Sunday, June 12, 2005

Key to Clearing Obstacles

"I can clear all obstacles in my way..."
I can vaguely remember that lovely song. It's a very very old song, but it describes my day perfectly.

I had to wake up early for my sister's soccer game which was at Sunshine -.-"" That's really really far out! I's close to the city, but far away from Glen Waverley. On the way there, I told my parents about the excessive drug use, the constant robberies, pervertic perversions and loose shringes in the North. Glen Waverley won the game 1-0, it was a really close game. Fortunately, Jerusha didn't score. Unfortunately, Jerusha didn't score =)

The game ended at started at 10 and ended at 12pm. We rushed down to Box Hill to satisfy my urge for a nice plate of Char Kuay Teow! Boo Yah! I just LOOOVE Char Kuay Teow. haha! I miss reminds me of Singapore.

After lunch, we went for Fungus. The worship was really good. The message was about obstacles. Then i thought to myself: "Obstacles are called "obstacles" only because they CAN be overcome." (Danica, here's a quote for you. PS. Try not to be so sad) Yea, it won't make sense the first time you read it, but it will sooner or later. There's this particular obstacle in my life that just seems to big. I know that i can overcome it, just doesn't seem to budge.

While waiting for my dad to pick us up after Fungus, Germaine asked if i was interested in playing in the Fungus Band. LOL! I couldn't believe it! I mean....i'm just an amateur. I've not been taught by a certified teacher. All that i know is...partly from my dad, and mostly God-given. Yea, Germaine passed me her guitar and asked if i could play her a song. haha! i had memorised quite a few famous songs, but i decided to sing her one of my own - Lord Of All.

I was a little shaky, my singing was horrible as usual, but the sound of the guitar was fantastic. She didn't reveal her thoughts much; she looked shocked, amazed, confused, and dissapointed all at the same time! haha! My visual perception's starting to fail me =( I'm not confident of playing for Fungus. But if that's what the Lord wants me to do, i will pursue it with all my heart.

We gave Tim and Joyce a ride home. Had a good chat in the car. I invited Tim to the park for a kick right after we got home. He's a pretty good player actually, for his age. Jerusha joined us. It was during this time that God really showed me that obstacles could actually be overcome, but it takes persistance and determination. After stroking the ball around with Tim and Jerusha, i decided to go for 5 laps around the oval at a fast constant pace. I didn't really know how long 5 laps was until i got to the end of the second. I could feel the strain in my calves already, but i knew i was unfit. I pushed on for the third lap.

At the end of every lap, there was a voice in my head saying "That's it, you've done enough." But there would also be another soft sound lingering "C'mon, just one more!" My calves and my hamstrings were dying by the end of the 4th round, but through sheer determination and perserverance, i managed to complete the 5th round in utter agony. I felt really pleased at my accomplishment... i'm not extremely fit, but i'll get there some day =)

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