Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Double Grattitude

The bad phases of my life have passed and good things are starting to dawn. 2 things i wanna thank God for today. But i won't divulge the secrets at the beginning of my post! :P Take a guess! Continue to tag!!!! If you don't know what to say, just state the universally acknowledged fact that Liverpool are the Champions of Europe!!!!

haha! I was enthralled at the promises this day held, was looking forward to getting good grades, as well as the finals of the Interform Soccer tournament. However, the only exams i got back was the Science one. And, thank God, i had an A+ for it! My God-given 69 marks outta 75 topped the class. Jason has been bagging me about my Science, and this really shut him up. On the contrary, he had a C+ after scabbing a precious mark that saved him from a D. I'm not gonna get an excellent overall mark for Science, but i sure proved that the bad marks were just slip ups. Sigh...

Yea, that's just one of the things i wanna thank God for. Just before getting to the second one, i have to state that Banh's suffering from a severe case of PEAS (Post Examination Anxiety Syndrome). He kept irritating, bagging to be precise, me through the ENTIRE day in school -.-" It's not like him... he bagged me no less than 5 times PER period -.-" He bagged me about EVERYTHING possible - my crappy soccer skills, bad looks, poor maths skills, girls, over rated tankiness, extreme tightness, etc.

Alright, then came the Event-Of-The-Day, the Finals of the Interform Soccer Tournament! We struggled long and hard, pretty much =D , to get to where we were. It was the mighty Laios leading his legion of soccer troops to battle. Laios is, without a doubt, the best player in Year 10. Despite being a defender, he's not failed to score many goals in many games (Unlike me). Well, the game started off with a brilliant atmosphere, Jin and the Asian Soccer Mob were all spectating from the second level. I think 3/4 of the Year 10s were watching the match.

I was busy controlling the game in defence making stupid "sliding" (More like "Sit-down") tackles at the back. I had an extremely tough time isolating Laios. Every joint in both my legs is aching right now, i can't even walk straight! Fortunately, Banh and Matt were there to aid me as substitutes. The crowd were screaming their guts out saying: "WE WANT BANH! WE WANT BANH!" lol! It was hilarious. Oh yea, Banh made a remarkable contribution to the game by winning a header contested by Laios. It was unbelieveable. No one expected him to do it....he just...appeared from no where, jumped high above Laios and made good contact with the ball. Just before half time, Kev (The Fluke Master) took a really sloppy shot from defence. It wasn't even a shot, it was more like a clearance. However, it proved to be a goal after a fumble from the keeper.

The second half started off with a bang. Laios started unleashing shots of fury, while Turk, Kevin and Johnny missed several chances. about 2 mins into the second half, Laios progressed into our half and lined his left foot up for a killer shot. I slide in at the last moment and stole possession off him, jumped to my feet and broke clear of the defence. It was just the keeper and i. I unleashed a full-bloodied goal-bound shot past the keeper into the top left hand corner. It was definately a goal, no doubt about that, but everything happened so quickly that somehow, Denholm (the referee) didn't see the goal -.-""" I couldn't believe it, but it was no use questioning him. Turk scored a fantastic goal a few minutes after, and then sealed the game with another goal 2 minutes from time. He's a real gun... the game ended 3-0. It was an awesome game. I wanna thank God for letting us win, and the SRC execs for organising it! Oh, the prize is pizza for the class. haha!

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