Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dark Side...

Exams are finally over! Yippee! I found the Maths exam pretty hard, but i can't be stuffed worrying about it anymore. Oh, i've just found out that Banh's a real Maths Wiz, he's a genius. Seriously, don't let his massive look deceive you.

Jason, Harish, Prashan, Marcus, Joash, Meng, Narayan, and many other MHS dudes went to watch Star Wars 3 at Crown Casino after school. We got ditched by Jin and the other soccer dudes *shakes head at Tommy and Turk*. They were gonna go to Jamie's house for some FIFA Tournament. LOL! Turk said something about placing bets on the winner. -.-""" It's only a console game!

I really enjoyed the movie although Turk and Marcus were driving me nuts at school today by shouting out loud what happened in the show. -.-""" I've seen many sequels and trilogies, but most of them have been dissapointing. Eg. Matrix. However, there have only been two exceptional ones - Star Wars, and Lords of The Rings. They are just awesome! I won't spoilt for those of you who haven't seen the show. But i must say that something really struck me - Anger, Fear and Greed can actually corrupt a good person's mind. These urges may seem small, but after some time, they can have nasty effects.

There are 37 Giggs on my hard disk, 17 Giggs of neccessary accessory programs and about 2 giggs of musics and 15 giggs of movies -.-" lol! I shocked when the computer gave me an alert about insufficient disk space on the hard disk. I'm gonna start burning the movies onto discs. Stupid movies. One movie can take up 750mbs.

The Interform Soccer Finals are tomorrow and i'm really nervous. This time, i've got all the right to be anxious. We're up against, or rather, i'm up against the best Year 10 player, Nathan Laios. He's a friend of mine, but he's even more of a gun. Well known for "taking-out" players and, trust me, he has better tricks up his sleeve than the "accidental-foot-to-face" technique i used on Tommy. One day after the exams and i'm facing a imminent threat of permanant face disfiguration!

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