of my hair will remind anyone of the prowess of the mighty Liverpool! haha! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!!!!!! Hey, i may put the Liverpool club song, "You'll Never Walk Alone", up! =P

Chinese school was alright today, met Tat, James, Blee, Yvon, Peter, Matt, Mark, Jun Siang, Jin and his personal sidekick. lol! There's just so many good friends of mine at the school. I love Chinese school, don't like the homework, like the classes and love the friends!

Remember my mention about Peter trying out for the soccer team? LOL! Someone just told me today that lotsa soccer players were pissed with him. I was laughing my guts out when i heard it. No Offence Pete, but you've gotta establish some good relations with the soccer fanatics.

Duc told me that the Soccer season's gonna start soon, in about 2 weeks time. I don't know if they've even picked the team yet. There's just so much conflict going on. As it stands, Turk, Denholm and Johnny are making the selections and there's something going on about no asian representation. LOL! Turk told me recently, that outta all the asians, only Jase, Tommy, myself and possible Steven Tran are gonna be in the team. Duc's gonna be really pissed when he finds out. Still, i'm gonna try my best to persuade the trio to get some asians in, especially Jin. He's such a gun, and an even better friend =)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Refuge in Sight...

Oh yes, the safe haven, my refuge is in sight... i just hate idea of the solemn existence of exams lingering in the highly-fathomable depths of my mind throughout the weekend. It just adds unneccessary pressure and contributes to the EMS - Examination Maternity Syndrome.

I'm halfway through, only Maths and German to go. Harish and i are already trying to gather all the MHS dudes for a movie (Star Wars 3!) this Tuesday. Oh, i just love Star Wars. I can still remember the days when i was about 7, and my dad would wake me up late at night for Star Wars episodes. I've seen 1,2,4,5 and 6 already, and i can't wait for the ultimate link. I really like the plot...esp the jumbled up episodes...i wonder if it was intentional.

I had Vis Comm, Maths Paper 1 and Psychology exams today. I totally stuffed up Vis Comm, as i expected. I just HATE art, and anything to do with it. lol! yea, that's just me, i just hope to get 50%. I reckon i did pretty well for my Maths, and i know that i aced my Psychology. I was kindda excited to see what the exams for a VCE subject would look like, and i was shocked when i saw 60 multiple choice questions and 3 structured ones! I had a really tough time reading through all those questions....my eyes were killing me (After effects from yesterday).

Oh...my mum and sis went out today to get red dye. haha! I'm gonna dye my hair red really soon. but i can't be stuffed doing it tonight. I'm gonna watch National Treasure! haha! My sis wants me to dye my WHOLE head red, like i first intended, but i'm having second thoughts... I mean, the purpose of this is to show my Liverpoolism and to mock all Man Utd fans! (You guys won NOTHING this year! :P)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

All Things ARE Possible with God

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."
- Phillipians 4:13

This is my testimony. Soccer means a lot to me, i breathe soccer, think soccer and dream soccer. It's not my number one priority, but it's up there among the top. For all of you who don't know, I'm a die hard Liverpool fan. And...if you're wondering... it's a disgrace if you know me personally and still don't know :P

Liverpool made it through to the finals of the Champions League last week after beating many tough opponents with likes of Chelsea and Juventus. Well, i never thought that they would make it so far. I've been praying hard for them to win this pretigous european cup despite the one-sided odds which favoured the Italian giants, AC Milan.

I woke up at 4.30am this morning to record the live game, and i had a clash of priorities. haha! Soccer? Or more sleep for exams? The former ran the latter over, and i covered myself with a blanket on the couch in front of the TV for a game that sent thrills down the spines of every spectator. No scriptwriter could have wrote such a suspense-filled story. I was really depressed when Maldini scored a goal for Milan in just ONE minute. -.-" Then Crespo struck twice, leaving Liverpool in the slumps. 3-0 down at half time. I was beginning to think that i woke up early, saacrificing 2 more hours of sleep and possibly a good exam grade, in vain. I started to pray my guts out. I knew that God would hear me, but i didn't know if he would actually act on a soccer game. haha! But he sure did... no one else could have done it except him.

Liverpool made an outstanding come back straight from the restart, scoring 3 goals in just 7 minutes against, arguably, the world's best defence. The captain, Steven Gerrard, guided a precise header past Dida into the top right hand corner for the first goal. There was a slight glimpse of hope. Just minutes later, Xabi Alonso faked a shot at the edge of the penalty box, passed it on to Hamman who faked a shot and passed it on to Smicer, who made no mistake about his shot, sending a rappler into the far left hand corner, leaving Dida totally stunned. And as though it was a dream come true, Gerrard strode into the penalty area with extreme pace, picked up a clever flick by Luis Garcia and got brought down by Gattusso! A penalty! Alonso took the ball to the spot, got a shot through the second time after his initial attempt was saved cleverly by Dida. It was a remarkable comeback. But it was a stalemate through the rest of normal time, as well as extra time. I knew it was a test of faith from God.

As everyone knows, Penalty Shootouts are the reason why soccer's so popular. If you've never experienced a full-on intense penalty shootout in your life, you'd be missing on one quality that makes life precious - suspense. The intensity was tremendous, i was screaming whenever AC Milan failed to convert, and heaved a heavy sigh when Liverpool scored. By the 4th kick, AC Milan had only converted 2, while Liverpool made 3 accurate strikes. Shevchenko, the European Player of the Year, was to take Milan's fourth shot. If he missed, Liverpool would be the new Champions of Europe. Well, he missed. I was screaming my guts out, running up and down the corridor and sliding on the carpet. haha! I was hysterical!

Yea, i just wanna thank God for giving Liverpool a hand. There was no way Jerzy Dudek could have made some of the saves he did in the game, especially the one at the end of extra time when he somehow managed to make two brilliant saves off Shevchenko's goal-bound shots. Ohh...my hair's gonna be KOP Red after my exams are over!

I think i did pretty well for my History and English papers today. I felt really tired. Ahh! I've got to study for Psychology, Math and Vis Comm tomorrow! And i've also gotta catch up on my sleep! God Help me! haha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Science - Aced!

Just wanna start off by thanking the Lord for helping me with my Science paper today. I found it really easy, and i hope to get an A+ for it. There's History and English tomorrow, two long essays to write. Did some research on persuasive writing techniques today, kindda like a last minute thing. haha!

Jason and Jin asked if i wanted to play soccer after the exams today, and i was like -.-"""" We've got English and History tomorrow! I was tempted, but for once, i didn't give into soccer. I've been off MSN for about 11 days already. Although i feel a little isolated from my friends, i find that i've got a lot more time.

It's 10.21pm right now, just came on to do a short post. Tomorrow's the big game, Champions League Final - Liverpool vs AC Milan. Gonna wake up at 4.30am to catch it. Two big giants of the world's favourite game, one location, one referee, one winner. One will go down with the condolence of the entire world while the other will bask in a year of fame and glory. Well, Liverpool couldn't have gotten there without God's help. I've been praying for them. haha! And i'll pray for tomorrow's game. I'll dye my hair red as soon as my exams end if they win!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nerd Syndrome Acts Up Again...

It's getting really late now, but i didn't wanna lose my daily blogging streak. haha! I've been studying from 6.30 till now, 10.50pm. Not the longest i've gone for, but i've learnt tons during that period. I'm feeling confident about tommorrow's Science test. I'm gonna ace it! Not for me, not for my pride, but for my God.

I know i've just earned myself an entire year of baggig from Jase, but i don't care anymore. he bags me everyday, keeps talking about my bad results, and most of all, bagging my religion -.-" Oh yea, and the fact that i'm not gonna have pre-marital sex. He goes around the school literally telling everyone about it. It's not that i'm ashamed of it or anything, but the responses of my fellow MHS dudes was shocking. I mean, it was shocking to me, but it was shocking to them too. lol!

I thank God for giving me such supportive parents. My mum just gave me a bowl of cookies and cream flavoured icecream over some delicious mudcake. My dad said that he'll be there if i encountered any problems while studying. What more can one ask from one's parents? I thank God for them!

The scheduled "soccer training" today turned out to be a total smudge -.-" Ganella, the teacher in charge, organised it, got everyone informed, and then ditched us. Then came the debate about where we should play, on the oval or on the hockey field. Turk and Duc brought their boots, and they didn't want to play on the hockey field while the rest of the asians couldn't be stuffed walking to the oval. lol! I was like a middleman... I had to tell the rest to give in to Johnny, Turk and Duc. There's like a war going among the 15 people in the soccer team -.-" They can't even set aside their differences for a training session, i don't know how they're gonna cooperate in an actual game. Why can't someone give in? Why can't someone show a little more grace? Did you, or rather, would you like it if someone showed you Grace? It looks like this years soccer season's over already if they don't start to wake up from their immature dream.

I thank God for the Grace he's shown me. Cuz without it, i wouldn't be what i am now.
So be Gracious!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Foolish Greed

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."
- Colossians 3:23-24

I was utterly shattered today, after receiving another B+, one mark off an A. I've been doing really badly, getting the follwing:
Psychology SAC - B+
Science Quiz - C+
Science Genetics Test - C
Science Electronics Test - C+
History Identity Assignment - B+
History Foreign Policy Test - B+

I was seriously depressed in school today, and i just wanna apologise if i shrugged anyone off, or if i was disrespectful. It's just that i've never ever done so badly before, and these results just started flooding in in such a short time! I knew most of the facts, it's due to many many really stupid reasons that you won't believe. I actually spent countless hours studying and working on these assignments. I wasn't even expecting to do so badly! The most important thing is, my dream of getting into the top 5% and earning the Academic Badge is probably over. I've been doing really well since the start of term one, and now, in just a flash of a few weeks, all my hardwork's been flushed down the drain. It had been my motivation, but with that taken away, i don't see why i should try any harder in the second semester.

I spoke to my mum, and she reminded me of that verse at the start of my post. She said that i had the wrong motives, the wrong purpose in studying. I found it really true, exposed to the bone. I realised that the Academic Badge had been my only motivation, and that had to do with pride. I had been going on and on about Humility, when i was persuing pride all the long! I also thought that by just studying hard, putting hours and hours of studying into my day would be enough to earn me that badge. But i was wrong. My sole motive should be to study hard for God, and not to earn pride. My intellectual knowledge will get me no where if God's not behind me. I had a complete mental and spiritual renewal. From now on, i'll study hard so that God can use my intellectual to benefit others, i'll get the badge if God wants me to, and this will be my testimony.

I composed a song in the midst of agony.

Without You

When I'm feeling down,
With darkness all around.
Though i failed the test,
I'll look to you for rest.

Without you Lord,
Nothing is possible,
All things are vain.
I need you Lord,
My hands are weak,
But you're always strong!

When dreams fade away,
And all hope starts to die.
I breathe my final breath,
And heave my ending sigh.

* For Him who lifted me from the mirt clay. When i was down, you picked me up, corrected me, forgave me, and lead me to You.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fast Over...

The Fast's finally over. Finally? I kindda liked it actually; it gave me so much extra time to meditate on God, to compose some poems and songs and to work on being a nerd. The exams are this week and the next, once they're over, i'm gonna try starting a fire in the Dandenong forrest and dance around it. I received the biggest bagging yesterday on Banh's blog -.-" He stole a picture of me, a really BAD picture, he manipulated it, and posted it on his blog -.-" Banhy!

Went to church in the morning today. Jase, don't bag me about it. I'm really pissed with you for bagging Tommy already, don't push it. We had a guest speaker from South Asia, India. She was an American on a long-term missionary trip. I didn't really like it though, just didn't make sense to me. Came home, worked on a practice exam question for History. I'm planning on making an exact duplicate of that for my History exam =)

Joyce's mum was so kind as to offer me a ride to and from Fungus. Jerusha went for a soccer game in Wheelers Hill instead, the game ended 1-1, she didn't score. Thus, she will have to publicly "hug a tree" for losing out in a bet with Blee. I was pretty nervous because i didn't know Joyce well, and i did'nt want a dead-silent journey to Fungus. Fortunately, for some apparent reason, which i've yet to figure out, we had a really long conversation, about Tommy and his bruised face. x.X" Sorry Tommy! She told me that Tommy had a scar on his face and two bruises around his eye. I didn't know it was that serious, i'm gonna have to teach my right foot a good lesson tonight - 5 minutes in a bowl of boiling hot chili sauce.

During the worship in Fungus, i was struck by the lyrics of a song: "I love you more than life". I sung that with all my heart, and then i wondered, is that true? I mean...i had no doubts about my commitment to God, but i wondered....what is life really? Think about all you've ever did, al your accomplishments. Now think of your future, what you intend to do in the years to come. Is life all about having a extremely fun time playing soccer everyday? Gaining public recognition after a tremendous accomplishment? Earning a large amount of cash? Having a supportive family? Or many foolish, immature persuits of the opposite sex which end up in countless heart breaks? Then...look on, further down the track...Death.

My life is Yours Lord. I want to live for you, according to your will. I want to live your life for you. Let my life be a living testimony that You, and You alone, are the true and living God. The only God that loves, seeks and saves.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

NES - Nerdy Examination Syndrome

Alright...banh was suffering from PMS (Presbyterian-Meeting Syndrome) for the past two weeks. But now...i'm suffering from NES! -.-" Nerd Examination Syndrome. My desk is literally piled with heaps of notes and text books, and i've barely touched it despite studying for 6 hours today.

Went to Chinese school in the morning. It was a total bore, the teacher spent the entire 3 hours doing oral presentations, and that just sucked the life outta me. I could have spent the 3 hours more productively on Maths! Sigh...what's happening to me, i can't think of anything else except studying -.-"

I just experienced one of the most stupid events in existance today - A fire drill in Chinese school. When the fire bell sounded, i was like...wtc? We only spend 3 hours in that school per week! What's the use of a fire drill?! haha! I reckon it was just a time-waster, which is good from another perspective.

Came home, had porridge and continued with my studying spree. Added six hours to the count today. Will probably add another 6 tomorrow. Oh yea, met Peter, Blee, Mel, Tat, Jin, Matthias, Jun Siang, Yvon and James today. Yvon's soooo wierd, and so is Peter. I mean, ever since "that" happened, they've been acting like complete strangers. From best friends to complete strangers. What an evil power "that" must be.

I had two wierd responses today concerning my new hairstyle:
1) Blee walked into Chinese class today and covered her mouth with both hands, speechless.
2) I greeted Tat and he went "Oh...I see...*speechless*"

I'm going crazy studying about Australia's foreign policy in the 1950s and 1960s, and i would like to end with a quote from a anti-conscription pamphlet which may come in handy to most of you gals.

How NOT to join the Army - Advice for 20-year-olds
BE MILITANT: If you're a way-out radical make sure they know you won't follow out their orders.
BE 'GAY': Play the homosexual bit. Don't answer any questions on homosexuality, just smile...
THE MEDICAL: Have you had pnuemonia? Trick ankle, knee, elbow, bad back, asthma? Use them.
LONG HAIR: You have long hair? Good. Let it grow longer. Don't wash, stink, pick your noce, start a petition to make masturbation the national sport. See how many four-letter words you can string into one sentence. Never wear shoes.
DRINK: IF you like drinking make sure the doctors and your interviewer know. You won't have to tell them. Just arrive rotten drunk...
ACT SIMPLE: Tell the doctor that when you're away from home you wet the bed. If he does not believe you, prove it as soon as you are conscripted...

*This is meant as a joke. Toolatwork Pty Ltd will NOT be responsible for any adherence to this piece of wise advice.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Sorry Tommy!

Sigh...today was a day full of ups and downs. More downs than Ups though. Started the day off pretty badly, had a History test on foreign policy, which i didn't study for -.-" I mean, i did study for History, but i spent 3 hours studying Whitlam instead of the Australian Foreign Policies after 1949!!!! Ahh!!!! I couldn't believe myself. I totally flunked the test, i guess that the Korean War started in 1954, when it actually started in June 1950 and ended three years later -.-"" The teacher's gonna be sooo pissed.

Straight after History came Inter-form soccer. As i said yesterday, we were up against a pretty tough opponent, Tommy's class. There was no real threat in da first half, and we managed to poke our noses in front through a left-footed strike by Sid. Turk then added some cushion with a powerful cracker which was too hot to handle for the poor keeper, Ann. It was 2-0 by half-time. I had an average game at the back, didn't let any shots get through to Jase, and got the Mason really pissed. It even got to the stage when he started shoving me into da wall.

There were about 6 people on the bench - Banh, Arpit, Sid, Nick Ross, Nick Venables, Zannon. I had pity on them because they got changed up and all, so i got myself replaced. It was alright for the first 2 minutes, but Zannon gave away a stupid penalty for stepping into the keeper's semi-circle -.-" Tommy, not surprisingly, slotted it nice and calmly into the extreme right hand corner. Jason, who had been doing well, dived the right way, got a small touch to it, but it wasn't good enough to withhold Tommy's quality. It was 2-1, and the spectators roared as they saw a glimpse of hope for a possible comeback. Jason quickly put me back in defence. Kev, Turk, Sid and especially Johnny spurned some easy chances to make it 3-1. While Tommy persistantly edged against our solid backline, he was literally firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, none of them were aimed towards goal. Oh, there was one highlight though, Tommy did it brilliant deft flick past Johnny and was heading towards goal with just me standing in his way. I made a precise sliding tackle, and dispossessed him. The spectators roared and applauded. Oh, that was a great feeling.

With 2 minutes to go, i decided to come off. However, Kevin and Johnny left huge gaps in the defence. They got away once, twice..... but Tommy punished them with a killer strike, giving Jason no chance at all. It was 2-2, with barely a minute left. I was called back on, and we wore the clock down, for a period of Extra Time. haha! The situation was intense. Everyone was cheering, as there was a big possibility that Tommy's class could steal the win.

Hey Tommy, i'm really sorry. I really didn't mean it, it was really stupid of me to do that. I mean, i should be a little more experienced. Sigh...you were so brave in going for the header. This Soccer game was one of the downs of today. I'm feeling really bad. I caused grief to a good friend of mine. Sigh... is a soccer game worth it?

5 Minutes ofExtra Time. The atmosphere was as tense and as pressurising as a fully-packed train carriage as a result of 5 "Connex Apologises For Any Inconvenience Caused" announcements. The lunch bell had already gone, and so had half the spectators. Only the loyal ones stayed behind. (Thanks to all who did!) In the first minute, a long ball was pumped down into our defensive area, and Tommy and i were going for da ball. I stuck my foot high to clear the ball before it could bounce, but i misjudged it carelessly. Instead, i caught Tommy's face with my right shoe. I was horrified when i saw him fall to the floor. I seriously didn't mean it. Sigh... Sorry Tommy.

Things started to turn bad after that. A free kick in a dangerous spot. Tommy took it and it hit the post. In my opinion, he had a strong claim for a goal, but it wasn't given. Straight after, Turk was holding up a defender. I made a run from defence, he made a deft pass to me, i took it past one defender, and past another and whipped in a powerful shot past Ann. There was truckloads of adrenaline pumping into my head at that moment. It was to a certain extent, the winning goal. But i still felt bad because i had hurt Tommy.

But that wasn't it, that retarded Jason just had to taunt Tommy and he started chasing Jason around the soccer court -.-" He was furious, fist clenched, all ready to punch the daylights outta Jase. I had to hold him back. Denholm, the referee, sent both of them off. Stupid Jase, i should have let him bash you!

Turk added one more to his name, making the final score 4-2. We were through to the finals. Their team was nothing without Tommy. It didn't have a backbone. Thus, Denholm declared us the victors with 2 minutes to go. There was bad blood. Probably a broken friendship that'll never be mended. Why? Because of a stupid soccer game.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Humble Heart For me

It wasn't as bad as i expected. I mean, all my friends were astonished when they saw my new look. Shervin couldn't even recognise me! haha! He walked past me without saying hi, and i nudge him from he behind. He turned around, looked at me and went "WTF?" Then he looked a littler closer and realised who i was. That was Classic!

The people were bagged me most were Trent and Harish. Sigh... one has a sloppy German look and the other a fobbish Indian waxed wig. When will they ever grow outta their crappy hairstyles? ooooooohhhh..... :P Yea, take that! Both of you are on my hit list! Although there were some bad comments, many people said that it looked good. =)

The Premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks, will be coming to our school tomorrow to deliver some speech. Has something to do with the unveiling of some potrait and some centinary of some occasion. lol! Trent and Jase couldn't thought that i was joking when i asked who Steve Bracks was. Jase had a tough time explaining Australian Politics to me.

We had soccer for sport today, and tons of people turned up; a little more than 30. Although there were many players with loads of talent, the game turned sour after the first ten mintues. There was just NO quality on the field. Despite Turk's hat-trick which secured a 3-0 win for us, there was no real skill involved. I was in da defence, and i had literally nothing to deal with. -.-"" It was one of the worse soccer games i've ever played. Maybe, though it's highly likely that it's because Banh was warming da bench.

Marcus, Harish, Prashan and i went to the Glen for some wicked wings in the afternoon. When we got to KFC, some Glen Waverley Sec gals started talking really loudly, and it was pretty obvious that they were talking abt us. They just kept giggling at us. When i was in the queue with Prashan, this gal stood a metre on my left and a friend of hers stood two metres on my right, with a camara phone in her hands. -.-" She was trying to take a picture of either Prashan or me! wtc? I quickly dodged it, went back to our seats to have a chat with Marcus and Harish. About 2 mins later, a gal struck a conversation with us. She told us to excuse her because she knew a friend that looked REALLY like one of us (She didn't say who), then she asked if we were from Melbourne High and if we knew certain people from there. 10 mins later, this random year 8 dude sat beside me and asked me for advice on the Melbourne High entrance exam that he was gonna sit for soon. I was like... o.O" But i did give him some good advice though! =)

Marcus and Prashan ditched us. So Harish and i took a slow walk back to the station. Oh yea, Harish You Scab! lol! He kept scabbing on my chips! :P Got back to da station at 4.15pm intending to meet up with Sha, but i found out that she was already on the bus home after calling her -.-" Fortunately, i found some company in Drexel and Joyce as we took da same bus.

I'm really nervous about tommorrow. It's 10C vs 10B (Tommy's Class) in the Semi-Finals. It's gonna be a big clash of the titans. Well, the odds are with us, but...you can't rule out a spectacular performance from Tommy. I really want to be in the Finals against Laios! All you Melbourne High dudes come watch da game at Lunch tomorrow! Esp you Peter, and you Marcus!

I was inspired by God to write this song today. I've always been looking for a good song on humility, but to no avail. So i decided to write one. It took me about an hour, but it sure was worth it! Sorry about the dodgy music and the bad voice, but it's the words that bring out da meaning. Hope you peeps like it! Here are the lyrics:

A Humble Heart For me

I thought i didn't need you,
Things were just so fine.
Lots of hugs and kisses,
Was first to cross the line.

Caught up in hopeless dreams,
Caught up in hopeful wonder.
My head was stuck up,
I couldn't see.
Please make a humble heart for me!

I was trapped in darkness,
Yet you died for me.
Through your Grace and Mercy,
You have set me free!

God & isaac

"...For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."
- Luke 18:14

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Center Part Is History

Yep, my wish has finally come to pass. Mum took me down to the barber at Glen Waverley this afternoon. He looked really experienced, and judging by what he did to my head, i suppose somtimes you could judge a book by it's cover. I've lost that unique "isaac" look, that center-part that penetrates your mind whenever my name arises. haha! I can't even recognise myself now... I'm thinking of 5 good comebacks that'll come in handy tomorrow. I reckon Turk's gonna crack up when he sees me, Jase's gonna make some Does-Your-Hair-Cut-Have-Something-To-Do-With-Christianity comment, Banh's gonna severe all ties with me, Harish will definately need a puke bag, and Marcus will have a bagging topic for Thursday, 19th May 2005.

I didn't have school today as it was "Curriculum Day". I've no idea what that is though, i don't wanna be missing school a week prior to da exams. However, i reckon i've done more studying today, learnt more than i would have if i went to school today. My eyes are sore with blisters right now after enduring a LONG study period. Sigh...i started at 10am this morning, had lunch, got a haircut at 1.30, resumed the what-nerds-do routine at 3pm and finally called it a day at 6.50pm. That's a total of 7 hours and 20mins of hardcore studying! -.-"""""

Life without MSN's a real bore. My mind's totally occupied with the Menzies era and Whitlam's new policies and Malcom Fraser's viciousness. I'm turning into a nerd. I just realised what a bore it would be without school - No Soccer, No Friends, No Life!
But then again.... anyone would die for a day without Jase.

Oh, i composed another poem today. Enjoy!


When troubles overwhelm,
In the darkest day.
Though shadows arise,
Still i will pray.
Though problems remain,
And things tear apart.
Nothing will break,
My persistent heart.
I humbly pray,
In Godly-fear.
Pour my heart out,
That he might hear.
My God is Gracious,
My God is Just.
My he vindicate me,
May Justice come to past.

God & isaac

Oh yes, please don't bag my horrible singing. If you can't hear the song, thank God. If you can, i'm really sorry, but i can't pay your hospital fee :P Here are the lyrics:

Make me Like You

You delight in my praises,
Your glory i raise.
I stand here before you,
Seeking your face.
And i pray that you would come for me
And lift me on Eagle's wings.
And as i find such joy in praising you,
There's nothing i'd rather do.
Yet all you ask of me is Faith in you,
Lord, please make me like you.
A peace that endureth,
A love with no bounds.
Was lost here without You,
But with You i'm found!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

After Shave...

"Whoa...isaac's growing up now!" -.-" That was the bagging phrase labelled on my back through the entire day of school. Not many people noticed that i shaved my moustache yesterday. Harish wagged school today, but he immediately spotted my moustache-less upper lip. haha! And he started bagging me, asking me really stupid questions like, "How did it feel?" and "Was the razor sharp?" -.-"""

The exams are starting next week, and the pressure's really piling on real quick. Fortunately, i've got tomorrow off because of Cirriculum Day! Yippee! Cirriculum Day, you're a life saver! I'm gonna spend 10 hours studying tomorrow. Oh yes, i'm gonna get a new hair cut tomorrow. I've longed to change my hairstyle, and i hope it'll turn out well. I know what just went through your mind! Don't deny it! "Finally! I can't stand that perfect center parting of his! It's disgusting!" haha! Don't Worry, you'll only have to bear with it for another 54 years.

Oh, i composed a pretty good song today. I'm gonna try to upload it on my blog. haha! it'll be a deterrent for all you nerdy blog-readers! :P Please forgive the noisy guitar, i'm really hopeless when it come to playing the guitar. Not that i'm good at any other instrument.

Had soccer training this morning. Johnny, Turk and Denholm were given the power to select the intermediate soccer team for this year. I don't object to that, but many other people do. Lots of people are saying that "Asians have NO SAY in da soccer team!" LOL! That was hilarious. Jason was telling me about his worry of getting beaten by the Year 9 State Keeper. Yea Jase! He's a Year 9. AND...a STATE KEEPER! :P

I'm coping pretty well without MSN. Besides, i'll get more time to study. I haven't got a clue what those two gals are up to on my tag board ----> -.-" Lindah, what do you mean by how long am i? Well, i guess that i'm as long as you are?

Lots of friends have been astonished that my answer was negative when they asked if i would have pre-maritial sex. -.-" I gave it some thought today. Imagine a sex-saturated world. A world full of sex-minded people who find that sex is the highest form of entertainment, and since nothing, and no one's stopping them, plus it's not "morally" wrong, they have regular orgies and attend sex clubs. What would the world become if everyone treats sex as just a form of entertainment and enjoyment? I reckon sex should be a sign of commitment rather than a disrespectful usage of someone else for one's own personal gain.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Heute Mittag, habe ich fussbal gespielt.
Mein Team habe 5-0 gewonnt!

I hate German, and pretty obviously, my German is crap. Sigh...i'm currently 'abstaining' from any use of internet messaging systems, including MSN Messenger -.-" Well, the exams are coming soon anyway. I'll just use the time to do some work, and perhaps compose some new songs! I just wrote a poem today, it'll be at the bottom of this post.

My dad's gonna be in Sydney till this Friday. Hmm...looks like i'm gonna have a little trouble studying for my exams. I was extremely tired in school today. I just couldn't concentrate in class no matter how hard i tried to play attention, must have been due to the lack of sleep. Despite my mood, i was really nervous about the Inter-form Soccer. It was our class versus Chalky's class. I've always had this Chalky-phobia, he was the one that knocked my team outta the competition last year. But...come to think of it, there's really nothing intimidating about Chalky. haha! I was being paranoid.

The game started off with a bang. Everyone expected this to be a huge clash, considering how Chalky's team completely demolished their opponents 4-0 in the previous round. However, we were in full-control. Kevin scored the first goal following my neat lay up with a brilliant shot aimed with exact precision at the left hand corner. Turk continued to own the weak defence by lashing out two outstanding strikes which beat the keeper with ease. What was really surprising was Nick Venebles. I reckon he played the best game of his life, adding two goals to his name. He scored both of them with his weaker left foot. Although his shots didn't carry tons of kenetic energy, they were positioned really nicely, leaving the keeper with no chance at all!

The defence, which consisted of a brilliant Banh in action and an ever-present Matt, simply dominated Chalky and his strike force. Banh was doing his usual Haka Dance routine while the game was going on, instilling fear into the strikers. Matt was attempting one-minute-handstands while letting his head do the job. Ofcourse, i was a hinderance to them, making useless and stupid-looking slide tackles. Don't blame me! i had a tough opponent! I even got the skin of my knees burnt trying to slide tackle Mr Air. Hint: Don't ever try that, he's really quick.

They only managed to get one shot on target through the entire game. Not surprisingly, that shot was well saved by our inspirational keeper, and captain (His pride grew even more ever after scoring that own goal last week), Jason. In the dying seconds of the game, he even left his box and made a desperate attempt to get a goal. He did pretty well to get past one defender, but got creamed in the end by some retard. I could see the blood pumping profusely into his blood-red face, he was fuming with anger. But he pull himself together to make an excellent shot on target which ALMOST resulted in a goal.

Alright, it's time to get back to work. I've got this German Speaking task tomorrow. Oh yes, i'll still be checking my email - www.toolatwork@hotmail.com.
So, if there's anything urgent...you know where to find me.


I see nothing before me,
But a dark black space.
I stand on nothing,
BUt a small round base.
A step forward,
Could seal my fate.
And a step backward,
Could prove to be too late.
I was trapped forever,
For the lack of Faith.
The chill around me,
Made me feel unsafe.
It is through Faith,
That light can abound.
Believing by nothing,
That Hope is found.

God & Isaac

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Week of Fasting

Okay, i'll start of with a laugh. "haha!" That should cover the grim fact that i'm fasting for a week. Every small group in Fungus is supposed to think of something to fast upon for a week, and my group "unanimously" decided on MSN. So, i won't be on MSN for the whole of this week. (At least, i'll try to) haha! my sister was sooooo angry and frustrated when she heard about this MSN-Fasting thingo. Well, fasting unrevels addictions and it helps to get priorities right. So... you're all welcome to join me! lol!

Today's sermon was really intriguing. Pastor Stuart talked about Faith Offering. I don't know the actually name, but it basically means that God will give through you, something that he would not normally give to you, unless he could trust you to pass it on. He continued by telling us to ask God, in faith, how much money we would be able to come up with in two weeks. That really struck me. It like...a miracle that's predictable and expected. For example, some time last year, God put a figure of $400 in a lady's mind. She made the commitment to donate the $400 after a certain period. She knew that she wasn't supposed to work for it, she only prayed in faith. A few days before the collection of the Faith Donation, she received a birthday card from a good friend reading "I'm donating a sum of money to support an orphan in Africa for an entire year as your birthday present." But that wasn't all, there was a cheque in the card with "$400 Only" written on it! She couldn't believe it, God had given to her what he would not normally have given her because he trusted her to pass it on! Isn't that amazing?! Well, i'm trying that too and i really hope that God will give that ridiculous sum for money to me so that i can pass it on for him.

Hmm...what happened today...erm...went for Fungus after church, met Adora and Joyce, watched Jerusha lose her soccer game 4-0. yea, that's about it. I'm going to Uncle Tony's new house for dinner tonight. I can't wait to take a look at the house, i'm sure it'll look terrific!

Urgh...my exams are coming up in a few weeks time and i've yet to study for so many subjects! Lord, please help me! With so much pressure from so many important subjects, what puzzles me and pisses me off most is that the subject that holds the LAST priority is bugging me! -.-"""" I've got this German speaking task tomorrow, and i'm required to recite a stupid German poem. -.-" Ahh! I hate German!!!! Ich hasse Deutsch!

I'm counting down to this Thurday when Liverpool faces AC Milan in a clash of the Titans! Be sure not to miss it! haha! Will Isaac have have a red head?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love Doctor?

Exams are coming up in two weeks time, and i'm gonna start pulling my socks up. Haiz...i'm already so pressurised to get work in before the various due dates, guess a little more pressure from the exams won't hurt. I'm aiming to get into the top 5% this year. Wanna get that really nice looking academic badge, despite it's really cool meaning: "Look! I'm a Nerd!".

Went to Chinese School this morning, and had a really bad time. The teacher was seriously picking on me through the whole lesson -.-" I know that i've stolen her black marker pen, spray painted the windscreen of her car, burst a tyre and locked her outta the class. But she didn't have to pick on me! Sigh...she kepy making me answer questions. And she made me the first to do the oral presentation on my school -.-" I got owned...lol! Blee's oral presentation was centered around her school library. It was hilarious! haha! She said that it was the only facility that her school had, and that all the students would actually help each other in taking good care of it. The teacher was like...o.O"

Yvon. You don't want this gal to be your best friend. Trust me. This is what she does to her best friend:
- Says "hi" and walks away
- Bags him everyday
- Blocks him on MSN
- Talks behind his back
- Steals his stationary and blames it on someone else
- Scabs on his lunch, dinner, and sometimes, breakfast
And Finally, but Most Vicious
- Doesn't get Birthday presents for her best friend *Shakes Head*
*All information on this website is obtained from RSPCA, and is highly-biased and 99% fake.

Peter was ignoring Yvon. He didn't even reply when she greeted him. She was feeling pretty bad about it. Peter's a real retard, he doesn't know what to do when it comes to gals...sigh. *A minute of pity for Peter* =P I to intervene. lol! I feel like the love doctor in the show "Hitch". Well, after school, Yvon said that she had to go to the toilet really urgently, Blee and Sha joined her. I stood along the walkway waiting for Peter. When i met him, i told him that i needed to use the loo and i asked if he could come with me as i had "something" to tell him. The female and the male toilets were just beside each other. I told Peter to wait outside. lol! About a minute later, Yvon came outta da Ladies and had a shock when she saw Peter. They asked me to walk back to the front gate with them, but i said that i'll wait for Blee and Sha. haha! Hope they had an enjoyable walk back.
PS. Yvon, that's 2 bucks for you. Peter, i'll give you a discount, $1.50!

Blee accompanied my sis and i to the Glen for lunch after Chinese class. They were happily bagging each other, but i don't really know what they were talking about. I was extremely tired for some unknown reason. hmm...yea, i got a six piece meal while Blee and Sha spent their cash on some nasty wicked wings. haha! That's cannibalism - A chicken having chicken wings for lunch! I reckon Blee should be sent to the CCC (Chicken Confinement Centre) =P

Played soccer with some friends in da afternoon at Terrara Park. It was an awesome game, lots of passing, running on and off da ball, and ofcoure, fabulous shots which resulted in goals. I was totally stuffed out by the end of da game. I was expecting a serious cramp in my right calf as it hadn't healed completely from thursday's game. Surprisingly, and unfortunately, i didn't get to enjoy the pleasure of a cramping muscle.

Friday, May 13, 2005

15 Hours of Sleep O.O"

The wicked wings at KFC are awesome! Seriously.. I accompanied Marcus to the Glen yesterday for some wicked wings. I've never tried it because i thought that it would be really really spicy, but i thought i'll just give it a go. And that was a decision i'll never forget. Ooh...i'm salivating at the thought of it. ahh! I've got to do a chinese oral presentation tomorrow - introducing my school -.-"

Sigh...i'm extremely tired right now. I'm not exhausted, just tired. Not in the mood to talk. I've only slept for 15 hours in the last 3 days. Have been staying up from 12 to 1am at night working on my stupid science web page. -.-" Fortunately, i had someone helping me. Thanks! I've finally completed it, and it looks really cool. I'm happy with it =) But i won't upload it though...if anyone's interested in Stem Cells, and wants to know more about it, just ask me for a copy.

Turk was the only one to notice that i wasn't my usual self. haha! Don't know if he was bagging me or if he was serious. He kept saying that i wasn't as lively as usual and that i looked like a "deadman" walking. Banh's also looking really troubled, but i don't know why. And apparently, he doesn't find me a good enough friend to divulge his confidential secrets. Eg. Watching Kim Possible.

Hey, all you peeps HAVE to check out jin's blog. It just rocks! There was inter-form soccer today, Marcus' team lost to Chalky's team in an embarrassing game which ended 5-2. The second game was a big one. Tommy's team versus Laios, the winner was easily predictable... but Tommy put up a fierce fight. I reckon he did an outstanding job in da defence. He tackled people at the right time, and put his body in the line of Laios' many vicious shots. Well Done Tommy! =) However, Johnny (I said i would bag the crap outta him, but i have second thoughts =P) gave an extremely controversal penalty to Laios, who calmly finished it off for a winning goal. The final score: 1-0. One battle, two good players, one victor.

I was being bagged by Jason throughout the entire day in his hopeful (But vain) attempt of getting back at me for reducing his "rep" into a pile of crap in my previous post. Oh yea, for those of you who haven't read it, PLS READ IT NOW! loL! It's 100% fact, no gimmicks.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

2-1 Underdogs Win....Again =P

Underdogs...don't you just love them? I know lotsa people go for the "best" or the "favourites", but it love the thrill of expecting the unexpected. We had Soccer for sport today at Como Park. The teacher-in-charge is the Soccer Coach, thus, every soccer session that we have is kindda like a trial. Yea, i couldn't turn up last week because of the stupid athletics thingo (Just thinking about it makes my blood boil -.-"). It was really ironic last week because the school's "A-team" which consisted of their First-11, lost to the "B-team" - the underdogs by miserable score of 2-0. Well, i walked onto Como Park dying for the excitment, the previlledge of experiencing a dejavu.

Johnny and Turk were captains, and they had to pick the team. I'm not too sure about this, but i think it was about the dispute that i talked about in my previous post. Somehow, almost all the A-team players, who despised Johnny, were in Turk's team, leaving Johnny with a team full of B-team players (including me x.-").

I won't really talk much about the game, except for the fact that it ended 2-1. haha! My hopes of witnessing a dejavu were realised, thanks to two goals for a superb display by Darren Lobo. haha! No one expected him to even get a shot on target, but he proved all of us wrong. Our firm backline consisting of Johnny, Matt, Jin and myself isolated the held up the skilfully fluent movement architectured by Tommy, Turk, Duc, Harish, Marcus and Calvin.
It was extremely well played, and the underdogs deserved the win =P.

Okay, down to the point - the score was 2-1, Darren scored two for us but who scored against us? Take a moment to guess while i describe that thrilling and sensational goal. The shot was taken with an pin-point precision, it placed perfectedly, beat the notorious keeper (Jason) really easily, it wasn't a full-blooded strike neither was it a tap in. It was...clinical =) Throughout the first half, and a little of the second half, Jason and i were literally owning the strikers. They couldn't turn in the penalty box. Whenever a cross came in, it would either be stopped by Jason or i would gently nod it back into his grasp. I must say, both of us worked really well together. Jason has a really BIG ego, and when i say "BIG" i mean HUMONGOUS! He bags people whenever he makes a good save and when he lets goals in. Oh yea, have you guessed who scored that wonder goal? yea, no shit....it was Jason Lu - The Keeper That Scores Own Goals. Despite several attempts, neither Turk nor Tommy could score! But Jason calmly slotted it past Jason into the back of the net. Sensational! Seriously...if he continues this marvellous form, he would be a strong contender of the "Highest-Goal Scoring Goalkeeper" Award. It's really prestigous. Jason, dont' forget to add more "OG"s to your name! I'm behind ya all the way matey!

Okay, that's enough Jase-bagging for the day. I'm sure people like Banh, Tommy, Harish and Jono are bagging the crap outta him in their blogs. lol! Don't forget to take a peek. About halfway through the game, i made a vicious sliding tackle on Harish and caught him on his ankle with my studs. I'm terribly sorry Harish! =( Really sorry, i was too reckless... Well, i guess i was to be punished for what i did. 10 mintues later, Turk pumped a long teasing ball into the defence, i jumped for the header and got rid of the danger. Only to be found groaning in utter pain after my calve started cramping up -.-" The pain was excruciating! For some unknown reason, i ALWAYS tend to get cramps on my right calve. Oh yea, i just wanna thank Nick, Jin and Calvin for stretching it out for me.

As for the rest of my eventful day ---> Got to Glen Waverley station at 3.50pm. Marcus and i went to get some wicked wings from the KFC in The Glen.Met my sis and mum at 4.15pm for some shopping at Target, bought a really nice jumper.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Heart of Humility

"For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."
- Luke 14:11

I think i've mentioned this before - that Humility is vital. Well, i don't think i've been humbled enough these few days...but i'm still gonna strive on. I really believe in that verse above, that one who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted. As i look at certain soccer players celebrating after a goal, or when people start bragging about good results, i wonder if humility is still existant in today's world. In current times, Humility doesn't bring exaltation anymore, though that shouldn't be a motivation for being humble.

I heard some stuff today from many different people that really got me thinking. For all you peeps that know me well, you'll know that my life, my actions and how i think revolves around my religion - Christianity. That goes, i hope, with all the other Christians as well as followers of other religions. They possess this feeling, this obligation to do "good" - A sense of morals. However, i wonder what motivates, what drives people with no regard for religion to have any morals at all? Why would someone with no moral obligation do something merciful?

There has been lots of conflict going on about the Intermediate Soccer Team this year. Apparently, they're gonna let the Year 9s tryout for the team this year and many Year 10s are refuting it in fear of loosing their placing in the team. However, they've got reasons for protesting. Last year, when we were in Year 9, the Intermediate Soccer Team was restricted to "Year 10s Only" although we were much better than them. Currently, Johnny and Big Kev are all for the Year 9s trying out, but literally the rest of the team's going on a "boycott". They want to challenge Johnny, Kev and the selected Year 9s with their "Year 10 Only team". -.-" I was asked to join them, but i decided to remain neutral. I'd rather not play at all if there's gonna be so much conflict - this may even turn Kev and Johhny into social outcasts in the Year 10 society. haha! Well, i reckon we should have Grace.

I'll just make my stand right here: Although it may go against MANY of my dearest friends, i reckon we should give the Year 9s a chance. We know what it's like being left out of the Intermediate Team just because of some freakish "Year 10 Only" Rule. Forget about selfishness and break that disgusting tradition that was put into effect years ago by arrogant inconsiderate fools!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Title Up!

I've just got the title of my posts put up. Hey, do you peeps like the current song? Please tell me if you do in the tagboard. I may wanna put another one up soon...it's called "Arigato" from the Tension CD that Blee gave me. haha! I in love with Tension songs!

Today was one of the most boring days i've ever been through. It wasn't really boring...more like...routine. It was freezing in the morning...again -.-" I find it really hard to get out of a warm bed. haha! I don't know why, despite the carpetting, the air in my house is colder than the actually temperature outside!

Duc was having fun over that porn magazine in Psych again -.-" Sigh...Duc man! Stop doing that! In the middle of the lesson, Jack asked Duc for it, and Duc passed it down the table. When it got to me, i lifted it high above my head and opened it up to the first page so that it was visible to the teacher. loL! Duc and Jack were like...wtf?!!?!? They were sooo owned! =P

Oh, i bought an Away Real Madrid top from Tommy yesterday. Paid 30 bucks for it....lotsa people are telling me that i got ripped off cuz i could get the exact same jersey WITH "Owen" imprinted on the back for the same amount of money off Ebay. I don't really like having names on the back of jerseys anyway. So yea...talking about Tommy. I don't have a clue what's wrong with his huge head. He never fails to mention Joyce's name whenever he sees me, and the record hasn't gone sour. I met him for a soccer game during lunch. I was gonna make a cross when he said something like.."How's Joyce?" haha! I gave him the -.-" face.

Banh. He's a really light-hearted person who's really funny. He's easy to get along with, a great friend to have. He's not at the slightest bit petty, making him really bagable. He's one of my best friends :) However, there seems to be some conlfict between him and Jase right now. Apparently, during English, Jase peeped into Banh's notes to look for a word he didn't know and Banh cracked the shits at Jase. loL! What's wrong with the both of you? 0.0""

Monday, May 09, 2005

Porn? -.-"

It was FREEZING this morning. I thought i was in a freezer when i got outta my warm and comfy bed. I wore 4 layers of clothing to school today - A T-shirt, a shirt, a jumper and a blazer. It still felt cold! -.-" It was probably 6 degrees? yea...i pity the gals that have to wear skirts as part of their school uniform. I wonder how that cope with the chill...*shivers*

The atmosphere was extremely hilarious on the train to school. I had Shervin and Marcus listen to THE FUNNIEST comedian on earth, Russell Peters, and they were cracking up throughout the whole train journey! lol! I was laughing at the way Marcus laughed and everyone around us were wondering if we were insane. I mean...not many people listen to comedy talks on a MP3. Oh yea, at some station, this FAT, okay, i won't be so mean. We had to make way for this plump lady as she wanted to get to a seat. As she passed Marcus and Shervin, they started laughing really loudly. LOL! I think the lady thought that they were laughing at her size. And the funny thing is, Marcus and Shervin didn't notice that, they just continued laughing. I almost spilled my guts out in laughter, but i tried my best to surpress it into a smile. It was hilarious.

There was lotsa controversy involving the soccer match between Jin's and Jason's class. haha! i don't believe Jin lost 2-1. hey Jin, dw man, there's still next year. And you'll ALWAYS rock at soccer ~8) Moehog Style! Laios' class thrashed Duc and his 10 ducclings 5-2! haha! It was a pity that i couldn't watch the games though, i had to do a stupid maths test that i missed out on due to athletics last week. Stupid Aths! -.-"

Oh, i just wanna express an opinion of mine. Don't take it to heart, i'm just saying. =) During the double Psych today, Duc revealed a really dirty magazine in his Psych folder. He was like "Hey Isaac, check this out!" I took a look, and on the front cover was a blonde gal with her bare breasts exposed -.-" I was really dissapointed with Duc. He was literally squirming all over her during class, and Jack was climbing all over me, trying to get a glimpse. -.-" How desperate can these dudes get? Sigh...I mean.. think about it, imagine the life of that gal. She's probably 20... 20 years of experience, and she just exposes her tits on the cover page of a magazine. It's also a matter of maturity. In my opinion, we should respect the opposite sex, not just use them for pleasure. Sigh...what's this world coming to?

I was astonished when i heard that i had athletics training after school today -.-" I mean, i totally forgot about it...Although we got disqualified in last week's race, Bessetto still wanted us to train for another competition coming up in September. I did't bring my sports gear though and i had to borrow Jin's stuff. lol! Thanks Jin! You Rock matey! This good friend of mine, Jin, he has always been right behind me. Sigh..i can't believe i actually stayed back after school for Aths training. Started at 3.05pm and ended at 3.45 -.-""" That's just sooo gay.

Got to Glennie station at about 4.50pm. I was waiting for a bus when this Mac Rob gal walked straight up to me and greeted me. I was in a daze, exhausted from aths training. I just gave her this who-in-the-world-are-you face. lol! Then i took a closer look and realised that it was Adora! haha! She looks so different in the Mac Rob attire. It was hilarious! I never knew that she went to Mac Rob, or that she lives near Glen Waverley. She happened to take the same bus and i -.-" What a coincidence!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

$140 Lobster -.-"

Went to Pacific House Restaurant last night at South Yarra for a Mothers' Day celebration. Uncle Tony and Aunty Angie joined us. We had lotsa dishes.. and that were AWESOME. They were just fantastic.. but i was shocked at the price of the lobster. It costed $140!!! -.-""" I mean, lobster tastes very much like prawns. lol! Imagine getting $140 worth of prawns, that would've been a better deal. haha! yes, don't bag me, i know i'm Azn. =)

Woke up early for church today. Gave my mum the Bonzai plant i bought for her with a card made by my sis. She was kindda surprised that we actually found the time to get her something behind her back. Happy Mothers' Day mum! You're the best mum in da world (Sometimes)! haha!

I don't know what's wrong with Tommy. He keeps mentioning Joyce on MSN for no particular reason. I was talking to him about soccer yesterday, and he started bagging me about Joyce. -.-" I don't even know her well! lol! He's all crazy about the fact that she lives just down the road from my house. haha! i met Joyce at Fungus today. She forced me to tell her what Tommy said to me...yea Tommy, you know what i'm talking about *wink wink* haha!

After Fungus, i went to watch Jerusha's soccer match at Camberwell. The air was terribly cold, but the action was really intense! Jerusha's been talking about scoring a goal in every match, but she hasn't even managed to find the back of the net for 2 games already. She has the potential, but something's just holding her back. Well, i'm determined to help her improve =)

I've finally completed my research on stem cells. Took me a total of approximately 12 hours accumilated over 2 weeks. -.-" I learnt quite a lot about them though. Stem cells are extremely resilient building blocks of the human body. haha! I know...i'm a nerd. ~8)

Aunty Alicia and Uncle Steven are here for dinner tonight, and it looks like i'm gonna have a hard baby-sitting night again. -.-" I guess it's just my luck, but ever since i came to Australia...i've been taking up this baby-sitting job every weekend! Ahhh!!! I need some time to myself! haha! i mean, i don't mind taking care of certain kids...but other kids are just...attention-seeking and really annoying!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

[Can't Think Of A Title]

Woke up today with a working mentality. I went to Chinese school at 9AM this morning, met Yvonne, Peter, Jun Siang, Tat, Blee and James. hmm, i was looking for Matthias, but i couldn't find him. Oh well...Chinese school was alright, we did tons of work in the first period, tons of work in the second and we played a "game" in the last 20 minutes. I was "caught-in-the-middle". Normally, i would sit beside Blee and William. But recently, i don't really know why, but William hadn't been talking to either of us, and he didn't wanna sit next to us. i was a little early, and she was a little late. So i took a seat with two vacant ones beside me. Five minutes later, William came into the class and sat on my left. Then, 6 other dudes flooded the the entire front row -.-""" Blee had to sit with Crystal, she looked so bored throughout the class.

Had a chat with Tat and Jin during the break. And i just found out what a big mouth James has (Don't worry, it's not you Banh). Oh yea, it was Peter's birthday this week. Blee, Yvn and myself agreed on a wonderful present for Peter. I'd no idea why Peter was so shy. Yvn had the present with her, but Peter didn't want to get anywhere near her despite being dragged by me. He even threatened to punch me! -.-""" That's what i get for trying to get him a present.

I ought to get back to my work now. I've still got ta do tons of research on Stem Cells. Oh yes, please add my new hotmail acc - toolatwork@hotmail.com if you haven't already done so! Thanks!

Here's the poem i wrote for my mum yesterday. But first, you've gotta know that i'm gonna attach this poem to a bonsai plant that i bought for her. It's really pretty. It has lush green leaves and numerous bright pink buds. Don't bag me!

Bonsai Mum

Oft i admire,
My precious Bonsai.
It holds pure beauty,
And innocence that doesn't lie.

Her upright stem,
Is thin but firm.
Scringe and shrewd,
With her shopping terms.

Her hands are skilful,
Welding pinkish knives.
When they bloom,
She bustles with life.

Her rich green leaves,
Are helpful hands,
Which give a little shade,
To her homeless friends.

This God-given Bonsai,
Is my lovely mum.
The one who loves me,
And never calls me dumb!

*For you, mum!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Mum's Day

I've been seeing lotsa "Last-Minute Mothers' Day" gift offers going on. haha! well, keep this a secret, but i'm a culprit =X haha! i totally forgot about Mothers' Day! -.-" What a fillial son i am...well, thanks to Welson(I just found out that his name is Welson instead of Wilson after knowing him for 4 months x.-"). When we got to Glennie station after school, he told me that he was gonna get something for his mum from the Glen. I was like...0.0"" haha! so...i accompanied him. Two Melbourne High dudes going shopping at the Glen-.-"" Fortunately, we didn't meet any friends. lol! An extremely beautiful bonzai plant caught my attention, and i bought it without hesitation. I mean, i did hesitate considering it's hefty price of 20 dollars. -.-""" I'm gonna share it with my sis, she's gonna make a card, and i'll compose a poem. Well, it's for my mum, and i love her! Happy Mothers' Day mum!

Oh.. i didn't know, prior to today, that Joyce lived so close to me! I caught a bus home with Welson after our successful last-minute shopping attempt, and we met Joyce and another Mac Rob gal. I asked them how much they would have paid for the Bonzai that i had in my hands...Joyce said 5 and her friend said 10. -.-"""""" lol! they were like..."it looks like the ones sold at Coles!" haha! i was sooo...er...embarrassed and pissed at the same time.

It was a pretty eventful day today. I went to school with fatigue-plagued, sore hamstrings from yesterday's athletics. The really important Inter-form Indoor Soccer Tournament started today, and we were playing the 2nd best team. We had a "All-Star" team, and were expected to win the competition with ease. However, that wasn't to be. Turk, Jase, Kev, Matt, Johnny and myself started the game. It was a tight game based mostly on the defence and a struggle in the midfield with both keepers booting the ball up and down the indoor court relentlessly. Denholm and Harish were doing an absolutely FANTASTIC job to contain Kev and Turk, while Johnny and I were rock solid in defence. We really weren't threatened much. haha! I had a fun time with Peter *wink wink* lol! The game was settled when Kev scored a really flukey goal, he cleared the ball and it flew awkwardly into the top right hand corner of the goal. haha! There were lots of protests, but Laios gave the goal anyway.

These are the events i can remember:
- I took a hard low shot which was well blocked
- Jase stuffed up

- Jase stuffed up
- Johnny helped Jase after he stuffed up
- Kev and Turk were getting owned
- Kev missed a sitter
- Turk ballooned a shot
- I got nutmegged -.-"
- Jase stuffed up
- Jase stuffed up big time
- Jase stuffed up real bad
- Kevn scored a fluke goal
- Deholm and Harish were pissed
- Jase cried

We really didn't deserve to win...but i thank God for the victory. Oh...i've got a really busy weekend ahead of me. I'm being overwhelmed with so much work. Sigh...i haven't even done my Chinese homework! -.-""" Blee, help me!

Happy Mothers' Day to all your mums too!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

DQ -.-"

Today was a day of mixed feelings, full of action, and a big waste of time -.-" Alright, i started the day getting off the right side of the bed, but at the wrong time x.-" I woke up and peeked at my watch, i saw something hours and 20 minutes AM, so i presumed that it was 6.20AM. I walked to the toilet and realised that no one else was awake. After washing up, and getting all ready for school, i realised that it was only 5.40AM! I had only slept for 6 hours. haha!

Well, i got to school at 8AM met up with some athletics dudes, boarded the bus. Guess where the athletics events were held. Epping -.-" Sigh...It was such a long bus ride! About 90 minutes a trips, that's a total of 3 hours to and fro. I was sacrificing a WHOLE day of school just for one event - 100m x 4. I wanted to make it count.

We arrived at the stadium at 10AM, and i was informed that my event would be at 2.15PM. -.-" I was in for an extremely boring time. There were 10 other schools there - Mac Rob, Uni High, Brentwood, etc. Oh yes, during the four hours of spare time i had, i helped out with the high jump, listened to the FUNNIEST comedian ever from Jamie's mp3, chatted to some random people and met a dude who knew my sis.

I was extremely nervous as i got down on the starting line, awaiting the gunshot. However, it was a different kind of anxiety, it was kindda like... a confidence boosting feeling. lol! What an irony, anyway, i was feeling really pumped up, all ready to spring forward at the gunshot. According to my friends, and some random people who talked to me after the race, i was a "gun", and i was "owning the race". Well, the fact was that i ran a spectacular 100m, passed the baton on to Matthias, and he ran outstandingly well too. We had a 80m lead and i felt that victory was already in our grip. However, the change of baton between Tim and Chumith occured after the "change zone", and we were disqualified. -.-" I don't believe it, we could have, and SHOULD have won it easily. Sigh...in this case, i can firmly say without any sense of pride that the best team lost. Despite the sad result, i thank God for helping me run so well. I definately couldn't have done it without Him. There's still next year.

Made some Year 9 friends during the long bus ride back to school. Got to South Yarra station at about 4PM -.-" It was freezing cold, and i was in my shorts. loL! I couldn't be stuffed changing. Got to Glen Waverley at 4.30, waited half an hour in the cold in shorts. -.-" Well, i've always wondered what it really felt like to suffer from Hypothermia, no harm giving it a try.

The six hours of sleep that i had proved insufficent. I felt a terrible sense of fatigue creeping into my weary body while i was on the train back. I had to stand up through the whole journey, and my knees were giving way. When i finally got home, my eyelids just felt sooo heavy. I conjured up the remaining energy to look after Ryan and Caitlin. But i just couldn't go on after 5.30PM. lolz...i subconciously walked into my room, plopped myself on the bed and slept straight through till 7.40. -.-" Tired Apple..

Despite wasting an entire day, i learnt some stuff.
- Shit happens
- Always remain humble
- Always give thanks
In my opinion, humility is the most important thing in any sporting event. Most people like to have over-exegerated celebrations to boost their pride, but i'd rather have pride in humility.

Alright, the next big sporting event up is the Inter-Form Soccer Competition coming up. My form's taking on Harish's form tomorrow during lunch. We're SUPPOSED to be the best team around, but guess what... -.-" Our star player, Turk's not playing for us...and i might not be fully fit. haha! That only leaves us with our "PRO" (Add a "UD" to that) captain Jason, and Big Kev. Hmm...i sure hope shit doesn't happen. haha! =)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I'm totally baffled after today's shocking events. Firstly, LIVERPOOL WON CHELSEA! haha! Go Reds! They've finally made it into the Finals, that's where they truely belong! Jin and his group of friends, esp Harish and Marcus, were bagging Liverpool last week....take that! But i reckon Liverpool could never have done that all by themselves.. i believe that was a result of my constant prayer. haha! seriously! Go Liverpool!

Alright, just two hours ago, i left my laptop on with my MSN online.. little did i know that my WMP was also playing. -.-" I came back after dinnner only to see Turk bagging me..his nick read "LOL - Isaac is listening to BACKSTREET BOYS (and according to a recent survey, isaac also sucks!)" haha! i don't believe i'm getting bagged because of that! A few moments later, i find 3 other friends bagging me - Trent, Jono and Duc. -.-"

I'm feeling extremely nervous right now..i've gotta wake up extra early tomorrow to get ready for the athletics competition. Sigh...i've never ran competitively, and i have a strong feeling that i'll stuff up. I'm gonna be the first runner of the 4x100m relay, and i just hate the tension build-up before the gunshot. -.-" There's no way i'll be able to do this alone, Lord, please help me!

Think of the worst movie you've ever seen...alright, the German movie that i saw today "Downfall" is a million times worst than that. I can't believe i missed half a day of school just to watch that piece of crap -.-" It was about what Hitler went through at the end of the Second World War...there was so much suicide, so much killing and lots of immoral stuff. There were many useless scenes like that of topless women which served no purpose at all -.-" Sigh...i can't think of another other reason why the movie was made, except for the sadistic purpose of digressing people into a state of utter depression.

I spent the whole of tonight taking care of Caitlin and Ryan. Hmm, i love the way Ryan counts. haha! he's soo cute..and he's finally learnt how to say my name! I'm so happy :) He knows how to make the sounds of a horse, an elephant, a fish, a bird, a lion, a cat, a dog and a cow. haha! He's sooo adorable!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


SCREAM! AHHH!!!! Aww...i really needed that. I know, i know...most people will generally think that i'm really calm and composed. haha! but an annual scream helps a lot. Sigh...i'm suffering from severe stress-syndrome. This is gonna be a pretty long post, so please bare with me =)

In everyone's life, there's always a point of time when he gets an opportunity. That opportunity is when he either makes or breaks his life. It's like the crux that everyone' waiting for. Well, with that opportunity comes great responsiblity which ultimately leads to sacrifice. I know that sounds really cliche, but it's true, and i just had a taste of reality.

As you already know, i've always wanted represent my school in table-tennis and soccer, but i've never really had the opportunity. Well, my opportunity came alright...and it really hit me hard. Just that there was something a little extra, something that made it a little....too extravagant - Atheletics. These opportunities have literally flooded me, and i've decided to take them head on.

I had my first imprompt-to atheletics training this lunchtime. I wasn't even prepared for it, i just rocked up in my school uniform and runners. -.-" Gave up my soccer for some stupid atheletics training...and that's not all. I'm going for some dumb German movie excursion thingo tomorrow, and i'll be missing out on half a day of school. That's like a double science! -.-"" In addition to that, i'll be missing out in the WHOLE of thursday because of my athletics competition. Ahh!!!! That's a FULL school day...sigh....it's not just one school day, i'm sure that they'll be many more coming up throughout the year due to Athletics, Soccer and Table-Tennis. What's getting on my nerves is that i'll be missing a maths test on Thursday, PLUS the SOCCER TRIALS on THURSDAY AFTERNOON!!!! Ahhh!!! I know that representing the school in sport is cool and all, but...i'm gonna find it extremely hard to keep up with da rest. Sigh... opportunities sure come with GREAT sacrifice!

I was really surprised at Matthias. For all you peeps that don't know him, he's this FULL-ON GUN in Year 9 (Fastest Under-15 runner), whose just migrated from Singapore this year. His dad actually got the the races on Atheletics Day down on tape! -.-" What a sporty nerd! haha! He said that he had "analysed" the 100m sprint, and said that i was the fastest off the blocks. Thus, i should be the first runner in the 4x100m race that we're gonna be in this Thursday -.-" I hate the tension at the start of the race, i shiver at the mere thought of getting down on the blocks, counting the miliseconds down towards the gunshot.Oh, i'm sooo nervous. I've never raced competitively out of school before...

Liverpool vs Chelsea early tomorrow morn. I've been in low spirits these days, and a Liverpool win would definately make my week! Although i know that the odds are immense against Liverpool =(

Monday, May 02, 2005

Change in Email

My mind's in a mess right now. I just changed my hotmail address, can all you peeps please add toolatwork@hotmail.com to your MSN contact list? Thanks! it'll do me a great help. i made that isaac_newton_ho18 account ages ago, and i think it's a really crap username. haha!

There's just so many things happening this week...i'm supposed to be competing for my school in some athletics relay event that i don't even know about! -.-" sigh...Mr Bessetto called me up for several meetings, and i've missed them all. lol! I'm gonna get a real bashing from him soon. On top of that, i've got soccer trials this Thursday and i've not Fully recovered from my illness. Argh.. the deadlines of my Science Project and Vis Comm model are still ringing in my head.


I've been listening to lots of Chinese songs lately, especially by the sick-as band Tension. They're really really good! I recommend them to anyone who understands a little Mandarin. haha! I don't know why, but Chinese songs have got the X-Factor. I mean, i feel more "touched" when i listen to Chinese songs compared to English ones. Wierd...i don't even understand some songs. Oh yea, thanks Blee! She burnt two Tension CDs for me. haha! It's not illegal, is it?

Oh...i just wanna wish Peter an extremely Hapy Birthday! I don't know what to get you though. lolz...i know! I'll get you "nothing!". It's okay, no need to thank me ~8) Marcus and i are still debating about what to get Harish for his Birthday. I want to get him a soccer ball cuz he doesn't have one.

Now comes the paragraph where i bag Jason. Jase coped 3 goals today, while his superior opposite number, Bahn kept a wonderous clean sheet! haha! I was one of the three that contributed to the scoreline. The bal was in mid-air, about 5 metres out. I jumped high in the air for the full volley...haha! i kindda misjudged it, jumped a little too early...but i took my time and slotted it into the far right hand corner, leaving Jase completely HELPLESS! =P Take that Jase! haha! he's been trying to convince the others that it was a mis-kick. What matters is...YOU COPED 3 GOALS AND YOU'RE GONNA LOSE YOUR SPOT TO A YEAR 9!

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Have you ever wonder who you actually were. I mean, you obviously know your name, who your friends, relatives and parents are. But look carefully and you'll realise that your "world" is considered minute compared to the acutal "World". True identity lies with your ancestors, where they came from and what they did, it all has a big influence on the life we live now. Have you ever thought of the reason for living? What do we live for? Love? Study? Cuz everything still ends in death.

This weekend has been a complete bore. I spent a total of 11 hours working on stupid projects. Sigh...i spent 2 hours building a model for my Visual Communication project. -.-" I chose that elective by accident, sigh...i hate architecture and i'm NOT gonna be an architect! I find no reason in doing it, except to obtain a good grade. Oh yes, one of the highlights of this weekend is that i composed a FULLY-SICK song entitled "I'm so Free!" haha! It's not really fully-sick, but yea...it's pretty good. =) I'll try to get it up soon. Hey, does anyone like the current song? It's "One Life One Love" By Tension, recommended by Blee.

Alright, it looks like i'm gonna be bashed in school tomorrow. I've gotta remember to wear some shin guards, a groin guard, as well as a mouth guard. haha! I didn't go for the soccer trials today. =X haha! Jase has been demanding for an apology from me, for being a hypocrite. lol! I seriously had too much work, and besides...i had Church!

I'm pretty stuffed right now, i've got so much work to catch up with. What's more is my sports program with the school. This year, i'm involved in the school's Soccer, Table-Tennis and Athletics team. Sigh...these are really big-commitment sports and i don't know if i can cope with all three of them. Argh! I really want to represent my school, but i just...can't. I'm gonna have an actually Athletics relay event coming up some time this week and i'm not fit at the moment. -.-" Soccer's my biggest passion, while i'm actually pretty good at Table-Tennis. So...i've gotta make some sacrifices soon...

A new "season" of Fungus has just started, it's called "The Queer Eye for the Wild Guy". LOL! I must say that Chris never fails to impress. It's an extremely humourous theme where the "Makeover Crew", consisting of Chris and Quent, will visit random youths and give them a makeover. haha! I hope i won't be one of their victims!