Saturday, May 07, 2005

[Can't Think Of A Title]

Woke up today with a working mentality. I went to Chinese school at 9AM this morning, met Yvonne, Peter, Jun Siang, Tat, Blee and James. hmm, i was looking for Matthias, but i couldn't find him. Oh well...Chinese school was alright, we did tons of work in the first period, tons of work in the second and we played a "game" in the last 20 minutes. I was "caught-in-the-middle". Normally, i would sit beside Blee and William. But recently, i don't really know why, but William hadn't been talking to either of us, and he didn't wanna sit next to us. i was a little early, and she was a little late. So i took a seat with two vacant ones beside me. Five minutes later, William came into the class and sat on my left. Then, 6 other dudes flooded the the entire front row -.-""" Blee had to sit with Crystal, she looked so bored throughout the class.

Had a chat with Tat and Jin during the break. And i just found out what a big mouth James has (Don't worry, it's not you Banh). Oh yea, it was Peter's birthday this week. Blee, Yvn and myself agreed on a wonderful present for Peter. I'd no idea why Peter was so shy. Yvn had the present with her, but Peter didn't want to get anywhere near her despite being dragged by me. He even threatened to punch me! -.-""" That's what i get for trying to get him a present.

I ought to get back to my work now. I've still got ta do tons of research on Stem Cells. Oh yes, please add my new hotmail acc - if you haven't already done so! Thanks!

Here's the poem i wrote for my mum yesterday. But first, you've gotta know that i'm gonna attach this poem to a bonsai plant that i bought for her. It's really pretty. It has lush green leaves and numerous bright pink buds. Don't bag me!

Bonsai Mum

Oft i admire,
My precious Bonsai.
It holds pure beauty,
And innocence that doesn't lie.

Her upright stem,
Is thin but firm.
Scringe and shrewd,
With her shopping terms.

Her hands are skilful,
Welding pinkish knives.
When they bloom,
She bustles with life.

Her rich green leaves,
Are helpful hands,
Which give a little shade,
To her homeless friends.

This God-given Bonsai,
Is my lovely mum.
The one who loves me,
And never calls me dumb!

*For you, mum!

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