Friday, May 06, 2005

Mum's Day

I've been seeing lotsa "Last-Minute Mothers' Day" gift offers going on. haha! well, keep this a secret, but i'm a culprit =X haha! i totally forgot about Mothers' Day! -.-" What a fillial son i am...well, thanks to Welson(I just found out that his name is Welson instead of Wilson after knowing him for 4 months x.-"). When we got to Glennie station after school, he told me that he was gonna get something for his mum from the Glen. I was like...0.0"" haha! so...i accompanied him. Two Melbourne High dudes going shopping at the Glen-.-"" Fortunately, we didn't meet any friends. lol! An extremely beautiful bonzai plant caught my attention, and i bought it without hesitation. I mean, i did hesitate considering it's hefty price of 20 dollars. -.-""" I'm gonna share it with my sis, she's gonna make a card, and i'll compose a poem. Well, it's for my mum, and i love her! Happy Mothers' Day mum!

Oh.. i didn't know, prior to today, that Joyce lived so close to me! I caught a bus home with Welson after our successful last-minute shopping attempt, and we met Joyce and another Mac Rob gal. I asked them how much they would have paid for the Bonzai that i had in my hands...Joyce said 5 and her friend said 10. -.-"""""" lol! they were like..."it looks like the ones sold at Coles!" haha! i was and pissed at the same time.

It was a pretty eventful day today. I went to school with fatigue-plagued, sore hamstrings from yesterday's athletics. The really important Inter-form Indoor Soccer Tournament started today, and we were playing the 2nd best team. We had a "All-Star" team, and were expected to win the competition with ease. However, that wasn't to be. Turk, Jase, Kev, Matt, Johnny and myself started the game. It was a tight game based mostly on the defence and a struggle in the midfield with both keepers booting the ball up and down the indoor court relentlessly. Denholm and Harish were doing an absolutely FANTASTIC job to contain Kev and Turk, while Johnny and I were rock solid in defence. We really weren't threatened much. haha! I had a fun time with Peter *wink wink* lol! The game was settled when Kev scored a really flukey goal, he cleared the ball and it flew awkwardly into the top right hand corner of the goal. haha! There were lots of protests, but Laios gave the goal anyway.

These are the events i can remember:
- I took a hard low shot which was well blocked
- Jase stuffed up

- Jase stuffed up
- Johnny helped Jase after he stuffed up
- Kev and Turk were getting owned
- Kev missed a sitter
- Turk ballooned a shot
- I got nutmegged -.-"
- Jase stuffed up
- Jase stuffed up big time
- Jase stuffed up real bad
- Kevn scored a fluke goal
- Deholm and Harish were pissed
- Jase cried

We really didn't deserve to win...but i thank God for the victory. Oh...i've got a really busy weekend ahead of me. I'm being overwhelmed with so much work. Sigh...i haven't even done my Chinese homework! -.-""" Blee, help me!

Happy Mothers' Day to all your mums too!

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