Saturday, May 21, 2005

NES - Nerdy Examination Syndrome

Alright...banh was suffering from PMS (Presbyterian-Meeting Syndrome) for the past two weeks. But now...i'm suffering from NES! -.-" Nerd Examination Syndrome. My desk is literally piled with heaps of notes and text books, and i've barely touched it despite studying for 6 hours today.

Went to Chinese school in the morning. It was a total bore, the teacher spent the entire 3 hours doing oral presentations, and that just sucked the life outta me. I could have spent the 3 hours more productively on Maths! Sigh...what's happening to me, i can't think of anything else except studying -.-"

I just experienced one of the most stupid events in existance today - A fire drill in Chinese school. When the fire bell sounded, i was We only spend 3 hours in that school per week! What's the use of a fire drill?! haha! I reckon it was just a time-waster, which is good from another perspective.

Came home, had porridge and continued with my studying spree. Added six hours to the count today. Will probably add another 6 tomorrow. Oh yea, met Peter, Blee, Mel, Tat, Jin, Matthias, Jun Siang, Yvon and James today. Yvon's soooo wierd, and so is Peter. I mean, ever since "that" happened, they've been acting like complete strangers. From best friends to complete strangers. What an evil power "that" must be.

I had two wierd responses today concerning my new hairstyle:
1) Blee walked into Chinese class today and covered her mouth with both hands, speechless.
2) I greeted Tat and he went "Oh...I see...*speechless*"

I'm going crazy studying about Australia's foreign policy in the 1950s and 1960s, and i would like to end with a quote from a anti-conscription pamphlet which may come in handy to most of you gals.

How NOT to join the Army - Advice for 20-year-olds
BE MILITANT: If you're a way-out radical make sure they know you won't follow out their orders.
BE 'GAY': Play the homosexual bit. Don't answer any questions on homosexuality, just smile...
THE MEDICAL: Have you had pnuemonia? Trick ankle, knee, elbow, bad back, asthma? Use them.
LONG HAIR: You have long hair? Good. Let it grow longer. Don't wash, stink, pick your noce, start a petition to make masturbation the national sport. See how many four-letter words you can string into one sentence. Never wear shoes.
DRINK: IF you like drinking make sure the doctors and your interviewer know. You won't have to tell them. Just arrive rotten drunk...
ACT SIMPLE: Tell the doctor that when you're away from home you wet the bed. If he does not believe you, prove it as soon as you are conscripted...

*This is meant as a joke. Toolatwork Pty Ltd will NOT be responsible for any adherence to this piece of wise advice.

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