Tuesday, May 03, 2005


SCREAM! AHHH!!!! Aww...i really needed that. I know, i know...most people will generally think that i'm really calm and composed. haha! but an annual scream helps a lot. Sigh...i'm suffering from severe stress-syndrome. This is gonna be a pretty long post, so please bare with me =)

In everyone's life, there's always a point of time when he gets an opportunity. That opportunity is when he either makes or breaks his life. It's like the crux that everyone' waiting for. Well, with that opportunity comes great responsiblity which ultimately leads to sacrifice. I know that sounds really cliche, but it's true, and i just had a taste of reality.

As you already know, i've always wanted represent my school in table-tennis and soccer, but i've never really had the opportunity. Well, my opportunity came alright...and it really hit me hard. Just that there was something a little extra, something that made it a little....too extravagant - Atheletics. These opportunities have literally flooded me, and i've decided to take them head on.

I had my first imprompt-to atheletics training this lunchtime. I wasn't even prepared for it, i just rocked up in my school uniform and runners. -.-" Gave up my soccer for some stupid atheletics training...and that's not all. I'm going for some dumb German movie excursion thingo tomorrow, and i'll be missing out on half a day of school. That's like a double science! -.-"" In addition to that, i'll be missing out in the WHOLE of thursday because of my athletics competition. Ahh!!!! That's a FULL school day...sigh....it's not just one school day, i'm sure that they'll be many more coming up throughout the year due to Athletics, Soccer and Table-Tennis. What's getting on my nerves is that i'll be missing a maths test on Thursday, PLUS the SOCCER TRIALS on THURSDAY AFTERNOON!!!! Ahhh!!! I know that representing the school in sport is cool and all, but...i'm gonna find it extremely hard to keep up with da rest. Sigh... opportunities sure come with GREAT sacrifice!

I was really surprised at Matthias. For all you peeps that don't know him, he's this FULL-ON GUN in Year 9 (Fastest Under-15 runner), whose just migrated from Singapore this year. His dad actually got the the races on Atheletics Day down on tape! -.-" What a sporty nerd! haha! He said that he had "analysed" the 100m sprint, and said that i was the fastest off the blocks. Thus, i should be the first runner in the 4x100m race that we're gonna be in this Thursday -.-" I hate the tension at the start of the race, i shiver at the mere thought of getting down on the blocks, counting the miliseconds down towards the gunshot.Oh, i'm sooo nervous. I've never raced competitively out of school before...

Liverpool vs Chelsea early tomorrow morn. I've been in low spirits these days, and a Liverpool win would definately make my week! Although i know that the odds are immense against Liverpool =(

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