Thursday, May 12, 2005

2-1 Underdogs Win....Again =P

Underdogs...don't you just love them? I know lotsa people go for the "best" or the "favourites", but it love the thrill of expecting the unexpected. We had Soccer for sport today at Como Park. The teacher-in-charge is the Soccer Coach, thus, every soccer session that we have is kindda like a trial. Yea, i couldn't turn up last week because of the stupid athletics thingo (Just thinking about it makes my blood boil -.-"). It was really ironic last week because the school's "A-team" which consisted of their First-11, lost to the "B-team" - the underdogs by miserable score of 2-0. Well, i walked onto Como Park dying for the excitment, the previlledge of experiencing a dejavu.

Johnny and Turk were captains, and they had to pick the team. I'm not too sure about this, but i think it was about the dispute that i talked about in my previous post. Somehow, almost all the A-team players, who despised Johnny, were in Turk's team, leaving Johnny with a team full of B-team players (including me x.-").

I won't really talk much about the game, except for the fact that it ended 2-1. haha! My hopes of witnessing a dejavu were realised, thanks to two goals for a superb display by Darren Lobo. haha! No one expected him to even get a shot on target, but he proved all of us wrong. Our firm backline consisting of Johnny, Matt, Jin and myself isolated the held up the skilfully fluent movement architectured by Tommy, Turk, Duc, Harish, Marcus and Calvin.
It was extremely well played, and the underdogs deserved the win =P.

Okay, down to the point - the score was 2-1, Darren scored two for us but who scored against us? Take a moment to guess while i describe that thrilling and sensational goal. The shot was taken with an pin-point precision, it placed perfectedly, beat the notorious keeper (Jason) really easily, it wasn't a full-blooded strike neither was it a tap in. It was...clinical =) Throughout the first half, and a little of the second half, Jason and i were literally owning the strikers. They couldn't turn in the penalty box. Whenever a cross came in, it would either be stopped by Jason or i would gently nod it back into his grasp. I must say, both of us worked really well together. Jason has a really BIG ego, and when i say "BIG" i mean HUMONGOUS! He bags people whenever he makes a good save and when he lets goals in. Oh yea, have you guessed who scored that wonder goal? yea, no was Jason Lu - The Keeper That Scores Own Goals. Despite several attempts, neither Turk nor Tommy could score! But Jason calmly slotted it past Jason into the back of the net. Sensational! Seriously...if he continues this marvellous form, he would be a strong contender of the "Highest-Goal Scoring Goalkeeper" Award. It's really prestigous. Jason, dont' forget to add more "OG"s to your name! I'm behind ya all the way matey!

Okay, that's enough Jase-bagging for the day. I'm sure people like Banh, Tommy, Harish and Jono are bagging the crap outta him in their blogs. lol! Don't forget to take a peek. About halfway through the game, i made a vicious sliding tackle on Harish and caught him on his ankle with my studs. I'm terribly sorry Harish! =( Really sorry, i was too reckless... Well, i guess i was to be punished for what i did. 10 mintues later, Turk pumped a long teasing ball into the defence, i jumped for the header and got rid of the danger. Only to be found groaning in utter pain after my calve started cramping up -.-" The pain was excruciating! For some unknown reason, i ALWAYS tend to get cramps on my right calve. Oh yea, i just wanna thank Nick, Jin and Calvin for stretching it out for me.

As for the rest of my eventful day ---> Got to Glen Waverley station at 3.50pm. Marcus and i went to get some wicked wings from the KFC in The Glen.Met my sis and mum at 4.15pm for some shopping at Target, bought a really nice jumper.

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