Monday, May 02, 2005

Change in Email

My mind's in a mess right now. I just changed my hotmail address, can all you peeps please add to your MSN contact list? Thanks! it'll do me a great help. i made that isaac_newton_ho18 account ages ago, and i think it's a really crap username. haha!

There's just so many things happening this week...i'm supposed to be competing for my school in some athletics relay event that i don't even know about! -.-" sigh...Mr Bessetto called me up for several meetings, and i've missed them all. lol! I'm gonna get a real bashing from him soon. On top of that, i've got soccer trials this Thursday and i've not Fully recovered from my illness. Argh.. the deadlines of my Science Project and Vis Comm model are still ringing in my head.


I've been listening to lots of Chinese songs lately, especially by the sick-as band Tension. They're really really good! I recommend them to anyone who understands a little Mandarin. haha! I don't know why, but Chinese songs have got the X-Factor. I mean, i feel more "touched" when i listen to Chinese songs compared to English ones. Wierd...i don't even understand some songs. Oh yea, thanks Blee! She burnt two Tension CDs for me. haha! It's not illegal, is it?

Oh...i just wanna wish Peter an extremely Hapy Birthday! I don't know what to get you though. lolz...i know! I'll get you "nothing!". It's okay, no need to thank me ~8) Marcus and i are still debating about what to get Harish for his Birthday. I want to get him a soccer ball cuz he doesn't have one.

Now comes the paragraph where i bag Jason. Jase coped 3 goals today, while his superior opposite number, Bahn kept a wonderous clean sheet! haha! I was one of the three that contributed to the scoreline. The bal was in mid-air, about 5 metres out. I jumped high in the air for the full volley...haha! i kindda misjudged it, jumped a little too early...but i took my time and slotted it into the far right hand corner, leaving Jase completely HELPLESS! =P Take that Jase! haha! he's been trying to convince the others that it was a mis-kick. What matters is...YOU COPED 3 GOALS AND YOU'RE GONNA LOSE YOUR SPOT TO A YEAR 9!

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